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NOTD Mutya Polish in Vinta

Fiery coral fuschia glamor in a bottle.  This is  Php 65.00 (USD $1.50) Mutya Nail Polish in Vinta.  This could be a close cheap dupe of my favorite fluorescent by China Glaze “A Rose Among Thorns (Neon)”.  The color is so fab it confuses digital cameras, seriously.
What you’re seeing is 3 coats finished with an Orly Sec’ n Dry Topcoat.  This is completely dry, but the topcoat helps keep it looking glossy and slick.  Purchased along the shores of Boracay, applied in Manila.  ^v^
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NOTD Mutya Polish in Party in Manila

It actually looks more pastel than fluorescent in this picture.  Sorry bout the rough edges, I painted my nails at night and I was ever so sleepy, then I smudged my top coat, gah.  In person, this citrus shade is a shocker.  I purchased 2 bottles of Mutya nail polish in Tesoro’s Boracay for Php 65.00 (yes they’re distributed by Tesoro’s which also has branches in Manila) one in a bright orange named Party in Manila and another a bright fuschia named Vinta which I will do an NOTD of next time.
and here’s another shot without art directed lighting, indoors:

 What you’re seeing is 3 coats, each thicker than the 1st respectively.  It glides on smoothly and doesn’t dry unevenly, you might be frustrated with the lack of opaqueness though.  It looks opaque in the bottle which is a bit misleading.  With more patience and effort 3 coats can satisfy, or as I would suggest, a thin 1st layer of white nail polish to mute nail detail beneath then 2 coats of this.  My only major complaint would be that it isn’t a completely opaque polish considering that the range is available in “Regular” as seen above, and “Glaze” shades which are deliberately more sheer.  Both the ones I purchased are the regular shades.  Overall for Php 65.00 (USD $1.50) I think it’s pretty good.  What say you? ^v^… To full post & COMMENTS...

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NOTD Del Sol Sun Activated Nail Polish

Del Sol makes nail color fun in the sun.  This is MAGIC nail polish!  This shade here is called Pretty in Pink.  It changes color once you go out in the sun!  How perfect is that for summer?!


 Under high noon sun here in the Philippine tropics the color change happens in as fast as 5-8 seconds.  The only shade I have, Pretty in Pink, changes from an opalescent cream with hint of pink shade to a bright metallic hot pink.  If this product doesn’t get couch potato lovelies out of their homes, I don’t know what will ^v^  It’s fantastic.  I want more shades!!  My teenage brother brought home this gorgeous find for me from his trip to Guam.  Del Sol happens to be a brand that features other sun activated merchandise in addition to their cute range of hue-changing nail shades.  The application you see here on my hand is 2 light coats.  I’m planning to add on a 3rd coat to get it truly opaque.

From the Del Sol website:


Color-changing Nail Polish by Del Sol is the wonder of the sun at your finger tips! Indoors, the nail polish is one fun color. But outside, Del Sol’s exquisite, color change nail polish turns a dramatically different hue. Some styles feature glitter, too. From indoors to outside, and back to indoors, Del Sol Nail Nail Polish gets attention as it changes.

• 23 different color combinations to choose from, all toluene-free.
• Large 0.5 ounce Italian glass bottles with stainless steel mixing balls.
100% Guaranteed satisfaction for quality, durability & fun color-change.

Strike a different look just by stepping outside with color-change nail polish from Del Sol!
Please note that the images on this page are approximate, so the colors you experience may vary slightly depending on the day’s UV-Index, the number of coats you apply, or the temperature. We’ll replace your polish if it’s not what you like.

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