TIGI Bed Head Foxy Curls Contour Cream – A Sweet Way to sorta Scrunch it Up

I told a friend when I first saw this hair contour product that it looked like if I rubbed it a genie just might ascend from the bottle.  Yea, I know, they usually come from magic lamps…not bottles (except in Christina Aguilera’s song), kaya pala my friend never got what I was trying to say, hahahaha.  It has something to do with the shape of it.  I’m also wearing the most excessively sold knit shirt on the face of…Singapore, I spotted 3 girls wearing this already so far, one in SG and two here in the Philippines and it super annoys me because I thought I was “special” LOL.

TIGI Bed Head’s local PR team send me a bottle of this Foxy Curls Contour Cream to try, thank you so much.  I really need to be slightly more on my toes when it comes to my hair.

I decided to do this really cheesy pose for the post simply because of how infectious the shirt is.  I won’t even hesitate to say there’s a style outbreak of shirts like this and I can’t let go of that fact until now.  Julia is feeling generic LOL.  Read more to see how this makes my hair look in the full post… To full post & COMMENTS...

The WINNERS of My Neutrogena Week5 Pop Guess Giveaway are…

The correct answer to the question which side I was wearing BB Cream on in this giveaway was:


And wow, it seems EVERYONE got the answer correct this time, aba noh.  Sorry, I still had to pick out only two (2) random winners from all the correct answers.  So without further adieu congratulations to:

1. Avi B.

2. Nikka

CONGRATULATIONS!  Please be sure to email me right away at probinsiyana(at)gmail(dot)com and I’ll give you instructions on how to claim your prizes!  Everyone keep your eyes peeled and keep reading for more delightful beauty features and fun-filled giveaways to brighten your day.  Love you!

TERMS AND CONDITIONS of the Giveaway were:

  • Entry open to Metro Manila residents only.
  • Two winners will be picked randomly from correct answers
  • Blessmybag.com and Neutrogena are the sole promoters of this giveaway
  • Competition CLOSED March 14, 2012 at 23:00/11pm
  • Winner will be notified within the week before the next Pop Guess giveaway
  • Prizes are for claiming from the Neutrogena Headquarters, location will be disclosed to the winners.
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Saying it Sweet for StrawberryNET – The Online Discounted Cosmetics Store I Really Like

StrawberryNET Online Discount Cosmetic shopping with Free Worldwide Shipping from Hong Kong relieves my frustration as a local beauty blogger who often can’t get certain imported items here from the limited brand counter selections available.  I’ve blogged about StrawberryNET several times and nearly each announcement of a new sale never fails to bring me to the site to check out what’s up for grabs.  I don’t always walk away with a purchase, but I like being in the know almost all the time.

What makes StrawberryNET special for me is the rotation of discounted luxury cosmetics, constant promos, and the quality and speed with which they dispatch orders (I usually receive mine within 2 weeks from the purchase).  On top of that, every purchase increases your chances of getting an added loyalty discount on top of your discounted purchase.

What’s still pretty new with StrawberryNet is their online app for iPhone and Android smartphone users.  It’s convenient and right at your fingertips and you can even track the dispatch and processing of a purchase you’ve made using the app.  Check out StrawberryNET and see what’s on and affordable for you at the moment!  Here are their upcoming promos for the remainder of March 2012.  I just made my 7th purchase ever from StrawberryNET and I’ll be sharing here what items I got when they arrive in a few weeks!  Am sooo excited…

07 Mar 201231 Mar 2012New Lines
08 Mar 201214 Mar 2012Haircare 10% Off
14 Mar 201215 Apr 2012Special Purchase
12 Mar 201218 Mar 2012Free Gift Over US$50 Spend
19 Mar 201208 Apr 2012Easter Promotion

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Majolica Majorca Summer Glam Promo Begins Today!

Quick summer deal for you!  You know I love Majolica Majorca’s Lash Expander frame mascara which I’ve already reviewed in the past.  Beginning today, they’re having a buy 1 take 1 limited promo on the blue black formula! Yea, yea I know why couldn’t it have been the black one but hey, for you makeup artists out there it’s always good to have a high quality blue mascara in your kit for those artistic looks. For Php795.00 you get two blue black mascaras instead of just one!

For those of you rocker, artsy chicks who aren’t afraid to rock those blue lashes this is a “sdeal”!  Like Majolica Majorca Philippines on Facebook.

*Limited offer, while supplies last.To full post & COMMENTS...

Wedding Makeup by Julia, Sorongon-Yap Nuptials – Products, Photos, plus Pat and Mike’s On-Site Video

I love it when friends ask me to help them out on their big day.  It gives me added value to know they want me there, and not just there, right smack in the bride’s face, too, haha!  I’ve known Patricia since the Young Adults camp hosted by New Life Christian Center when I was about 21 I think.  She was the first person to hug me even though I was new, and make me feel welcome and I was more than honored when I was asked to do her makeup on her wedding day.

Watch Mike and Pat’s touching On-Site Wedding Video here and by the way this isn’t a listed YouTube video, if you search for it you won’t find it, so you can only watch it here!  Good job by the NicePrintPhoto guys, who also by the way did Ogie and Regine’s On-Site Wedding Video.  Watch the embedded video of Mike and Pat below!


Photos and Video Supplier: www.niceprintphoto.com

Read more to see some behind the scenes shots, some of  the products I used on Patricia, and the full post.
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Colour Collection Colour Intense Lipstick – Kinda wears like MAC, Kinda tastes like MAC for Php350

Some of the other bloggers who got to try this before I did weren’t kidding, these affordable lipsticks by direct selling brand, Colour Collection, which I last posted about, do pack a punch of instant color that’s apparently quite  good value for money.  One other blogger friend said that they kinda wear, smell, and taste like MAC lipsticks.  At first, very thankful for the insight but politely holding back my nasal skeptic snort I was like “Really now, hmmm…let’s see!!”.  First off, the packaging is no showboat but really does not diminish the performance of these lipsticks.

FROM LEFT: Bordeaux (earthy rich red, like MAC Russian Red), Walnut (a caramelly coral), and Angel Berry (bright coral pink)

SWATCHES L-R: Walnut, Angel Berry, and Bordeaux

The Colour Collection Colour Intense lipstick texture does not disappoint with a moist but not greasy finish and instant bold color on the first swipe, in the “color impact” department, these remind me of MAC amplified creme finish lipsticks.  I swiped the colors twice in my swatches and encountered only a hint of soft drag upon swiping them across my arm.  That is what makes these not “exact” dupes for MAC lipsticks,  MAC formulas (with slight variations among the different finishes) are generally richer and more dense…there’s a bit more stick and drag when you swipe a MAC lipstick on your lips which ensures both bold color and longevity.  The wear on these Colour Intense lipsticks are closer to MAC’s cremesheen finishes in the “texture” department.


My absolute favorite among all three shades is the super pretty red, Bordeaux.  It was too much for me as a red worn full on.  With my fat lips Bordeaux in full wear made it look like I could leave a kiss mark the size of the apple of your cheek (no, didn’t want to post that, check the hand swatch to see how dark it is).  So I blotted it once with a tissue and nearly squeaked seeing the result.  It was just unbelievably pretty and I prefer to wear reds like this for the summer, it’s kind of a more modern take and it sets your lipstick longevity, adding at least a good I’d say 2 hours to the existing 3-4 hour wear.  Yes, they do smell and taste like MAC lipsticks, I don’t contest that observation at all.

Colour Collection’s Colour Intense lipsticks cost Php350.00 each.  It’s a real pity we don’t readily have access to Colour Collection products in retail just yet.  For now if you’re absolutely interested to try these, Colour Collection’s Mother Company, Tupperware Brands is the authorized distributor of some of the world’s prestigious brands: Colour Collection, Iyana, VS. Versus, Nutrimetrics, Playtex, Hanes, and Zwitsal.  For your questions and inquiries regarding Colour Collection products, email Tupperware Brands at questions@Tupperware.ph or call the hotline number (632) 867-2222.

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Meeting Model slash Makeup Artist Bianca Valerio at the Colour Collection Launch

This story is a month overdue and as a result I can’t properly plug the Colour Collection Campus bus tour they had then which just finished last March 2… *points down at self* LOZER (on that one).  However, they had already been to U.P. Diliman for the campus tour before this press launch because they showed us the video.  All I can say now is a few words in appreciation of that brilliant campaign and after this post I ought to hastily review the lovely products they gave me.  Sunny makeup lady, Bianca Valerio, as Colour Collection’s on board makeup artist showed us her Colour Collection Campus Tour Bus containing the Colour Collection range of products.  The bus was custom fit and decked out with vanities and makeup products inside for nomadic product demonstration.  Sorry bout not posting this earlier, I didn’t mean to miss it, as in.  Like I said, I’ve currently got a bad case of events backlog just from last month because of shoots and other things which I’m quickly trying to fix right now.  Last February 6 I was invited by Liz of Project Vanity to attend Tupperware Brands’  Colour Collection cosmetics launch, an intimate press lunch for local brand direct selling makeup in the company of the lovely makeup artist/model Bianca Valerio.  P.S., I’ll be trying my best not to drop “U”s  all over the place…because of the “U” in Colour Collection.  Scream at me if you spot one I missed.

All that I knew about Bianca, before having a delicious brunch at Cafe 1771,  was about her being a famous makeup artist who had just recently launched her own makeup book also sponsored by Colour Collection, Face to Face – The Healing Power of Makeup. The book is available at National Bookstore and 100% of Bianca’s book royalties go to charity via Philippine Red Cross.  It’s a great gift to get for someone you know and simultaneously for someone in need.

These are some items I requested AFTER the launch in ADDITION to the items they originally gave me at the Colour Collection event (upcoming review).

Colour Collection Triple Effect Mascara and 3 Colour Intense lipsticks (Bordeaux, Angel Berry, Walnut) which are the ones mentioned by Liz of Project Vanity as having quality comparable to MAC lipsticks,

Not in this  Photo: At the event I was also given their BB Cream, an eyeshadow quad, and a lip tint which I will blog about separately.

Read more to hop onto the Colour Collection Bus with us bloggers in the full post plus catch a video of Bianca sharing her thoughts on Colour Collection products!… To full post & COMMENTS...

TATCHA Aburatorigami aka Handmade Japanese Beauty Paper – 100% Abaca Leaves and Gold Flakes

Today is the 1 year anniversary of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.  It’s difficult for a lot of people to swallow that a year has already passed since that terrible tragedy and Japan, one of the world’s superpower nations, is still reeling from the devastation.  I needed to take a moment and remember the depth, excellence, and focus with which the Japanese do ALMOST EVERYTHING in their daily lives even when it comes to the simplest, smallest things.  I saw this packet of beauty paper by the checkout counter at Beauty Bar and first scoffed at the price (Php595.00 for 30 sheets) because I thought it was ridiculously priced for what I thought was a beauty trifle.  Tatcha is a U.S. brand that distributes this finely made Japanese product.

I was so scandalized by the price in spite of its eye-candy packet that I even threw a quick, cheap remark at it via the saleslady (because I’m quick to judge that way, sadly, workin’ on it), but I hadn’t read what was inside before I did. Read more to get the full post.… To full post & COMMENTS...

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