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Sweet Surrender is a “Piece of Cake” – Ruby Escosa’s Homemade Cupcakes

This was unexpected.  You see the thing about cupcakes in my book is I give them a 360 degree Matrix rotation stare before I bite and mentally recite that I hope…and I really mean hope that they’re not just sweet and really pray that they taste as good as they look.  You know, like if it’s a strawberry cupcake I ought to be hearing “Strawberry Fields Forever…” playing when I bite into it.  There are near countless numbers of small cupcake businesses out there right now and a good number of them photograph quite marvelously and have gotten a lot of press, but frankly, for me, they don’t exactly earn a standing ovation when it comes to their taste symphonies.  I absolutely can’t stand the huge ones that only entice with rustic pretty colored icing that just makes your teeth hurt.  For me there has to be more to a cupcake than just the bird’s eye view of it.  These cupcakes, ladies and gentlemen, are different. I actually judged them harshly at first when I first saw a few dark photos because they looked too dainty to look tasty, the size made them look plain, but I was wrong.  Up close they were WAY prettier than in those first few photos I saw.   The wife of Mom’s former client at work began making cupcakes at home, naming her simple little venture “Piece of Cake” and reportedly, she laboriously (duh) kitchen tests everything while zeroing in on the taste development of each cupcake offering.

“Piece of Cake” Homemade Cupcakes by Ruby Escosa +639178337829/ email:, FB Page:

I bit into one of the strawberry cupcakes (these simple ones right here with baby pink cream) and what I got was a fruity real strawberry taste explosion with just the right moist, sweet milkiness of a cupcake.  It sort of reminded me of Strawberry Fruitella (cue TVC here) but done properly into a pastry.  In the photo you’re seeing the chocolate cupcakes with a bit of salted caramel filling, the strawberry cream cupcakes, the simple vanilla cupcakes with blue & lavender blossoms, and the red velvet ones on the edge with ombre icing. You should have seen my sad eyes trail after the last strawberry cupcake Mom decided to take to Dad right away when I announced it was good, LOL.  That first bite was what I was hoping it would taste like and so much more.  Mom says the chocolate cupcakes are the best ones she’s ever tasted, I agree with her that they’re good but those strawberry ones are the BOMB.  I’ve included the details for ordering above…you know what to do next :)…after all, ’tis now the season for some sweet treats!… To full post & COMMENTS...

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Blog Breakaway | Strawberry Muffins Forever

I was hanging onto  Charlotte’s strawberry muffins recipe for ages with the intent of trying it but just didn’t get around to it until today.  With the holidays drawing near and my cousins energetically requesting I make my most wanted Apple Pie again (which one of them just called GLORIOUS *takes a bow) I suddenly remembered my very strawberry intentions.  I perused down’s Food Friday aisle to read about her mouthwatering execution of a friend’s Christmas Chutney recipe (totally separate drool cup required) and scrolled down further to get the recipe for these yummy strawberry muffins.  I know there’s a group of you that don’t like strawberries.  I even have a friend who says he doesn’t like them coz they’re the berries that look like they’re going to explode (deep much), but what’s great about this recipe is you can substitute the “strawbeez” for an equal amount of fruit that you prefer.

You begin with strawberries.

Strawberry Muffins – makes 12 (via Lipglossiping)

375g plain flour
2tsp baking powder
150g caster sugar
170g chopped strawberries (washed, stems removed, and quartered)
2 medium eggs
150ml milk
150ml oil (vegetable or corn maybe)/I used clarified butter (Two 8 0z.  Anchor butter bars) but didn’t follow Charlotte’s reco.  If you want sweeter pastry follow her lead. (Charlotte: “I usually substitute half  for apple sauce”)


What’s to love as well about this recipe?  These take about 15 mins+ to assemble once you have everything you need on the table and about 20-25 minutes in the oven.  Read More to see all behind-the-scenes photos I took while  making these pretty, yummy muffins, things I did differently, and read a few observations I made about the process.


Blog Breakaway | Limited Edition Minute Steak Meals Php395 @ 2nd’s

Bless those bellies!  The following four yummy value-for-money gourmet dishes will only be around at 2nd’s for the next 10 days until October ends.  Having attended the food tasting with my good friends, the owners of 2nd’s Restaurant in BGC Fort (behind Nike @ HighStreet), I can guarantee you won’t forget these 4 yummy minute steak meals when they’re gone.  So make it quick and bring a friend for lunch or dinner!  All dishes are Php395.00 each. (Enumerated just for the blog).

1. Minute Steak & Eggs
-Grilled and served with Ketchup Beurre Blanc and Bacon & Potato Hash.
2. Minute Bistecca Fiorentina
-Seasoned with Rosemary & Lemon. Served with Cherry Tomato & Arugula Aglio Olio on pasta
Part owners, Director Luis and his brother, top golfer Miguel Tabuena digging into Minute Bistecca Fiorentina.
Click Read more to discover the two other meals on the Minute Steak menu…
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Blog Breakaway 10/04/2012 – Diliman at Dawn

You don’t have to be in U.P. Diliman to get this, but that’s where I was earlier this morning, and being back in my university for a shoot made it taste even better.

Half the university knew (I’m kidding, not that many) I was not as addicted to taho as I was addicted to the isaw stands (grilled/barbecued offal) that are now alongside the vacant lot which is a hop, skip, and a jump from the University Arcade, but those super savory isaw stands only open in the afternoon.  However taho for me (steamed bean curd with sweet syrup and pearl)  is still such a comforting sweet treat in the morning, especially a morning like this.  Today my University of the Philippines smelt of trees with sun rays peeking, there were people  running, fallen leaves gripped the moist ground, and a soft, nippy October breeze was blowing…what respite from the smoky chaos that is the city.… To full post & COMMENTS...


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