Around the World in 80 Years | Sam’s Travel Inspired Bridal Shower

On behalf of our side of the family I thought of a somewhat unusual bridal shower concept for my cousin Paolo’s fiancee, Sam.  Together with my Tita Donna (homeschool decorating Mama), Tita Maricel, my mom and other Titas we decided to sweep Sam off her feet with uplifting decor, roadtrip music for journeys (Babalik Ka Rin, Come Fly With Me, Leaving on a Jet Plane, Love City etc.), and travel-related goodies for trips via land, sea, or air.  It just occurred to me that most couples are peppered with loads and loads of stuff they need at home which is excellent, but what about the stuff they need when on their marital adventures or great getaways?  Well, wake up to wanderlust.






L-R: Alex Godinez and Sam Godinez


Pao and Sam were cute on foot but I thought they should soar to new heights so I placed them in the balloon.


Camera 360




Camera 360


I created a rose tinted filter and added it to some of the shots using something like Photoshop (created meaning I filled a top layer with an old rose tint and ticked the Hard Light blend mode for the layer).  Seeing the shots through “virtual” rose tinted glasses adds some “heartwarmth” to them in a way that’s not so obvious.  We’d also like to say a really big thank you to Benefit Cosmetics PH, like on FB here  and Goody hair accessories PH who showed some heartwarming “kikay” support on our special day  for Sam.  Click read more to see all the photos :)To full post & COMMENTS...

The Spare Makeup Kit | Put Together in a Mad Dash

Okay, so I groaned when I realized I had scatterbrained-ly left my makeup kit in my uncle’s house.  It happens to the best of us.  My cousin, Ella, was kind enough to secure that baby the minute I texted her.  If you’re wondering, that illustrated “Prettify” canvas pouch has most of my personal favorites. It’s a good thing I’m a makeup bug blessed with more than enough to choose from.  Without overthinking it (and in a complete hurry) I managed to put a small temporary kit together using the pretty Kate Spade polka-dot wash bag Mom got me. 


Let me significantly point out that this spare kit came together in 2 groups:

1) What I grabbed the moment I knew I left my kit the other day…


CLOCKWISE (sort of): Wet & Wild Megalast matte lipstick 902C, MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer NC30, Jordana lipstick Beige Glow, NYX Nude Beige lipliner, Korres Multivitamin Pressed Powder, Maybelline Volum Express Falsies Black Drama mascara, Okuma concealer (by k-palette), black Maybelline Eyestudio Eyeliner pencil

and 2) What I added in today with time to think.


FROM LEFT: Stila Smudgestick automatic eyeliner in “Halfmoon”, Za EverBrows pencil with brow brush, Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Eyeliner black (pot) & brush, Missha perfect concealer in natural beige, Nichido mineral concealer pencil (for small spots & perfecting the lip edge after lipstick), and Elizabeth Arden 8-hr Cream Stick.


You’ll notice i haven’t added a lash curler and blush product that’s simply coz I didn’t have time and I’m being super honest. I’d probably add a lash curler and my new NARS Zen blush to make this complete but that’s in the kit I left behind. I’ll have my main makeup kit back with me soon enough but these will see me through.… To full post & COMMENTS...

O Butterbombs, Be Mine! | Haus of Gloi Does Tub Thingies

Look out LUSH!  Although the oh-so-cool couple behind Haus of Gloi, “purveyors of fine vegan bathing goods”, aren’t looking into world domination just yet…they’re about to launch some yummy-looking bathtub “fings” (looking being the operative word) out of their home.  If you’ve tried LUSH bath bombs/ bath ballistics which are fizzy things you drop in the tub (watch my LUSH Golden Wonder demo here to sort of give you an idea), Butterbombs will be HOG’s version of those mixed with butter for softness and a little bit of a bubble bar effect.  HOG butterbombs won’t just fizz, there’ll be some yummy gourmande aromatherapy (which they do ohhh so well) and hydrating benefits, too as for soap I don’t know how much soap will be in it.  The butterbombs are going to be the first new HOG attraction launching together with the Valentines collection this Jan.27 Noon PST time.  Stop drooling, these are bathing goods not bathing foods, they’re vegan hence complete free of “nasties”.


I think these are the Bitter Chocolate butterbombs.

“Toss these little scoops in hot bath water for a fizzy, slightly foamy and decadently moisturizing bath. Crumble under running bath water for best results!” -HOG


All Images from the HOG blog


Butterbomb Scents being launched on Jan. 27:

TOASTED / “Reminiscent of warm milk, aromatic rice and burnt sugar.”

 WHITE BLUEBERRY / “Blueberries awash with white vanilla sugar, cream and a sprig of white thyme.”

 TONIC #3 / “A clean and green blend of: parsley, peppermint, howood, petitgrain, kaffir leaf, bergamot and dry gingergrass.”

 BITTER CHOCOLATE / “An accord with supporting notes of cocoa c02 and a gentle touch of coffee co2.”

 A SIMPLE ROSE / “Bulgarian rose absolute supported by Egyptian geranium in a base of amyris wood.”

I’ve raved about Haus of Gloi before and have purchased bubbling scrubs from them 4 times over the last 3 years.  I pay with credit card and wait for my order to arrive in 3 weeks from the U.S. via standard parcels at the Makati post office, I pay Php40 tax.  These butterbombs will come wrapped in foil to protect them in transit from humidity.  I suggest if you’re going to get these, get them now while the local weather is surprisingly still chilly, to avoid melting issues in the summer.  What’s making me want my own set of butterbombs so bad is they’re  looking like scoops of very well-chilled ice cream, that don’t melt in your hand of course.


Haus of Gloi is a small Etsy-ish sort of bathing goods business run by vegans, Matt and Briton.  Their Etsy shop is just a supporting outlet for the online store when they go on vacay, their Etsy shop is not the main operating Haus of Gloi site. Briton is still trying her hand and experimenting with these “bath cookies”.

Bath Cookie development...

Bath Cookie development…

Briton’s actually injured her hand for now with too much butterbomb molding, so we may have to wait awhile for the next batch to come around.  On the other hand, (literally) these bath cookies for later on are still being developed and fine tuned.  Follow Haus of Gloi via their blog, HOG’s Facebook page, and Twitter @hausofgloiOnce again, to reiterate, the Haus of Gloi Valentines Collection and their new Butterbombs will go live  for ordering on the Haus of Gloi main site on January 27, 2013 NOON PST time.… To full post & COMMENTS...

My Lil’ Black Book of Beauty Pt. 2 | Foreign Blogs I Love Reading

Beauty videos, to say the least, are all very engaging but sometimes silence and a wash of beautiful photos over some prose is golden.  It’s equally relaxing to have a read through some of the most prolific beauty blogs online.  By the way this is part 2 of the Lil’ Black Book of Beauty Pt.1 post I began first containing the channels I watch.  I sometimes don’t  have the time to download or wait for a full video to stream, so reading these blogs is the quickest way to stay updated.  To save even more time I don’t always cart around my 17″ ASUS laptop (which baffles everyone who sees it) to read these.  I have most of the blogs booted via RSS on my Android Pulse Reader app (available for Apple, too) which allows me to view all the blogs I choose by row and I can immediately scroll to see if there’s a new post or not because of thumbnails then I can read them via Pulse, too.  This way I don’t waste precious time loading up each website /channel only to find some may not have an update.  Also once you’ve loaded them you can read the posts offline if you’re on the go, great for traffic on certain days.



I have a Pulse page for blogs, local blogs, and a pulse page for YouTube channels.  Many of them are British and reading through a ton of British blogs has actually improved my writing because no one  writes English like the English…ahem.  I do have a certain bias towards European beauty blogs simply because it’s the dead smack center of carefully developed luxury beauty brands using the freshest and best ingredients and also because they’ve banned over a thousand questionable chemicals for use in cosmetics (the U.S. have reportedly only banned 9?).  Okay, enough blabber, click  read more to see what are more or less my daily beauty reads.… To full post & COMMENTS...

Davines Authentic Moisturizing Balm | Hair, Face, and Body Multitasker

This product seriously rocks. I like it A LOT. It’s a massive multitasker!  When December dryness hit last year I felt all scratchy hair, face, and body-wise.  Just when I thought I wouldn’t encounter a hair product that could make me feel a  difference with my short pixie-do this Authentic Moisturizing Balm (98% natural derived stuff) for hair / face / and body surprised me. For those who aren’t fond of rich herbal scents you may or may not like it. Mom and I love its smell, it smells real and naturally fragrant (reminds me a bit of rosemary). It’s got organic carthame oil, shea butter, jojoba, safflower, and sesame and Vitamin E.  I got this off for Mom but I ended up liking it, she hasn’t tried it coz she still has other stuff to consume.  It contains NO parabens, silicones, fake colors, or PEG.



I’m naughty ‘coz  I sort of enjoy the first-come | first-get commotion when the limited edition stock goes up on .  I shamelessly elbowed my way in to get this full size from Sampleroom for 80 SR points when there were only 2 left. It kind of reminds you of L’Occitane when you look at the tube. Don’t you just love the packaging? The label reminds me of the brand, Tokyo Milk. I didn’t expect this to actually work but it actually sort of emulsifies a bit (not too much, when water hits it! On hair as a conditioner it hydrates, softens, smoothens and enhances radiance (I have short hair and I noticed!). On face I like it as a cleansing balm that removes light makeup (not waterproof makeup) when I’m in the shower and doesn’t leave your skin dry. For the body it’s great for legs that need a moisturizing boost (shins and feet especially) but I still follow with a bit of lotion after. You don’t have to use this wet all the time. I used it on hands like a normal hand cream the first time I received it and it just completely resurrected my dry fingers in seconds and I was like omigawrsh, what a winner. It costs Php1250 for a 75ml tube and is available at salons that carry Davines products. I’ll get the branches and edit them in here.… To full post & COMMENTS...

Stila Smudge Crayon Mini Trio Set | Waterproof Shadow + Liner

Considering these Smudge Crayons are by Stila these have to be one of the best value high-street mini sets I’ve seen about town lately.  Smudge Crayons are Stila’s version of eyeshadow sticks, for color come liner you can apply more conveniently.  The full sizes are longer but this set for Php895 at Rustan’s Beauty Source comes in a trio of minis.


The trio’s three shades are, from top to bottom, Black, Smoke-a light, satin mushroom taupe, and Umber – a deep, plummy copper shade. My favorite one is Smoke.


I used smoke over the whole lid then a bit of umber in the crease and blended it to a soft wash using fingers then I took Smoke again and lined my lash line without smudging to retain the subtle metallic edge which adds some light to the eyes. I added a little bit of Umber again in the outer corners of the lashline.


These set within about a minute and a half, before that you have a little time to blend it out using a brush or fingers. For Php895 at Rustan’s Beauty Source I like that you’re getting three pretty, super wearable automatic shades in smaller sizes. That’s much better value for my little kit than having just one shade that will take ages to consume.… To full post & COMMENTS...

Beauty Spotting Jan 2013 | So new, so nice, can’t get them here, yet…

I like hearing about new items, even if I can’t get them.  There’s something pervasively thrilling about a beauty item that’s not quite within your reach.  You wonder how it might work, feel, or look on you and you start to imagine how you might come by it and there’s always a story to tell when you’re able to get something that’s not readily available.  Here are a few things I’ve spotted that are quite a delight to look upon and the idea of them is like honey to this bee.  Buzz.


ANASTASIA Bold and Beautiful Kit, for brows and eyes.

We begin with Anastasia’s quite necessary Bold and Beautiful Kit.  You have a Great Gatsby inspired box encasing 2 palette volumes.  One is for brows with 2 brow shades tweezers and a dual sized angled brush and spoolie.  The other palette is a quad of rich neutral colors for eyes also with a dual sided eyebrow brush.  This whole ensemble actually looks like something Urban Decay would do, but way classier.  You can also cheat looking like a bookworm with it.



Image from


Bare Minerals READY Foundation SPF 20, hydrating pressed mineral foundation compact, comes in 20 shades to suit.

Now this new READY foundation product by Bare Minerals (it is about time they got pressed I believe), apart from its heavyweight price, could readily be (pun intended) an instant sellout amongst women 30 upwards in a humid country like ours.  I’m sure a lot of you have asked for Bare Minerals as “pasalubongs” before, like a couple of years back?  And probably still  have pots of the stuff sitting unfinished here and there.  Mineral makeup was a fun trend, but it was awfully messy wasn’t it?  Over here I’d confidently say more than half of the populace prefers to apply powder bases on to fight sweat and shine all day, all night.  They claim it isn’t drying even if it is a pressed mineral formula but what I’m wondering is why they pressed their eyeshadows before their foundation… anyway, I’m inclined to believe that their formula is a knockout considering the age of technology the world is now in.  These mineral compacts are already doing well, but they forgot to do one thing…they forgot to come here.


Now, after all that makeup talk we need something to take it off, oh, excuse me keep it on…or both?!  Shiseido brings to the world an innovative primer called the Fullmake Washable Base that works as a primer but emulsifies when it comes in full contact ONLY WITH WARM WATER.  It does the double purpose of helping your makeup stay well on but it also does the job of carrying your makeup off from beneath when you cleanse your face.  Its sudden emulsifying action reportedly won’t trigger with cold water, only with warm water, so no need to worry about sudden weather changes ruining your face.  Now the thing is…not everyone has heated sinks here, but will that stop me from wanting to try this?  Let me think…uhm, no, haha.  It’s currently pre-selling in Japan, British Beauty Blogger says, but I’m not sure if it’s also scheduled to arrive here in March when it launches globally.

 … To full post & COMMENTS...

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