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The Brush Guard – Proper Brush Protection

EDIT: My friend, Cheena reminded me of Suesh Makeup Toolkit having imported these brush guards here to the Philippines, go to Suesh Makeup Toolkit’s Facebook profile and to their photo album.ย  They began distributing this original brand of Brush Guard last July ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Coastal Scents’ brush guard is a copycat version, they even lifted the look of the packaging of The original Brush Guard and added their name.ย  I’m loyal to the original brush guard creators, they had their work patented.ย  It shouldn’t be as simple as taking someone’s brand and work and putting your name on it.

It takes quite a bit of money to acquire high quality cosmetic brushes.ย  It’s important that they keep their shape and are protected from damage in transit and as they dry after cleaning.

If you have a friend coming home from the U.S., particularly California, you may want to ask for these as a take home gift or buy them and have them sent to friends on vacation over there.ย  They’re not that expensive and are so convenient and rewarding I guarantee each packย  is worth the reasonable sum of $5.50 US.ย  Bless My Bag has another special story of how suddenly we got double product.ย  Let’s see first how these thingamajigs work…

(Brushes from left to right: A generic cheap Korean brush,

MAC 129,ย  CVS Essence of Beauty Duo foundation brush,

MAC 217, MAC 239, and the Maybelline Eye Studio Drama liner brush.)

This is the original Brush Guard variety pack.ย  The following product packs are also available:

1.ย  The Shadow/liner pack – 10 extra small guards.

2.ย  The Blush Pack – 8 small guards

3.ย  The Foundation Pack – 5 medium guards

4.ย  The Powder/Kabuki Pack – 4 large guards

Keep on reading to see these Brush Guards in action!


Moony Over UNII (custom palette)

I first saw this UNII custom eye makeup storage palette on Jen’s YouTube channel (username: frmheadtotoe).ย  She’s such a pretty US-based Korean online makeup guru and so pure, childlike even sometimes, one wouldn’t even suspect she’s married at 25.ย  She featured thisย  product over a month or so ago on her YouTube channel, the UNII palette.ย  Everyone is more familiar with the empty customizable palettes that MAC cosmetics hasย for their separate eyeshadow refill line or the Z palettesย  that Kandee Johnson (another YouTube guru, sorry I’m guru gaga) featured.ย  They should get familiar with this one, too, even though it is, admittedly, more high end.ย  The big big difference for me is this has a mirror.


Michelle Phan’s fave – CVS Essence of Beauty brushes

Last week I received a package speedier than I expected from ebay!  Oh my, this is it…the wonder cheapie…

 Oh my goodness, these are the same brushes my idol (YouTube’s #1 makeup guru) Michelle Phan uses!

Michelle Phan really made it clear that this is her
favorite blending brush for her base.
This is from her Purple Hazy tutorial
and her costume Geisha Tutorial.

She used this brush in a lot of her videos when she was just starting out as a makeup guru ๐Ÿ™‚ Here it is again in her Hippie Princess tutorial

In all their glory

I think what made her like these brushes a lot was that  even when if you consider that Essence of Beauty is a drugstore brand, this set is still made with authentic hair and fibers.

It says on the back of the reusable, resealable pack :)and yesterday I tried it on myself as I gussied up for my friend’s bridal shower.  Really nice for blending concealer under the eyes and around the nose…I’m super happy I got this set.  Thanks, Michelle, for all that you share!

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