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  • The quality of the eyeshadows in L'Oreal's La Palette Nude set actually impress me more than those in Urban Decay's first Naked palette to be honest...which is the reason why I couldn't convince myself to buy one of those.

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AnimaLipstick! The net buzz about Viridis Somnio’s Lips

Who is Viridis Somnio?  I’ll be a certified re-poster today, since I hardly have a nanosecond to shoot anything at the moment.  I’d be a fool not to share something make-up related that’s this delightful and pretty even though half the online planet must be infecting the blogosphere with this already.  If you haven’t come across lip artist Paige Thompson a.k.a. Viridis Somnio’s whimsical creations on Deviant Art…it’s about time that you did.  Let it be now.

Jaguar by Viridis Somnio (Paige Thompson)

“Wow…” escaped from my own lips as soon as the link my friend Lloyd shared with me loaded up.  Yes, to you be all the credit, Lloyd.  As in W-O-W.

Fox by Viridis Somnio


Crab by Viridis Somnio

~brown eyeliner
~Halloween face paint


While some cynics among you may chime “I’ve seen  better than that,” I wouldn’t be so quick to agree.


Fox by Viridis Somnio

Her artistic pout renders bear a childish sort of charm or humor not often found in something too refined or perfect, and her brave use of color blew me away, plus the lips look moist and not too glossy nor matte.

Black Cat by Viridis Somnio

From a few descriptions in her Deviant Art gallery I gathered that Paige fused a few make-up products with face paint and water based paints to get dramatically full results.  Continue reading to see more of this girl’s crazy creativity jump out ‘atcha.


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Summer is on the prowl, Ladies… – Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzer

I saw  this adorable Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzer (slash highlighter, slash blush) for the first time when Sam Chapman, one of the Pixiwoo sisters put it on in her “Healthy Summer Glow” video last year, or a year and a half ago was it?  Hers was part of a bronzer trio palette, I opted for the single product.

It was soooo cute, so eventually, yes, of course I had to find one of my own, and you know me, seek and ye shall find.


Meowrrrr! (Swishes tail).  I opted for the tiny 2.5 g pan as I wasn’t kidding myself, what if it sucked despite its “Aww!” power?

What you have is a trio of pink panther pink, a classy fawn, and satin chocolate brown pieced together in leopard print style.  Ultimo cute… I know I know, it’s just a bronzer pseudo blush/highlighter just all clumped together in a really cute way in a metal pan set in a really cute somewhat kitsch-y box.

Yes, ano ba talaga siya? LOL, I’ll get to that in a moment.  Let’s see very subtle hand swatches that, mind you, weren’t easy to get because the color patches are so tiny.  Continue reading to see the swatches, discover its local dupe in terms of payoff, and find out how this cute little product looks on me basically for complexion.



Yay! (Ingles) Yey!(Tagalog) Who got glossied in BLUSH mag?!!

If you haven’t grabbed a copy of Blush magazine ever, get this one with Kim Chiu on the cover, please…


…me and my blessed little blog made it onto print in Blush Magazine woohoo!!!  A lot of it is thanks to you readers I’m sure, my supportive family and friends and even a few ladies I only know through this little window.  Most importantly, with little or no marketing really getting this feature has shown me how good God is, I pretty much just keep posting what I feel like posting.  I just got the email out of the blue late last year…or was it a text from the editor? I hardly even remember whether it was an email or text.

It’s a wee little side feature and it’ll take you longer to pop your zit (don’t) than read it but I’m still thrilled…and there is a typo that might mislead some people.  No, Blushies, I didn’t purchase an Australian lip balm company online LOL!  Don’t let that mislead you, gee, can’t even afford to buy a car, they just missed a word or two which may have made it sound that way.  It had to do with my first purchase from an Australian lip balm company called Addicted 2 Lipbalm, and they sold me this lip ointment, this highly-acclaimed little one.

My beauty turf online wouldn’t be a hit without hits to say the least and I’d just like to thank all my lovely and dashing readers (a few guy friends have shed scaly macho skins simply to lurk or openly follow this blog).  Blush magazine costs Php 140.00 and is available at Fully Booked or National Bookstore.  Thanks also to the people behind BLUSH magazine and plus, it’s also an honor to be alongside Liz of Project Vanity on page 22.  That girl’s sweet :).  This month’s issue also has a nice feature on Danica Magpantay, Ford Supermodel of the World 2011, where her Mom, Lara Flores did her make-up for the photo series.  Kim Chiu also has a lovely collection of photos in this cover feature taken by none other than the in-demand ladies’ photographer, Mark Nicdao.

Why oh why have I been delayed in posting new features?  Let’s just say I’ve been held captive by Salon 101: how to build and manage a new beauty salon branch under the supervision of the best of the best in the city…when you happen to be a fine arts graduate.

Yes, that qualifies as big news over here and I totally owe you a drastic update.… To full post & COMMENTS...


Lashes bloom with L’oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara

So, what mascara am I lovin’ now?  As far as I know, it’s a U.S. drugstore classic.  Yes, sorry ladies, not local at all as far as I know.  If you have a U.S. bound relative I’m sure you could ask them to easily bring home a tube for you from Walgreens, CVS, Right Aid, or Target.


I ordered this online from a reliable  U.S. E-bay seller last December and naturally because of the online holiday rush it arrived early February.  I’m relieved it got here safely but am irritated at the same time that this isn’t available locally because it’s so good!.

The wand and brush aren’t anything fancy or futuristic, what you have is a classic brush with a lengthy wand…

…and a moist, deep carbon black formula that loves lashes to their fullest with minimal clumping.

See?  Full black lashes no clumps…plus bonus eyebags.  The Carbon Black formula thickens and surprisingly lengthens lashes just a bit too, and the full brush defines and separates the lashes really well.  Continue Reading to see more photos and a video demo of Loreal Voluminous Mascara by one of the UK’s finest bloggers/vloggers Lollipop26.

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Make-Up Workshop by MUA Cherry Pacheco sponsored by Becca

I was sent by my boss to pro make-up artist Cherry Pacheco yesterday…and I almost couldn’t believe it, because when I got there…

…to join in her basic make-up workshop…

….the event happened to be sponsored by luxe cosmetics brand, Becca!  That’s what stunned me right when I entered!

That came as an overwhelming surprise for me.  If you haven’t encountered Becca Cosmetics yet it would be safe to say this is a top quality Australian/UK brand comparable to the likes of Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier.  I’m super into these Beach Tint tubes which contain water resistant lip and cheek tint perfect for those summer days just up ahead!

It was actually so timely for me because my friend, Charlotte of Lipglossiping and the Pixiwoo sisters had just recently featured Becca products this month as well.

All three brands mentioned champion the glory of natural, hardly there, but effective make-up in an excellent way.  They believe in the understated elegance of natural beauty.  Continue reading to see more photos of the girls she put make-up on, plus BEFORE and AFTER photos!!


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