Master the Disaster – What’s in My Emergency Pack?

These days you never know what’s going to happen, whether it’s an earthquake, tsunami, flood, fire or the “zombie apocalypse” it’s always good to have prepared what you’re going to grab in the wake of a sudden disaster.

I’ve put together a backpack of stuff and made a video where I talk about what and why on these items.. The following video loosely follows the categories of First Aid, Beauty, Clothing, Food and Survival tools I’ve prepared for myself and for my family.  Check out What’s In My Emergency Pack. The full list of items and some things I might have missed mentioning are written below this embedded video.

Emergency Pack contents (whatever I may have accidentally missed mentioning in the video I’ve listed here:

1.  Lightweight but sturdy bag or backpack, comfortable for running with and appropriately contains the following categorized items.

2.  FIRST AID KIT – Bratpack travel rollout pouch, bandages, bandaids, Ricqles Peppermint Cure liquid, SunPlay Sunscreen SPF 130, bandage, gauze, band-aids, alcohol swabs, povidone iodine swabs, antiseptic swabs, surgical gloves, cotton buds, aspirin, non-aspirin, antihistamine, Biogesic paracetamol, scissors, toothbrush, matches, desiccant, Cure exfoliant sachets, The Face Shop skin essence sachet, Chlorhexidine/HIBICLENS antiseptic.

3. MINI MAKEUP KIT – Muji clear pouch, Ecotools retractable powder brush, Tarte Amazonian Clay blush, Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation mini sample, The Face Shop Phytogenic Infinite Concealer Duo NB25, MUFE Aqua Liner liquid liner, Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Mascara, Dior Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm, Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream Lip Stick, MAC Brow Pencil “Lingering”, Missha Luminous Color Mini Lipgloss, MUFE Rouge Artist Intense #17 lipstick, A’postrophe Nailcutter and Tweezers, The Face Shop Lash Curler

4. Water/Drink Bottle – 1 liter

5. CLOTHING PACK – Disposable undies, Antibacterial wipes, jogging pants, cloth undies, 3 top options, a pair of shorts.  I’d also bring along my all-weather Columbia jacket.

6. FOOD/SUSTENANCE PACK – Cup noodle veggie soup, EDO Japanese Nori (seasoned), Ocean Spray Trail Mix Dried Fruit and Nuts, Century Tuna Lite easy-open can, Twinings tea sachets, starchware sporks, Light My Fire Titanium Spork (check outdoor sporting stores, got mine at Paseo Center, Sta Rosa), Payless Instant Noodles Chicken Corn Malunggay, starchware takeaway box, dried fruit and 2.5 cups of uncooked dry rice sealed in ziplock packs.

7. SURVIVAL TOOLS – metal carabiners, personal key sets, mini flashlight, Swiss Knife, waterproof flashlight (I recommend Maglites or Life Gear), MY BIBLE – in the end this is what will truly keep me going from the inside out.

THINGS I’VE NOTED THAT I STILL LACK : Lush Shampoo/Body bar, Small deodorant stick, Light My Fire firestarter thing, mini cooking pot, army Swiss knife, fishing line, insect repellent lotion.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” JOHN 16:33 NIV

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TATCHA Aburatorigami aka Handmade Japanese Beauty Paper – 100% Abaca Leaves and Gold Flakes

Today is the 1 year anniversary of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.  It’s difficult for a lot of people to swallow that a year has already passed since that terrible tragedy and Japan, one of the world’s superpower nations, is still reeling from the devastation.  I needed to take a moment and remember the depth, excellence, and focus with which the Japanese do ALMOST EVERYTHING in their daily lives even when it comes to the simplest, smallest things.  I saw this packet of beauty paper by the checkout counter at Beauty Bar and first scoffed at the price (Php595.00 for 30 sheets) because I thought it was ridiculously priced for what I thought was a beauty trifle.  Tatcha is a U.S. brand that distributes this finely made Japanese product.

I was so scandalized by the price in spite of its eye-candy packet that I even threw a quick, cheap remark at it via the saleslady (because I’m quick to judge that way, sadly, workin’ on it), but I hadn’t read what was inside before I did. Read more to get the full post.… To full post & COMMENTS...

Be Over the Weather – Alcool de Menthe de Ricqles aka Ricqles Peppermint Cure

No, this is NOT for your minibar *yanks it back, strokes bottle*.  My mother brought two bottles of this crystal clear, French liquid home from Hong Kong.  She and I have never heard of it until someone insisted Mom find some and bring it home.  That someone is Gary Valenciano’s wife, my Ninang because she claims it’s really the best all around remedy (probably second to squalene in her book).  The wonderful thing about traditional vintage remedies is more often than not they’re brewed from the most effective natural ingredients and are therefore deemed to be more “harmonious” with the ailing body.  It’s no doubt that the Chinese herald their own Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa Sore Throat Syrup, which today rakes in heaping annual sales totaling about US$45 Million dollars.  From the West, the French have their own, this, a curious but potent, clear liquid by Ricqles prepared from peppermint leaves with a hard-to-remember full French title, Alcool de Menthe de Ricqles, more commonly known as Ricqles Peppermint Cure.  It’s such a novelty thing that I hold and behold it the way Alice does the Drink Me bottle.

“The manufacturer is so dedicated to peppermint that they control the entire process, from growing to processing to packaging. Several drops into a teaspoon with sugar calms almost any stomach ache.  It is an excellent flavoring agent in cooking. I also carry it while traveling; a few drops into a glass of tap water makes a nice ‘eau de nuit’. This has been a staple in our home for over twenty years.– David R. Good, reviewer on

Ricqles is a brand established in 1838.  Peppermint Cure is said to relieve a number of common bodily afflictions from topical to intestinal, and it’s even mentioned as a FLAVORING AGENT in cooking by some reviewer on Amazon, Peppermint Cure is bound to rock my boat (summons imaginary yacht), what with its cute vintage label and all.  We associate the French with wine and liquor so much that by the bottle you think it’s bound to belong in the minibar.  Disclaimer detour, this isn’t a full review.  I’m not sick and don’t have any burns or bites plus this is mom’s unopened bottle, for now let it be a visual “TA-DA!”.

“Use as an essential antiseptic for preventing risk of infection in minor cuts, scrapes, insect bites. Also recommended as an all season remedy for everything from indigestion, bad breath, the blues, headache to cold/flu. With a natural peppermint scent that vanishes instead of turning musty, this French made product epitomizes a clean and gentle preparation.” –

What to do with it ? Oh, what to do!  Reviews and descriptions of this online call it nearly everything short of water poured from the Holy Grail.  It’s even recommended for burns, cuts, bites and for annoying but well-meaning people with bad breath (shocked face)…how big can a little product like this get?  I wonder if it’ll shrink a zit.  The box, by the way, certainly screams Doraemon don’t you think?  By the soundz of it I’m waiting for the box to morph into him.

If it removes my makeup, Heavens be praised I’m sold.  On Amazon this costs about US$10.00, from online Asian retailers I’ve seen this priced for as low as US$8.00.  I’m guessing it would be easy to find this in traditional medicine pharmacies throughout Asia that import European products, but most probably not here in the Philippines, best bets would be Hong Kong or Singapore.  This officially qualifies as a lovely addition to my upcoming Ultimate Girls’ Apocalypse Kit simply because it does so much so you can’t be without it.

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