Work Wambles and Delayed Posts

Hi, as some of you may have read on Twitter, I was swamped with a 2-turned-3 day shoot beginning Wednesday which was a wonderfully  HUGE project (I went home for 6 hours to change on the 2nd day before going back in the afternoon) and the Monday before that I also had a TVC shoot with a different director that ended at 1am.  No TVC details for both because of confidentiality, both projects were fun but I was really happy to be very busy on the big project as well.  On set I worked as an MUA on the same project team as Jigs Mayuga except he worked on the lead talents and I worked with my partner hairstylist, Eddie Mar Cabiltes on the staggering number of support talents (staggering for two stylists).  Wardrobe stylists who worked with us were Mara Reyes and Jenni Epperson.  For two and a half days I had about 6 hours worth of sleep and only God knows how many hours standing up for makeovers and retouches.  At one point but only for a moment, because there were so many support talents I felt like doing this to them instead…

Of course there were “side effects” to being busy.  I’m sure Neutrogena readers are particularly peeved that I haven’t posted my final pledge post for the BB cream challenge and those who joined the Summer Retweet Giveaway are just antsy to know who won.  I will, believe me, I will post all these I just need a moment to breathe, Dears.  After the last day of the shoot yesterday, don’t say “Yuck”, after having eaten a big late lunch at 3pm WITHOUT CHANGING CLOTHES OR REMOVING MY EYELINER I crashed on my bed at 4pm and woke up TODAY at 630am still in my jeans…that’s like 14.5 hours of sleep and that’s how tired I was.  It happens.  In spite of all the whimsical shoot chaos I had sooooo much fun.  You’ll have to forgive me though I was too focused on my work to take behind the scenes photos for that one big project.  I’ll ask other people to supply me with some photos once the commercial airs.

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On Set with Xian Lim and Lala Flores – Watch my 2nd TVC airing, Globe SuperFB10

This was technically my first shoot which aired several days after my second shoot (Smart).  I had a bit of a laugh with myself coz of the thought that my first two jobs were suffice it to say almost rival ads.  I was on set as the makeup artist for the two female support talents, but the makeup you see on them a few photos below was disapproved and pared down to a natural school girl look which I never got to shoot at the end.  It was here at this shoot that I got to work on the same project team as celebrity makeup artist Lala Flores and meet the dashing shriek magnet, Xian Lim for the first time in person.

I spy a damp beauty blender and MAC Studio Fix powder in Lala’s hands for Xian’s touch ups 🙂 Lala’s always so upbeat, she has you at “Hellooohhh” 🙂

Xian was a nice and good-humored talent to work with, in between takes he’d begin small conversations with us and crack jokes.  I kind of got a bit embarrassed coz he caught me nodding down when I was tired hahaha!

I wouldn’t have been able to do this shoot without my trusty freelance hairstylist for the day, Eddie Mar Cabiltes (who I’ve been booked with a lot lately).  He’s worked on TVCs, print ads, and magazine editorials for almost 4 years now, was a part of MEGA Fashion Crew, and he also has a hair blog at where he posts the MANY MANY projects he’s been part of.

Here are the support talents I made up, Krisha and Tasha (L-R) but honestly they’re not quite done yet here, I managed to squeeze in a moment to take their photo, but this makeup look was disapproved and changed to a more minimal look.  The clients had us make them less preppy and more believably schoolgirl fresh.  Watch the really QUICK, as in really quick, actual TVC of the Globe SuperFB10 promo below.  I’ve just recently finished another upcoming telecom ad and have two more shoots booked for next week.  God’s been really good to me.  I’m so happy about where I am right now.  I’d like to thank Provill productions, Cata, Abel, Franny, and Direk Adrian Calumpang for believing in me and giving me a chance to step up in my makeup career.  This is only the beginning of one of the best chapters of my life.

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Smart Tri-Net 30 – Watch My First TVC MakeUp Job that Aired!

Here it is.  Oh my gosh, thank you, Lord, I’m finally on a roll! I did the makeup in this project for all 3 talents, yup, guy included.

MAKEUP: Julia Arenas, HAIR: Mike Cruz, DIRECTOR: Sid Maderazo, PROD HOUSE: 88 Storey Productions

I’d like to proudly present my first TVC makeup job that aired.  It’s actually my 2nd job but it aired before the first shoot which is still being finished in post production probably!  Watch the Smart Tri-Net 30 TV Commercial here. Thank you to 88 Storey Productions and Director Sid Maderazo for giving me this opportunity.  Good job to all of us :).

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Supermodel Danica Magpantay for Tattoo Home – Behind the Scenes for Print and TVC

Danica Magpantay was announced Ford Supermodel of the World 2010 in January of 2011.  It’s now 2012 and the friendly Filipino supermodel is happily getting busier week after week.

On top of that she’s now onto bigger things, apart from flying in and out of the country as a professional model her endorsement of Tattoo Home has just made waves on national TV.  That’s this one here.


At the end of this post I’ve included/embedded the behind the scenes video of the making of that commercial.  I got on set and shot a few behind the scenes photos of her print shoot for the Tattoo Home campaign by Globe and Harrison Communications which was shot by photographer, Xander Angeles.  Danica represents and projects the brand excellently.

Highlights for me were meeting both Danica, stylist Jenni Epperson who recently won for best style blog in the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Awards, and Danica’s mother, the makeup artist for the day, Lala Flores.  Lala has been doing professional makeup for roughly the last 12-13 years she says and ever so slowly she hopes she can dedicate her time more to motherhood, but for now the artistry continues.  I was quite inspired and trying too hard not to say anything silly (out of excitement) around people who serve and perform in the industry so well.  I kind of had butterflies in my tummy while having a chat with Lala and Jenni with some pan de sal and pancit on the side.  I didn’t take as many shots as I’m normally able to because I borrowed my Dad’s camera and the memory card was acting up after I had taken several.  Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy the brief stream of on-set photos.

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Bare Escentuals Force of Beauty Casting – Best Cosmetic Video Campaign of 2011

Alright, permit me to still do my Best of-s of 2011, it’s still January ok?  It’s a no brainer when a cosmetic campaign grabs us visually, they’re supposed to, but it’s a rarer occasion when a cosmetic campaign grabs you by the heart and selects its campaign models without even seeing them first, yes, I know you’re confused.  Bare Escentuals, the mother company of mineral makeup, launched their Force of Beauty campaign 4 months ago and focused on the championing of inner beauty which pervades and supercedes any physical form of pretty we ever behold.  Pretty is simply not enough.

Bare Escentuals spearheaded a selection process in search of 5 wonderful resilient women to herald their Force of Beauty campaign without any idea of their appearance.  They researched, listened, and then later, they saw :).  My mom and I fell in love with the idea of the campaign and the testimonials of the women who ultimately became the five Bare Escentuals’ Force of Beauty faces.  Watch the casting here and I’ve posted below the casting video the video testimonial of my favorite Force of Beauty lady, Lauren, with links to the other women at the bottom :).  When watching, it’s best to have some tissue nearby, I got so touched.

 Lauren’s Story

 You can watch Andrea, Darlene, Keri, and Melanie’s videos by clicking on their names in this sentence in bold.

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The Truth Behind Marilyn Monroe’s Makeup – MUA Lisa Eldridge Shares In-Depth Details

The internet is peppered with Marilyn Monroe video makeup tutorials, but most of them only skim the surface of an art-form mastered by a makeup artist that was close to Marilyn’s heart, Allan “Whitey” Snyder.  In this video, Lisa lifts the bar with a quality tutorial appropriate for the legendary screen icon.

In UK Makeup Pro Lisa Eldridge’s newest video posted below, she drew me in, getting down to demonstrating and discussing every detail surrounding the craft of Marilyn’s iconic makeup look and taking time to properly explain the purpose behind almost every stroke.  Don’t expect to hear lots of product brand mentions as Lisa goes along transforming her model into a believable image of Marilyn because it’s really all about remembering this gone-too-soon beautiful woman and the makeup artist who knew her well.    Watch this video.

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Dermablend Professional Coverage – Best Concealer Brand Ever?

Dermablend, the professional full coverage cosmetic brand formulated by dermatologists put out a video last October that now has over 7.7 million views on YouTube.  I mean hey, is your concealer this good?

What I tell ‘ya? Can you beat that? I made a purchase for Dermablend two weeks ago online but Paypal was acting up so my purchase didn’t go through. One day, I must have that brand in my kit. One day.… To full post & COMMENTS...

Behind the Scenes – Georgina Wilson by Mark Nicdao for Tattoo

I was at a shoot again recently.  Mark Nicdao texted en route to the studio that he was happy to hear I’d be spying on him once again.  This time the smack-in-your-face gorgeous Georgina Wilson took front and center for the project.  I didn’t notice the mirror completely beside Mark ’til after I shot this so suddenly Hello, I’m in the photo, haha, see me?  Mark loved this photo so of course I put it up on top 🙂 “Hahahaha, Jules, it’s awesome, I like the one with you in it, put that one.”

The A Team (from left) – Hair: Raymond Santiago| MakeUp: Robbie Piñera | Style: Pam Quinones

Mark introduced me to the power packed group of styling friends he immensely enjoys working with.  I was a bit shy at first having seen their names constantly peppered all over my Twitter feed, especially Pam’s, but he told me to relax.  Mark quickly introduced me “Julia was the first person I met in U.P. as in on the first day, we were blockmates.”  then said “Relaks lang Juls, parang mga taga ‘Fine Arts’ sila”.

Harrison ad agency team on the left, Bambi and Reinard, heyo.  The styling team were quite warm and funny to hang out with plus super talented.  I felt very blessed on that day, to be allowed to watch all this unfold.  Read more to get to the juicy behind the scene bits!  Prepare for a photo overload, I won’t say much.… To full post & COMMENTS...

Hair and Makeup with Lea Michele – Allure Dec.2011 Cover, Behind the Scenes

I have this magazine with me right now on my pillow.  I’d thrown it onto the grocery counter alongside my milk cartons and cereal, then I realized I had to take away a milk carton or two before we totaled so I could get it.

The Allure beauty cover look for Lea Michele is very polished, beautifully smooth, and wearable and I thought our similarities in skin-tone made Allure’s December issue this year more relevant for me.  Allure beauty magazine may not ring the bell as loudly as the likes of Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar, but back in the day the great Kevyn Aucoin himself was a contributor before his passing.  That means he believed in its significant content.  Here is Allure’s behind the scenes video of the December issue cover shoot with Glee’s very own phenomenal songbird, Lea Michele, enjoy watching.


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