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BlessMyBag’s Big Hosting Move and back from Singapore

So, it didn’t fall apart as I predicted.  The move to a new hosting server was a headache, but I intended to let it pass quickly so I railroaded through online forums, blogs, and YouTube tutorials on how to migrate your site to a new database from the ground up.  This is my first time to do it without hands on help, just tips, and the move was quite Holy actually, practically nothing broken, nothing missing.  In case of any technical hiccup from hereon, you girls can be my watch guards.  The only minor thing I noticed that didn’t quite make it were the Categories for posts, I have to relink all the posts to proper Categories, spring cleaning you might say.  I have lots of goodie posts for you in the next few days so stay tuned.  It’s good to be back from Singapore.

What I like about Singapore is you can relax, you can be at peace, you don’t have to watch your back to stay alive, you can text, use your iPad and zone out safely on the MRT Train, the bus (you can even sleep if you like) and in spite of the cost left and right things work for you at that price, you can do, do, do…whatever it is you need to.  If I slept on the curb it feels like there might not even be ants or mosquitoes.

I guess for some at a certain point it can all become bland and boring, someone I know of actually said “Singabore”, no offense at all to any Singaporeans, you guys are hardworking, way up there, and deserve to be praised.  I guess some personalities don’t appreciate Singapore’s “SIMulated” utopia in the longrun, to each his own.  As shallow as it may sound, at this stage in my life order, convenience, and being surrounded by upscale sights delightfully and properly laid out were exactly what I needed to get into gear.

It was wonderful and refreshing for me to be somewhere where things actually made sense, where citizens see their hard earned taxes put to good and lasting use, and where people make the most of what they have and don’t cheat each other out of anything.  If we put our minds and hearts to it, we can be this, and we can do that.  People have been asking me if I’d like to live or work in Singapore.  Work is considerable, but live or relocate is another thing entirely.  They don’t have typhoons or blackouts, local fresh produce, and they don’t have fresh sisig, U.P. Isaw, or the Azkals even, my goodness, why on earth would I want to move there? Hahaha.  Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts…Prawn Toast at Thai Express in SG is almost yummy enough to convince me…but in the end maybe not.… To full post & COMMENTS...

My New Camera, Canon S90 – The Great Little Camera

I’d like to thank the handful of you who have complimented the quality of my photos.  My trusty Panasonic Lumix ZS3 has done a great job thus far, but for awhile now after the thousands of shots I’ve taken with it (not using scene presets alone, as in really pushing it) I’ve been yearning for much more photographic range in a same-size gadget.  I’d be kidding myself at the moment if I went for a rock-rivaling DSLR giant.  You know me for now as the point-and-shoot princess.  Meet my new baby, the sleek and slick Canon S90.

I had it photograph itself, with the main focus on the lens opposite a mirror then I flipped the shot.  I was thinking of taking a picture of it with the Lumix but I wanted this post to be visually supported only by the Canon S90.  It was perfect timing to get replacement bloggles (see the Julia dictionary) because the family camera went bust in a fatal way and mom opted to buy the Panasonic Lumix off me at cost instead of going for the insane overhaul repair of theirs (which would cost more than the Lumix itself).  Here are a few sample shots I took with no Photoshop adjustments, only cropping.

I do happen to be the close-up queen since this blog features small cosmetic objects and minute details more than half the time.

Now, here’s a KLM porcelain liqueur bottle, my grandmother collected about a dozen of them so I have a little neighborhood sitting on my window sill.  This is in the Nostalgic color setting so the blue porcelain in it is slightly desaturated (drained of color).

I love my macro setting (macro – that little tulip button most current digital cameras have that enables crisp focusing on a very near object) and the dial-controlled manual focus function this new camera makes possible.  My brother’s blind blue bear looks very endearing in this shot.

This last photo below is a shot of one of my favorite accessories right now.  It’s a double ring like one of those available at Forever 21 but I got this at Greenhills Theater Mall.  These multi-finger rings reminiscent of brass knuckles are quite the fashion now.  What I think is significantly better about the shots of the Canon S90 is the color accuracy and film-like quality it gives to the shot.

There’s also a noticeably less amount of grain/noise than the shots of the Lumix ZS3.  The macro setting is just super slightly more temperamental than the quick surrendering macro of the Lumix, but the shots speak for themselves.  The S90 is a huge step ahead of the Lumix with the manual focus function wherein you spin the focus dial according to distance.  With a max ISO of 3600 at your fingertips and a zoom lens simulator selected with the manual ring that wraps the lens you’ve got a powerful edge in this little gadget.  The zoom lens simulation ranges from a wide 28mm to a 108mm.  This is a great little camera :)To full post & COMMENTS...

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