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Urban Decay Body Jewelry down $25-$4, Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette ETC

From the start, when these first Body Jewelry Tattoos by Urban Decay came out in the beauty news I thought they were ridiculously priced, pegged at an absolutely ridiculous amount for whatever feeble amount of tattoos you got.  They came out shortly after the Chanel ones did.  At the time if I’m not mistaken they were about $29.00.  It’s nice to finally see the price of these drop to something more sensible (for temp tattoos) even just for a short while.

I’d certainly get these for $4.00 after it dropping from the $25 mark.  If  you’re interested I suggest now is the time to contact and ask for some Pre-ordering help.  Hehehe.  The XL sized Eden Primer potion (a matte skin shade) is also marked down at 50% off from $24, so it’s now $12, and that XL size contains 60% more product than the original size.  Oh, and of course it’s impossible that you haven’t heard about Urban Decay’s latest foolproof bait for all us beauty fish in the sea, the reformulated, relaunched Urban Decay single eyeshadows hand-in-hand with the Build Your Own custom palette.  I personally like Jen’s simple little video demonstration and swatching of her own Build Your Own palette which was given to her since she was one of the bloggers at the launch.  The smoother now longer-lasting single eyeshadows come in cases with a little skylight window so you can see the shades instantly, BUT WAIT…THERE’S MORE.  They pop out of their little houses like so…

This tiny tin I think will far outdo the NAKED craze in different ways, especially for makeup professionals like myself, and what if, just what if, they come out with an 8 or 12-pan size palette…omg.  I personally thing an 8 or 9-pan one would have been more tempting, but still this has me all over it already.  The custom palette comes with a brush and a default eyeshadow “Walk of Shame” which is conveniently a flesh toned matte if I’m not mistaken, just to get you started on the popping out and in, quite clever.  Practice makes perfect, practice makes you want to buy more eyeshadows to pop in…hehehe.  For a limited time only the Urban Decay Build Your Own starter palette is priced at $18, the price of each newly reformulated single eyeshadow which are also 18 bucks a pop.

I included a video of the featured Build Your Own Launch below, and while you’re at it join me in wondering why they didn’t call it something like the Urban Decay DIY palette instead, I love the idea but Build Your Own gets lazy.  At the TOP SECRET launch, the Urban Decay team invited 4 YouTube Bloggers, whose names I’ve linked to their individual Urban Decay video features, Leesha (xsparkage), Kandee (kandeejohnson), Jen (frmheadtotoe), Christine (temptalia), and 1 online Beauty Editor, Megan McIntyre of Refinery29.comto test, feel, and think about the newly reformulated eyeshadows and create their own individual custom palettes.  I personally thought that was quite brilliant, except for one thing, they didn’t invite me, tsk, LOL!

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Adele Graces Vogue’s March 2012 Cover – Eyeliner Check, Massive

UPDATED: With Behind the Scenes Video for the Cover Shoot by Vogue

Who else could it have been for Vogue’s spiffy new March cover, really? Tell me…

Image Credit:


I love how Adele has positioned herself as someone beautiful without having to be stereotypically slim.  Her makeup is always spot on and she’s an absolute beauty to behold and listen to each time I see her, which is only a few times but they’ve made a hasty impression on me.  I’ll admit I wasn’t one of her earlier followers, but when I started to notice how utterly original she was, she made a fan out of me.



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The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossoms, A Film of Beauty Amidst Tragedy – Upcoming Tohoko Earthquake Anniversary

On March 11, 2012 it will have been one year since Japan wept as one because of the destructive tsunami that followed the 9.0 Tohoko Earthquake.  It was the most powerful earthquake ever recorded to hit Japan.  Miyagi, Sendai was the only place in Japan I went to as a student ambassador, I lived with them, I had a Miyagi shirt with me and we caught fish in nets along the same coast if I’m not mistaken that nearly swallowed the entire city.  It gripped my heart to see these people suffer while knowing also that I am part of them since I have a Japanese great grandmother.

“Even when a flower falls, we love it.  That is the heart of a Japanese person.”

UK Film Director, Lucy Walker put out a tender short film in the few months that followed the disaster, she instead chose to craft a film that focused on highlighting Japan’s resilient beauty amidst tragedy. Mom was trying to share this with me via email and I kept receiving it while on the go in my phone inbox but overlooking it.  I know now why she kept urging me to watch it. Pull your tissue box near you and watch this short but relevant and hopeful film which I embedded below, The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossoms.  The film is now a 2012 Academy Award nominee for Documentary (short subject).

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Sophia Grace and Rosie – Best Dressed at the 54th Grammy Awards

Hands down, nobody beats these two as best dressed KIDS on the red carpet of the 54th annual Grammy Awards night!

Photo credit:

In case you have no idea who Sophia Grace and Rosie are, they’re pretty popular now worldwide thanks to Ellen, it began with a phonecam video taken by their mother of this same performance on Ellen that catapulted these two into YouTube stardom and into the arms of Nicki Minaj.


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Beloved Whitney Houston Dies at 48 – Photo of Whitney with Makeup by Kevyn Aucoin

This is very sad news.  I was blessed by this beautiful woman’s music.  Whitney’s songs had soul and power from within.  She will be missed, in fact I miss her already.  The Associated Press has confirmed her death.

It seemed only fitting that the first photos I post of her are those from her glory days and where her makeup is also done by someone gone too soon, her good friend, the late and great makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin.

I took these photos from my own book, Kevyn’s concise biography full of photographs, A Beautiful Life where they show photos of him doing makeup for some of the greatest women from the last century.  These two people have inspired me greatly.  Just needed to share the sad news with you guys.  What song sung by Whitney did you love growing up?  I liked a version of her singing Yes, Jesus Loves Me which she sang to the people of Brazil in the mid-90s, she wasn’t her most glamorous there, she was very sweaty from performing, perhaps the humidity was too much for her in that video, but I love how she shows how dear the song is to her. BUT THE SONG THAT TRULY IMPACTED ME was her song sung with Mariah Carey for the movie Prince of Egypt, the song When You Believe.

It was a song that always gave me hope in my darkest moments and still gives me hope today.  I miss you, Whitney, a lot of us grew up with your beautiful voice singing some of the most unforgettable songs in our lives.… To full post & COMMENTS...

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