United Colors of 88 Nov.10 RUN , Last 2 Days to Register – @ Mizuno Outlets or Xavier

I owe my aunt an apology, this got railroaded by products and events and today is the 2nd to the last day for United Colors of 88’S NOV.10 RUN registration,  for today you can proceed to the following Mizuno outlets to register: Eastwood, Shangrila, or Alabang Town Center or at a special reg booth at Xavier School beginning today till tomorrow Nov.8.  The following alma maters, Maryknoll/Miriam College, La Salle Greenhills, Xavier, St. Scholastica and Ateneo have partnered to make the batch of 88 run possible for this Saturday, November 10.

If OCHO-OCHO was your batch you may see a lot of familiar faces while breaking  a sweat!  Choose from routes as short as 3.88k or as long as 21.88k!  The run will be kicking off at BGC Fort at I’ve included the race route maps by distance below.  The longest distance group, the 21.88k runners should assemble at the start of their race route by 4am, the rest of the runners for the 10.88k distance and below will assemble at 5am.


Whether you were batch 88 or not, the run is special because it is open to beginner, intermediate, and advanced runners as well.  I was invited (but no won’t be running, keeping my sked open because of TVC shoots), and neither am I from any of the participating schools nor am I batch 88 so feel free to “gatecrash” as an outsider…but AHEM, just register before you do.  For registration venues refer to the selected Mizuno outlets I mentioned above or if you miss registering tomorrow you have one last chance on November 8 to hop over to Xavier and sign up at the Admin area, outside the AAXS office.  For more information Like the United Colors of 88 page on Facebook.

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L’Oreal Lucent Magique Oil-Free Foundation – aka L’Oreal True Match LUMI

These three words I almost always read or hear, LIT FROM WITHIN.  That there, my friends, is the solemn vow that almost all radiance promising base products spell out for every glow-seeking consumer.  It’s even taught to salesladies so that after they say it with well-placed enthusiasm “kaching” can follow only minutes after.  To some, like me, I’ve remained a skeptic and scoffed at the phrase…until now.  It has been used so many times that when you hear the phrase being used again for yet another primer, highlighter, or dewy foundation, you really fight the urge to roll your eyes.  I’ve also said 4 words repeatedly to myself when those other 3 are in my face, “I DON’T DO DEWY.”  Well, now I eat those words and am actually a bit floored because L’Oreal got this one quite right.

“L’Oreal Paris invents LUCENT Magique, the first light creating foundation that illuminates every inch of your skin for a lively complexion.  Light, refined texture, oil-free for a fresh moisturizing skin finish.  24-hour hydration.  Infused with liquid light technology to bathe complexion in a radiant halo, as if LIT-FROM-WITHIN.  A new era of flawless coverage it lets light through the skin, naturally enlightened, your complexion is full of life (they make it sound like some sort of skin messiah).”

L’Oreal LUCENT Magique is the Asian name counterpart for the True Match Lumi foundation range in the States.  I bought the LUCENT Magique light-infusing foundation from Sasa in Hong Kong along Canton Road for $HK 155 or about Php830.  The shade G4 Gold Shell which is a perfect Asian tone for me but a quarter shade too tan, hardly noticeable anyway, I just balance the tone with lighter powder afterwards.  It looks dark in the 2nd photo only because the shot is backlit.  I’m not surprised that L’Oreal put out a light infusing drugstore foundation, seeing that L’Oreal global actually acquired YSL, the luxury brand now famous for its Touche Eclat Light Infusing Foundation ($US55) there may or may not be a connection between the release of this drugstore foundation and that luxury one, options for everyone.  The message may just be that we all should get the chance to be…cough…lit from within.  Read more to see how this foundation looks applied on me and how I was impressed the minute I put it on.… Read the rest

A Bare it All Beauty Book: “No More Dirty Looks” – The Ultimate Guide to Safe & Clean Cosmetics

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack from Hong Kong!!  Did ya miss me?  *Crickets* Anyway, I’ll be teasing you a bit with something that’s NOT from Hong Kong for now because this book I got off Ebay for about $US 16 (Php650+) is the first book I’ve ever bought online for myself (and obviously not the last) and it got me super duper excited when I saw it arrived for me in the mail before I got back.  It’s only proper that this is the first actual book to be featured on the blog.  Two lovely journalists based in New York decided that they had had enough of “ignorance is bliss” when it came to beauty.  Siobhan O’ Connor and Alexandra Spunt decided to research and test the most common, within reach, frequently used beauty products on the market and put them under a simply worded microscope for us to really know the truth behind what we put on ourselves…almost everyday.  The No More Dirty Looks book gives us a 1000x zoom in on the chemical “DNA” of our most favored beauty products.  It’s a pretty paperback that’s about an inch thick and the conversation within (that’s how it feels, like a well-informed friend came over) is engaging as well as super informative.  I’ve only skimmed over the first few chapters but I’m already excited to read it all the way to the end.

“You probably bathe daily.  Every other day, sometimes?  Fair enough; us, too.  But every time we decide we want to wash, plump, moisturize, nourish, shine, buff, soften, bronze, and otherwise play around with how we look and feel, we are reaching for a bottle whose contents are largely a mystery.  That’s not because we’re all idiots; that’s the way the cosmetics industry has set it up.  They will boast about one or two ingredients in their ads –usually the natural ones– while obscuring the bulk of the ingredients in four-point font in a barely contrasting color on the edge of the bottle.  And yet ingredients lists are the most transparent thing these companies provide us.” p. 4,  No More Dirty Looks.

I know right?  They sooooo understand beauty enthusiasts like you and me because they love beauty as well.  You needn’t go and give yourself a ban on several beauty products afterwards, that’s everyone’s own personal choice to make but for make-up professionals like me it’s good to be informed.  I’m so excited to read the entire book.  I learned about the No More Dirty Looks book from an online video conversation I had last September with Soapwalla brand founder, Rachel Winard who likes calling herself a “chef” in a kitchen of organic beauty.  She was in Manhattan and I was up late to join in the class conversation.  I was issued an online VIP invitation for the  fashion week project spun together by PowHow, Colette beauty boutique in Paris, and French VOGUE :).

“My name is Rachel and I’m a Brooklyn girl who is the creator and chef of Soapwalla. I started making luxury organic face and body products in my apartment kitchen to alleviate my painful sensitive skin rashes caused by lupus, a chronic, inflammatory autoimmune illness.  Soapwalla products are comprised of the highest quality products available, made with organic, vegan, food-grade ingredients, and never harmful or synthetic additives such as petrochemicals, parabens, pthalates, or sodium lauryl sulfate.”

Rachel Winard’s skincare brand, Soapwalla, has reached European shores and is currently being “curated” in Paris by Colette and in the UK as well.  I was invited to participate in a complimentary online class  by PowHow and I met some indie beauty brand owners who were being streamed live from Manhattan New York. … Read the rest

The Stowaways – Last Minute HK Stuff I Brought Along

Okay, so I showed you what I packed before coming to HK, but it can’t be helped.  Last minute before heading out the door for a trip abroad you do tend to grab one or two more things.  Sometimes the bag you’ve decided to use already has items you realize can’t do without.


I grabbed my Crabtree & Evelyn Summer Hill hand cream, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in addis Ababa. My Shiseido Sun Protection Foundation and Venus & Mars Smooth Lip detox were already in the side pocket of my bag. The random last minute “selection” of “stowaways” makes a point.… Read the rest

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