MAKE UP FOR EVER Midnight Glow 2013 Workshop | Win a FREE Slot! Dec.14, SM Aura

In case you didn’t catch my last MAKE UP FOR EVER techniques workshop which was unfortunately scheduled shortly after the Yolanda calamity you may want to join the one this Saturday at SM Aura’s MUFE pop-up store, December 14…there’ll be two time slots, 1-2 and 3-4pm.  I’ll be teaching professionally done daytime to  party looks using the MUFE Midnight Glow collection.  You can text or call to reserve here 09156571647 if you really want to attend (workshop fee Php2500 with redeemable purchase).  I’ll be featuring MAKE UP FOR EVER’s new 2013 Holiday Collection beautifully entitled “Midnight Glow”. You can reserve just in case but you can also wait to win 1 of 2 FREE slots I’m giving away in this post!

new midnightglow_workshop v3

FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A FREE WORKSHOP SLOT all you have to do is leave a comment below this post sharing why a workshop like this excites you and what you hope to learn from it in max of 3 sentences, INCLUDE YOUR Email & PREFERRED TIME SLOT (1-2 or 3-4) in the comment.  I will randomly pick 2 from the comment thread and announce the winners this Friday :).

I won’t be doing the avant garde look in the poster but a simpler wearable day to party night look inspired by that.  That Midnight Glow palette by the way is a complete knockout win.  The workshop isn’t free (it’s Php2500 with redeemable purchase as well in exchange) but I’m now raffling off 2 slots here for my workshop and it’s simpler than the last time to join.   To ensure your slot in case you don’t end up winning the free slots this Friday just reserve here 09156571647 and prepare Php2500 for the workshop and a redeemable purchase.  Okay, get those comments rolling, ladies!!  Two free slots up for grabs!

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O Come Oil Ye Faithful… | The Return and Rise of Beauty Oils

The use of oil in the realm of beautifying dates back to ancient times.  The first perfumes and fragrances did not contain alcohol but were pure pressed essential oils and before there were souffle creams you could massage into your skin there were balms and ointments.


L-R: Moringa O2 Malunggay Therapy Oil, Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate facial oil,Benefit Bathina Body Oil, Delon Coconut Oil Hair Treatment, Aromatherapy Associates Support Breathe Essence,

Oil is the purest concentrated essence that comes from certain natural origin.  Oil products are more highly appreciated in cold, dry countries for their ability to lock in moisture and retain softness in both hair and body.  What I’ve also discovered is the right facial oil also has the ability to calm down irritation and rebalance skin.  These are five of my favorite oils of the moment that each cater in a different way.  Read more to get my quick reviews on these 5 and prices, plus a quick Bible fact about oils and beauty!

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Books for Bed | December 2013

That sort of weather is upon us and as I recently typed into my Facebook status “Books are boarding passes…” I’ve decided to recommend a couple that I like which have a way of transporting you and making you forget you’re within the 4 walls of a room.  One is a themed biography, one is Japanese (translated) fiction, and the last is a children’s sci-fi-but-not-really fantasy book that’s deep enough to hit a chord with adults which is part of a 4-book series so you can get excited for the next and it isn’t a pain to read.  I’ve completely read two out of the three and am still finishing Julia’s Cats, I’m more than halfway.  I’ve also read Banana Yoshimoto’s more recent book Goodbye Tsugumi but Kitchen is still my favorite.


JULIA’S CATS – Julia Child’s Life in the Company of Cats | Patricia Barey and Therese Burson (Read about Julia Child’s life within the context of her love for cats and cooking, and okay, her enviable husband, Paul, too.)  This book will make you go “Aww” with almost every other turn of the page whether it’s coz of her, her cats, or Paul, her devoted BFF husband.

KITCHEN | Banana Yoshimoto (“An enchantingly original and deeply affecting book about mothers, love, tragedy…” actually it is not that sad naman, has parts lang  “…and the power of the kitchen and home in the lives of free-spirited young women in contemporary Japan”)  This book will make you think, empathize with the characters, and want to eat or start cooking if you have never tried.

A WRINKLE IN TIME | Madeleine L’ Engle (A story about Meg Murry and her brother Charles whose father was experimenting with the 5th dimension of time travel and suddenly disappeared.  They are determined to rescue him and find themselves in another dimension that feels like a dream)

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BYS Guilty Pleasures Eyeshadow Palette | Like Chanel’s Holiday Nuit Infinie Palette?

I actually picked this BYS Cosmetics Guilty Pleasures palette up a month ago without any notion that it might be similar to a luxury palette.  While it wouldn’t be 100% similar in perhaps finish, the tones of 5 shades in this palette made me take notice.  The 5 shades quite nearly match that Chanel Holiday 2013 Nuit Infinie “Charming” palette that scores of women are going kinda cray-cray for abroad.


BYS 01 Guilty Pleasures 10-pc Eyeshadow palette (matte & satin textures) Php499

With the exception of the finish of Chanel’s glittery bronze (the BYS shades are satin) the palette nearly nails it in a slightly warmer, very slightly less neutral way plus the texture is just in my opinion perfect, pigmented and smooth but not crumbly, I even think these textures are better than the Wild & Wild ones that crumble so easily.  Let’s have a look at the similarity of the 5 shades I spotted in my BYS palette versus the palette of the Nuit Inifinie de Chanel collection.  Read and click “more” to make the jump to the full post and see the similarities…with Lisa!… To full post & COMMENTS...

Bobbi Brown Gift of Glam 12-Day FB Giveaway | Accepting Daily Entries December 5-16

In case you didn’t notice or hear about it, Bobbi Brown PH’s team have lovingly created the Bobbi Brown Gift of Glam Giveaway App via Facebook at this link here.  The app is simple and well designed, just go to the link, make your wishlist, fill in your details and enter daily to check if you’ve won something (my friend, Shen, won something today), I didn’t win today, but I’ll sure be checking in tomorrow :).  It started yesterday (where was I, Alderaan? I must’ve been tired) and they’re accepting daily entries until December 16.  Plus at the end of all that, there’s an even bigger prize for everyone who signed up.



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Clinique Cheek Pops Blush Spring 2014 | Preview Via British Beauty Blogger

Reblogged from the queen of beauty previews, British Beauty Blogger, is the announcement of these upcoming, Clinique Cheek Pop blushes for Spring 2014.  Seriously, I might pretend to cry if these won’t come here to Manila.  They are way too cute and she says they’re prettier in real life than in these press images ( these graphic images are too intense in color, the actual blushes are bright but more tender to the eye).  Read her full swatch post and opinion here.

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Discover Benefit’s Bad Gal WATERPROOF Mascara | My Choice Over “They’re Real”

Before I get to Bad Gal WP just wanted to share, I’m sure some of you probably wondered why I haven’t reviewed Benefit’s OTHER super popular They’re Real Mascara.  That one is a marvelous lengthening big lashes sort of mascara but I have one huge peeve regarding it, it doesn’t hold curl or give curl for girls with straight lashes especially in a country as humid as ours.  They’re Real mascara works superbly for girls of Indian, Latin, or Afro descent who already have curled lashes because it gives them definition, bigness, and length, but if you’re like me with stick straight lashes it’s a no-lift story.  Sorry to my Benebabe friends over at Benefit, I’m being HONEST JULIA here, I know you’re like super promoting They’re Real, but other than providing volume and length it doesn’t work for me in the curl department, there I’ve said it.  I still encourage girls to try it because for some girls it works really well and they like it, but for me it doesn’t work as well.  I set up to shoot and review They’re Real in the past TWICE, and after curling my lashes on both occasions and applying the mascara, the product would uncurl my lashes even before I could take a decent snapshot and I ended up giving up and wiping it off.  Check how the same thing happened to my friend, Liz of Project Vanity when she tried They’re Real here.  Here’s what I totally, TOTALLY don’t understand, must be a global marketing restraint thing, why doesn’t Benefit locally promote an even better mascara I totally overlooked in their stores, which is Benefit’s BAD GAL WATERPROOF Mascara, take note, yes, the waterproof variant.  It’s the same price as They’re Real and sales are sales, right?  This mascara is…according to ME…THE BOMB because lashes totally go BOOM without looking crispy.  This so far is my TOP choice for a high end (Php1200) mascara, it’s the same price as They’re Real but for me is even better.  The tube is delightfully more chic and as slim as a fine cigar.



The wand is I think also partly the key to why this mascara is great, it’s got a similar shape and size to the They’re Real wand but it uses traditional densely packed bristles to coat lashes.



HELLO??!!?  See my point?  Big, black, bold volume and EVEN some added length. Check the huge difference on my bottom lashes, too, in the before & after shot.


I didn’t use as much of the mascara here, but it’s nice to know you can choose to layer it sparingly or more generously.  You can still sort of see from this mobile photo that in spite of dark eyeliner the lashes are still noticeable.


I just…gee, I don’t even need to say too much, the pictures say it all and that curl I’m boasting in the profile shot is still going strong as I type this and they don’t feel crispy.  This mascara even makes my lashes feel as soft as they do when I’m using Maybelline’s Full N’ Soft Mascara.  Remember, any mascara’s waterproof variant is usually the more dependable when it comes to curl hold because usually waterproof mascaras contain more tar (remember what Noah used to waterproof the ark?  Yup…).  I’m not even sure if the regular Bad Gal variant will be as fabulous as this waterproof version when it comes to curl hold.  Some people don’t like waterproof mascaras because they can be a pain in the butt to remove, but I’m the sort of person who cannot part with eternal curl and would rather make an effort to remove it when the day is done than have stick straight lashes that might smudge.  Benefit Bad Gal Waterproof mascara is available at Benefit boutiques for Php1200.  This was my personal take away purchase after teaching two full-house workshop batches for Benefit Cosmetics at Greenbelt 5 yesterday.  Once in awhile, for variety, girls like to try high-end mascaras, you may want to give this a go.  Don’t just take my word for it, bring your own lash curler and test this mascara in-store and spend the day at the mall to see how it works for you.

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