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  • The quality of the eyeshadows in L'Oreal's La Palette Nude set actually impress me more than those in Urban Decay's first Naked palette to be honest...which is the reason why I couldn't convince myself to buy one of those.

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My Christmas Wishlist 2013 | 5 Beauty & 5 Almost Non-beauty

Today, I wanted to do a post where I didn’t have to think too much, but this will still be somewhat lengthy because Hello, it’s a list and not of press stuff I received or purchases either.  This is pretty much the “One can dream…” point and pick party of items that appeal to me and am happy to recommend them for people with similar taste.  We’ve  trimmed down on the extravagance and labor that goes into Christmas parties this year or cut out our company Christmas parties altogether in respect of Storm Haiyan’s victims.  Most of us are aware and we’ve gladly done our share to help. That also means more people can focus more on gift giving.  Whenever I make this wishlist annually please know that I don’t shamelessly email it to family and friends okay?!  These are mostly available locally (don’t be mad if I throw in a few aspirational gifts) and I’ll do the fair mix of high and low for you.  Mmm, I’ll make this a list of 5 beauty and 5 nearly non-beauty buys for the sake of variety…I’ll even throw in one or two things you can eat. Let us begin.  For fun, I’ll alternate the beauty and non-beauty bits.  This post is going to turn into

1.) INGLOT Single Eyeshadow– I’ve got the palettes you place them in, so surprise me with any single eyeshadow shade from a huge array of colors to choose from at their store.  They come dinky and boxed…the size of candy.  (Php375 from the INGLOT boutique at Glorietta 5)




2.) Canon EOS 700D Entry level DSLR – From tiny gift to big gift we go, the reason why I’ve got my eyes set on this is I’ve never owned a DSLR ever and this is a lower level camera than the 60D, also costs less than that 100D one AND it’s a newer release than the 600D.  The 600D was the entry level DSLR of 2-3 years ago, this is the next step up.  I like that unlike the 650D it has a varicam angle flip screen which is a blogger’s blessing if you want to check what the scene looks like while shooting yourself. I’m also very much in need of a DSLR for decent true to life before and after photos of my makeup clients.


3.) Bloom Eye Brow Duo (Brow Gel & Pencil) – Now, I’m not sure if Beauty Bar stocks all of Bloom’s latest products (or if they still stock Bloom at all, shame on me, I’ll confirm), but this is what’s on the Bloom website.  My cousin’s wife, Sam, loves their automatic brow pencils and while I’m not sure that this is the same one, this is what got me interested from the site, one end is a brow gel, the other is a brow definer.  Just know that Sam and I know brows and according to her Bloom’s brow stuff is better than good.  READ MORE to see all 10 on my wishlist…click “more”.


MakeUp That Matters Differently | MIMI Foundation’s “If Only For a Second” Video

I always liked to believe that makeup, despite the notion of petty shallowness that surrounds it, is a tool for ministry.  Makeup can be brought forward in many more meaningful ways.  It is a medium that weaves all sorts of good magic in its own way.  Watch the video by the MIMI Foundation in a project entitled “If Only For a Second” here via this link  or  watch it embedded below.  The MIMI Foundation is a French cancer and well-being group.  Twenty cancer patients with eyes with their eyes closed make their way into one studio only to reap a moment that will strongly impact their lives.  Thank you, Mom, for sharing.


“Today I choose life. Every morning when I wake up I can choose joy, happiness, negativity, pain… To feel the freedom that comes from being able to continue to make mistakes and choices – today I choose to feel life, not to deny my humanity but embrace it.” – KEVYN AUCOIN, America’s legendary MUA, 1962-2002


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Max Factor Glossfinity Polish in “Noisette”

I wore this shade on my left hand the other day to test it out at home, and I woke up really attracted to it. This Max Factor shade in Noisette is more appealing to me than something like the ox blood rouge noir this season. I received it in my December BDJ box :).


It’s best described as a super sophisticated petrol eggplant shade. I spotted Guardian beauty editor Sali Hughes wearing a similar shade in her recent “New Finds 2013” video, but the shade she was wearing had a slightly stronger berry undertone. Gosh, I can’t help but listen to that woman no matter how long (usually 15/20 mins) her videos are, she’s too convincing for words. “Noisette” is a hint deeper in real life than in these mobile photos, from afar people could mistake it for black but it obviously isn’t. Sorry, things got a bit busy ’round here. Lots of stuff upcoming and will be preparing an awesome Christmas giveaway that I will send out to the winner by January to avoid loss in transit. “Noisette” would be sold in SM Watsons beauty floors and wherever Max Factor counters are present…if this comes in a full size it should cost around Php249.00, I’m not sure if the size I have, which is a mini one, is available as well.… To full post & COMMENTS...


A Few Wise Words for Bloggers | Jane’s “Bloggers, Know Your Worth” Video

I’m not gonna be a Blogzilla and neither will I ever begin blind-item-ing  sticky situations I might have encountered as a blogger even though I have the power to on my site, but, yes, I have had my share of mishaps after almost 4 years of blogging.  If ever I expressed a grievance or complained in a situation it was due to inefficiency, mostly, and I always deal with whomever directly.  Why not share specific stories, you may ask…that’s simple, this is a beauty blog.  Pointing fingers, and even showcasing nameless blame is not beautiful and that’s not what the blog is about.  Now if you’ve made a name for yourself and are one of the beauty industry’s foremost authorities it would make sense to openly share if some behavior or situation disappointed you but there’s always a proper way to outline it without tearing someone down.  Now sticky situations aside what I do hope for all bloggers is that without turning into Blogzillas we begin to humbly understand the importance of blogging while knowing our worth and the value of the content we put out.  Believe it or not, I shall mention my mother, who has almost forever been an ExCom member (executive committee) in the country’s top ad agencies and is now with the country’s largest multi-platform content company. She advised me about carefully choosing what events I attend or set aside time for, I believe we were arguing at the time…about a year ago when the blog peaked.  That time I just wanted to confirm for every invitation I received, but I was also trying to launch a career as an MUA.  Mom advised that while it is true that if you want more recognition and popularity you attend as many events as you can she wisely said there is also value put out there as well when you limit your availability based on what is RELEVANT to you and your blog.  That’s why it’s called Beauty Editing, you don’t show or throw in everything just to be able to have something to post…it’s okay to widen experiences but you make the cut where it matters, especially if you want to curate choice content.  For today I’d like you girls, bloggers primarily, to take time to watch a video which isn’t visually stunning but the value of the message is priceless.  You can’t put a price on wisdom.  This image is not part of the video, the lady in the middle is.

Photo from Pixiwoo’s Body Talk Youtube feature w/ Jane Cunningham

Jane Cunningham (center in photo) is a British gold mine of blogging wisdom (imagine being invited to places like the House of Dior in Paris to stay for a few nights and experience new collections). She’s a more mature insider beauty editor who also happens to have one of the most revered beauty blogs in the UK, British Beauty Blogger, and she even admits her photos aren’t always stunning.  The value of her blog comes from advanced previews, new collections, availability and sale announcements, and well-written honest opinions about products and even the beauty industry itself.  She gets product previews way ahead of everyone else and while she’s not primarily a Youtube-r (she’s quite self-deprecating about herself on video) what she says is pretty much always relevant and meaningful. Here in this video Jane shares about bloggers having to know their worth, it’s very insightful and it touches on a few notes from my mother’s gush of wisdom as well.

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MAKE UP FOR EVER Midnight Glow 2013 Workshop | Win a FREE Slot! Dec.14, SM Aura

In case you didn’t catch my last MAKE UP FOR EVER techniques workshop which was unfortunately scheduled shortly after the Yolanda calamity you may want to join the one this Saturday at SM Aura’s MUFE pop-up store, December 14…there’ll be two time slots, 1-2 and 3-4pm.  I’ll be teaching professionally done daytime to  party looks using the MUFE Midnight Glow collection.  You can text or call to reserve here 09156571647 if you really want to attend (workshop fee Php2500 with redeemable purchase).  I’ll be featuring MAKE UP FOR EVER’s new 2013 Holiday Collection beautifully entitled “Midnight Glow”. You can reserve just in case but you can also wait to win 1 of 2 FREE slots I’m giving away in this post!

new midnightglow_workshop v3

FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A FREE WORKSHOP SLOT all you have to do is leave a comment below this post sharing why a workshop like this excites you and what you hope to learn from it in max of 3 sentences, INCLUDE YOUR Email & PREFERRED TIME SLOT (1-2 or 3-4) in the comment.  I will randomly pick 2 from the comment thread and announce the winners this Friday :).

I won’t be doing the avant garde look in the poster but a simpler wearable day to party night look inspired by that.  That Midnight Glow palette by the way is a complete knockout win.  The workshop isn’t free (it’s Php2500 with redeemable purchase as well in exchange) but I’m now raffling off 2 slots here for my workshop and it’s simpler than the last time to join.   To ensure your slot in case you don’t end up winning the free slots this Friday just reserve here 09156571647 and prepare Php2500 for the workshop and a redeemable purchase.  Okay, get those comments rolling, ladies!!  Two free slots up for grabs!

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