Caress Nail Polish in Sea Green | Frankening a Dupe of YSL’s Jade Imperial

Because of my long kept frustration that YSL’s Jade Imperial shade (ever since I spottedbit on Xiao’s Messy Wands blog) is a beautiful wearable shade of green but is a luxury polish unavailable here, something had to be done. YSL’s Jade Imperial costs about $25.00. I hesitate in buying many luxury nail polishes though I wouldn’t mind landing money on a few more Essie bottles.  I perused the aisles of local department stores and spotted Caress’s Sea Green polish (Php23.75) which was about 2-3 shades darker (aptly a “Frankenstenish”  hue) but the perfect green tone.  I also already had Bobbie premium polish in Pure White (Php33.00++).  I knew something could be done I decided to “franken” (custom mix) my own bottle of Jade Imperial using cheaper polishes.  Behold the birthchild of my resolve.




YSL’s Jade Imperial is not a mint green if you see it here in Xiao’s post, it’s got more grey or grunge to it.  It’s similar to Essie’s Sew Psyched…kind of like a pastel army hue.  Because the Caress polish is runny and too dark by bout 3 shades I married about half a teaspoon of Bobbie Pure White into it straight from the bottle and gave it a good strong shake (about 3-4x). You may need to pour out a little afterwards if there is overflow. If ever my mix was a little off it’s only slightly not as cool as Jade Imperial because of the tone of Sea Green, but as a result this matches my less cool skin better. So my total first frankening attempt cost me Php58.00 in total. When my mom first spotted my nails this morning at breakfast with no clue about the YSL polish, frankening, or my plan put together she suddenly said as if on cue “It looks like Jade…”.  I beamed with success and said “Exactly…” :)To full post & COMMENTS...

Make Up Store Makeup! – A Look with Lipstick & Cybershadow

This brand, Make Up Store, reminds me a lot of…INGLOT or even the in-house selection of Sephora for some reason and they’re now available here at the 2nd level of Podium mall in Ortigas.  It’s the whole shebang put together, pro quality products, minimalist packaging, great pigment and tons and tons of shades to choose from for a mid-range price.   The Make Up Store’s products aren’t cheap but they won’t break the bank either.  It’s a reliable brand to begin a pro kit with if you’re considering a makeup career or course but can’t afford having a buffet of MAC or Make Up For Ever products at your disposal.  I recall being in one of the Make Up Store’s huge boutiques in Singapore over a year and a half ago and I was overwhelmed.  I nearly walked out with a color corrector/concealer but I was saving my pocket money for something else in Duty Free that time.


MAKE UP STORE Cybershadow in “Golden” Php899.00 and sheer lipstick in “CRISP” for Php 1049.00, MAKE UP STORE PODIUM- (02) 654 5533



The textures and pigment of the products they sent me are good, the eyeshadow is a satin with a hint of a duochrome effect (a peachy coral with gold or a rose gold) the lipstick is a sheer but pigmented high shine finish which applies looking different from the lipstick bullet as you’ll see in awhile.


The packaging is lovely and feels sturdier than MAC cosmetic packaging.  You have the brand name embossed or pressed on both.  My only minor complaint is the eyeshadow has quite a bit of fallout pigment when you use a brush, but it performs similarly anyway to Urban Decay eyeshadow shades which also have quite a bit of fallout.  Read more to see me try these products on.… To full post & COMMENTS...

Yes, They Did | MAC Cosmetics & Paramore Lead Singer Hayley Williams Collection

Breathe, breathe deeper, exhale…inhale…now shout…shout at the top of your lungs, like she would.  MAC is soon putting out a Hayley Williams collection.  Now I hear you…




“The collection will feature an orange lipstick, coral eyeshadow, mineralize skinfinish, and an orange nail lacquer.  MAC just confirmed this collection via their Twitter and Facebook.”

Sounds Like Noise: Bright true orange (Lipstick) (Matte)
Daydreaming: Frosted mid-tone coral (Eyeshadow) (Veluxe Pearl)
Lightscapade: Soft candlelight beige with multi-dimensional shimmer (Mineralize Skinfinish)
Riot Gear: Bright true orange (Nail Lacquer) (Cream)

Yea, no kidding that’s all I had to say right?  If you don’t know who Paramore’s lead singer is…she’s been around FOR AWHILE and has been singing pro since she was about 15 and Hayley Williams is not just another young girl screaming at a microphone.  She really sings, as in seriously sings…and her ability to pull off pop-py, alternative grunge cool and keeping pretty without looking too androgynous is what gets her admired in the beauty community. I learned more about Hayley 4 years ago when I watched this interview about her and her development as a singer (playable only on laptops or desktop devices). The collection is a tricky one to get and will launch on April 9, 2013 and will be available exclusively online for a limited time only. Sigh* I’m glad I didn’t get any of the Archie items. I really…really dig what this is looking like. Hayley is just sooo irritatingly cool. If you’ve never heard her sing here’s one of her more popular mellow performances from 5 years ago, Paramore’s Live Acoustic Cover of the Kings of Leon song “Use Somebody” ( this link can be watched on all devices) .  Also embedding here for a slightly more recent but still not so new video their acoustic jam for the song “The Only Exception” where Hayley’s rocker chic makeup is just…just perfect to me…it’s just enough and sooo pretty.

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Huile & Baumes Alpine SOS Balm | A Brangelina Fave @ Taste Central

When I heard that something arrived at my mother’s office for me from the Taste Central PH team (who are retail partners with Deal Grocer) I immediately assumed they’d sent me some curated grocery brands, or food in other words.  I actually even wondered if my Cookie Butter post had anything to do with it since I linked to them.  I was wrong about what they sent me and my next assumption was right…that the word TASTE in Taste Central is not limited to food but is also meant to include things of “good taste” or quality.  Like this little jar of awesome for face and body.  This is the best  thing around I’ve tried since that cult Liz Arden 8-hour Cream but guess what, this is 100% natural, Made in France, and 65% of the ingredients are sourced from organic farms.



“This skin repair balm, a mainstay in the bags of Hollywood moms like Angelina Jolie! Formulated in the French Alps by Huiles & Baumes, this multi-tasking Alpine SOS Balm treats burns, insect bites, dry skin and acne with high concentrations of active skin renewal ingredients like Arnica, Helichrysum, and Ravintsara”

The Huile & Baumes SOS Balm works much like well-loved Lanolips (which by the way is also being offered by Taste Central)  but in a more solid, less greasy balm form in a pot which kind of reminded me of a more mild and way more well processed VICKS VapORub without the intensity.  It’s smells a bit of lemon and camphor but in a good way.  This stuff…this balm, I’m telling you…even if it has oil in the base, just gently sinks and melts into the skin leaving no grease at all after a few minutes, I don’t know how it does that, it feels like an oil-free moisturizer once it’s sunk in.  You can use it ANYWHERE on your face and body…it’s probably even great for kids when it comes to sunburn relief and insect bites.


KEY INGREDIENTS: Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Argan Seed Oil, Sunflower Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Camphor, Arnica, Peppermint, Sandalwood, Lemon

No words can properly describe how skin drinks this up when you put it on, it absorbs within about a minute or two (in my case).  I’ve used it on dry patches on my face, as a lip balm (kind of like Nuxe’s Reve de Miel I’m suspecting) or even for those dry painful cuticles around your nails.   It actually repaired a red, irritated area around my lip line that had some spots (a reaction from various lipsticks and lipliners used together) which weren’t completely going away even with a  cream prescribed to me by my dermatologist.  The prescribed cream lessened the appearance but the spots were still there, this SOS Balm however…I’m not sure how, finished the job for me.  The irritation above my lip is practically gone and that took what, applying it twice a day for 2 days.  I love having this but I only REALLY, REALLY WISHED this was available in a smaller, mini pot, it’s a little bit heavy on the handbag, but worth bringing along AT ALL TIMES.  If you use this on certain areas of your face the night before I’m sure you’ll wake up to supple skin like I did.  You can probably even use it on ACNE as long as you’re not allergic to any of the key ingredients mentioned.  Find the Huile & Baumes SOS Balm on sale here for Php1640.00 via, become a member using your existing Facebook or Deal Grocer account, and follow @TasteCentralPH on Twitter and via their Facebook page.To full post & COMMENTS...

Burberry Body Tender Eau de Toilette | Not Too Fruity & Oh, So Wearable

Don’t you just hate it when sometimes fragrance brands do “fruity” versions of an existing scent for the younger bracket?  I have nothing against fruity if it’s done uniquely and memorably well but sometimes it takes all the sophistication and spirit out of what could be something better.  I was really hoping with all my might that Burberry Body Tender was not a very fruity spin off.  Not everyone younger wants a fruity version, more often than not they just want something they can spray on everyday that doesn’t shout “formal dinner” but isn’t just plain body spray or cologne either.  I was invited to the Burberry Body Tender launch yesterday at SM Makati and had a lovely time with some blogger friends I hadn’t seen for awhile and that was where they unveiled this.


Amidst offerings of scented ribbons, sparkling drinks, macarons and pink lemonade Burberry released its younger, clean and captivating scent, Burberry Body Tender. The original Burberry Body scent was launched last year and I’ll be honest when I say I have not sniffed that original release.  Friends at this launch mentioned it was deeper and more intense than this one. So Burberry Body Tender which is supposedly a more gentle spin off from the original is actually my first Burberry Body Scent and you know what?  I like it, I like it a lot :)


It’s not at all a heavy fragrance though I can’t say the same for the bottle, lol, which is beautiful by the way, and this scent…it certainly lasts.  I could smell it on me hours later even as I lay in bed last night. Is it floral upon first whiff? Mmmm…I’m not an expert but TO ME it’s like a soapy floral with an underlying sweet but barely fruity note.

“Burberry Body Tender is inspired by the freshness of youth, energy, hope, excitement, natural beauty, radiance, the English morning dew, English roses.”

Top Notes:   fresh surge of lemon, crisp apple and green absinth

Heart Notes:  a delicate blend of light rose, white jasmine and sandalwood

Base Notes:  a soft base of cashmeran, amber and musk

It’s very feminine but not at all corny. It’s a quintessential day scent that I sense can nab a few 2nd glances for you. The bottle actually looks like it carries one dose of the fountain of youth which can turn you into Cara Delevigne with one swig lol. I wish I had a parfum version of this, it’s a complete head turner. Burberry Body Tender is available from Burberry boutiques and counters in leading department stores nationwide at these prices as per product size.

  • 85ml:  P4,898
  • 60ml:  P3,898
  • 35ml:  P2,898
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Feeling a bit sick, I’ll be well tomorrow | And Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter

Hi everyone,

I’m sure you noticed it got quiet AGAIN, sorry for the frequent intermissions from regular programming.  Apart from me focusing on some A1 Driving lessons I started yesterday (my tita’s place being the launchpad) I’ve suddenly been hit with a bad bout of indigestion since last night.  I’m wishing with all my might this stomach spell will clear up by tonight before my 2nd lesson tomorrow.  I threw up a total of 4x since yesterday and the feeling when I consume food is none other than that queasy feeling coupled with clammy hands and cold sweat.  We’re suspecting the yummy Spanish cheese my Tita brought home from Barcelona last night might be the culprit combined with something I ate so for now I’m avoiding direct dairy foods.  I napped through lunch earlier because the vomiting left me very tired then I managed to take some molo soup without it coming back up.  This familiar jar of yum spread on some toast bread and some chamomile tea have also been keeping me filled without upsetting me.  A lot of you have been bursting with praise about this online, so here are my thoughts.


A lot of people seem to be raving about this Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter which comes in original smooth and a crunchy variant with rice krispies.  So just thought I’d show off a bit and let people know I’ve tried some.  Here’s the deal, I mentioned this already on Facebook and I don’t mean to be KJ or non-conformist okayy?!!  Be aware I’ll jump on the bandwagon if I absolutely love something.  I wasn’t WOWED by the Cookie Butter and it hasn’t fallen under the list of holy grail spreads for me.  Like if a whole shelf appeared before me I probably wouldn’t grab 5, I’d only get 1.  I do feel like there is a lot of online hype causing some (not all) people to say stuff like they’re addicted to it and all that, but judging from the flavor I think I know why.  It’s simply creamy and not overly sweet, there’s that subtle gingerbread taste note that doesn’t overpower.  The reason why I prefer this over Nutella is it completely reminds me of Lily’s Peanut Butter WITHOUT the peanuts and it isn’t as sweet.  I’m one of those boring people who finds Nutella too sweet.  You know how Lily’s peanut butter isn’t like regular peanut butter?   There you go, TO ME (I repeat,n you don’t have to agree)  it’s similar in taste to this Cookie Butter.  In short, I like it but I was underwhelmed considering everything I’ve read and heard.  Other people simply say, and they’re allowed to, that this doesn’t taste like anything you’ve ever tried in your entire life.  I’ll be boringly moderate when I say that it did remind me a LOT of Lily’s Peanut butter, and I’m glad that it does without the peanut-ness.  Just thought you guys might want a dose of real life and an HONEST review on something at the very least.  Please yell “no to queasiness” for me and “healing in Jesus’ name!” so I can drive again tomorrow.  I’m driving a manual vehicle by the way.  This Cookie Butter used to be available on and DealGrocer released a promo for it last week but they were out of stock last I looked.  If you can’t get it from there ask it as pasalubong from the US or find one of those local stockists who’ve begun importing this talk of the town spread.… To full post & COMMENTS...

Behold, Haus of Gloi’s Butterbombs, Wish they were Better | Valentine Stuff 2013 Still Up!

I’ve really got some sort of online hangover, it’s not that I don’t enjoy the net anymore, please, don’t think that AT ALL…I sooo love doing this.  I actually love that I’m typing this now because no sense in pretending I’m a product post factory, right?  Honesty is good stuff and deserves posting when appropriate.  I just noticed that I’ve been get sleepy earlier ever since my best friend cousin’s wedding last February.  I think it’s really the massive “sigh” after something major more than anything else.  I put in a lot emotionally on that one because it really meant so much to me…and now..we’re back.  In the bath and body department, Haus of Gloi power couple Matt and Briton have “dunnit” again in their secret vegan lab of delight.  My friends, you are not looking at dessert.  Behold their new babies (please note: not for eating) their dinky, scent filled, glam-ly gourmande scented Butterbombs.


“Toss these little scoops in hot bath water for a fizzy, slightly foamy and decadently moisturizing bath. Crumble under running bath water for best results! Please be cautious when moving around or standing in the tub, these little bombs can make things slippery!” – Haus of Gloi


From Top:

  1. TOASTED – “Reminiscent of warm milk, aromatic rice and burnt sugar. “
  2. A SIMPLE ROSE – “Bulgarian rose absolute supported by Egyptian geranium in a base of amyris wood.”
  3. WHITE BLUEBERRY – “Blueberries awash with white vanilla sugar, cream and a sprig of white thyme.”
  4. SEA SALT BROWNIES – “Dark chocolate brownie accord with supporting notes of cocoa c02, a gentle touch of coffee co2 and speckled with sea salt.”



To be honest, this first time I am mildly disappointed with these Butterbombs because I was so excited about them  and I’ve never experienced anything lacking from a Haus of Gloi purchase.  I have no complaints about the scent experience or the aromatherapy end on these butterbombs, in the smell department these guys at HOG do no wrong practically ever.  Read more to know about my experience and why I prefer HOG’s bubbling scrubs over these.… To full post & COMMENTS...

Conclusive Post After 17 Days | Shiseido White Lucent Serum & Brightening Mask

I know that the Shiseido White Lucent Challenge, which began with this post here,  was supposed to be a 7-Day one, but I really personally wanted to see what the dynamic duo could do over a longer period.  I used the White Lucent Spot Targeting Serum with the aid of the Brightening Mask for a more realistic 2 weeks ++, a time period in which for me promising skincare products truly begin to kick in. In case you didn’t read my previous post, the serum is meant to “crush” the unwanted melanin beneath the skin surface and the mask is meant to “eject” it.


I used up both brightening masks in the first week and then continued with the serum once to twice daily (more often twice).  Here are the results, see for yourself.  Sorry about the slight difference in angle and lighting (there were a few more clouds on Feb 10).  I made sure both shots were taken between 8 and 9am in the morning with the same camera shutter speed and I did my best to color balance just so the lighting was even and results are as close to reality as possible.



First off, I have to point out that the top little dark spot and the ones near my nose and jaw are moles, not freckles or blemish marks so the serum would certainly not fade them out.  What is completely obvious when you first view these images is the overall improvement of my skin’s health seen in the supple skin surface and less oiliness along the T-zone.  You will also see a slight  increase in fairness that isn’t unnatural, less patchiness and redness over my sensitive areas, and my pores have diminished not just in appearance but in actual physical size.  I actually don’t feel my pores on my nose now.  If you look closer the pigmentation marks between the moles I mentioned may not have disappeared completely but they’ve faded noticeably.  I’m actually excited to see what happens after 4 weeks, a whole month.


What I love about the serum is it didn’t have any side effects and didn’t irritate my skin at all.  No sting, just whopping good skincare that sinks in so quickly.  The serum at this 30ml size costs about Php5650 from your local Shiseido counter.  It’s available from local counters here.  So what do you think, having seen the results for yourselves do you want to try this and see for yourselves?  Like Shiseido PH on Facebook to get more updates and information regarding the launch of Shiseido White Lucent skincare!  By the way if you haven’t joined my special Shiseido giveaway that ends tomorrow, go to this link here!

 … To full post & COMMENTS...

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