Concealer Sequel – Part 2 Liquid Concealer, Liquid Time Balm Spot Concealer

Ok, sorry, the sequel to the two part concealer feature took awhile to put up, forgive me.  The photos have been in the folder for forever since July, but I didn’t want to put it up unless I could give it proper attention.  I’m featuring something that I first tried in Singapore the last time I was here but, thankfully for you ladies, I bought these at Beauty Bar in Manila.

Liquid Time Balm Concealer by The Balm is meant to be a spot concealer and for a liquid it has excellent coverage I’ll tell you now and the colors are nearly perfect for Asian skin.  The Balm products are available locally.  The product brand name isn’t very appealing and a bit “off center” I believe, but the item itself is great.

One tube costs Php800+ but a little dab goes a long way.  The formula contains tea tree oil which you can slightly smell, the smell is pleasant, herbal, and not strong, making it a safe and suitable option for concealing zits and blemishes plus adding a little bit of treatment.  I got two color in the shades Nude and Honey, Nude being the liquid equivalent of MAC NC30 and Honey for the deeper NC35.  One is too light for my eyebags but great for my spots, and the other color honey is too dark for my facial area but perfect for my undereye circles and redness around the nose or on top of my lip.

Straightaway, with its doe foot applicator, one can see this can certainly be a dupe for liquid concealers which perform similarly, like Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer or Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place liquid Concealer.  Read more to see more photos, swatches, and face application of Liquid Time Balm.… Read the rest

Faces and Places – Motives Makeup, Mario Dedivanovic, and Kim

I was naively cruising through YouTube for some behind-the-scenes stuff to share with you guys.  I was simply searching using the keywords “behind the scenes celebrity makeup” and actually aiming for some on-location dressing room prep action.  What I didn’t expect to find was a wonderful quality video of a makeup workshop with Mario Dedivanovic sponsored by Motives cosmetics (made popular by JLo, that line is available locally through private direct sellers), Josie Maran, and Sigma brushes.

I cluelessly watched this video and thought “Oh, his name is Mario DeDIVAnovic, whoever this Mario is, he’s pretty good!  He’s good at covering flaws and reshaping the face.”  I Googled his name and felt like a complete idiot once I found out who he actually was…

Yes, Mario happens to be Kim Kardashian’s favorite makeup artist.  In fact, Kim chose Mario to do her makeup for her upcoming big day, he says so here on his blog.  In the video above it seems as if his makeup is “too thick”, but the truth is Mario specializes in makeup that makes girls look PERFECT in pictures as he sculpts and “corrects” using different layers of makeup with strong traditional techniques.  You’ll notice that at the end of the video, after they shoot the girl who looks like she has LOTS of makeup, her photo is fit for a glossy magazine and almost looks like it could do without the least bit of photoshop-ing.  Have you heard of Motives makeup?  Would any of you be interested in being TOTALLY made up for a glossy magazine, and I mean like really made up?  I know I would, even just to be able to experience the level of technique used as it happens on my face.  You can see in the video that Mario really improves on the status quo, it’s all about excellent enhancing right? Read more to see actual videos of Mario Dedivanovic completing Kim Kardashian’s ultimate favorite makeup look on her from start to finish.… Read the rest

Sleek “Oh So Special” Eyeshadow Palette – Lotsa Mattes and Neutrals

I must say, because this arrived from the UK undamaged and brand spanking new, it’s official, I HEART EBAY.  Pardon the grass, brother’s varsity training at school…

I first saw the Sleek Oh So Special palette on Charlotte’s blog,  When I saw what a lovely combination of colors it had and more importantly how many matte shades there were I knew this was a keeper…and certainly OH SO SPECIAL.  Read more to see the names of the shades, colors swatched on my arm, and more photos.… Read the rest

Maybelline Volum’ Express Hypercurl Mascara + Cat Eyes – A Dynamic Duo for Pros

I thought it was about time that I featured this mascara range by Maybelline since for the third time yesterday I spotted a tube of one of these in another pro makeup artist’s kit.  These aren’t new, they’ve been around for almost two years now.

Previously, before yesterday, I spotted both tubes of these variants in Jeoff Moran’s pro kit, Jeoff is one of Emphasis Salon’s in-demand makeup artists and I have watched him, he’s one of the best I’ve ever seen locally.  Before that time, I spotted the same mascara in a veteran freelancer’s collection at Tinette & Co. at Fort.  Yesterday, I saw the cat eyes variant in the kit of 4-year make-up pro, Clarence who is currently cast in a local style reality show.   Given that I’ve spotted these magic wands in the hands of some of the country’s best make-up masters, they deserve an appropriate segment of show and tell.  The tubes of the hypercurl range are certainly eye-catching wrapped in a chrome pink and black.

There are two editions of Hypercurl mascaras, the first one is the  standard Php 250.00 Volum’ Express Hypercurl with 3x Volume boost and 75% “curl” effect…

…and the second is the Volum’ Express Hypercurl Cat Eyes variant that claims to give 5x more volume and the same amount of “curl” which also comes in a limited edition tube with Hello Kitty on it, it also costs almost double the first one at Php450.00 and I’m still trying to understand why.  Both versions are waterproof.  Click “Read More” to see how the mascara wands are different and see me trying on both mascaras.

 … Read the rest

My Hero Poll – Vote now, Chris or Chris? Hammer or Shield?

Let’s bring some testosterone into the picture for inspiration’s sake and a healthy “kilig” boost of endorphins.  I’ve placed a voting poll at the end of this post and guys are welcome to vote in this matter of preference.  I mean really, take note, they’re both named Chris, super handsome, and now ravishingly ripped.  For now, as it seems in the world of entertainment, lean is no longer mean.  So who’s your Chris, Thor or Captain America?  Who’s it gonna be, Ladies, Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans?  In terms of build, I’ve always preferred broad shouldered men, so I’m like splitting hairs here.  Here are some photos to help you in your vote at the bottom.  The Marvel Man poll will be open for voting for a week.  I shall share which one of these two heroes gets my vote by then.  You may still leave a comment below the post if you want to expound on who you voted for and why, but that’s optional of course :).

TOP: Chris Hemsworth as Thor, BOTTOM: Chris Evans as Captain America
LEFT: Chris Hemsworth as Thor, RIGHT: Chris Evans as Captain America
TOP: Chris Evans as Captain America , BOTTOM: Chris Hemsworth as Thor

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