Reblogged – Beauty, the Golden Ratio, & the Marquardt Mask

I was drawn like lightning just a few moments ago to Michelle Phan’s FB plug on her post about the Golden Ratio of Beauty, not because I was desperate to find out what the Golden Ratio was (we’re deeper than that, right, Marianas Trench) but because for history’s sake and human reasoning I wanted to hear her thoughts on the matter.  The “Golden Ratio” she mentions refers to beauty being measured mathematically in reference to Phi, in this reference she posted it is visually shown using a geometric mask patented by Dr. Stephen R. Marquardt in 2001.  Dr. Marquardt, a retired surgeon who was also once Chief of Facial Imaging in UCLA, now focuses on research in human attractiveness in California and remains an active member of the Societies of Maxillofacial Surgeons.  Here is what Marquardt’s  patented mathematical mask looks like applied to a photo of Angelina Jolie’s face.

image source:

Michelle Phan blogs according to research as defined by the Marquardt mask:

“In terms of facial beauty, here are the ratios that define “perfect beauty”:

  • The ratio of the length of the face to its width is approximately 1.6. That means that the face is about 1.5 times longer than it is wide. 
  • The face is then divided into three sections: hairline to right in between the eyes, from between the eyes to the bottom of the nose, and from the bottom of the nose to the very bottom of the chin. The lengths of each of these segments should be about equal.
  • Ear length should be equal to nose length, and the width of an eye should be equal to the distance between the eyes.” source link:

In the corner of my heart I am originally a Michelle “PhanGirl” in spite of everything she isn’t or what people point her out to be, she got me started on beauty even before Lisa Eldridge even came into the picture for me.  In my opinion physical beauty, while being a great gift, is secondary to who you really are and how you help shape your world in the fullness of your purpose for the Lord.  Check out Michelle’s thoughts on the Golden Ratio here at her blog post.  Hold on a minute…whatcha doing with that ruler? LOL…


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Adele Graces Vogue’s March 2012 Cover – Eyeliner Check, Massive

UPDATED: With Behind the Scenes Video for the Cover Shoot by Vogue

Who else could it have been for Vogue’s spiffy new March cover, really? Tell me…

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I love how Adele has positioned herself as someone beautiful without having to be stereotypically slim.  Her makeup is always spot on and she’s an absolute beauty to behold and listen to each time I see her, which is only a few times but they’ve made a hasty impression on me.  I’ll admit I wasn’t one of her earlier followers, but when I started to notice how utterly original she was, she made a fan out of me.



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Lisa Eldridge’s Work Appropriate Makeup Tutorial on Oriental Skin

Finally, Lisa Eldridge, my favorite Pro UK makeup artist, does a tutorial for work appropriate makeup on a model with oriental skin who isn’t overtly pale.

It’s Lisa’s reinvention of the conventional work look which I highly appreciate.  Instead of aiming for a stereotypical, flat, matte look she lifts it by aiming for a look that’s fresh, light, and semi-dewy.  Watch the polished work makeup tutorial here.

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Summer Slides – Online Images that Bring on the Heat

The chilly winds haven’t completely let up…but Valentine’s Day and summer are slowly creeping in.  Just wanted to share a sequence of some images that have brightened up my day and never fail to make me wish for summer to arrive sooner! (reblogged sources at bottom).


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Reblogging: Charlotte’s Shiny New Kjaer Weis Eyeshadow

Impossible not to share.  Simply impossible.  I thought nothing could get more luxurious than a Rouge Bunny Rouge or Burberry eyeshadow until  I saw Charlotte’s brand new purchase, a Kjaer Weis single eyeshadow *Faints*.  She blames Modesty Brown for making her get it LOL.

Photo by: Charlotte Thompson aka

Get the full post on Charlotte’s shiny new Kjaer Weis Eyeshadow in “Wisdom”.  You can also go to the full review by clicking on her gorgeous photo.  The products, similar to Clarins in this trend, are created from natural, plant derived ingredients and advanced botanical formulations thus promoting “green beauty”.  If you go to the Kjaer Weis website you’re bound to be awestruck like I was because of the simplicity and smart design.

The range was put forth by Danish NY based Makeup Artist Kjaer Weis. These products are exquisite, they won a 2011 Wallpaper design award for “Best New Grooming Product”.  Oh, to hope for a gift like this, someday, somewhere.… To full post & COMMENTS...