MAC Archie’s Girls Collection | Love Triangle Lands on March 2013

They’re almost here.  However, it will be increasingly hard to get a hold of MAC’s Archies Girls collection.  There’s actually an ongoing signup sheet in the U.S. that’s first come first serve. Funny thing is they’ve made availability so like we’re all fighting for Archie or something.  Sigh…I feel like I’d really like 1 or 2 things from this collection but don’t stand a chance.



Anyhoo, to be honest I’m not very fond of the visual…it’s too rarr and not “camp” enough, but the makeup is awesome.  Archie humor is quite camp and it seems they missed it by a bit.  Now look who’s sourgraping, haw-haw.

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Stila’s In the Know Palette – All The Neutral Mattes I Need

I was actually having a chat with myself when the holiday season came rolling in and concluded that I’m finally over eyeshadow palettes.  Nothing new popping up in new brand collections seemed interesting except for perhaps the “pocket-able” Urban Decay Naked Basics palette which I thought was genius save for one important fact, they didn’t throw in a matte taupe shade or shades you can alternate for brows (brow shades make any palette an instant win).  I was Christmas shopping the other day at Rustans Shangrila Mall with Mom and finally got a much needed alone moment without her (so I could shop for her, which I did) but you know being joyfully alone during the Christmas season in a Rustan’s beauty hall can ultimately lead you to some awesome  discoveries for yourself…like over at the Stila counter for example.

Camera 360




The Stila In The Know eyeshadow palette would make a pretty gift for a beauty enthusiast, a beauty blogger, or a makeup professional with a budding bridal makeup career which involves a nearly neverending use of neutral matte eyeshadows (which are also ideal for mature clients).  I personally think that Stila is the next best brand to Urban Decay you can actually get here locally that reflects the same sort of young urban “it” vibe and there’s something more silky and creamy about their award-winning powder  eyeshadow formulas.  Another in the series of palettes they began releasing, like the “NaturalEyes” palette I blogged about, the In the Know eyeshadow palette comes with 10 pigmented matte shades, 6 of which are nearly identical to the Urban Decay Basics offering which includes a matte black, Ebony.

Camera 360

ROW 1: Air / Wind / Desert / Clay / Earth | ROW 2: Driftwood / Fire / Rain / Smoke / Ebony

Oh, lest I forget (actually editing this in after having already published the post) the palette, just like the Naturaleyes one also comes with a Stila Smudgestick, a blendable waterproof automatic eyeliner in a lovely, rich deep grey shade called “halfmoon”.


The In the Know palette  has won me over because unlike the UD Basics set this set also has a rust shade called Fire, a grey called Smoke, a vanilla shade called Air, and *drumroll* a very wearable taupe called Rain.  The light and darker coffee-like browns included are also slightly more ashy than the ones in the UD Basics palette, thus making this work for brows as well.  At Rustans, the Stila In The Know palette costs Php1750…just so you know locally there isn’t too big of a price hike in comparison to the price on the Stila website where it costs about US$39 which is just under Php1650.  The great thing about this Stila palette is this one  unlike the “Naturaleyes” palette last year, this has got a mirror…and that proves I think that they revised packaging based on consumer feedback.


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My Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette – Fresh from the U.S. of A!

Oooooooh, I’ve gots me own! *Rubs palms together* This Urban Decay Naked 2 palette is probably the most reviewed eyeshadow palette in the last 6 months, thought there was not as much of a frenzy bout this as its predecessor, the original Naked palette.  So what, it’s high time I got to say something ’bout it, it’s my first Urban Decay palette, haha!  Naked and Naked 2 palettes both come with 12 lovely shades of eyeshadow.


Shades and Finish L-R: Foxy (Matte), Half Baked (Shimmer), Booty Call (Satin), Chopper (Shimmer + Sparkle), Tease (Matte), Snakebite (Shimmer), Suspect (Shimmer), Pistol (Shimmer), Verve (Shimmer), YDK (Shimmer), Busted (Shimmer), Blackout (Matte)

The palette itself comes inlaid in cardboard with a minty Urban Decay Lip Junkie gloss in the shade “Naked”. This wasn’t exactly a birthday present but then in the end it was really funny because it kinda became one.  Another aunt gave me Php1500.00 birthday money, then the aunt that got me this said she’ll only charge me something the equivalent of US$40 for this (about Php1600), so I slid the Php1500 I was given by the first aunt over to that aunt “There, paid”, she laughed and said “Okay, the money just went around”.  And then my grandmother arrived and gave me Php1000 birthday money, we laughed again.  So technically I only gave up Php500.00 for this Naked 2 palette, lots of indie makeup stockists bring this in, like House of Flair, but locally this would fetch about Php3200.00 (around $70).  In the States, its original $50 price tag converts to Php2200.  Read more to get the full post with close-ups and hand swatches.… To full post & COMMENTS...

Urban Decay Body Jewelry down $25-$4, Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette ETC

From the start, when these first Body Jewelry Tattoos by Urban Decay came out in the beauty news I thought they were ridiculously priced, pegged at an absolutely ridiculous amount for whatever feeble amount of tattoos you got.  They came out shortly after the Chanel ones did.  At the time if I’m not mistaken they were about $29.00.  It’s nice to finally see the price of these drop to something more sensible (for temp tattoos) even just for a short while.

I’d certainly get these for $4.00 after it dropping from the $25 mark.  If  you’re interested I suggest now is the time to contact and ask for some Pre-ordering help.  Hehehe.  The XL sized Eden Primer potion (a matte skin shade) is also marked down at 50% off from $24, so it’s now $12, and that XL size contains 60% more product than the original size.  Oh, and of course it’s impossible that you haven’t heard about Urban Decay’s latest foolproof bait for all us beauty fish in the sea, the reformulated, relaunched Urban Decay single eyeshadows hand-in-hand with the Build Your Own custom palette.  I personally like Jen’s simple little video demonstration and swatching of her own Build Your Own palette which was given to her since she was one of the bloggers at the launch.  The smoother now longer-lasting single eyeshadows come in cases with a little skylight window so you can see the shades instantly, BUT WAIT…THERE’S MORE.  They pop out of their little houses like so…

This tiny tin I think will far outdo the NAKED craze in different ways, especially for makeup professionals like myself, and what if, just what if, they come out with an 8 or 12-pan size palette…omg.  I personally thing an 8 or 9-pan one would have been more tempting, but still this has me all over it already.  The custom palette comes with a brush and a default eyeshadow “Walk of Shame” which is conveniently a flesh toned matte if I’m not mistaken, just to get you started on the popping out and in, quite clever.  Practice makes perfect, practice makes you want to buy more eyeshadows to pop in…hehehe.  For a limited time only the Urban Decay Build Your Own starter palette is priced at $18, the price of each newly reformulated single eyeshadow which are also 18 bucks a pop.

I included a video of the featured Build Your Own Launch below, and while you’re at it join me in wondering why they didn’t call it something like the Urban Decay DIY palette instead, I love the idea but Build Your Own gets lazy.  At the TOP SECRET launch, the Urban Decay team invited 4 YouTube Bloggers, whose names I’ve linked to their individual Urban Decay video features, Leesha (xsparkage), Kandee (kandeejohnson), Jen (frmheadtotoe), Christine (temptalia), and 1 online Beauty Editor, Megan McIntyre of Refinery29.comto test, feel, and think about the newly reformulated eyeshadows and create their own individual custom palettes.  I personally thought that was quite brilliant, except for one thing, they didn’t invite me, tsk, LOL!

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Discounted Holiday Cosmetic Deals from StrawberryNet – Last Day for Additional 10% off

I was trying to get this post up as quick as possible once I realized how many good deals there were online, sorry I didn’t get this up sooner.  I spotted a few luxe deals on StrawberryNet HK already going for less but on top of the existing discounts if you get the ones that fall under the Christmas Specials Gift sets by today or tomorrow you get an additional 10% off.  All these I’ll be mentioning are discounted but not all are part of the Christmas Specials.  Click on the image to go straight to the item on the site.  As always on StrawberryNet, shipping is FREE.

I’d rather share what I like with you guys to satisfy the want.  From what I understand the initial discounts will remain till about New Year, but it’s the additional 10% discount that’s only up to today.  I’ve made a list here of my favorites, click Read More or on the image above to read the full post and check out what made the list, the discounted prices, product descriptions and my quick captions on each.… To full post & COMMENTS...

Lipglossiping on Urban Decay’s Naked2 Palette – Must You Get NAKED Twice?

It’s official, Charlotte confirmed it.  Both photos from, click on either image or HERE to go to Charlotte’s scoop on Urban Decay’s NAKED sequel of a palette.  I’m actually rather glad that I didn’t get the first one considering the metal packaging of this spiffy sequel.  And none of the colors are dupes from the first palette save for one.

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Sleek “Oh So Special” Eyeshadow Palette – Lotsa Mattes and Neutrals

I must say, because this arrived from the UK undamaged and brand spanking new, it’s official, I HEART EBAY.  Pardon the grass, brother’s varsity training at school…

I first saw the Sleek Oh So Special palette on Charlotte’s blog,  When I saw what a lovely combination of colors it had and more importantly how many matte shades there were I knew this was a keeper…and certainly OH SO SPECIAL.  Read more to see the names of the shades, colors swatched on my arm, and more photos.… To full post & COMMENTS...

Dear Naked Palette, you’re so hard to get…meet Stila Natural Eyes, we connect…

Really now, I’m not kidding, this Stila Natural Eyes palette that’s to be released this coming September looks simpler,  lighter, and daintier than the best-selling, eternally sold out Urban Decay NAKED palette which has somewhat begun to look like a piano to me after having stared at it repeatedly over the last year.  Although I do have to say the outer cover scheme feels like somewhat of a copycat choice, Stila just had to go with chocolate and gold, too didn’t they?  It’s safe to say that Stila may be riding the wave of the competition’s popularity, and well, why not right?  Stila has EXCELLENT silky eyeshadows that can help appease the woes of those who missed out on Urban Decay’s NAKED.  Photos are from and so I admiringly link back to them for the update. This will be priced at about $40.00 or about Php1750 and I’m not 100% sure if Rustans, which houses Stila locally, will be bringing this in.  It comes with 10 of Stila’s best selling neutral velvety eye shades out of which 4 are matte (Stila’s bestseller “Kitten” included) and a Stila Smudgestick waterproof eyeliner in Damsel, a super deep brown.  At the end of the day they’re just eyeshadow palettes, it would be nice to own this one, if I don’t get to it’s okay, I have more than enough, and this doesn’t have a mirror (sour-graping in advance HAHA).  I may or may not give it a go though, how about you?  Does the sight of this scream “copycat” to you?  Are you happy with Stila’s new offering and that they’re giving dampened NAKED palette fans an opportunity to move on?… To full post & COMMENTS...

4U2 Envy mini Palette – 12 silky eyeshadows for Php450+

I shot these product shots months ago and life gobbled me up so I forgot about this, but this was one of my travel staples on this last road trip to Isabela.  I got the 4U2 Envy Palette in one of the beauty sections at SM department store for Php450+, these are also available I think at select Watson’s outlets.  I think I picked this up in SM San Pablo, so this should be available in the bigger branches of the NCR region as well.

This Envy palette by 4U2 is amazingly handy and compact because it’s only about 2×4 inches in size and has an edge to edge mirror that won’t leave you frustrated.


The palette holds 12 pigmented eye shades, 6 neutrals and 6 vivids (a word?!), and they glide on like buttah…

I’m super loving the shade in the leftmost bottom corner, and the rich copper one beside it…continue reading to see hand swatches and neutral and vivid eyes that I did mostly with my fingers :).… To full post & COMMENTS...