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  • This sale consists of ten tops I haven’t been using in awhile but are still eye candy and in good condition…INCLUDING what I believe to be the main event of this sale: a TOPSHOP real knit wool sweater that I spotted to be similar or exact to what Emilia Clark wore in the Me Before You upcoming film trailer. This particular piece I’m convinced is the main event of my blog sale.

Bless My Bag Posts

Announcing Urban Decay NAKED 3 | TRUE via British Beauty Blogger

Reblogged, yes, not mine…and we can lay the rumors to rest because Jane Cunningham of British Beauty Blogger has placed her very blessed hands on an Urban Decay NAKED 3 preview palette already.

Photo credit:
Photo Credit:

The two photos are direct image links, meaning directly linking FROM and TO Jane’s site, so if Jane takes down the photos from her site these will disappear as well.  You can read all about the blushing NAKED 3 palette on Jane’s own blog here.  This launches this December.  Personally speaking, the shades look gorgeous but I’m not completely loving the cover of the palette so much…how do you guys feel about the NAKED palettes becoming a trilogy?… To full post & COMMENTS...


MAKE UP FOR EVER Rouge Artist Palette | 5 Lipsticks & 1 Pro Brush

Since the return of Make Up For Ever cosmetics lots of ladies like myself have been heaving huge sighs of relief. It’s just one of those pro ranges you trust can deliver, even their products without the blogger hype don’t fail to amaze.  I was blessed with the opportunity to collaborate with them this season and among all their new releases one product stood out for me, their Rouge Artist Lipstick (Yes Lipstick, not Lipgloss parading as Lipstick) Palettes.  It’s not everyday that ergonomic, purse-friendly simplicity just meets the need and blows me away and oh, FYI, don’t you dare throw out this brush.


I picked up the Rouge Artist item for review at MAKE UP FOR EVER’s first Pop-Up Store at SM Aura.


Now the palette itself is quite obviously steep in price at Php2650 but what blew me away (on top of 5 RA shades side by side) was the makeup brush for this petite kit.  It’s a pro quality brush that you wouldn”t dare throw away, in fact, it’s the sort you’d want to separately sneak into your brush collection.  The texture of the lipsticks in the one I chose are creamy, you might want to try sticking these in the refrigerator overnight before your very first use (keep the box on the kit when you do) just to firm them up a bit, especially if you live in a warm area.  Don’t get the wrong impression, these aren’t melting, I just really rubbed the brush into the pans heavily so they look kinda messed up.  These palettes are a dream to have on-set, you see all the shades with one look.


MUFE asked which one of their 8 colorways I’d like to try, I chose palette #4, four different depths of nude plus a wearable hot pink, and right now I’m eyeing the other palette, a collection of rich reds and corals.  Now, what they’ve brilliantly done is teamed up shades of Rouge Artist lipsticks in 8 different combinations of 5 per palette.



Truth be spoken, who among us has completely finished a lipstick bullet in a month?  I thought so, nearly none.  We want shade options at our quick disposal but to own 5 lipsticks (unless you’re a makeup artist or beauty blogger) is actually a lot for many people out there.  There also those who can be content with 5 who might also happen to be space savers.  These pretty MUFE Rouge Artist palettes (Php2650) are practical, purse-friendly, and convenient to have with you especially when “days in” suddenly transform into “nights out.”  Follow @makeupforeverphilippines on Instagram and on full post & COMMENTS...


Theme Park Beauty Edit | All Saints’ Break in a Bloggy Sort of Blog Post

Remember me?  The girl behind this beauty blog? LOL, don’t worry I’m still here for that, I just decided to put a doorstop on the beauty posts while everyone was on break, smartest thing to do for the blog?  Not really, coz lots of people were home cozying up to the internet or Instagramming to the nines at some beach it would have actually been “statistically” more ideal if I had posted stuff.  The main thing was, emotionally I was on break, it was more a personal choice than a beneficial choice for the blog.  I decided to relax, so I did.  I prepared a hefty artsy makeup look post thinking it might make it to Halloween but it didn’t so I’ve saved it to be posted, knowing that thousands of parties will be happening between now, Christmas Day, and New Year’s YES we’re getting there, folks, so that artsy look will still be relevant.  Among other things my mother came home from Spain just recovering from a nasty viral flu (which silently came from me before she left & stalked her in Spain) so I did the groceries, errands, and gassing up in advance (don’t be too impressed, it’s not the picture in your head, I had her driver because she was away lol) before her return.  When she came back within 2 days we had cousins IMPROMPTU come over to sleepover, EAT, go to Enchanted Kingdom + friends, EAT, sleepover, and EAT again… and there went the groceries lol.




TOP: “Creme de La Creme” tank by Bershka SHORTS: Forever21 studded shorts SLIPPERS: Havaianas Ltd. Edition Cheshire Cat


SUNSCREEN: Avene High Protection SPF50 sunscreen “Very Water Resistant” (WARNING: the spray is a squirt, so spray onto hands first), BASE: Laura Mercier OIL-FREE Tinted Moisturizer “Nude”, CONCEALER: Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation SPF15 (used to conceal under eyes and around nose and mouth only, long-wearing), BRONZER: Dior NUDE TAN BB Creme 02 blended around edge of face towards center to take the pale sunscreen edge off the look POWDER: Laura Mercier Loose Mineral Powder in “Natural Beige”, BROWS: MAC Riri Veluxe Brow Pencil “Deep Brunette LIPS: Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Lippie “Crushing On You” BLUSH: Benefit Rockateur MASCARA: Maybelline Full ‘N Soft (U.S. only) Waterproof

For Beauty’s sake, in case you’re wondering, yes, I wore theme-park-appropriate makeup coz I knew there’d be photos (alongside a lot of young people, just in case you didn’t know, I’m 30) ! And no I didn’t bring ALL these with me, did the look at home and only took the powder, Happy Skin “Crushing on You” Lippie, MAC Riri Brow Pencil, LM tinted moistie and Avene Sunscreen along > ( the SPF which all the kids asked for in a hot minute…literally), wait, yea that’s half LOL.

The aim was to look fresh in photos, not DONE, that’s why I used a liquid foundation as my concealer, didn’t wanna go heavy but I wanted to make sure it would be longwearing.  I thought randomly this would be great to post since I hadn’t PLANNED to do a post on this at all when I pulled this look together.  Also, I was organically rushing so it’s quite the birthchild of sun & sweatproof requisites + on-the-go instinct.



Mom, at first, thought I was wearing a too much during breakfast at home because the WHITE-ish Avene sunscreen hadn’t oxidized beneath my tinted moisturizer yet, but once I got to the theme park and began sweating, the sunscreen & makeup + mineral powder began to blend in and I knew it looked just right for photos, and in person, too!  By the way this day was absolutely awesome because we hadn’t planned to be this many, we just randomly invited each other and others like friends of boyfriends and girlfriends etc came and joined us!  Then best of all, maybe not all will agree LOL, it rained in the evening and we rode the Space Shuttle rollercoaster in the DARK in the RAIN, I didn’t think it was a great idea strapped in my seat on the way up hahaha, but once we’d done it it was actually really, really cool.

 … To full post & COMMENTS...


VOLUSPA Black Figue & Chypre Candle | Smells Like Diptyque Baies Noir for Way Less

There’s an overflow of morning daylight shots on the blog, let’s balance it out a bit and go deeper.  Chilly ‘Ber breezes have found their way home and I’ve found a value-for-money scented candle alternative to burn versus Diptyque candles.  While I’ll never fully give up on owning Diptyque candles from time to time, Voluspa votive candles are more affordable luxury candles made in the U.S. but crafted with the same loving attention to detail, and they provide the same subtle but noticeable level of scent throw as Diptyque.



BLACK FIGUE & CHYPRE,  12Oz Classic MAISON NOIR Candle (Php2100, Dimensione) BURN – Approx. 85-90 hrs.

A breathtaking duo of currant and black fig blended into a heart of mysterious chypre…

It looks quite swag doesn’t it?  It’s a 12 oz candle, it’s huge!  Bigger than Diptyque’s Baies Noir candle for less!  And I love how their label design is their own, very ornately classic, this Figue & Chypre one is from Voluspa’s MAISON NOIR collection which are either deep berry based, musky, or sweet and warm, perfect selections to burn in the evening during fall or a great accent to have in a bachelor pad.  I plan to own one more when I make a trip back, I want a particular one from the MAISON BLANC collection (glass also looks like this but think white) which looks more dainty and feminine.  The Voluspa MAISON BLANC collection comprises of scents that are, on the other end of the spectrum, fruity or floral and fresh…bright and perfect for a pre-springime or daytime  burn come Jan and Feb.


To make my point quickly before rolling in the rest of the  photos, let me do a price comparison between these sizes: Diptyque’s Baies Noir Candle 10.5 oz (Baies scent in black glass) costs Php3950 (converted from $90 on website), while this VOLUSPA 120z Black Figue & Chypre (& Currant) candle which smells almost EXACTLY THE SAME AS BAIES cost me Php2100 from DimensioneThat lower price  for more at TWELVE Ounces, in an equally beautiful, tallish, ombre noir glass mug I can use for makeup brushes after.  Another price comparison, by the way for the smaller candles…Diptyque travel size candle (2.4oz): Php1400+, VOLUSPA travel size candle (2.5-2.8oz): Php695!  Do I have your attention now?  Read more to get the full review and more photos.

Continue reading VOLUSPA Black Figue & Chypre Candle | Smells Like Diptyque Baies Noir for Way Less


Benefit Holiday 2013 Plus a Pop Giveaway! | Until Oct.31! 3 They’re Real MINI Mascaras to Win!

Christmas came early this year and “Mother” Christmas was none other than the Global Beauty Authority lady for Benefit Cosmetics, Annie F. Danielson.  This was my second time to meet her, but the first time with really short hair 🙂  She brought us the “Whole Lotta Lovin’ ” Holiday Set for 2013 and a few other bits and bobs for Pushin & Poppin those lashes, primarily their world-famous They’re Real Mascara, of which I have 3 minis to giveaway!  Read through the post and the giveaway details are towards the end 🙂  Reminder this mascara giveaway is a quick one and ends in 3-4 days so there’s no better time to join than today! (Note: This Giveaway is Nationwide)



MY LOOT: Clockwise, Benefit They’re Real Mascara, Benefit Bad Gal Waterproof Eyeliner, Benefit Hydra Smooth Lipcolor in “Dare Me”, and the “Whole Lotta Lovin’ ” Holiday 2013 Forever Flattering Makeup Kit (available from local Benefit Cosmetics counters starting NOV. 1, 2013, for PHP2000.00).




I can safely suspect that this “Whole Lotta Lovin’ ” limited edition Holiday set by Benefit will sell out quickly once it hits counters this November I believe (will try to edit in the exact date).  It’s a very wearable selection of 3 of their long wearing eyeshadows: “Nude Swings”, “It’s Complicated”, and “Kiss Me I’m Tipsy”, 1 Creaseless Cream shadow in “No Pressure” (like a deeper version of “RSVP”), Benefit Boing concealer  in 02 & their best selling sculpting blush, Benefit Hoola.  You also get 2 nifty brushes for application.



Now here’s the giveaway part, I’m going to choose 3 winners to win these adorable baby size versions of Benefit’s bestselling They’re Real Mascara!  Aren’t they cuuuuuute…


What Annie told me to tell you guys is what’s cool is that you’re getting a travel size tube BUT with the full size wand.  What peeves her about travel versions of other mascaras is the downsizing of the wands which changes everything during application.  Here you get the original wand that gives you those longer, bigger lashes just as the full size product would, but in a more portable tube.  To join the giveaway just follow the 5 mandatory steps in the Rafflecopter widget below 🙂

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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