Emerald Green for 2013! – So Says Pantone

In all honesty green is one of my least favorite shades when it comes to makeup and clothes.  Because I have a very yellow undertone with oriental skin it’s not exactly a shade that complements me.  However if I absolutely had to choose a shade of green I would definitely lean towards emerald, the more cooler in the spectrum which sits somewhat in between kelly forest green and teal, do not confuse forest green or British racing green with emerald, totally different shades altogether.  Emerald has just been announced the Pantone color of the year for 2013 and while I might not wear it often I am glad it is the sort of green I prefer.  I only own one piece of emerald clothing, and it’s a tailored linen tube top Mom got me from Indonesia.  On my face I used L’oreal Lucent Magique foundation, Missha Perfect Concealer, Anastasia Express Brow kit for brows, and an Estee Lauder Pure Color lipstick in Mystic Mauve (from a Travel Exclusive set).

I’m wearing MBMJ stud earrings and over my emerald top I’m wearing my new M|phosis necklace (Php590)  in a gunmetal shade which I have been finding quite easy to wear even over plain white T-shirt tops.  I don’t usually force the issue and insist that I rock the color of the year with my wardrobe…never the case really but it’s fun to be able to see how the shade can work for you and just how many emerald green things the fashion industry will cough up for next year.  I don’t think I’d ever try emerald as makeup on myself, at most perhaps a gel liner or liquid liner just for fun but on a day to day basis I don’t think so.  Do you think you’ll be rocking 2013’s color of the year in any way?… Read the rest

Speaking of Sampleroom…

When my good friend, top beauty blogger slash Charm brush businesswoman, Sophie Uy, invited me on board as a partner blogger for Sampleroom.ph I was EXCITED and DELIGHTED.  Before I got to know Sophie better her reputation had already preceded her.  In business, Sophie’s Charm makeup brush sets were recently given the seal of approval by the COSMO beauty awards.  She happens to be one of the most highly revered and honest pioneer beauty bloggers in the country with her blog beautynomics.com, and if you happen to supposedly be one of the first bloggers approached by the likes of  MAC cosmetics as early as 2007/2008 you’re probably one of the best online.  When Sophie points out that something is good I have next to no doubt that it’s something worth checking out.  So it’s time to give you a little introduction to Sophie’s most recent beauty project, it has to do with beauty samples and it isn’t a box, this is Sampleroom!


Sampleroom is to a certain effect similar to an online beauty forum like Makeup Alley where women rate and swap beauty items in the U.S.  What Sampleroom aims to be is an online beauty base where you can sample the best products, post reviews, and read the thoughts of other beauty lovers like yourself.  Be guided and inspired by the sincere musings and reviews of Sampleroom’s chosen partner bloggers (once we get cracking and reviewing) or embark on your own beauty sampling adventure as a Sampleroom member!

The Sampleroom team wants to build a community of beauty enthusiasts that help each other by reviewing great products while at the same time bringing the industry’s best beauty samples AS YOU PICK THEM right to your doorstep.  Read more to get more information about the benefits of being a member and see me featured as a partner blogger in the Sampleroom site screenshots!… Read the rest

Pevonia Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser – Can’t do without it now

In the last two weeks I have kept a certain product close by as part of my every 2nd day cleanse and I like it very, very much.  When I can’t find it I’m completely not at ease and bothered until I recall where I put it, in fact it came with me to the hospital a few days back when I was confined for dengue fever.  When I sat on this tube on the bed last week by accident I nearly let out a cuss word, just nearly, because some product had gotten squeezed out but I had enough self-control to rein in my tongue.  This Pevonia Botanica Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser has basically replaced my former favorite nutty exfoliating scrub by Jurlique which I didn’t hesitate to call a miracle skin product when it was still available at Greenbelt.  To put it simply, if I liked that Jurlique exfoliating product that much to go through 3 tubes in 3 years, I’m not going to pretend to deny that I’m liking this even more.  This one by Pevonia Botanica is a milky cleanser with some abrasive granules that polish the skin, kind of like the St. Ives Apricot Scrub but not as thick and pasty, more runny like a cleansing milk with a scrub effect and…I just don’t know how to properly describe it.  I already have very clear good skin and just when I thought it couldn’t feel any better or get any softer this came along and changed the game completely.  I use it every other day alternately between my St. Ives Olive Cleanser which I use when I don’t need to exfoliate.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Jojoba, Safflower, Chamomile, Horse Chestnut and French Rose.

Some people might find the granules a bit rough, they’re like sea salt but I don’t mind, I just go about scrubbing my face gently and try to use this only every other day.  It’s one of those few exfoliating cleansers where even the fluid part is convincing, not just the scrub part.  It just leaves my skin immaculately soft and clean.  It’s got a mild, fresh, low sillage but clean, beach-y vacation scent (don’t know if that helped any).  Basically it’s like you spent the whole day at the beach then took a clean soapy shower after…that combined freshness of having been outside and cleansing yourself is what the fragrance brings to mind…it transports me to Mediterranean terraces or seaside roofdecks.  If you haven’t heard about Pevonia Botanica it’s understandable.  They’re a luxury Swiss brand range of products locally curated, directly sold, and used on customers by The Spa chain of wellness spas.  You can inquire about these products at The Spa in either Alabang, Makati, or BGC Fort, Taguig.  Pevonia Botanica can be compared alongside prestigious, botanical, mildness approved skincare brands like Jurlique, Clarins, and even Aesop and when my mom sniffed the sunscreen included in the little skincare pack the Pevonia brand manager sent me Mom quickly said “It smells so nice, it smells like they gave it a lot of thought and research…”  What I have is a 1.7oz travel size tube that came with a summer skincare set.  The full size of this tube on the website is about 5 oz and costs around Php1350.00 I’m not exactly sure of the price difference between online and at The Spa.  I certainly want to ask if I can avail of the full size since I like it a lot.  Follow Pevonia Botanica Philippines’ Facebook fanpage and the Pevonia Twitter Account @pevoniaph for more information.… Read the rest

Looks by LUSH – Fresh Handmade Colours & the skinny on my hiatus

Yawwwwwn…oh…there you are.  Where on earth have you been??!   Flat entrance I know, I’m still getting back into the swing of things after an awful, and I say yucky bout with dengue fever…nothing new to me because it was my 2nd time to get it, the last time was 10 years ago when I was doing my thesis in college.  To others who don’t get what that is it’s a hemorrhagic fever brought about by mosquito bites, kinda like the less intense Asia-pacific version of Malaria or West Nile Virus.  I nearly put this LUSH post up last Monday but by the time I had the photos color balanced I was feeling too sick to type any words, the fever hit hard within minutes and by Wednesday I was confined, I was healed of fever by Friday night, and yesterday I was released.  Next page…December!  Don’t these Fresh Handmade cosmetics by LUSH  stand apart from everything else you’ve ever seen?  What you’re looking at now are technically a lipstick and a lovey warm gold cream eyeshadow…and you just shot me the “what” look, yes, these are makeup items.   I am absolutely loving how the shade names are in handwritten typefaces on old school tags and how the whole appearance just throws you off entirely.  It’s the type of makeup that helps you stock up on talking points when people see it in your purse.

I’m not exactly what people would call a “LUSHIE”, aka an all-out LUSH lover.  The UK brand LUSH isn’t as popular in the Philippines as it is in the West only because, I THINK, aside from the price hike for one, bathtubs aren’t a default thing in every house here and the thought of dunking a LUSH Bath bomb in my “tabo” (dipper) or the toilet (kerPLOP)  just to see it fizz and not get to dive in just wouldn’t cut it for me.  Plus all those deep, rich moisturizers, bath melts, body bars (solid moisturizer) they’ve got stacked in cake rations might have a tendency to sit on top of skin in our humid weather rather than sink in leaving you feeling slightly basted and hot even (I’m willing to give their product “King of Skin” a try, though).  What I love about LUSH however is their handmade vegan cosmetics mission and how clear and light your conscience is when you use their cruelty-free, often delightfully gourmande organic products which are great for kids and people with sensitive skin.  From above there’s that personal touch where you can obviously see the name of who processed the product I have on hand and the date of when it was packaged.    If you’re just about to break the bank on MAC’s ever popular red lipstick shade, Ruby Woo, hold your horse’s nose, I have something to show you.  Read more to get the full scoop on the two items that I chose.… Read the rest

My StrawberryNET Buys | 5% + 8% OFF + FREE Shipping + Gift = Happy Camper

Like a cool cobra in the shadows I was waiting for just the right moment to strike and restock on my Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer.  That moment came around when a StrawberryNET  “We Miss You” Discount email alert came in (it comes when you’ve taken awhile to purchase again with them), promising an additional 8% on top of an exising 5% loyalty discount I already have plus a 1% discount if I chose 2 products.  So given that 14% discount plus the lowered Php value of the US$ in the past weeks (41 to 1) I knew today was the day!  I also remembered that this is the last day (you’ve got time) to avail of a special Korres gift with purchase.  In my life I’ve consumed 2 full tubes of LM Tinted Moisturizer, it’s been the go-to item I throw in my bag for outings where I don’t want people visually nitpicking at what I have on.  It evens out my complexion, knocks out the need to “prep”, I can put it on with hands, and it makes me look fresh without shouting “makeup”.  I ran out of it at the beginning of this year and this time I chose the oil-free formula because reportedly, Kate, aka the Duchess of Cambridge, was spotted buying a tube of it shortly before the Royal Wedding Day (in which she did her own makeup).

I also had been planning to put money down for a very long time on my first ever NARS blush via StrawberryNET HK.  I actually wanted NARS Madly, but it was gone when I checked this time and I thought MAC’s Trace Gold which I own is already quite like that so it was fine that I couldn’t have that.   So I decided on NARS Zen which is the MAC Harmony of the NARS world or quite like NARS Laguna without the golden shimmer.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t have anything against pink or peach I’m just on a neutral kick right now.  So all in all this was a strategic maneuver to avoid the overhead markup of local cosmetic counters.  Because the items I chose were not ON-sale items on StrawberryNET they still had on-hand markup, like LM Tinted Moisturizer is US$42 (Php1720) on the LM website but without discounts on Strawberry NET it’s $54 and the NARS blush on the NARS site is US$28 but here it was listed for $32.  Directly from the brand sites both items in total would cost $70 but that’s not inclusive of the steep shipping fees.  Wait, I know what you’re thinking “then WTH did you save if StrawberryNET had markup?”, I’m almost there…LOL, before you think I’m a twit let me finish.  So basically what my 14% discount did was knock out the StrawberryNET on-hand markup and bring the $86 StrawberryNET total of both items down to a grand total of $74.  It’s as if I was able to buy both items directly from BOTH brand websites without any shipping fees or overhead mark-up PLUS I got a KORRES compact powder of $44 value for free.  For the Korres compact I deliberately picked a darker shade because I was running out of pressed powder for dark skin in my professional kit.  So to wrap up, I paid under Php3100 for both an LM Tinted Moisturizer and a NARS blush plus I got a Korres gift with purchase!  What I absolutely love about StrawberryNET is discounts can be compounded, so these discounts apply even on top of already discounted Christmas specials available right now on the site.  It just turns out what I wanted weren’t on sale in the end. … Read the rest

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