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Make-Up Workshop by MUA Cherry Pacheco sponsored by Becca

I was sent by my boss to pro make-up artist Cherry Pacheco yesterday…and I almost couldn’t believe it, because when I got there…

…to join in her basic make-up workshop…

….the event happened to be sponsored by luxe cosmetics brand, Becca!  That’s what stunned me right when I entered!

That came as an overwhelming surprise for me.  If you haven’t encountered Becca Cosmetics yet it would be safe to say this is a top quality Australian/UK brand comparable to the likes of Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier.  I’m super into these Beach Tint tubes which contain water resistant lip and cheek tint perfect for those summer days just up ahead!

It was actually so timely for me because my friend, Charlotte of Lipglossiping and the Pixiwoo sisters had just recently featured Becca products this month as well.

All three brands mentioned champion the glory of natural, hardly there, but effective make-up in an excellent way.  They believe in the understated elegance of natural beauty.  Continue reading to see more photos of the girls she put make-up on, plus BEFORE and AFTER photos!!


BlessMyBag Meets the AZKALS – Style Slash Sports Slash Faces of the Day

I’ve never seen girls and boys this happy with their make-up.  They must be truly inspired.

So now, I’m sure some of you have guessed where I happened to be yesterday.

I hadn’t planned specifically on meeting the AZKAL boys, an opportunity presented itself, but the chaos of the event pounded that to dust, and then God intervened.  I once more, thanks to Him have a truckload of worthwhile photos for you.  Yes, dears, if you want to see more and get to the pogi-pics, you must click Continue Reading.


Cream Silk invites me to meet face to face with…

Hiiiiii!!  Yesterday, I was invited by the manufacturers of Cream Silk conditioner (Unilever) along with fellow bloggers to a lavish, blushing afternoon feast at Lu Restaurant (South Joya Tower in Rockwell) to celebrate Cream Silk’s Empowered Filipina scholarship program.  The place was decked from top to bottom in vibrant fuschia pink as part of happy promotions for the pink Stand Out Straight variant endorsed by…wait a minute…

Who did Cream Silk want me to meet?  Have you guessed?

Here’s a MAJOR, MAJOR clue…oooh, haha, that was it!

I snapped my camera three steps away from the lovely, Venus Raj, the Philippines’ most recent finalist at the 2010 Miss Universe beauty pageant.

Venus is well-known for her beautiful, deep complexion.  Read my lips, people: “Dark Skin is IN”, and I don’t mean as a trend, I mean, like the doctor, like your homework, it’s “in” aiyt?  It’s there.  It’s been there since the very beginning.   It’s accepted and lovely and that should soooo not be a new idea and that’s not to say fair skin is not.  Has anyone noticed that no one’s ever given dogs, cats, birds, or horses as big a problem as we’ve given ourselves when it comes to color?  In some places it seems it’s taken centuries to embrace that.  At long last, my fellow islanders, have we finally accepted that looking beautifully dark and exotic is admirable?  Before I wipe this United Colors of Benetton logo off my face, I sure hope so.  The Regal Raj also lays clear claim on a humble persona, genuine warmth, shiny jet black hair, and that rainbow-casting smile.  Of course, towards the end of the event, I just had to have my picture taken with her.

Hey wait, let’s not get to the end too quickly!  We’ve only just begun (does not sing)!  Continue reading to see how an afternoon of food and freebies with her sweet and sunny vertical highness unfolded over at Lu’s!


Artistry by Amway – Bless My Bag’s First Blogger Event

It all began with an email invitation to the Shangri-La Hotel Makati Quezon Ballroom.  I was told by the Amway representative that my blog was selected from Top Blogs PH’s blogger list ranging among the top 50 (blush*) or at least somewhere there and he noted that my content was beauty specific so he eagerly read through and invited me and a few other beauty bloggers to the launch.  They were so gracious to us and the communication, organization, and the accommodations were spot on.

On October 12th, my life as a rookie beauty blogger changed. 🙂  I was mildly aware of the Artistry beauty brand by Amway because I vaguely recall my mother owning a certain beauty product by them.  I knew that Amway provided quality prestige beauty and personal care products elusively available via direct selling, but I didn’t know a lot about the process so this was a good way to find out more.  The event was held as a launch for Artistry’s highly acclaimed new release, their 1 step intensive renewing peel powered by micro mushroom enzyme.  Do you think I hesitated in confirming?  You bet I didn’t!  I secured my rightful seat and my experience as a blogger leveled up. 🙂 Reciprocation is oh, so sweet.

First, before the event, I gussied up and got ready.  I did my own makeup in the salon prior to the event (how do you like that fountain of baby hair?) giving my lips the right to pop with Lime Crime lipstick in Contessa Fluorescent in the middle blended with a lip brush into a deeper fuschia by IZGO on the outer edges.  It was much brighter than the photo you see here, and to balance off the look I did a strong black kitty flicked eye, with minimal eyeshadow.

I finished the middle of my lips with Fyrinnae Lip Lustre gloss in “Trickster”f or that extra highlight in the center of my lips.  All in all, three lip products delivered to give me the ideal hot pink lip that didn’t overpower my face.

I chose to wear my Larry Alcala (legendary Pinoy cartoonist) sleeveless stretch top by Solo which was an advanced anniv gift from my boyfriend.  It was timely that he gave it to me in advance, and I was so excited to wear art by a fellow alumnus.  Then I was off to the launch!

I think the very best part of this entire event was meeting other known Pinay beauty bloggers like Lee Shen of Shen’s Addiction (to my right) and Phoebe of Phoebeann, and even Dior Co of DiorCoMakeup who isn’t in the picture along with Camille of YourLittleBeautyBag, and Tia/Tara of Chronicles of Vanity.  It’s all about the joy of sharing and connecting really and being Filipina women at our best.  To my left is Dr. Meeko Hilario, the one who was kind enough to consider and invite me.  He is an active distributor for Amway Philippines and knows everything one needs to know about the Artistry line.   Continue reading to find out what I scored for myself at the end of the event! 🙂


Amen! I won in the Lanolips Contest Giveaway!

I woke up from a nap and checked my email and holy WOW!  I received one of the best facebook messages ever from Lanolips 🙂

“Lanolips Lip Ointment March 29 at 11:32am

You’ve won a Lanolips Rhubarb and 101 Ointment set.

Please let us know where to send your prize to. It will be put in the post this week.

Lady Lamb x”

This was my winning entry :

Lady Lamb
143 PuckerPout Rd.
Fleeceville, Lanolips LandSee More

Dearest Lady Lamb,

I have a beauty problem that perhaps someone as pretty as you can help me with. I adore your kissable lips but just can’t seem to keep my own as healthy in a frequently air-conditioned environment at work, where I work 18 or sometimes up to 20 hours a day on some occasions as a visual effects compositor/animator. My boyfriend is also in the same department so I like to keep myself pretty and fresh even under pressure.

I have all my beauty essentials and toiletries on hand, because sometimes we stay over at work due to intense projects, and under stress my lips always chap, flake, and bleed. I refrain from putting other products on once my lips have been wounded, because I don’t know if they will help heal them or infect them.

But Lo and behold I go online and see your pretty face, with those Garbo-esque eyes and perfect lips and I think you’ve got something more for me, something I’ve been needing all these years that is not available in this faraway land.

Please help me, Lady Lamb. Send me your not-so-secret secret, and I will be forever grateful.

Smoochingly sincere,

(26 Manila, Philippines)

Today feels like Christmas.  I’m so thankful Lady Lamb gave me something to blog about today 🙂 I love looking forward to receiving things in the post.  This sooo made my day 🙂  Here below are some soft lips I digitally painted in Photoshop using my pen tablet from before, I post them as a big thank you to Lanolips, sorry they’re not colored yet…

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