Jordana Lipsticks – Php99 From The Dollar Store

My friend, Noelle, gave me a value-for-money lipstick last Christmas.  It surprised me when I first swiped it because it was a Jordana Matte lipstick (Taupe) that swatched and looked almost exactly like a MAC lipstick I used to own (Amorous)…only a hint lighter.  Jordana is a brand of cosmetics found at The Dollar Store which has a branch in Alabang Town Center and at Market Market as well.  I’ve used Jordana Taupe several times on morena models at shoots and it happened to be the perfect defining, non-dead nude for medium skin tones and a great warm evening shade for someone as fair as me.  After that first Jordana lipstick, I had to find a few more.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Taupe (matte)/Brown/Hazelnut/Beige Glow/Malibu

That Jordana Matte one felt and smelt like a MAC lipstick so much that I knew I had to hunt them.  Sadly, it’s a U.S. brand that’s poorly and rarely restocked locally, there’s so much waste on the shelves because customers shamelessly open new stock just to test.  I was on the hunt for the matte variants (in the gold tube) but practically all were sold out (except for a concealer nude that would erase the lips) and the salesladies said they had no idea how soon that brand would be restocked.  Read more to see the lipsticks applied and get the full review.… To full post & COMMENTS...

Urban Decay Unveils NAKED Skin – Zero SPF in an Ultra Defining Foundation, Awesomesauce….

This product hit the web last week and despite consumers’ frowns on Urban Decay after their statement on China, animal-cruelty and what not, they’ve still got me wanting a bottle of my own.  Urban Decay has just released their first high definition  foundation WITHOUT SPF if I’m not mistaken as I view the website now which is a big plus for makeup artists because SPF increases the chances of flashback in photos.  With this base range they’re openly competing with big brands like, MAC, Lancome, Laura Mercier, and even Make Up For Ever (check the “Switch Your Foundation” tab on their site).  Now, I must say the way it is being aggressively, but beautifully presented is making me want a bottle of my own like right now… demi-matte, no SPF, fragrance & paraben free?  Gimme, gimme, LOL just teasing (not)!  Plus the navigation on their site for this product is absolutely far out (try scrolling down when you’re on the product page).

I told you…geez louise, right?  G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S… CAPS Police not welcome here.  This launch very much reminds me of Benefit’s Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow…which for me is a lovely, silky, foundation but since it’s got a high level of SPF I view it more as a consumer product and can’t really consider putting it into my pro kit because of the SPF level.  Urban Decay NAKED Skin comes in 18, yes E-I-G-H-T-E-E-N zero spf shades, my friends, and costs $38.00 on the website, that’s about Php1600.00, price also similar to Benefit Hello Flawless.

This is where they openly make their case when mentioning the competition.  Some or many of you may be familiar with Temptalia’s Foundation Matrix, which uses your existing brand foundation shade to direct you to your shade in other brand ranges.  Urban Decay set up a similar mechanic on the site so as to pitch a switch to you who are interested and hope to find your shade.  Among the shades I’ve found I’m most likely a mix between 3.0 and 4.0, and don’t worry there are in-between shades like 3.5 etc but sometimes the similar undertones skip a shade.  This is my shade without sun exposure, I’m probably a 4.0 if I’ve been outdoors a lot.    The lovely Leesha of Xsparkage YouTube Channel has just done a video demo applying the foundation on herself.  It’s not quite a sharp demo but it is satisfactory HD video quality (tick the 720 HD option on one of the buttons of the youtube bar) and I can already tell from Leesha’s demonstration that this is going to be a big retail favorite from the get-go.  Honestly, now I am also shamelessly wanting that Urban Decay buffing foundation brush Leesha is using.  If you’re interested in this product you will have to ask a friend or relative in the U.S. to get it for you via their website or perhaps in Sephora stores.  What’s great is their foundation switch page makes it easier to be assured that the shade you’re asking them to get for you will match…that is if you happen to be using any of the competing foundations they mentioned in the matrix.

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Travel Favorites – Things I Reached for Repeatedly in SG

Today, July ends!  Has it really been that quick?!  It was only last June 28 that I flew out to Singapore.  I returned on July 8 and I’m still looking back at my trip in disbelief that 10 days there went by so fast.  First, before the beauty bits, a camera comment.  I was playing around in Singapore with my friend’s Canon 600D DSLR and took the photos of my stash for this blog post with that.    Anyway, camera aside, I’d like to quickly show what products out of the cosmetic stash I brought with me and stuff I bought actually got a lot of use while I was abroad.  These were the high-scorers.  Some are stuff I’ve had for awhile and some I just recently bought and blogged about (in bold).

  CLOCKWISE: Dior Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm, Caudalie Beauty Elixir, L’oreal Dermo Expertise BB cream sample, Canmake 5-Effects cream foundation compact, Aesop Rosehip Seed Lip Cream, Crabtree and Evelyn Summer Hill Hand Therapy cream.

Read more to get the full post with more photos and a few comments bout my camera.… To full post & COMMENTS...

Weather Forecast, Cloudy… – Fluffy photos by Dad and ’bout the bazaar…

I’m sorry I’ve been away long from the blog.  Just finished manning our free family booth of pre-owned apparel at the Bargain Hunt Bazaar which was from July 27-29, 10am-10pm in Libis, and I live in Laguna, so you can imagine how tired I am even if I had a way to get there and people helping.  I’m sure it’s a lazy, gray Monday for many of you as well since the weather, it seems, is forbidding people to leave home.  To those of you who are at work, I sympathize.  Stay safe.  To put more people at ease I’ve decided to post lovely, recent, fluffy photos of Cloud taken by Dad who has always been an intuitive photographer.  You should see his older candid photos of Mom, may “aww” factor.  Though today’s weather is aversive to some, Cloud quite likes it .

Regarding the bazaar, the Pang Gang (Pangilinan family) banded together and we contributed portions of pre-loved clothes, bags, and shoes to sell since I was awarded a free booth.  Because every family in the clan has their own life schedule set in place it was pretty challenging to track down and secure the stuff to sell, and there were even welcome contributions arriving during the bazaar itself, but all were totally willing and supportive.  I super understood that there was added difficulty because it’s no longer summer and many of my cousins are pretty much held captive in school (MOM’S CLAN: 9 married siblings w/ kids, I’m the eldest of 28 cousins).    Hey, guess what, though, the event itself didn’t do so well because of the downpours but my booth was a hit surprisingly not with people coming through admissions, but with the security guys, maintenance staff, and the concessionaires themselves who were permanently there for 3 whole days!

Agnes, dad’s former exec assistant now freelances doing administrative duties and logistics for events. I pulled her on board because she was always our garage sale queen, full of good sense and know-how when it comes to clearance sales.

Some of the guards, my prized “suki”s, would return to the booth more than 5x a day for 3 whole days (suspects reselling), so you can imagine how safe and secure our booth was.  Some buyers actually thought I had a store (pensive) and they liked that many of the pre-owned clothes were laundered, some even ironed, and I knew exactly who owned them.  Since my booth was free I dropped the prices down to “ukay” glory because I could and in order to help our clan de-clutter.  So today is rest day for me after 3-days of fun-filled stress and puyat.  I haven’t exercised though in 3 days thanks to this so I better get back onto my exercise mat stat, from the Latin word statum, meaning IMMEDIATELY.… To full post & COMMENTS...

Maybelline Full ‘N Soft Waterproof Mascara – Reunited with My Favorite Daily Mascara

I went through about 2 or 3 tubes of Maybelline Full ‘N Soft Waterproof mascara in late high-school to college (1999-2003), that being said it was obviously a no-fail go-to mascara for me.  My memory is kind of blank on how mom and I both had several tubes of this (and then later on L’oreal Telescopic) during that period of my life since it wasn’t available here in the Philippines, or was it (someone correct me if I’m wrong)?  Because if it wasn’t here locally, it can only mean that my Ninang who goes to the U.S. very often probably gave us a multi-pack of this mascara.  To my knowledge this is available right now only in the U.S. and if you’re looking for simple “pasalubong” choices make sure this is one of them.

This is not one of Maybelline’s brightly colored tube mascaras you’ll see plastered across the pages of recent magazines with crazy-ass wand morphing here and there.  This gives performance without the hype and I think it’s one of the most overlooked mascaras in the drugstore market in the U.S., but just the fact that it’s still part of the mascara range up to now proves that people just KEEP BUYING IT or repurchasing it.  The label has slightly changed in that the lettering is smaller but the tube and colorway is exactly the same, silver and navy.  The long wand makes art directing lashes quite foolproof.  I then realized that this one I spotted via Ebayhas been updated, it has Vitamin E in the formula.  Low density lashes may prefer the Volum Express range for more thickness, but medium density to thick lashes will love this mascara that is “very natural-looking…” but noticeable according to Mom.   All I remember is, Mom and I  absolutely loved it all the way through, ’til our tubes could give us no more.  That being said, when the apocalypse hits, I’d be glad if I could ration a few tubes of this HG (holy grail) mascara because of sentimental value and because it keeps my lashes curled but touchable and feathery soft without smudging.    Read more to see photos of me wearing my all-time favorite.… To full post & COMMENTS...

WildEvents Bargain Hunt Bazaar – July 27-29, Megatent, Libis

Hi, everyone!  I’ve secured a booth at the Bargain Hunt Bazaar which will be an event at Megatent, Libis (near Dampa).  I’m expecting a huge, mid-range sale mix of retail, pre-loved, and novelty items.  Mine won’t primarily be a makeup booth, mostly pre-loved apparel, but I will certainly have a little tray of trinkets and a few random unused cosmetic things for sale.  My booth will consist primarily of pre-loved and mint condition apparel (clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories) compiled together by my family and mom’s clan.

Hehe, but don’t expect too much of a fancy setup on my part, we had little time as a family to plan for this, but I can assure you the quality and prices of items we’ll be putting on for sale will have you rummaging through our stuff with glee.  Come on everybody, the more the merrier!  Plus, get some super advanced Christmas shopping done and spare yourself the holiday rush!  Like WildEvent’s Bargain Hunt Bazaar Facebook page within the next 2 days to get in for Free! Regular admission is Php80.00.  I’ll tweet my both location as soon as I’m advised, follow me on twitter @blessmybag.To full post & COMMENTS...

K-Palette Meet & Greet with Noriko Imura PART1 – Plus an HD Event Video by Me!

Nobody really cared about the foul weather.  We all just really wanted to be at this event in Greenbelt 5 to meet K-Palette’s Lead Makeup Artist for product development, Noriko Imura.  She has been active in the beauty industry for over 20 years  (An Asian Lisa Eldridge? Possibly) and specializes in eyes and properly enhancing brows.  K-Palette, the brand of my absolute favorite liquid eyeliner “1-Day Tattoo” has been available at Beauty Bar for quite awhile now.  These are Japanese cosmetic products that suit basic makeup needs for brows and eyes and they perform, I’m telling you now,  in an almost unbelievably perfect way.  The K-Palette 1-Day Tattoo line just works and the products give you a fine finish.  The range consists of their famous liquid eyeliner and the ABSOLUTELY foolproof brow pens which remind me of the expensive Suqqu brow pens Lisa Eldridge loves using.

I know, I apologize, I never reviewed the black waterproof 1-Day Tatoo Real Lasting Eyeliner I first purchased way back, tried, and used up.  What makes it work is a wonderful waterproof formula that comes with a fineliner brush tip suitable maybe even for fine calligraphy!  I like it even better than the MUFE Aqua liner pen.  It was so great that I kept using it, and before I knew it before I could blog about it, it was used up and gone, LOL!  1-Day Tattoo is one of the top 3 liquid eyeliners in Japan and has sold 10 million pieces to this day since its release only a few years back.

They’re also currently promoting the Kuma concealer range which are liquid concealers particularly made for the under-eye area with added skincare benefits, available in 3 shades suited to Asian skin.  The texture actually reminds me of Michelle Phan’s favorite Amazing Concealer.  These products are all currently available at Beauty Bar outlets.  Watch the video event I edited last night which I shot in full HDwith my new camera, yay.  Sorry if it was a bit blurred often just at the start, I was still learning how to adjust the video settings, but overall I think it came out fab!  This video contains highlights of the 3-hour meet and greet/slash product demonstration with the super talented Noriko Imura.  The president of K-Palette also flew in from Japan along with the brand’s representatives from Singapore as well!  It was one of the most “sulit” jampacked makeup demonstrations I’d ever been to and one of the major events I’ve most enjoyed and been inspired by so far.


Thank you so much K-Palette and Beauty Bar, will blog about the product samples I came away with soon after this :)! For more information follow K-Palette Philippines’ Facebook page.… To full post & COMMENTS...

Amazed by Aesop – High-End Botanical Australian skincare, kinda’ like Jurlique…

The brand I’m discussing today visually kind of matches the weather we’re having (cool and grey) and its products remind me of one brand that disappeared from retail.  It was sad  that a high-performance botanical brand like Jurlique, for example, had to leave the local market.  I believe in the gentle power of botanical ingredients and back then Jurlique was one of the few skincare brands that didn’t break me out.  The Benefit boutique in Greenbelt 5 now stands in its stead.  I do understand when people would rather not pay more than Php1000 or even Php500 for a simple tube of facial scrub unless you’ve got temperamental facial terrain on you.  The accumulative cost upon daily use is staggering when you commit to a high end cosmetic product.  Every now and then however, there are brands that make you think twice in spite of their hefty price tag and which upon first use ultimately become tattooed on your mind.  One of these brands for me is yet another luxury botanical brand called Aesop, which I first encountered in Takashimaya Mall along Orchard Road, Singapore with my friend Noelle.

Say “Aaaahhhh…”

The way Aesop as a brand is visually conceptualized blew me away.  Think of a minimalist, no-nonsense, classy and modern apothecary sort, and I think this neutral  design scheme also widens their appeal.  Both men and women are visually invited to partake of world-class skincare.  The brand does a lot of formulations with parsley, rosehip, pomegranate, and rosemary, just to name a few of a whole slew of botanicals they include.  I half expected a bloke in a white lab coat to come out with a mortar and pestle and prescription pad.  Certain products almost looked medicinal in their bottles…nothing too pink, dainty or flowery on any side of the Aesop “lab” (just the way mom would like it, actually).  I nearly walked out only with sample sachets from the salesperson in hand due to the staggering prices (think SGD$40-55 for medium bottles of good facial stuff).  I then noticed the Rosehip Seed Lip Cream which was tiny enough (the size of a Terramycin Triple antibiotic tube)  to feel barely affordable for me at SGD$21 (Php700).  Upon sampling, this turned out to be fan-bloody-tastic even with the tiniest amount.  This was recommended via Twitter when I asked my friend, Charlotte.

Key Ingredients

  • Rosa Canina Fruit Oil– An excellent source of Oleic, Linoleic and Linolenic acids. Renowned for its skin regenerative properties.
  • Tocopherol– The active constituent is Vitamin E, which primarily acts as an anti-oxidant.
  • Cananga Odorata (Ylang Ylang) Flower Oil– Complete steam-distilled essential oil, hydrates and balances skin.

The cream is an off-white yellowish type and it very QUICKLY absorbs into the lips colorless.  It provides hydration WITHOUT shine and is not at all oily or greasy.  It has the same hydrating effectiveness as Elizabeth Arden 8-hour Cream but leaves the opposite finish, non-glossy, matte hydration.  Some of you would prefer that texture beneath your favorite lipstick.  It’s also suitable as a moisturizer around the mouth not just on the lips.  I tried it on my mother because I had left my moisturizer in another bag.  There is somewhat of an herbal scent and the herbal taste can be a bit distracting at first but it shouldn’t make you gag, at least I don’t think so, and it goes away very quickly once the cream disappears into your lips.  Read more to get the full post and a few more opinions on some Aesop samples I tried.

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