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Georgia Rocha Chu – FOTD (Friend of the Day) Makeover

Hi, gorgeouses!Β  (Drum roll) Your mystery Metro Manila macaron madame is Georgia Rocha Chu, one of my oldest friends of all time (sorry george, that’s not in the context of age).Β  P.S. Regarding the upcoming giveaway please stay tuned for the follow up post to this one which will include the giveaway mechanics and details on the giveaway goodies πŸ™‚ I decided to make the giveaway a separate stand-alone post instead because this one was pretty long already.

If you’re Filipino and local you may recall her pretty face gracing the airwaves of Sports channels not too long ago or once upon a time Studio 23 as De La Salle’s hottest UAAP Junior Sportscaster somewhere between 2000-2002.Β  Above is a photo from her big day in 2007 when she wed her very own personal, efficient, hunk of a husband, Gilson.Β  No, I didn’t do her makeup at her wedding, in case any of you might ask, the photo may be misleading.Β  I was a guest at their wedding, but this photo was taken by my best friend Alma if I’m not mistaken.Β  It felt nice to show one of the memories of her at her most beautifullest.Β  Now, Georgia is a full time wife, mother, and macaron maker.Β  Upon reading some of Bless My Bag’s posts, she contacted me requesting I give her a simple makeover and supply her with some beauty tips.Β  Here’s an excited face ready to be made over…

Over time I’ve known George to be pretty funny and very, very simple and frugal when it comes to outward style and beauty.Β  I admire this because in spite of some extra means that she is blessed with now as a married woman, she has hardly changed.Β  She claims to be a non-shopaholic (a man’s dream wife at that) having been raised in a loving Christian home with two other beautiful sisters. Β  I even remember her telling me once when we were working already that she didn’t own a credit card and never saw the need for one.Β  Talking with her about her outlook on personal expenses and personal shopping even caused me to pause a bit in my heart and examine my own life in that same area.

Because the honing of one’s character and Spiritual encouragement towards others was made the center of their focus as young sisters, it now isn’t hard to notice the beauty they exude from within as accomplished young women.Β  I’ve known George since I was 10 years old and we grew up together in high school.Β  Now that George is older and busier she wanted to experience a makeover in order to give herself a few tips on how to freshen up and prepare for special events or occasions.Β  She promptly gave me her interpretation of a proper before makeover face.

Georgia has naturally oily skin and after giving birth to her first daughter she was left with some hormonal acne scarring on the side of her face and forehead.Β  She had some under eye circles but not any that were a pain to conceal.Β  I decided to do two makeover looks on her, a day look and a more daring evening look with smoky eyes.Β  Here is the day look which is very very simple and subtle.Β  We had a bit of difficulty with lighting in her house, but I managed to capture a few shots that show a more polished,pulled together version of her.Β  You may only see a minor change from the before face to the day look.Β  Click “Continue Reading” after this photo to see how this day look was done and later on switch to a darker, sexier, evening look fit for a party πŸ™‚

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