Bobbi Brown Gift of Glam 12-Day FB Giveaway | Accepting Daily Entries December 5-16

In case you didn’t notice or hear about it, Bobbi Brown PH’s team have lovingly created the Bobbi Brown Gift of Glam Giveaway App via Facebook at this link here.  The app is simple and well designed, just go to the link, make your wishlist, fill in your details and enter daily to check if you’ve won something (my friend, Shen, won something today), I didn’t win today, but I’ll sure be checking in tomorrow :).  It started yesterday (where was I, Alderaan? I must’ve been tired) and they’re accepting daily entries until December 16.  Plus at the end of all that, there’s an even bigger prize for everyone who signed up.



image003Every signed in account is automatically listed for the raffle to win a final grand prize of Php10,000 worth of makeup separate from the daily prizes.  Happy Holidays!  Click here to go to the Facebook app.… To full post & COMMENTS...

Clinique Cheek Pops Blush Spring 2014 | Preview Via British Beauty Blogger

Reblogged from the queen of beauty previews, British Beauty Blogger, is the announcement of these upcoming, Clinique Cheek Pop blushes for Spring 2014.  Seriously, I might pretend to cry if these won’t come here to Manila.  They are way too cute and she says they’re prettier in real life than in these press images ( these graphic images are too intense in color, the actual blushes are bright but more tender to the eye).  Read her full swatch post and opinion here.

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Discover Benefit’s Bad Gal WATERPROOF Mascara | My Choice Over “They’re Real”

Before I get to Bad Gal WP just wanted to share, I’m sure some of you probably wondered why I haven’t reviewed Benefit’s OTHER super popular They’re Real Mascara.  That one is a marvelous lengthening big lashes sort of mascara but I have one huge peeve regarding it, it doesn’t hold curl or give curl for girls with straight lashes especially in a country as humid as ours.  They’re Real mascara works superbly for girls of Indian, Latin, or Afro descent who already have curled lashes because it gives them definition, bigness, and length, but if you’re like me with stick straight lashes it’s a no-lift story.  Sorry to my Benebabe friends over at Benefit, I’m being HONEST JULIA here, I know you’re like super promoting They’re Real, but other than providing volume and length it doesn’t work for me in the curl department, there I’ve said it.  I still encourage girls to try it because for some girls it works really well and they like it, but for me it doesn’t work as well.  I set up to shoot and review They’re Real in the past TWICE, and after curling my lashes on both occasions and applying the mascara, the product would uncurl my lashes even before I could take a decent snapshot and I ended up giving up and wiping it off.  Check how the same thing happened to my friend, Liz of Project Vanity when she tried They’re Real here.  Here’s what I totally, TOTALLY don’t understand, must be a global marketing restraint thing, why doesn’t Benefit locally promote an even better mascara I totally overlooked in their stores, which is Benefit’s BAD GAL WATERPROOF Mascara, take note, yes, the waterproof variant.  It’s the same price as They’re Real and sales are sales, right?  This mascara is…according to ME…THE BOMB because lashes totally go BOOM without looking crispy.  This so far is my TOP choice for a high end (Php1200) mascara, it’s the same price as They’re Real but for me is even better.  The tube is delightfully more chic and as slim as a fine cigar.



The wand is I think also partly the key to why this mascara is great, it’s got a similar shape and size to the They’re Real wand but it uses traditional densely packed bristles to coat lashes.



HELLO??!!?  See my point?  Big, black, bold volume and EVEN some added length. Check the huge difference on my bottom lashes, too, in the before & after shot.


I didn’t use as much of the mascara here, but it’s nice to know you can choose to layer it sparingly or more generously.  You can still sort of see from this mobile photo that in spite of dark eyeliner the lashes are still noticeable.


I just…gee, I don’t even need to say too much, the pictures say it all and that curl I’m boasting in the profile shot is still going strong as I type this and they don’t feel crispy.  This mascara even makes my lashes feel as soft as they do when I’m using Maybelline’s Full N’ Soft Mascara.  Remember, any mascara’s waterproof variant is usually the more dependable when it comes to curl hold because usually waterproof mascaras contain more tar (remember what Noah used to waterproof the ark?  Yup…).  I’m not even sure if the regular Bad Gal variant will be as fabulous as this waterproof version when it comes to curl hold.  Some people don’t like waterproof mascaras because they can be a pain in the butt to remove, but I’m the sort of person who cannot part with eternal curl and would rather make an effort to remove it when the day is done than have stick straight lashes that might smudge.  Benefit Bad Gal Waterproof mascara is available at Benefit boutiques for Php1200.  This was my personal take away purchase after teaching two full-house workshop batches for Benefit Cosmetics at Greenbelt 5 yesterday.  Once in awhile, for variety, girls like to try high-end mascaras, you may want to give this a go.  Don’t just take my word for it, bring your own lash curler and test this mascara in-store and spend the day at the mall to see how it works for you.

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My Holiday Gift Guide Video 2013…whew… | Be nice, LOL

After around 2 hours of shooting and 8 hours of editing (I had to relearn Adobe Premiere to get exactly what I wanted) here it is, my Christmas Beauty Gift Guide featuring some items I’ve blogged about and some that I haven’t mentioned yet.  I really wanted to fit in so much more, like smaller stocking-filler (cheaper) items but the video stretched to 15 minutes simply because I talk too much and haven’t got the hang of this yet, but thanks to some painstaking editing I think I did a pretty good job.  By the way, I forgot to include the shampoos in this photo…who cares, lol (that’s how tired I am lol).  These are photos, the video is at the bottom.



The selection is mid-range to high-end with a few bargains thrown in.  Still contemplating on whether I should do the equivalent of a stocking-filler video (cute, cheap buys).  Don’t judge me if I’m ugly on a freeze-frame…hahaha, (yewwww, shakes finger) anyone would be.  I’ve personally always felt, in all honesty, that I am more “photogenic” and “real-agenic” (lol) than “telegenic”…but anyway the video isn’t about me, it’s about the stuff I’m presenting.  I made it 15 minutes long since I rarely do videos anyway.  Next time I’ll learn from these gurus amidst YouTube on how to fit everything in under 10 minutes and still sound sane :).  Enjoy my Christmas Beauty Gift Guide Video 2013 at this link or watch it embedded below :).  By the way this doesn’t have a giveaway, but yes I am thinking up a one-winner Christmas giveaway for you guys…hopefully I can fit it in before delivery becomes too difficult to manage :).

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Charlotte Tilbury’s “Party Angel” Look Video | Medium Latina/ Polynesian Skintone

I thought this video tutorial would be perfect for many Filipino women this season, especially those with medium toned polynesian or medium toned oriental ethnicity.  It was just uploaded by team CT two hours ago.  Watch Charlotte Tilbury’s Party Angel tutorial video here at this link or here embedded below!


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Nails in November | Cutting it Close…

It really is cutting it close isn’t it?  It won’t be November anymore tomorrow so I’ve highly decided to take advantage of the fact that it is still November today and I can very well make use of the title.  By the way, cutting it close just doesn’t have to do with the date.  There’s just an uplifting sense I get when I get my nails trimmed and hands exfoliated for an overall clean.  I had to form the regular “mani” habit by myself because as a freelancer in-salon manicures just really add to monthly expenses and also because as a makeup artist my hands always have to look pristine and worthy of handling other people’s faces, not to mention my own.



Cure Natural Aqua Gel, HURRAW Lemon Lip Balm (Cold-pressed, vegan), CLINIQUE A Different Nail Enamel in “Do Not Disturb”, Trim Mani Kit (Dad got from S&R) Apostrophe Nail Cutter, Trim Nail File (forgot to include my body lotion here, LUSH Celebrate)

I’ve quite outgrown (pun intended) the need for long nails and while my nails will never be kindergarten short I’ve recently been always keeping the length close to the nail bed, not too far out.  My nail growth sadly is in an awkward upward angle, not a lovely forward and downward sort of growth…one lovely example of which is YouTube Jen/frmheadtotoe’s fingertips, she can grow them long and they won’t splay and snag.  So anyway I cope with what I have and learn to enjoy them.  Recently I’ve updated my manicure steps with 2 FACIAL products that do the job with flying colors and just really aid in keeping my fingertips polish-worthy in a more gentle way.  Read more to get the full feature on how I clean my nails, what 2 new current products I use and how I use them.  Click more to make the jump.… To full post & COMMENTS...

My Benefit Holiday 2013 Workshop!| FREE On Dec.5, Shangrila Mall Edsa

Come one, come all to my Benefit Cosmetics Holiday 2013 Workshop at Shangrila Mall, Edsa on December 5, Thursday!  We’ll be accepting 2 batches of you eager beauty beavers from 1-2pm and 3-4pm based on reservations via Benefit’s FB page (message).  I’ll be doing DAY to NIGHT looks using Benefit Cosmetics’ current holiday sets and other awesome products.  This workshop does not require a purchase :) you just need to reserve a slot for this workshop via messaging Benefit Cosmetics Philippines’ FB page here (beside the LIKE button there’s a MESSAGE button).  Send them an FB message requesting to reserve for my workshop (indicate whether 1 pm or 3pm) and provide your complete contact details :) It’s FREE!  Tis’ after all the season to be jolly, and of course, to look good while being jolly!  Remember this is a FREE workshop you just have to reserve because there are limited slots!  You can also reserve thru me if you like and I will forward to them.  Reserve your slot now here via Benefit Cosmetics’ PH Facebook page.


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