On Set with Xian Lim and Lala Flores – Watch my 2nd TVC airing, Globe SuperFB10

This was technically my first shoot which aired several days after my second shoot (Smart).  I had a bit of a laugh with myself coz of the thought that my first two jobs were suffice it to say almost rival ads.  I was on set as the makeup artist for the two female support talents, but the makeup you see on them a few photos below was disapproved and pared down to a natural school girl look which I never got to shoot at the end.  It was here at this shoot that I got to work on the same project team as celebrity makeup artist Lala Flores and meet the dashing shriek magnet, Xian Lim for the first time in person.

I spy a damp beauty blender and MAC Studio Fix powder in Lala’s hands for Xian’s touch ups :) Lala’s always so upbeat, she has you at “Hellooohhh” :)

Xian was a nice and good-humored talent to work with, in between takes he’d begin small conversations with us and crack jokes.  I kind of got a bit embarrassed coz he caught me nodding down when I was tired hahaha!

I wouldn’t have been able to do this shoot without my trusty freelance hairstylist for the day, Eddie Mar Cabiltes (who I’ve been booked with a lot lately).  He’s worked on TVCs, print ads, and magazine editorials for almost 4 years now, was a part of MEGA Fashion Crew, and he also has a hair blog at pinoyhairaffair.tumblr.com where he posts the MANY MANY projects he’s been part of.

Here are the support talents I made up, Krisha and Tasha (L-R) but honestly they’re not quite done yet here, I managed to squeeze in a moment to take their photo, but this makeup look was disapproved and changed to a more minimal look.  The clients had us make them less preppy and more believably schoolgirl fresh.  Watch the really QUICK, as in really quick, actual TVC of the Globe SuperFB10 promo below.  I’ve just recently finished another upcoming telecom ad and have two more shoots booked for next week.  God’s been really good to me.  I’m so happy about where I am right now.  I’d like to thank Provill productions, Cata, Abel, Franny, and Direk Adrian Calumpang for believing in me and giving me a chance to step up in my makeup career.  This is only the beginning of one of the best chapters of my life.

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Anastasia Lash Genius Waterproof Topcoat Preview – Fresh from Beverly Hills, Launching in May 2012

I’m proud to be able to present something for the second time from Anastasia Beverly Hills that’s due to launch this May 2012. Last month, The “A” team in Beverly Hills sent me an email to expect a parcel with their new baby, Anastasia Lash Genius Waterproof Topcoat which is basically a clear mascara sealant that will waterproof any favorite non-waterproof mascaras you might have.  I know what you’re thinking, that it’s too specific a product and might take up too small a niche to get noticed, ah but I discovered other uses for it aside from its initial purpose.

Dermatologist Tested | Opthalmologist Tested | Hypoallergenic | Paraben Free | Fragrance Free | Made in Italy

I’ve tried this and discovered a number of multiple uses for it other than its marketed purpose.  Read more for the full post and get my professional opinion on this nifty new product.… To full post & COMMENTS...

Like Water for MakeUp – Bioderma Sensibio H20 Solution Micellaire Cleanser goes into my Pro Kit

For Europe’s top makeup artists in the high fashion industry only one French makeup cleansing solution meets the standard which combines value with “excellent cutaneous (skin) and ocular (eye) tolerance.”  I’ve tried Bioderma Sensibio H2O today and got the best first hand product trial moment in quite awhile.  Lisa Eldridge would definitely approve, it’s the only steadfast makeup remover she consistently uses.

“Cleanses, removes make-up, soothes, NON-RINSE, FRAGRANCE-FREE.  A BIODERMA innovation, Sensibio H20 gently cleanses and removes makeup from face and eyes.  The micelles contained in its formula effectively micro-emulsify impurities while maintaining the cutaneous balance.  Soothing active ingredients prevent the skin feeling irritated.  Excellent cutaneous and ocular tolerance.”

Considering that I practically hadn’t slept properly for two days at a TVC shoot that ended at 6am this morning (with makeup on) it was the best time to try this prized, well-known makeup remover that industry insiders in Europe particularly swear by and which you will find on almost every makeup table backstage of Europe’s major catwalk and studio projects.  If I were to review this in one line, it feels like water that removes makeup and soothes the face afterwards.

INGREDIENTS: Water (Aqua), PEG-6 Caprylic/Capric Glycerides, Cucuvis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, Mannitol, Xylitol, Rhamnose, Fructooligosaccharides, propylene glycol, disodium EDTA, cetrimonium bromide. Hypoallergenic.

When the cotton pad soaked in this solution sank into my eye it was cool and refreshing and I wanted to keep the cotton on longer, I felt absolutely no stinging sensation.  I was happy to see waterproof mascara coming off with a few gentle rubs (after gently pressing and leaving it on the eye for a few seconds).  I like that this contains cucumber extract, it maintains the beauty regimen stereotype with cucumbers on the eyes in my mind.  What I also love is that after this removes your makeup, since it acts like a cleanser and non-drying toner as well (without the sting) you don’t need to use toner or necessarily wash your face after, though you still can of course if you feel more comfortable with that.  An additional tip would be to go over your lash line if you have stubborn mascara with a cotton bud aka Q-tip dipped in this solution.  I purchased my quite heavy 250ml bottle of Bioderma Sensibio H2O for EUR 16.90 or about Php950.00 + Php40.00 (post customs tax) from Ebay’s Krystian aka ebay seller virunga.eu , expiry is Dec.2013 and the bottle cap was sealed tight when it arrived about 2-3 weeks from purchasing it online. It’s been awhile since I’ve been THIS satisfied with an Ebay purchase.  This makeup remover in my opinion levels up my professional makeup kit significantly, I’m super glad I have it.  Here’s a video where Lisa Eldridge shows how she removes her makeup using Bioderma Sensibio H2O.  I also added another video under that where Lisa mentions Bioderma first in her French pharmacy favorites.



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Some Kind of a Quick FOTD – The Makeup Artist slash Wedding Guest

It’s been awhile since I’ve liked a photo of myself enough to make it my profile picture on almost every social media platform I use, that’s because I’m often too lazy to fix my own hair, which is a weakness on my part.  Photos like these are often unplanned, not premeditated, and quite spontaneous.  At a second wedding I did in Batangas last week I brought my freelance hairstylist for the day with me, Tricia Hermosura, who does part time hairstyling to mix it up a bit on the job end.  She’s got an eye for the pretty I can tell ya’ and even though she thinks she’s not yet “that experienced” I’m tellin’ ya I can spot hot talent the way I spot stray hairs in  TVC, ergo quite quickly.

After doing makeup for yet another bride, her maid of honor, and the mothers I was left with just enough time to spare to fix myself.  I did a photography friendly natural look and asked Tricia for some help with my hair.  Here’s my lovely hairstylist Tricia who’s actually a very good advertising pillar of her craft, she looks gorgeous on the job!

When we caught up with the ceremony I pulled a fresh flower from the wedding aisle pot next to me and stuck it behind my ear (an observing secondary sponsor lady from afar even gave me a thumbs up to my surprise LOL!), I then fixed the camera settings, then asked Tricia to take a photo.  Sometimes great photos don’t take an arm and a leg to set up, it’s all about the moment and sometimes it just happens, you just have to be there, Care Bear.  Would you like to know what products I used to create my look?  Natural looks can be deceiving, they photograph like there weren’t many products used but in truth natural looks that improve a dull appearance and render flawlessly on camera are often the most painstaking to create.  Let me know if you want a list

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TIGI Bed Head Foxy Curls Contour Cream – A Sweet Way to sorta Scrunch it Up

I told a friend when I first saw this hair contour product that it looked like if I rubbed it a genie just might ascend from the bottle.  Yea, I know, they usually come from magic lamps…not bottles (except in Christina Aguilera’s song), kaya pala my friend never got what I was trying to say, hahahaha.  It has something to do with the shape of it.  I’m also wearing the most excessively sold knit shirt on the face of…Singapore, I spotted 3 girls wearing this already so far, one in SG and two here in the Philippines and it super annoys me because I thought I was “special” LOL.

TIGI Bed Head’s local PR team send me a bottle of this Foxy Curls Contour Cream to try, thank you so much.  I really need to be slightly more on my toes when it comes to my hair.

I decided to do this really cheesy pose for the post simply because of how infectious the shirt is.  I won’t even hesitate to say there’s a style outbreak of shirts like this and I can’t let go of that fact until now.  Julia is feeling generic LOL.  Read more to see how this makes my hair look in the full post… To full post & COMMENTS...

The WINNERS of My Neutrogena Week5 Pop Guess Giveaway are…

The correct answer to the question which side I was wearing BB Cream on in this giveaway was:


And wow, it seems EVERYONE got the answer correct this time, aba noh.  Sorry, I still had to pick out only two (2) random winners from all the correct answers.  So without further adieu congratulations to:

1. Avi B.

2. Nikka

CONGRATULATIONS!  Please be sure to email me right away at probinsiyana(at)gmail(dot)com and I’ll give you instructions on how to claim your prizes!  Everyone keep your eyes peeled and keep reading for more delightful beauty features and fun-filled giveaways to brighten your day.  Love you!

TERMS AND CONDITIONS of the Giveaway were:

  • Entry open to Metro Manila residents only.
  • Two winners will be picked randomly from correct answers
  • Blessmybag.com and Neutrogena are the sole promoters of this giveaway
  • Competition CLOSED March 14, 2012 at 23:00/11pm
  • Winner will be notified within the week before the next Pop Guess giveaway
  • Prizes are for claiming from the Neutrogena Headquarters, location will be disclosed to the winners.
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Saying it Sweet for StrawberryNET – The Online Discounted Cosmetics Store I Really Like

StrawberryNET Online Discount Cosmetic shopping with Free Worldwide Shipping from Hong Kong relieves my frustration as a local beauty blogger who often can’t get certain imported items here from the limited brand counter selections available.  I’ve blogged about StrawberryNET several times and nearly each announcement of a new sale never fails to bring me to the site to check out what’s up for grabs.  I don’t always walk away with a purchase, but I like being in the know almost all the time.

What makes StrawberryNET special for me is the rotation of discounted luxury cosmetics, constant promos, and the quality and speed with which they dispatch orders (I usually receive mine within 2 weeks from the purchase).  On top of that, every purchase increases your chances of getting an added loyalty discount on top of your discounted purchase.

What’s still pretty new with StrawberryNet is their online app for iPhone and Android smartphone users.  It’s convenient and right at your fingertips and you can even track the dispatch and processing of a purchase you’ve made using the app.  Check out StrawberryNET and see what’s on and affordable for you at the moment!  Here are their upcoming promos for the remainder of March 2012.  I just made my 7th purchase ever from StrawberryNET and I’ll be sharing here what items I got when they arrive in a few weeks!  Am sooo excited…

07 Mar 201231 Mar 2012New Lines
08 Mar 201214 Mar 2012Haircare 10% Off
14 Mar 201215 Apr 2012Special Purchase
12 Mar 201218 Mar 2012Free Gift Over US$50 Spend
19 Mar 201208 Apr 2012Easter Promotion

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Majolica Majorca Summer Glam Promo Begins Today!

Quick summer deal for you!  You know I love Majolica Majorca’s Lash Expander frame mascara which I’ve already reviewed in the past.  Beginning today, they’re having a buy 1 take 1 limited promo on the blue black formula! Yea, yea I know why couldn’t it have been the black one but hey, for you makeup artists out there it’s always good to have a high quality blue mascara in your kit for those artistic looks. For Php795.00 you get two blue black mascaras instead of just one!

For those of you rocker, artsy chicks who aren’t afraid to rock those blue lashes this is a “sdeal”!  Like Majolica Majorca Philippines on Facebook.

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