A Little Bit of Light | Steady Warm White LED Fairy Lights

I postponed this because I was hesitant to put it up due to everything that was happening in this country, but as time passed I realized that showing a little bit of light is alright.  A little bit of light dispels the darkness and lifts sadness.  Dad bought me one long string (I think it’s about 10-15 feet) of LED Warm White fairy lights for my room the other day and with some invisible magic scotch tape I put the lights up loosely around my bleached/refinished antique dresser and with the excess taped a heart shape around my light switches.  He got me the type with clear wiring so that the string is more or less invisible at night against light colored furniture, they also come with forest green wiring for Christmas trees but I requested clear.  I purposely did not tape the lights in a taut/tight boring edge-to-edge outline and art directed them loosely for a vine effect.





This is how it looks in the daytime.  Of course I don’t have the lights on during the day, just for show and tell.

My Dad bought the single string of  steady warm white LED Lights for Php499 from ACE Hardware he said.  I mentioned on Instagram a few weeks ago that I totally detested this antique vanity dresser when it was in dark cherry wood varnish.  Before in a dark finish it looked like something out of a provincial Filipino horror movie, I’d freak myself out seeing my reflection walk past in the mirror.  However, when Mom finally had the dresser bleached and refinished it totally changed how I saw it and adding the string of LED fairy lights instantly brought a sacred sort of ambience  into the room.  The lights provide a dim but warm glow which is also perfect for when Mom has our dear massage lady over once in awhile and since the lights are LED they’re safe to use as night lights (which I don’t really need but like) when I sleep through the night, it’s easier to make my way to the restroom in the middle of the night when it’s not completely dark.  I also have more mental clarity now when I think or pray in the evening.  It makes a really nice background for videos don’t you think? *Hint hint*

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Speechless Sunday | Yolanda

JEREMIAH 23: 1-4 “Doom to the shepherd-leaders who butcher and scatter my sheep!” God’s Decree. “So here is what I, God, Israel’s God, say to the shepherd-leaders who misled my people: ‘You’ve scattered my sheep. You’ve driven them off. You haven’t kept your eye on them. Well, let me tell you, I’m keeping my eye on you, keeping track of your criminal behavior. I’ll take over and gather what’s left of my sheep, gather them in from all the lands where I’ve driven them. I’ll bring them back where they belong, and they’ll recover and flourish. I’ll set shepherd-leaders over them who will take good care of them. They won’t live in fear or panic anymore. All the lost sheep rounded up!’ God’s Decree.”

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Japan’s Cure Natural Aqua Gel | That Uber Gentle Oscar Swag Exfoliant

There’s a reason why a bottle of this sells every 12 seconds in Japan, gee, it was even handpicked to be Oscar Swag!  I’ve had this for months and haven’t opened it because seriously, when it comes to skincare I really TRY (note TRY) to go through current products before opening something new…with as much self-control as I can muster that’s what I do.   Unknown to some people Toyo Life’s Cure Natural Aqua Gel was actually included in the Oscar Swag Bag (the loot bag they give to Academy Awards attendees) a few years back (2009-ish? 2010-ish?) and that gave this a little more popularity in the Western Hemisphere.  Why exactly is this gommage-y gel sooo popular?  Think of something that appears and feels as gentle as Cetaphil, is fragrance-free, is made of more than 90% water, but removes dead skin (without acidic or grainy sting) before your very eyes.  Yup that’s exactly what this pure baby does.  If you’re picky about exfoliants and don’t want scrubs and ALSO are hesitant to try AHA or BHA acidic liquid exfoliants because of sensitive skin this one is perfect for you and there’s more to it than meets the eye.


  • Best selling exfoliator in Japan
  • Free from preservatives, fragrance, artificial coloring or alcohol
  • Contains 90% revitalized hydrogen water
  • Contains natural plant extracts from aloe vera, gingko, and rosemary
  • Was reportedly included in the famous OSCAR Swag Bag a few years back
  • SIZE: large 250 ml bottle (lasts 4 mos. if used 2x a week), PRICE: Php1500.00 from Beauty Bar PH



INGREDIENTS: water (activated hydrogen water, non-acidic and purified), glycerin (a moisturiser), acrylates/C10-30, alkyl acrylate crosspolymer (a thickener), dicocodimonium (a conditioner), chloride, steartrimonium bromide, aloe barbadensis leaf extract (moisturises, protects rough skin), gingko biloba extract (moisturises, prevents skin-mottling and freckles), rosmarinus officinalis/rosemary leaf extract (possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties), butylene glycol.

This works and is very gentle, you only need about half a pump or a peso sized dollop.  The Cure product IS AN EXFOLIANT, NOT A CLEANSER, AND NOT MEANT TO BE USED DAILY, ONLY TWICE A WEEK.  The key ingredient I believe is the gentle thickening agent which causes dry skin to plump up, then the hydrating gel makes it easier to remove gently when you massage your face in circular motions (don’t apply this near the eyes to be safe).  To prove a point you can see the eyeliner on my hand, this exfoliates but does not remove makeup so you must remove makeup before using this.  Watch this Japanese advertisement for CURE that’s been subtitled in English.

I’ve tried something similar before, that Hello Kitty Rosette gommage one which was also from Japan, but I found out that the bits I was seeing from that one was partly just the product itself just bundling up into bits and eventually I didn’t like the fragrance.  THIS ONE, however, is fragrance-free and I can really feel my dead skin gently being sloughed off the surface and I know it’s really happening because of how baby smooth my face feels after (treatments like this in my opinion are best used at night and best if followed by a gentle facial oil or hydrating serum). Read more to find out about my second use for this product and learn about the three main types of exfoliants available in the market.… To full post & COMMENTS...

Happy Skin Cosmetics :) at Beauty Bar Starting Nov. 9!

Thank you to those who have made Happy Skin’s launch via Plains & Prints outlets a continuing success!  If you haven’t heard about this fab homegrown makeup brand read my post from the launch here (with a review of their super cute pigmented lip crayons).  We bloggers totally love the brand you love!  We’ve got even more good news for you, Happy Skin Cosmetics will now be available in Beauty Bar outlets throughout the Metro :) starting this Saturday, November 9! And soon after, Ayala Cebu as well :)


It’s possibly going to be a pretty stormy weekend, but if the storm hasn’t hit Manila by Saturday and you haven’t tried Happy Skin cosmetics I highly suggest making a sneaky trip over to your nearest Beauty Bar outlet over the weekend, only if it’s super near you :).  Otherwise, if the storm actually hits please stay indoors once those Typhoon Signal alerts start going up!  Be safe everyone!  You can follow Happy Skin PH on Facebook here and check out my introduction and review of the brand Happy Skin over here. To full post & COMMENTS...

Announcing Urban Decay NAKED 3 | TRUE via British Beauty Blogger

Reblogged, yes, not mine…and we can lay the rumors to rest because Jane Cunningham of British Beauty Blogger has placed her very blessed hands on an Urban Decay NAKED 3 preview palette already.

Photo credit: BritishBeautyBlogger.com

Photo Credit: BritishBeautyBlogger.com

The two photos are direct image links, meaning directly linking FROM and TO Jane’s site, so if Jane takes down the photos from her site these will disappear as well.  You can read all about the blushing NAKED 3 palette on Jane’s own blog BritishBeautyBlogger.com here.  This launches this December.  Personally speaking, the shades look gorgeous but I’m not completely loving the cover of the palette so much…how do you guys feel about the NAKED palettes becoming a trilogy?… To full post & COMMENTS...

MAKE UP FOR EVER Rouge Artist Palette | 5 Lipsticks & 1 Pro Brush

Since the return of Make Up For Ever cosmetics lots of ladies like myself have been heaving huge sighs of relief. It’s just one of those pro ranges you trust can deliver, even their products without the blogger hype don’t fail to amaze.  I was blessed with the opportunity to collaborate with them this season and among all their new releases one product stood out for me, their Rouge Artist Lipstick (Yes Lipstick, not Lipgloss parading as Lipstick) Palettes.  It’s not everyday that ergonomic, purse-friendly simplicity just meets the need and blows me away and oh, FYI, don’t you dare throw out this brush.


I picked up the Rouge Artist item for review at MAKE UP FOR EVER’s first Pop-Up Store at SM Aura.


Now the palette itself is quite obviously steep in price at Php2650 but what blew me away (on top of 5 RA shades side by side) was the makeup brush for this petite kit.  It’s a pro quality brush that you wouldn”t dare throw away, in fact, it’s the sort you’d want to separately sneak into your brush collection.  The texture of the lipsticks in the one I chose are creamy, you might want to try sticking these in the refrigerator overnight before your very first use (keep the box on the kit when you do) just to firm them up a bit, especially if you live in a warm area.  Don’t get the wrong impression, these aren’t melting, I just really rubbed the brush into the pans heavily so they look kinda messed up.  These palettes are a dream to have on-set, you see all the shades with one look.


MUFE asked which one of their 8 colorways I’d like to try, I chose palette #4, four different depths of nude plus a wearable hot pink, and right now I’m eyeing the other palette, a collection of rich reds and corals.  Now, what they’ve brilliantly done is teamed up shades of Rouge Artist lipsticks in 8 different combinations of 5 per palette.



Truth be spoken, who among us has completely finished a lipstick bullet in a month?  I thought so, nearly none.  We want shade options at our quick disposal but to own 5 lipsticks (unless you’re a makeup artist or beauty blogger) is actually a lot for many people out there.  There also those who can be content with 5 who might also happen to be space savers.  These pretty MUFE Rouge Artist palettes (Php2650) are practical, purse-friendly, and convenient to have with you especially when “days in” suddenly transform into “nights out.”  Follow @makeupforeverphilippines on Instagram and on Facebook.com/makeupforeverphTo full post & COMMENTS...

Theme Park Beauty Edit | All Saints’ Break in a Bloggy Sort of Blog Post

Remember me?  The girl behind this beauty blog? LOL, don’t worry I’m still here for that, I just decided to put a doorstop on the beauty posts while everyone was on break, smartest thing to do for the blog?  Not really, coz lots of people were home cozying up to the internet or Instagramming to the nines at some beach it would have actually been “statistically” more ideal if I had posted stuff.  The main thing was, emotionally I was on break, it was more a personal choice than a beneficial choice for the blog.  I decided to relax, so I did.  I prepared a hefty artsy makeup look post thinking it might make it to Halloween but it didn’t so I’ve saved it to be posted, knowing that thousands of parties will be happening between now, Christmas Day, and New Year’s YES we’re getting there, folks, so that artsy look will still be relevant.  Among other things my mother came home from Spain just recovering from a nasty viral flu (which silently came from me before she left & stalked her in Spain) so I did the groceries, errands, and gassing up in advance (don’t be too impressed, it’s not the picture in your head, I had her driver because she was away lol) before her return.  When she came back within 2 days we had cousins IMPROMPTU come over to sleepover, EAT, go to Enchanted Kingdom + friends, EAT, sleepover, and EAT again… and there went the groceries lol.




TOP: “Creme de La Creme” tank by Bershka SHORTS: Forever21 studded shorts SLIPPERS: Havaianas Ltd. Edition Cheshire Cat


SUNSCREEN: Avene High Protection SPF50 sunscreen “Very Water Resistant” (WARNING: the spray is a squirt, so spray onto hands first), BASE: Laura Mercier OIL-FREE Tinted Moisturizer “Nude”, CONCEALER: Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation SPF15 (used to conceal under eyes and around nose and mouth only, long-wearing), BRONZER: Dior NUDE TAN BB Creme 02 blended around edge of face towards center to take the pale sunscreen edge off the look POWDER: Laura Mercier Loose Mineral Powder in “Natural Beige”, BROWS: MAC Riri Veluxe Brow Pencil “Deep Brunette LIPS: Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Lippie “Crushing On You” BLUSH: Benefit Rockateur MASCARA: Maybelline Full ‘N Soft (U.S. only) Waterproof

For Beauty’s sake, in case you’re wondering, yes, I wore theme-park-appropriate makeup coz I knew there’d be photos (alongside a lot of young people, just in case you didn’t know, I’m 30) ! And no I didn’t bring ALL these with me, did the look at home and only took the powder, Happy Skin “Crushing on You” Lippie, MAC Riri Brow Pencil, LM tinted moistie and Avene Sunscreen along > ( the SPF which all the kids asked for in a hot minute…literally), wait, yea that’s half LOL.

The aim was to look fresh in photos, not DONE, that’s why I used a liquid foundation as my concealer, didn’t wanna go heavy but I wanted to make sure it would be longwearing.  I thought randomly this would be great to post since I hadn’t PLANNED to do a post on this at all when I pulled this look together.  Also, I was organically rushing so it’s quite the birthchild of sun & sweatproof requisites + on-the-go instinct.



Mom, at first, thought I was wearing a too much during breakfast at home because the WHITE-ish Avene sunscreen hadn’t oxidized beneath my tinted moisturizer yet, but once I got to the theme park and began sweating, the sunscreen & makeup + mineral powder began to blend in and I knew it looked just right for photos, and in person, too!  By the way this day was absolutely awesome because we hadn’t planned to be this many, we just randomly invited each other and others like friends of boyfriends and girlfriends etc came and joined us!  Then best of all, maybe not all will agree LOL, it rained in the evening and we rode the Space Shuttle rollercoaster in the DARK in the RAIN, I didn’t think it was a great idea strapped in my seat on the way up hahaha, but once we’d done it it was actually really, really cool.

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