Crate & Barrel’s Clearance Sale | Dining Stuff at Half-price 

We’d finally come to the end of our paper plate period, my brother and I, well, starchware to be exact.  He agreed to my proposal that we not stress ourselves with real dishes to wash in our first month of moving to an apartment, we went the starchware route even with cutlery.  Whilst I perused around SM Aura mall knowing it was time to consider our first set of real dining-ware I entered that day’s browsing black hole which was Crate & Barrel.  I’d never been there.  I’d already seen the over-priced dining offerings at West Elm but was not impressed and smugly wrinkled my nose at some plates in SM Our Home, nothing wrong with them, they’re just not my type.  It isn’t wrong to know what you like.  I had never been inside Crate & Barrel but evidently that day was a good day to drop by.  A clearance area had been set up at the far end and most things were marked down at half-price.  Would you believe, stoneware/pottery bowls and mugs (microwave safe) down to as much as Php89 each?  Pretty much almost department store price na or less. 

STUDIO BOWL LIGHT CLAY Php289.00 each  NOW Php144.50 each 

KITT LOW BOWL/plate: Php 179.00 each  NOW Php89.50 each

I always thought there was something comforting about eating your main course out of a low bowl, here’s to dropping that less finicky part about keeping your rice in the center of your plate…no worries about that and it also feels less stereotypical. Our marble top West Elm table is bistro size so I also didn’t want our plates to be too large.


KITT MUGS: Php 179.00 each  NOW Php89.50 each

BABY WHISK: Php429.00


My total receipt for everything here from Crate & Barrel since I purchased in sets of 4 was Php1723.00.  Not bad I say for our first pretty modern but slightly rustic dining collection.

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Have Faith in those Feet On the Go With SCHOLL Express Pedi

When traveling anywhere for several days a major concern when I pack is what pairs of footwear I might decide to bring. More often than not closed shoes are a no-brainer even if they trump the style effort because if my feet are not gaze-worthy post foot spa session there’s no way I’d opt to bring a lot of stylish open-toe choices. However since I’ve learned to maintain my own happy feet with an expert foot care solution from the SCHOLL Express Pedi system packing for a couple of nights out of town will be less boring and undoubtedly more fun. 

Here is some more useful information about the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi:


  • Electronic Foot File: sells for P1,685 (batteries included) 
  • Refill: P550 (2 replacement roller heads) 

Available at selected Watsons stores

  •  Beautiful, smooth skin after 1 use 
  • Specially-designed Micralumina roller head for effective yet gentle removal of hard skin 
  • Ergonomically shaped soft-touch handle 
  •  Monetary savings (at least 80% from foot spa sessions) 
  • Convenience 
  •  Removes hard skin in minutes 
  •  Ready to use on dry (not wet) skin 
  • Washable and replaceable roller head 

To turn the device on twist the neck of the device to the left. The spinning motor on thespecially-designed Micralumina roller headroller head is strong even if only powered by 4 AA batteries (included with device). Use it at least once a week for the effective yet gentle removal of hard skin and you don’t even need to wet your feet. Relax on the go with feet that are almost baby smooth after the Express Pedi device buffs away those unsightly and ashy rough edges. With the SCHOLL Express Pedi system you save a little extra on travel time and foot spa services while gaining that portable bit of confidence to match your wanderlust. 

Follow Scholl online on

  • Electronic Foot File: P1685 (batteries included) 
  •  Refill: P550 (2 replacement roller heads) 
  •  Available at selected Watsons outlets 

*DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post selected with care in association with Scholl Philippines . Bless My Bag will not endorse a product the author does not genuinely like.
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Faithful Friday | Life Updates and the Sorry Not Sorry Salty Pilgrim

I’m here…alive and well, folks, and I have a ton of undone things.  My brother and I just had to do the round of “living together” elsewhere in the city and get ourselves sorted, currently stretched between two places: the parental home, and the home away from home.  In case you also wondered I am laptop-less at the moment…this is an iPad.  It’s a miracle we finally got wifi installed…spotty broadband connection but fast when it’s not spotty.  It’ll do.  But that’s not this…I’m in the south again and I currently have a sponsored post draft that’s overdue (cued excessive honesty, I do take a sponsored post every once in awhile when I like what is presented to help the blog pay for its hosting) but I’m not done with it yet.  I prayed to get in the right headspace and to ask for help on it but the Lord impressed “It’s been awhile, blog from the heart first, the rest shall follow.”  There’s stuff that’s been braising in my heart but I wasn’t sure whether I should serve it up for fear of stepping on a couple of toes, appearing self-righteous but I figured part of love is upholding your held-dear real nuggets while not being bland.  Sorry, not sorry, I’d rather try and be salty.


Mom brought me home something from New York City that as a tasty reminder helped resurface the desire to reflect about certain things openly and while the desire to remain politically correct about my faith and not talk about it won for a long while it finally lost to the revelation in my heart…love is not always politically correct.  Politically correct lover, anyone?  Yawn?  I realized quite simply that the politically correct gives up sometimes so nothing scandalous is stirred, but the Cross is a scandal of grace.  However, as Heneral Luna so bloodily proved…sometimes politics sucks but love never gives up, so love wins…even in death one can be an unconquerable soul.  Here was what Mom brought me from abroad, Silly Salt. It made me think ever so sharply about Christianity, the word people ever so reluctantly use now…it’s like to some the politicized word has leprosy, they wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole thanks to a number of its countless ambassadors.  Sadly, they don’t see it contains the Name that heals.  So rather than be the salt of the earth we discard ourselves in thought “Silly salt.”  None of us are perfect but a lot of us would rather play life hooky than aim for on high and look…silly.

To serve my braised heart up plain won’t do…it needs to be Salty for you to take it.  I’d like to address my Christian beloveds who feel (or don’t feel) they may have lost their saltiness or are running from who they ought to be according to the Bible, which contains that we believe are the words of Jesus.  I have Muslim friends who I love dearly and I respect them, they do not eat pork, pray 5 times a day, and have a completely different belief system.  Here’s the thing, why does the World bully a Christian to apologize for what he believes?  That irritates me no end, do we not love Christ or aim to with all our mind, heart, and soul?  Would any of us directly question a Muslim friend who doesn’t eat pork or worse…dare them to?  No, of course not, why?  Because the world knows that their people are prepared to be politically incorrect to defend their faith.  How about those who uphold the banner of Christ?  We hear the “dares” to bend for what we would otherwise not do, say those words, we’d rather just do it or laugh, move on, and change the topic and look congenial than express silent offense or speak up and cause noses to bleed.  Fools for Christ are dwindling.

I told someone recently that just because in several occasions you might have been wrongly bashed with the Bible it doesn’t make it any less powerful.  It shouldn’t deter you from picking it up daily to fight or to listen to what our beloved Jesus has for us today.  

“11 and to make it your ambition to lead a quiet life: You should mind your own business and work with your hands, just as we told you, 12 so that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders and so that you will not be dependent on anybody.” 1 Thessalonians 4:11-12

A lightbulb went on in my heart on this matter.  A huge problem is we keep looking at other people’s test papers when what really matters is right in front of us…our own.  We keep talking about why someone does this or that when we ought to think of what we are saying. Live your life the way He wants you to live…not counting how mere mortals expect you to just bring it.  None of us are perfect, but we have a Perfect Example to follow.   I thought a great deal about parents, too.  The parents who manage to succeed in raising well-adjusted adults have always made sure to put forth an EXAMPLE before an EXPECTATION, it doesn’t work the other way around.

To those who bully Christians (other Christians included) for trying to be holy on our Spiritual fitness journey just remember, in the gym you see the fumbling newbie before a Spartan.  Cut someone trying some slack.… To full post & COMMENTS...

Foot Spa Pedicure Savings with SCHOLL Velvet Smooth Express Pedi | Ad

“What I like about getting my feet filed is they feel like butter afterwards.” A good guy friend of mine said that a couple of months ago. Had I known at that time about this handy Express Pedi device by SCHOLL I would have recommended it to him. It could save him so much money if all he wants from a foot spa is a quick and easy way to keep his feet smooth. My personal at home manicure and foot spa system wouldn’t be complete without my SCHOLL Velvet Smooth Express Pedi. The manicure kit is my own, a random gift given to me by Dad a couple of years back.  

• PRICE: Device w/ 1 fitted rollerhead Php1685 (4x AA batteries included, good deal), rollerhead refills 2x Php550

• Specially-designed Micralumina roller head for effective yet gentle removal of hard skin

• Ergonomically shaped soft-touch handle

• At least 80% savings vs. going for foot spa sessions

  • Available at selected Watsons outlets

Cleaning after use: The Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot File is not waterproof. Detach and wash the roller head to clean the surface.

1. Turn the unit off.

2. Remove the roller from the unit by pressing the eject button on the side of the unit and gently pulling the roller away from the unit.

3. Rinse the roller head under the tap.

4. Clean the body of the unit with a clean damp cloth.

5. Dry both the roller head and main unit with a clean dry cloth.

6. Replace the roller and the protective cover.


To turn it on twist the neck of the device to the left. The spinning motor on the specially-designed Micralumina roller head for effective yet gentle removal of hard skin, roller head is strong even if only powered by 4 AA batteries (included with device). 

With feet that are almost baby smooth after the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi device buffs away rough edges on dry skin there’s no need to worry when you want to wear your favorite pair of sandals on a night out.  You get beautiful smooth skin after one use. Following a filing session with your own Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi device finishing with cream or moisturizer is recommended.

Follow Scholl online on

• Electronic Foot File: P1685 (batteries included)

• Refill: P550 (2 replacement roller heads)

• Available at selected Watsons outlets

 *DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post selected with care in association with Scholl Philippines. Bless My Bag will not endorse a product the author does not genuinely like.

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On Moving and Reverse Conditioning With L’Occitane Soothing Scalp Oil | The Pre-Shampoo Pamper

Lately, it seems I’ve been getting my oil game on and I’m posting today about this particular product because I really like it even if I’ve only used it once.  L’Occitane’s soothing scalp oil is not JUST another hair oil…it’s a pre-shampoo conditioning hair oil that soaks and soothes the scalp and it rinses out wonderfully.  Highlighting the difference of conditioning pre-shampoo is what I shall do shortly. 

“Designed for dry to sensitive scalp, this pre-shampoo treatment combines soothing calendula extract with a 5 essential oil anti-breakage complex to comfort the scalp and help reduce feelings of tightness and discomfort. Rich in sweet almond, jojoba and grapeseed oils, it hydrates the scalp without leaving a greasy residue.”


*Ingredient from Organic Farming. 

**Natural origin ingredients. 

Available for Php2100 at RUSTAN’s beauty source and L’Occitane Central Square BGC

The way it works is you apply drippings of this at the very roots of your hair on your scalp before you shampoo your hair, not after.  No need to pour tons of it…the dropper does a good job and the oil blend itself is easy to spread even with small amounts.  The first part of the experience is the soothing soak that the oil imparts to the scalp.  Give yourself a good massage as well while you’re in this stage.  Between the end of summer and the arrival of the -Ber months I often get flaky and itchy.  My scalp just doesn’t appreciate the shift in climate so this product was a welcome relief.   

The added delight after you condition is the rinse. You would think an oil product would go against you in matters of rinsing…but this lovely lavender scented product works with you and emulsifies, allowing you to rinse cleanly while leaving behind soft shine and nourishing hydration. What’s nice about conditioning prior to shampooing with an oil is 1. It feels Royal and 2. the scalp benefits from a proper rinse but an oil conditions more deeply so whatever is left behind ought to be beneficial.

On the life update I have filmed a new video (a first impressions one) but my brother and I are pretty much on the last leg of our move to Quezon City, and I still do not have a functioning laptop of my own.  We haven’t had our first night over at our new place because there’s that last push of stuff we need to have with us and my brother got sick. We’re not moving into a “shiny new” condo. Together with my mother’s support we had refurbished an initially slightly shabby, long-unused but well-suited space.  

Sorry, for now this is the only photo I’ve taken from inside of our little urban corner…proving how to-and-fro it’s been this entire week.  Free range large premium, brown, and salted eggs for real.  Copper sprayed basket from H&M Home (I figure I could have actually DIYed this…but I was gifted an H&M debit card, the end LOL). 

A friend’s carpenter did a great job on making it new-ish and listened to me well. Two small rooms joined by a central dining and kitchen area that has no sink of its own nor a bathroom of its own. We will have to share a common bathroom with the boarders, or use our cousin’s once in awhile. It’s pretty much a cozy dorm-like situation and we are grateful for the fact that the rooms we are renting are care of family. So despite the fact that there are unknown boarders on site, we know we are loved and safe and we like the challenge of making a small unexpected space look cozy and modern without breaking the bank on new furniture and stuff (post on that soon).  So, here I am propped up on my bed with my cat for what could almost be my last regular night in leafy Laguna paradise.  … To full post & COMMENTS...

NUXE Skincare is Here! Touchdown MNL

A truly touch-y, feel-y event it was…after having the arrival of skincare brand NUXE Paris sneak up on us out of nowhere.  The air at the Peninsula conservatory was positively laced by the aroma of candles carrying the unmistakable scent of their star product, the Huile Prodigieuse dry oil…which I did mental somersaults over following the event because I had discovered it for the first time.  Could something quite reasonably priced really smell this good and feel that way over the skin?  Oui, apparently.    

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil:  

Face, Body and Hair

“Huile Prodigieuse is France’s leading beauty oil*.  This multi-usage dry oil, made using six Precious Plant Oils (Macadamia, Hazelnut, Borage, Sweet Almond, Camellia and St. John’s Wort), nourishes, repairs and softens skin and hair.  It is a unique dry oil texture and has a captivating fragrance.”

 Php1700+ for 100ml, Php900+ for 50ml (spray pump only on 100ml). 
NOW AVAILABLE at Rustan’s and Beauty Bar outlets.

I remember first learning about NUXE from YouTuber Ruth Crilly and Makeup Pro Lisa Eldridge.  Albeit a reasonably priced French pharmacy staple it was still often described as something many European models had on hand and could whip out for quick fixes, an overnight pamper,and a nourishing glow whether on face, hair, or body.  There is a shimmery golden version for summer shoulders and legs with a bit of sheen.  Oh, and by the way…NUXE kind of do a lot of good with varying products for different skin needs and what I love about Rustan’s is…they practically brought nearly everything in.  The topmost thing about this oil for me…even above how it softens skin is the warm but not at all sickening romantic scent.  Think in the same vein as Benefit Bathina oil but less pink and flirty, this is more sophisticated, grown-up but not old, alluring warm notes without the muskiness.  The scent makes me think of lightly toasted blossoms (that’s us right, lol) by the beach.  It should layer well as a base under scents I love like Elie Saab Le Parfum and Miss Dior.  I can sense that many husbands would probably love this simple yet deep scent on their lady beside them in bed (it’s the type you’d love to have left lingering on your pillow).  I typed back to Cat Juan Ledesma when she asked me about the scent out of curiosity…it’s subtle but there, warm but not sickening.  I actually feel this could be my “autumn” scent even if we don’t have autumn…or used as a fragrance booster to warm up Elie Saab once I have it again.


The nourishing hydration this provides leaves no greasy finish and leaves you feeling sublimely royal especially after using it overnight.  I’ve even used it on the face and it’s so gentle that I got no bad reaction…only softly nourished skin that didn’t feel heavy the next day.  You can do the pre-blow dry spritz, rub this into your arms and legs, or even combine the NUXE Reve de Miel lip balm with the Prodigieuse oil to create an overnight lip mask that really resurrects those chapped pouts, I tried the oil solo on my lips and am so excited to do it every night before bed for as long as I can. 

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse is available in a 50ml splash bottle for Php900+ or a 100ml spray bottle for Php1700+ from Rustan’s or Beauty Bar.To full post & COMMENTS...

The Quick Nail “File” | Barry M Speedy Nail Paint in EAT MY DUST

There was one very dainty and small British item that was top of mind even way before my UK holiday over a week ago.  When my aunt brought my cousin there to enroll her over a month ago I asked if she could bring this back for me but being pressed for time she was unable to.  Of course at the time before I was able to finally pick up my own Barry M polish in the popping pastel “EAT MY DUST” I had NO IDEA I would suddenly be whisked off to London.  With this baby bit I was only set back a couple of sterling £3-4 GBP to be exact.  I’ve been thinking about this polish ever since Anna of Vivianna Does Makeup waved those polished fingers in YouTube.

3 coats of Barry M Speedy Nail Paint in EAT MY DUST, no top coat

The formula at first doesn’t seem to impress immediately however, it has a trick.  First coat will be ugly, next two coats slightly streaky but once it begins to dry, a multitude of sins like nicks you made during application, streaks, ridges even disappear once it’s completely dry.  The shade is not just any baby blue…it has an extremely subtle fluorescent periwinkle undertone more evident in the bottle and under certain light.  It’s a light and happy shade, I’m glad I picked it up.  It’s available from Boots pharmacy and Superdrug plus, I suspect, local Instagram stockists online.… To full post & COMMENTS...

When a Favorite Fragrance Brings Back a Sad Season

Fragrance can be a notorious fiend for memories.  I’m highly against being a pessimist if I can help it, but there are few honest moments I can share.  I doubt it’s happened to many of you but has it ever happened that upon finding what you believe is your signature scent a series of sad incidents suddenly snowballed following its entry in your life?  That was my story.  To put it plain, I love Elie Saab Le Parfum.  It’s grown up but not old…and feminine but not flirty.  To this day no other scent compares to how it suits this old soul.  I ran out several months back and haven’t topped up just yet because of budget cuts but I keenly intended to…that is until I caught a whiff, and suddenly some memories that had cleared the runway for ages came rushing back.  So I thought…I’m certainly not going to replace my signature scent with something new (this really smells that good) but buying a new bottle of this can wait I feel…some things just still pinch a bit too much for comfort.   

It fills my head and takes me back.  Some things don’t need to change…but things can wait.  Perfume is a thing…perfume can wait.  Hearts require all the time they need.… To full post & COMMENTS...