Black HUMAN “Girls in Shibuya” Pullover Top – My First OOTD, be nice…

Yea, I like clothes but I can’t really be a fashion poser unless I’m around friends or am really revved up.  In fact, my brother shot this photo just making sure I was centered and that makes it much less contrived, which I don’t mind.  Note, I did not wear the leggings when I left home (leggings alone with a short top make me feel butt-naked), if I had gone out they would have been skinny jeans or jeggings, which is such a jemonic thing to call a pair of pants, can someone uncoin it please.  It’s not the overall outfit I’m boasting, it’s the top, and don’t even ask about the feeling kabuki flip-flops, they’re from a Filipino shoe kiosk at a gas station HAHA!

Today, I just really liked what I got awhile ago.  It’s an elegant white pullover made of 2 fabrics which says “Girls in Shibuya are Lovely”.  Shibuya is one of Japan’s most acclaimed “style” cities near Harujuku, and is specifically famous as the home of Japan’s “kogal” style subculture armed with cute schoolgirls in requisite uniform…ergo, short skirts and high, cascading socks.  Most of my clothes now are hand-me-downs (not kidding) but today I was happy I spotted this nice top at a HUMAN boutique.  It’s quite pretty, not entirely made of cotton, and part of their Black HUMAN collection, now I want the black version, too.

The front is I THINK silk polyester (sorry…not a fabric expert).  The shirt is split between stretch cotton and a silk-like fabric in front so it’s kind of like half and half LOL which I find slightly strange but interesting and the gathered seam before the forearm is a subtle addition that makes it more feminine.   I don’t know if you can see, the silk polyester is a bit sheer which for me makes it prettier.  If you strain your eyes hard enough my baby pink tank top underneath is slightly visible.  Here’s a look at the split between the fabrics along the sleeve.

I bought this top from HUMAN for about Php459.00, not bad I say, not bad at all.  The current Black HUMAN collection is quite interesting.  If you’re into contemporary laid back clothing the collection is worth having a look at.

 … Read the rest

The Stila Naturaleyes Palette PT.1 – Why I got over the UD Naked palette

This is it, this is the ONE.  I actually purchased the second to the last one at Rustan’s Grand Mall the other day, so sayeth the saleslady, and that was already an additional batch which was ordered.  Goodbye, UD Naked Palette, although I still think you’re great (but a bit too big), you’re no longer on my wishlist.  The palette contains 10 shades in all, 6 are shimmery, and there are 4 beautiful mattes.  Plus it comes with a Stila Smudgestick in “Damsel”, a waterproof automatic eyeliner pencil.

This will have to be a two-part post because I want to do the eye looks using this palette in the second one, otherwise the post will be way too long.  Innit a beauty?  Well, that’s what it’s for.  This is how it looks when it’s closed.  I purchased this because I have a pile of weddings headed my way and I needed a few more neutral shades with mattes in the mix.

Like the UD Naked palette this Naturaleyes palette is made of sturdy magnetized cardboard so that it stays closed with a snap.  Yes I know, I’m dilly-dallying right?  Read more to get to the lovely close-ups and arm swatches that, I assure you, will get you googly-eyed.… Read the rest

NOTD E.L.F. “Fire Coral” Polish

The season is cooling us down quite a bit but last week my nails were warming up the scene.  E.L.F. Fire Coral polish is not quite red and not quite orange, just a creamy solid coral shade and I like that it isn’t too fluorescent.

Application is reasonably good, not awful, not excellent because of the brush I think, but the formula is creamy and opaque which I quite like.  Like I always say, make every effort to kill the humidity wherever you’re applying nail polish.  Turn on the air-conditioning if you have to, just make sure your room is as dry as can be if you want PERFECT application with no streaking or clumping.  The humidity is the only thing that truly frustrates me when it comes to beauty here, but that’s only second to my peeve about the limited ranges amidst the inventories of international brands we have in retail.  Had my hands been half a shade paler or milkier I’d say this would’ve been just perfect for me, there’s still a hint of medium beige warmth in my skin that fights off this coral’s  impact a bit.  This would look quite pretty against tisay and milky oriental skin.  It’s yours for about Php130.00 wherever E.L.F. products are sold in department stores nationwide.… Read the rest

Human Nature Hair Mask with Avocado & Gugo Bark

If you’re staying in because of the weather (to those who are staying away from floods or taking a day off work) you might as well make the best of it and pamper your hair like I did yesterday, log on to their Pinoy online shop HERE or the U.S. shop HERE (I hope they have this there, too) and get it quick.  I got mine at the baby Rustan’s Grocery in Ayala Alabang beside Cuenca football field.  You can imagine how surprised I was to see it on the shelf alongside a batch of Human Nature Shampoos and Conditioners!

This thick and creamy organic hair mask by Human Nature is so nice I keep opening the pot to inhale its jasmine and rosemary goodness, even Dad who is a scent fanatic said it goes straight up your nose in a good way, so there’s 1 vote from the men!  I got the 200g pot  from Rustan’s grocery but you can also get it from the HumanNature website here and there’s a smaller size option, a 50g pot for Php99.75.  The bigger pot I got carries 7.05 oz or 200g of hair treatment and natural aromatherapy in one pot.  I’d say it’s probably good enough for 3 treatment sessions for long hair (past the shoulder blade) and about 4-5 sessions for short hair (above the shoulder).

Directions state: “After shampoo smooth on damp hair and wrap with a warm towel or shower cap to maximize benefits.  Leave on for 30 minutes then rinse off completely.”

I actually recommend having someone massage your scalp for the home salon experience which is supposed to be completely swathed in this hair mask cream during the 30 minute waiting period.  I didn’t follow the exact directions.  I took a bath and what I did was once my hair was soaking wet I squeezed the water out and preferred not to use shampoo before the treatment to see how this works without any interference from preceding chemicals.  With the product in my hair I used tolerably hot water during my bath (not on the hair, just on me) while soaping the rest of me to create rising steam in the bathroom and I lengthened my bathtime to about 20 minutes massaging my head then combing the product through and detangling gently from my scalp to the ends until I thought I was ready to rinse with cold water.  I love how the ingredients made my scalp feel as if there was menthol in it,  there was a natural cooling sensation coupled with the scent experience of Jasmine and/or Rosemary (there are two scent options but both contain properties of Rosemary I think?), not everyone might like the woodsy floral type of scent but I absolutely love it because it smells real and I had absolutely NO allergic reaction whatsoever afterwards.

The hair results I knew wouldn’t be naman like some hair miracle or anything like that especially since I have color highlights which obviously dry out the strands, BUT my hair showed  a boost of body, spring and noticeable shine and smoothness a day after treatment, my wavy ends got all twisty and my scalp lost the itch.  Basically my hair was being itself again. For anyone else I’d suggest using a  mild organic shampoo before  treatment like this one which I tried from SG which I also saw available in Robinson’s department store personal care areas.

This is how much was left after my first use…the product was about 3/4 of an inch from the top before I dug in.  I’ve been trying to stay away from mostly chemical hair treatment creams. … Read the rest

A New Way to Look – Freshlook Colorblends Contacts

Hello, Ladies…look at the cat, now back to me,  now back at the cat, now back to me…by the way they’re supposed to be Sterling Gray but for some reason they’re bluish.

My brother was the one actually who wanted to get gray contacts for himself and so he did as well.  When I saw how cool these Sterling Gray Freshlook Colorblend contacts looked when I first tried them to teach him how to wear them I was sold!

I actually got a brown pair first which is like a shade or two lighter than my own brown eyes, just for subtle enhancement, but this time I wanted something that also definitely made a difference and was very noticeable.

I know that there are HUNDREDS of cheaper sets of colored contacts out there, ask all those who do cosplay a lot, but I didn’t want to settle for budget contacts because for one a lot of them tend to look fake, some are purposely for those who want to intensely look like “kawaii” dolls but I don’t, I want something that enhances, plus hey these are my eyes we’re talking about.  I’ve been advised that some of the near dirt cheap lenses out there that are made in different parts of Asia may sometimes not be safe for the eyes.  Read more to get the full review and see proper closeup photos.… Read the rest

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