Beauty Tour – Rustan’s Cosmetic Festival 2011, all of September…

Over the counter beauty chika, brand specific beauty workshops, launches and more to be found all this September between Rustan’s Grand Mall/Rustan’s Makati and a few events from Rustan’s Alabang, just check out the calendar on the site right here..  .  I’ve also highlighted the events I’m interested in at the bottom.

Sorry I’m late, you’ve missed a week of grandness already, you can stab me with eyeliner…go ahead.  I feel awful that I missed the NARS event which was happening right under my nose yesterday when I didn’t happen to be out.  It was my friend Yelle, who tapped me about this…thanks, dear.  I’m eyeing the next best events which I think are:

SEPT. 10, 11 –   The Paul and Joe Workshop RSVP:09178217571,

SEPT.14 – The Dermalogica Workshop  3pm at Dermalogica Spa 5th Flr Rustans Makati ,

SEPT. 16 – Laura Mercier Flawless Face Workshop Grand Mall  4pm Rustans Makati ,

SEPT 17 –  Estee Lauder On Counter Activity Rustans Makati & Shangri-la, Bobbi Brown Launch, MAC Me Over Grand Mall Rustans Makati, Clinique Make up Consultations “Fall in love with color” Rustans Makati, Shangri-la & Alabang, Shu Uemura On Counter Workshop Rustan’s Makati

SEPT. 18 – MAC Me Over Grand Mall Rustans Shangri-la , Shu Uemura On Counter Workshop

SEPT. 22,23, 24, 25  – Kanebo Workshop Lunasol A/W Collection Rustan’s Alabang

SEPT. 24 – Max Factor Makeover w/ Chief Artist Bobby Carlos 3-5pm at Rustan’s Grand Mall

Are any of these events calling out to you?  These aren’t all of them, these are simply the ones I’m interested in, there’s more happening from skincare brands as well like Perricone, La Prairie,  Murad, and even Phyto and Imedeen.  Check out the site right here :).  Who knows?  We might see each other in one of them :).

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Style Snippet: Revival of the Kiss Lock – My Nine West Fun & Fancy Kiss Lock

It was Miu Miu that  made a BIG statement with these for fall.  Giant, otherwise (if they weren’t Miu Miu lol) dowdy kiss lock clutch “purses” were cradled coolly by models on the runway for the A/W 2011 season. The oversize factor of these bags weaves a certain playfulness into what might’ve been the expected somber and deep trends for the season.  Now with these your boyfriends may no longer offer to carry your bag for you LOL big, often strapless, and slightly unstructured, it might spell out “hassle” for him at first glance.  Big clutches were already floating about in the style scene, but Miu Miu seems to have brought back the kiss lock one at full throttle.  Photo credit to The Bag Lady.

Even Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast was drawn in by these Miu Miu marvels, she says so here.  Those close to me know I’ve got a bit of an old lady in me, but this “old” soul likes more flirty pretty things and almost none of these purse colors appealed to me, save for the brown which is a workable classic.  I really liked the idea of the kiss lock purse but I did’t see how one would appear to suit my liking.  Bags this huge would only enhance my smallness and I happen to be the world’s best klutz so at first I thought “No, thank you”.  Then the Heavens opened and I found one without really searching for it, when I was looking for a gift for a friend I hovered over this beauty at Nine West, and it was on sale.  Behold my pretty Nine West “Fun and Fancy” Kiss Lock purse/handbag.

I liked how from afar the rosette like design resembled origami.  This is not too huge and not quite tiny either it’s about 1 foot/12 inches in width and about 7 inches deep.

  There’s a bit of kitsch to it right down to the tie dye/marble/ombre color thing happening right across the board, but it’s an acceptable amount for me, and I quite like it.  The elaborate crafted design is only on one side, and at first I thought let down, but then again not really.

When I used it I understood why it was more convenient for one side to be plain.  I may lay this down on a number of different surfaces and it was more comfortable to have by my side that way.  This has become one of my default “going out to nice dinner” or “after 6″ bags.  It certainly is an eye catcher, I brought this out twice tucked under my arm and had other girls and ladies looking at it from a distance (hopefully not in ridicule LOL).  Read more to see more photos and find out what fit inside this purse for the photo!… To full post & COMMENTS...

Dior J’Adore Charlize Theron – Digital Magic Resurrects Hollywood Glamour

It’s been awhile since a TV commercial blew me away with its beauty, artistic style, and of course “invisible” visual effects.  In Dior’s new J’Adore fragrance spot with the breathtakingly beautiful Charlize Theron digital magic conjures up a major wow-I-didn’t-see-that-coming-is-that-actually-real factor.  Why?  Watch this and see what I mean…

See, I told you so. You may now pop your eyes back in and blink if you like.


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Shu Uemura Holiday 2011 – Behind the Scenes with Wong Kar Wai

I’m really excited for the full feature.  I’ll post the link to the actual teaser at the bottom, but I first got the tip off from British Beauty Blogger on the behind the scenes video for Shu Uemura’s 2011 holiday collection.

It was posted on Facebook sourced from this link, to simplify for you ladies I saved the little clip and placed it on here for your viewing pleasure.  Watching how this was shot and put together by talented makeup artists and Wong Kar Wai who is a  be-sunglassed Hong Kong film director really got me into the groove this morning. I just want to watch it over and over…

…and here is the teaser online at YouTube…it’s soo pretty I so I hate that it isn’t the whole thing yet.  Just click on this link.

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My first NARS purchase – NARS Pure Matte Lipstick “Bangkok”

The only NARS product I ever owned was a hand-me-down stick concealer from Mom in the shade “Custard”, and I finished that wonderful product all the way down to the tube’s abyss which I quite generally mentioned here at this link, scraping out the remaining bits with a tiny brush.  NARS products are almost immaculate and expensively so.  I’ve not yet read or heard anything negative about the prestigious cosmetic brand by Francois Nars but I always come across raves about their exceptionally good lipsticks and blushes.


Last week I bought my first product ever by the brand, a tube of NARS Pure Matte lipstick in an elegant rosy neutral named “Bangkok”.   Bangkok is a more reserved less deeper version of my Make Up For Ever Mat 5 but definitely possesses the same color tone.

I’ve feel I’ve chosen poorly in terms of exhibition, meaning in regard of the blog post I feel it might’ve been better if I had chosen a stronger shade for you guys to see like “Vesuvio” perhaps which is a properly cool matte red.  However, I really made this purchase for myself and chose something I’d wear any day, because of the steep price at Php1400.00 Bangkok was the sensible choice.  Read more to see this shade tested on my hand and worn on the lips.… To full post & COMMENTS...

So good it’s gone – Majolica Majorca 2-Way powder foundation compact

I know I owe you posts.  Sorry, I’ve been busy collecting payments, making deposits, having job interviewsn (for extra), and going to one or two shoots.  So right after this I’ll make it a double with another post to make it up to you ladies.

I’ve already reviewed this and I did tell you a few months back that I liked this Majolica Majorca 2-Way Skin Remaker Pore Cover (mouthful) compact right before I discovered CANMAKE 5-Effects Foundation.  The proof that something was worth the purchase is when you hit pan, I hit pan roughly one to two months ago.

Like I said before, when I reviewed this for the first time, this makeup is perfect for girls who have no time to faff around with brushes while they take public transpo and it’s perfect for touchups.  I swipe this on and I have a flawless face in 2 mins before I proceed to blush, brows, mascara and lips.  This was half a shade too light for me at OC10, I’ve discovered I’m more of a BE10 or BE20, you can read the full review here in this older post.  The best thing about this is it’s available at SM Department Store Beauty halls.

I’ve paused in using this currently because it is quite mattifying  (without being chalky, it’s silky) and my skin can be dry at times, but this is a no fail solution for primetime evening events, you’ll look flawless in  photos when you apply this with a dampened sponge.  That way it goes somewhat creamy and then sets like a powder foundation.  It reminds me of Ellana’s mineral powder foundation but in compact form, Ellana is a locally acclaimed mineral cosmetic line which is a great option if you can’t afford Bare Escentuals/Bare Minerals.  I’m actually hoping Ellana will come out with a handy compact version of their loose powder foundations, I can imagine it should perform similar to this. That would be a more affordable breakthrough.  This compact costs about Php 1,100 with the case, refills alone cost about Php700-Php800.00.… To full post & COMMENTS...

StrawberryNet Worldwide Discount Shopping App on iPhone and Android

If you’ve been bit by the beauty bug and haven’t discovered I’ve blogged about it here before  like almost 2 years ago.  Strawberry Net is Free Shipping Shopping business based in Hong Kong (has a nice ring to it) with minimum and maximum discount specials all year round, and now they just got “apped” for iPhone and Android phones! These are screenshots from my Samsung Galaxy S Android Phone.  Strawberry Net is more of a sure bet for me than Ebay where you deal with various anonymous sellers and 2 out of 20 times something just might get lost, not with these guys.  One of the foreign models I’ve made up even admits that her sister, who models also if I’m not mistaken, buys makeup from StrawberryNet.

What I love about Strawberry Net is how quickly they ship compared to ebay considering that their shipping is FREE!  It only takes about 10 working days in an ideal situation for a purchase to arrive.  Even Charlotte commended their speediness here at this link when she bought her Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick at half price from them, it got to her in two days and she’s in the UK!  Which only tells me how SLOW our local customs department really is when they process incoming teeny weeny shipments like these :( They only put on the approval stamp for pickup about a week or two after it arrives!  For Android users (I know there are more of you locally) the Strawberry Net app is available Free on the Android Market, make sure you download the lastest one updated August 27th.

My purchases from Strawberry Net (I’ve only had 3 in the last 2 years) always come wrapped with care, as you can see here in an older post.  If you’ve purchased from them before you can easily log in with your email and they’ll remember you.  What I like about Strawberry Net is the loyalty discount they apply and with every purchase a minimum percentage discount is added.

Brands are listed in Alphabetical Order but they are also categorized by Fragrance, Skincare, and Cosmetics.  They carry lots of hard to find American, European, and luxurycosmetic and personal care brands like Bobbi Brown, T’ Le Clerc, By Terry, Dermalogica, Laura Mercier, BECCA, Estee Lauder, Guerlain, Gosh, Bourjois, Kiehl’s, Kanebo, MAC, Make Up For Ever, Shu Uemura, Revlon, NARS, Fusion Beauty, Givenchy, Giorgio Armani and SO MANY MORE there are too many good brands to mention.  Read more to see more screenshots and how the shopping cart or checkout page looks like.… To full post & COMMENTS...

Gary V. Gets Airbrushed – M. Lhuillier Shoot by Xander Angeles

Bless My Bag’s first man in the mirror is none other than one of the Philippines’ most celebrated music icons, top performer and singer, Gary Valenciano.  Today you get backstage access to a not so recent shoot by big time local photographer Xander Angeles (one of Mark Nicdao’s associates) for Gary’s retail and print merchandise for M. Lhuillier.

We also had celebrity stylist Michael Salientes (right) on board who stayed diligent with his trusty iron throughout the shoot.  Michael is a celebrity stylist, one of the best in the Philippines, today.  He is also the stylist of Sarah Geronimo and also happens to be a good friend of my mother.  To his left is Vina, Gary’s dedicated aide and road manager.

Today, for a change, it’s time to see makeup done on a man!  M.Lhuillier’s main man for their campaign to be exact.  There is one thing I must apologize for though, I do remember saving the makeup artist’s contact to my phone but for some reason now her name isn’t in my phonebook!  So unintentionally this wonderful lady here doing Gary’s airbrushed makeup remains anonymous.  If any of you know her, just let me know and I’ll edit her name in.  There won’t be  elaborate descriptions of the makeup done on Gary, just short captions, but I do promise  that there are lots of photos from the shoot right here.

The mystery Makeup artist preps Gary’s face by hydrating it with an Evian spray mist.

Xander makes a few calls before setup while waiting for hair and makeup to finish…

Click “Read More” to continue and see the rest of the feature with more captions and photos.… To full post & COMMENTS...

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