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  • The quality of the eyeshadows in L'Oreal's La Palette Nude set actually impress me more than those in Urban Decay's first Naked palette to be honest...which is the reason why I couldn't convince myself to buy one of those.

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It happens sometimes in the industry, a certain product is named something, but what it’s called is not entirely accurate or complete.  I realized this when I was confused on how to use Thai drugstore brand IN2IT’s Makeup Remover Cream.  I thought it was supposed to work like cold cream at removing makeup, but leaving it on my face after it moved the makeup around didn’t feel right.  Eventually, I spotted the magic word that jumped out at me in the instructions on the back of the tube: RINSE.  This is got me extremely excited.


IN2IT MAKEUP REMOVER CREAM PHP399.00, SM Beauty.  Key ingredients: extracts of lemon, cucumber, grape, apple, olive oil, witch hazel, chamomile, aloe Vera and Vitamin E. MADE IN THAILAND

I’ve been using this for the past 5 days in place of my CLINIQUE cleansing balm (it’s easier to bring along because it’s in a tube).  I rinsed and discovered this IN2IT makeup remover cream is actually a budget cleansing balm.  Read on for the full review.

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This one is a mega post, long but fun!  In a world where everything beautiful is said to be subjective to taste I still have my personal standards, especially when it comes to makeup for little women.  Call me old-fashioned but when it comes to prom makeup I still strongly think that it ought to celebrate youth and not mask it entirely.  I feel like breaking out into a rash whenever I hear about young people pulling all sorts of strings to try to look older at prom.  I spent the other night helping prep my cousin Stella who was invited to an all boys’ school prom.  I did her makeup upon request.

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There’s a fine line difference between looking older and looking of age and I always sincerely hope that girls decide on the latter just as Stella did.  Read on for a before and after shot, products used, details on how I did it and a sneak peek at Stella’s personal makeup kit at the end.



My first ever post on this blog in 2010 here, which I was reminiscing about, was a thank you post for Lanolips, an award-winning natural Australian balm brand processed from pure medical grade lanolin from sheep’s wool (sheared/skimmed off in a cruelty free manner).  It has always been a great natural alternative to petroleum based ointments and at medical grade is suitable for babies (supplied in hospitals as well).  Lanolips is a multi-purpose and natural salve/balm in the same vein as Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream and Lucas Papaw Ointment…but not petroleum based.  I thought about how the brand was doing (after ending up in so many top editors’ handbags over the years) and it turns out just under a week ago the brand got a spiffy new makeover!  Being the search queen that I am, I found this huge image of their new look on their Facebook page.


I remember how my brain strained for vocabulary on the first post, not having properly written an essay or read a decent book for a couple of years because of work.  In 2010, the thrill of my first post on Lanolips (which I ordered after Charlotte of Lipglossiping had posted about it) didn’t end there, a few weeks after my first post I won an online contest by Lanolips, by writing an imaginary letter to Lady Lamb stating why I wanted to win Lanolips, I even gave her an imaginary address.  Read on to see the prize I won nearly 6 years ago, and how Lanolips used to look versus a couple of photos of the new look.

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So, this is as spontaneous as it gets.  Sleepover = true skincare stories.  Ever so randomly last night, a teenage cousin of mine with acne-prone, reactive skin spilled the details on her current skincare swat team.  The line-up is to say frankly, not edited but as real as can be, because they were all on her bathroom counter in sincere disarray from daily use.  We gathered them ’round to compress for this family photo (I really have a good laugh inside when people yell out “compress” because it’s just everyone’s thing).  I’ve seen my cousin’s face months before all this, it was shiny, sensitive, and eruptive.  This time though, her face was clear and not shiny with no sign of acne on the horizon.


Please note that this selection is not used simultaneously and was formed gradually with the added supervision of her dermatologist.  The products may or may not work for you in the same way or may not be recommended for you.   Read on for the full regimen post and what she told me about each product.



I get the random comment about my makeup recommendations being safe for normal and clear skin types.  A good number of you out there, I’ve observed, prefer more coverage.  So, for today’s budget  summer makeup look I am sporting more coverage and a heavier less dewy finish, more than what I’d personally wear.  For those among you who like things more packed in and shine-free I give you this edit.



In the look I do not use the eyeliner but I’ve still added an eyeliner recommendation.  Read on for more on the look and product details.


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