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Category: Inspiration

Vintage glam & natural beauty: Have we forgotten how it’s done?

Beauty Bomb!  Today, I invite you to look more than read.  I went through the tumultuous task of searching for and selecting what I’m happy to say are less familiar photos, most of them vintage, of some of the most familiar beauties we know and have known, like this old lady here.  Like her, some might have two or three photos each.

At the end of it all of course I’ll include a source links list for proper reference.  In this batch of overwhelming external beauty, the women come from the Western hemisphere.  Please don’t say I have a biased eye, there are SO many beautiful women of different nationalities so I could not put all of them in one post.  Photos of certain Asian women I wanted to include are harder to come by online, so I will go through the same process for them in the next batch from the eastern hemisphere.  I wonder how it is that the overly processed images of a lot of famous women today often lose their original spark, elegance, and integrity.  Okay, enough reading now, it’s time to see exactly what I mean amidst a mushroom cloud of God-given beauty.  Continue reading to see the selection of photos :).  Sources should be at the end.


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