StrawberryNet Worldwide up to 70% OFF ’til Oct.2, 2011 and what I got!

I’ve raved about StrawberryNet more than once and also just recently.  If you’ve never read what I’ve said then you can do so here, but to cut to the chase, hello, they’ve got a sale on, up to 70% off on select items!  I got myself a really good bargain for 2 little luxe items and you collect loyalty discounts the longer you stay connected to them so I got more than just the original 50% off for those.  This sale is just until Oct.2!

So, I guess you want to find out what I plucked from this here sale?  I got two colors for the final sale total of Php987.00 after all the discounts applied.  I got the Estee Lauder Sumptuous Color Bold Volume mascaras in Sapphire blue (leftmost) and in Amethyst, a striking purple (rightmost), they also come in Garnet, Emerald, and Amber.  Original retail price for one of these when these were released was about £17 English pounds each which was a whopping Php1200 for 1 colored mascara!According to Samantha Chapman of the Pixiwoo sisters these by far are the best colored mascaras out there because the color actually shows up and the formula is great.  These were limited edition early last year or late 2009 and Strawberry Net stocked up  and kept these in a temperature controlled environment to keep them fresh.  They’re selling now on StrawberryNet unboxed for 50% off at $US 13.50 each.  I expect my Estee Lauder Sumptuous Color Bold Volume mascaras to arrive in about 2 weeks.  I’ve provided an embedded video below of Samantha Chapman trying on the first Sapphire formula of Sumptuous Color mascara (it wasn’t “Bold Volume” yet then) and she absolutely loved it.  Sam has been a pro artist under MAC for about 8-9 years and a makeup artist for a total of about nearly 15 years.

The reason why my total purchase is lower is because (the tally below is in Tagalog), they added an additional item discount 1% for 2 items, a loyalty discount of 3% since I’ve been a member (from first purchase, no fee)  since 2010, and a “We Miss You” discount of 11% because it’s been a long time since I purchased from them.  I really waited like almost a year till I saw something worth getting, and these are it!  Add all that to the existing 50% discount and FREE shipping and that’s why I only paid a total of $987.00 to StrawberryNet when converted.  They ship worldwide and package the items well.  That’s why they’re fabulous.

Kabuuang kalakalUSD $27.00
Halaga ng papadalaUSD $0.00
1% off for 2 items:-USD $0.27
3% Loyalty Discount:-USD $0.81
Renewal Bonus (11%):-USD $2.97
Kabuuang kabayaran(PayPal)USD $22.95
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Go Bold in Black and Blue – IN2IT Waterproof Automatic Eyeliner double pack

These IN2IT Waterproof Automatic liners don’t have the same “Gel Eyeliner” formula as the IN2IT Waterproof Gel Pencil Eyeliners I featured before, but they’re extremely close in performance and payoff, just less creamy and hey, tada…you twist, you don’t sharpen.  I got the duo pack for Php379.00 which includes a black one and a pretty I’d say Ateneo blue one.

That post on the gel eyeliners before got lots of good comments and friends were texting and leaving me posts saying they really went out to get those IN2IT Gel Eyeliners (they’re our own locally available dupes for the AVON Supershock version), and those who got them were impressed with the quality.  My only pet peeve about regular pencils (though I have an artist’s affection for them) is that you have to sharpen them and you risk breakage or waste with each shaving session and when you’re a makeup artist in a hurry to do several faces one after the other, sharpening can slip your mind or take up time.

These automatic pencils twist up very easily and I do understand why it is better that these aren’t the same formula as the gel eyeliners, they would then be too soft to package properly in an automatic tube like this.  The pencil cap is a bit of a nuisance because it’s quite tight so these should be opened slowly and with great care if you don’t want to damage the tip of your new eyeliner.  They’re well marked with “Made in Germany” alongside the tube.

The pay off is extremely good and bold after 2 normal swipes.  The nib of the pencil is pointy when brand new and gets rounder when used.  A simple way to get a pointy nib again is to rub the side of the nib across your hand in short heavy strokes till it comes to a point. Read more to see photos of how both these colors look applied.… To full post & COMMENTS...

Fuller, More Even Lips Tutorial with NYX Nude Beige Lipliner – dupe for MAC Stone Lipliner

This will be simple there isn’t a video just yet,  just a simple step by step photo.  The instructions aren’t too wordy either because I know your time is precious.  To most women with naturally smaller or thinner lips this post may be of some value.  There are ways of “cheating” the natural appearance of your lips and you can give the illusion of fuller, plumper, more symmetrical (thus more pretty) lips.  A brown or beige lipliner close to the shade of your natural lips would work well, like in my case and most medium shade girls NYX Nude Beige lipliner would be your best bet for naturally corrected lips for daytime.  I looked for something like this after seeing how the Pixiwoo sisters correct their lips or make them fuller using MAC Stone lip pencil, this is a good, more affordable dupe for that.

For me, NYX Lipliners are the best value for money, this lipliner pencil cost about Php180.00.  They come in a vast array of colors from brights to neutrals, what I like is they’re not too soft so they last super long on the lips and neither are they too HARD so you don’t feel like you’re scratching or hurting your lips when lining them.  I have these pencils also in a Red and Hot Pink  They’re also available locally from a LOT of stockists and online sellers as well as in Beauty Cocktails at Glorietta 4 and Perfect Beauty at Serendra (last I heard).

Most important though is that you get color on the first swipe and you can easily build it up. This looks light here but that’s its natural shade which is close to my own lips and that’s how I want it.  Now here’s a quick guide on how to line your lips.  If you’re aiming to make them look fuller/bigger you don’t line within or inside your natural lip edge, you line exactly on (like between) or outside the edge between your lips and your facial skin.  That is called “overdrawing” the lip line.  A lot of celebrities do this.  The guidelines are on the photo.

Once you’ve lined the entire lip it’s best to “color in” a little bit from the edge towards the center of your lip still using the pencil going lighter towards the center. That way when your lipstick or gloss fades before you retouch you’re not left with an unsightly horrid outline.  When you’re done you can finish with your favorite daytime lipgloss, neutral, or nude lipstick.

Here’s a video example of overdrawn lips where Sam of Pixiwoo does a beautiful Pamela Anderson look.  Her lips go vavavoom!  It’s important to remember that if you’re darker than me you may have to go for a darker, neutral  brown.

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IN2IT Moisture Intense Lipstick “Pink Alarm” – Dupe for MAC Show Orchid or NARS Schiap

The idea of owning an in-your-face fuchsia lipstick lingered at the back of my brain.  I do have one or two hot pink lipsticks but they’re warm, not electrically cool toned and somewhat leaning a bit towards purple like MAC Show Orchid or NARS Schiap are (a hint warmer than Show orchid) and I love how those lipsticks look.   Here are quick snaps that show what those colors look like from the MAC BAFTA Runway to Red Carpet event and NARS Schiap lipstick on the ever convincing Kim Kardashian. (photos from HoneyBeauty blog and Chic Beauty Blog)

NEIL YOUNG applying MAC Show Orchid on a model.

Kim Kardashian wearing NARS Schiap lipstick

Behold, IN2IT has supplied a good dupe for me again!  I purchased IN2IT’s Moisture Intense lipstick in “Pink Alarm” and boy was I impressed and glad that I didn’t drop money on Show Orchid or Schiap.

The metallic packaging is simple, attractive and doesn’t feel cheap, but more importantly, Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a dupe.

NARS Schiap costs about Php1000.00 when converted from $, MAC Show Orchid costs about Php950, and IN2IT Pink Alarm costs about Php380.00.  Read more to see a hand swatch and how this looks outdoors and indoors.… To full post & COMMENTS...

Claytime! And Alice Pops Up…

I’m helping “babysit” some cousins of mine whose parents are abroad and we had our way with a pop-up book and some clay.  For me Pop-Up books are hit or miss…they have to be art directed well or else in the end it just looks like a cut out mess waiting to happen.  What I love about this pop-up book is that the illustrations are boldly outlined so the illustrations truly stand out when they rise up.  This one’s a hit.

I pulled this delightful Alice in Wonderland pop-up out of the bookshelf and I decided to “bake” some cakes using Play-Doh for Alice’s tea party.  These first few photos are taken with my Samsung Galaxy S Android, so pardon me if they’re not as crisp as usual, the rest of the book photos later on are taken with a proper camera.

Some cupcakes, dear Alice?

These cupcakes were not as easy as you think to make because they’re tiny!  Oh I miss my little hands!  I also made a relatively life size red velvet cupcake for myself with a vanilla creme rose and I used a clean earbud to make ridge alongside of it.

Read more to see my favorite parts of this wonderful Alice pop-up adaptation by Robert Sabuda in crisper, brighter photos.  One particular part I’m sure will really delight you.  That one’s up next.… To full post & COMMENTS...

About the blog and a few personal updates…

Hi, Lovely Readers :)

Sorry if it took awhile to post a little more.  I haven’t been TERRIBLY busy but like for example I’ve had to divert my attention to more important things, like  being “Cesar Millan” to our dog for example who’s become a bit of a brat in the last few years due to lack of discipline, excessive spoiling by Dad (haha) and a lack of undivided, focused attention.  I’ve been walking him as well as treating a nasty wound on his foot that caused him to limp.

Honestly, some personal funds have been slowly diminishing, such are the first birth pains involved when entering the freelance career and I was aware that it would be AT LEAST a year of that.  In exchange for quality of life I knew I’d end up starting off with less money especially since I came from Singapore.  I think of the initial spending there, with the support of my Mom for my makeup education as an investment and right now I’m on standby for a response hopefully from a multinational organization, non-makeup related.  I applied there because I believe in their cause and to have stable income for now and also am on standby for some upcoming TV commercial shoots which I’ve been recommended for (I make that plural in faith).  If you’ll notice I now tend to have more days in between posts because I don’t just go out every week and buy whatever I like as often as I used to, coz I can’t afford to.  I was making trips into town to make myself available for possible jobs but as of last week especially with Dad being confined just for 2 nights it wasn’t ideal to have all my personal outings lined up and I didn’t want to be stuck to this laptop.

Next off, the site has built up gradually to what I like at the moment.  If you’ll notice on the sidebar I now have a constantly updating list of “Popular Posts”.  However, the rankings are not based on “ALL TIME” since the blog started, only since I activated the widget, eventually as it gathers more data the listing will be more accurate.   Even more recently, I just added a “Top Commentators” Ranking List, which will refresh every month and will show me who comments the most within the month.  It’s a fun way to encourage my readers to comment because I love hearing from them and it’s a small way to recognize and amuse those who comment the most, I know because I always wanted to be at the top of Charlotte’s Commentators list on her blog Lipglossiping when I first started reading her blog nearly 2 years ago.

Just wanted throw a little update your way, thanks for reading.  If you know anyone in need of a makeup artist for an event or project for now you may contact me via the Contact Tab above.  I will be putting out an official promotions post on myself soon, will be crafting a folio site,  and will be creating my own business cards to pepper the industry with.  Thanks for your time :)  Oh, I’m also plannng a giveaway, it’s been ages since I had one don’t ya think? Keep you posted :)To full post & COMMENTS...

Nails and Notes of Christmas Cheer – The Face Shop Holographic RD301

Whether you like it or not, the season is sneaking up on us.  This holographic nail polish from The Face Shop explodes in anticipation of Christmas day!  It’s a sophisticated way to be snazzy with red this season!  What I love about this is it’s a muted gingery red and still packs a punch of color but is a touch more neutral and sophisticated.  Holographic shimmer is much, much finer, nearly microscopic and evenly distributed giving the nail pizazz but with a little more depth.  It’s basically shimmer that looks more expensive and doesn’t steal your thunder.

Can you smell the waft of scented candles, hot batirol chocolate, the soft stink of Queso de Bola or hear the squeak of red wrapping cellophane?  Can you hear the rustle of that Nativity coming together, Christmas trees going up (your Meralco bill, too) and the crack and crunch of lechon (roast pig) plus the sweet pillowy goodness of homemade leche flan?  My mouth cries for powdery espasol and polvoron, or that butter cake, butter cake, butter cake from Forbes and my heart shouts Joy, Joy, Joy to the world!  Here’s a photo of my club’s most exclusive members convening last Christmas…yes, that would be my family.

…and here’s a tiny bunch of many beautiful cousins that come after me, that’s only some of them.  Love like this belongs on Bless My Bag :)

…and yes, it is just a nail polish, but it reminds me of all this, the season of warmth, celebration, and the arrival of my Savior so there, and to all those who hate it all and want to rudely disagree, shoo…go away, don’t read this and find a snug, smelly burrow to be happy in.

Holographic polish RD301, Php295.00 from the Face Shop, yes…R2D2 just texted and told me he prefers blue.  It goes on nearly opaque on the first coat, and fully opaque on the 2nd.  It’s a slightly thick formula with a somewhat wide brush so try and lay down the first layer evenly and you’re set.  It reminds me of the finish of old fashioned Christmas balls that you hang up…the truly festive metallic ones.  Bobbie also do a local line of holographic nail polishes for under Php30.00 but I haven’t seen this color just yet.… To full post & COMMENTS...

Fairydrops Candybar Japanese BB Cream – Waterproof, healthy looking coverage

I love a good BB Cream but I’ve somehow shied away from them since the last one I tried which was sent to me by Purederm.  Sadly, that one gave me a mild breakout along my jawline even though the color was perfect for me.  Practically a year now later while watching Jen of Frm headtotoe, a BB cream she mentioned got me really interested.  It was this one which I sourced from AdamBeauty HK.

Fairydrops Candybar BB Cream is the same brand as that world-famous Japanese mascara.  Several Western make-up bloggers have purchased Fairydrops mascara in different variants.

For certain, the Japanese never fail to hail those interested with amusing descriptions and claims.

The color I purchased, Ochre (which is the more yellow one of 2 or 3 shades?), is half a shade too dark for me but renders a beautiful healthy very mild tan on my skin…keep reading to see its consistency and learn more about this BB Cream’s 5 functions.… To full post & COMMENTS...

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