“Easter” isn’t about the Eggs – Some fond memories and my thoughts on it

I’ve not begun typing in order to condemn the use of rabbits, eggs, ducklings, or chicks this Easter Sunday.  In my book they’re acceptable for fun as long as they defer and not overtake the true celebration of Easter rather than become a distraction, besides, I love chicks, I had a yellow chick named Jack once.  I have a fond memory of Resurrection Sunday in my mind right now.  There was a time when I was about 4 or 5 years old and we spent Holy Week with my mother’s clan at a relative’s beach resthouse in Tali Beach, Batangas.  At the crack of dawn on Easter morning I woke up alone on my mattress after a few days already at the beach to the sound of either my mom or aunt’s voice wide awake outside shouting “Hallelujah, Jesus is Alive!!” even before the rooster crowed I believe.  That erased what would’ve been the common urge in mind to greet people “Happy Easter”.  We also had a Grand Easter egg hunt that day made of beautifully painted real chicken eggs done by a lot of us, no plastic eggs and they were hidden in hard to find places around the beach house.  We used white crayons on the eggs first to make our designs or patterns, then when the eggs were dipped in dye the patterns in crayon would resist the dye and you had a subtractive design. Here’s a photo of one similar summer but I think this wasn’t the same trip that formed the memory, this was around 1 or 2 years later but also in Tali, in another friend’s house.  Uh, that’s me on the left edge of the photo and beside me is my first (as in first) cousin Paolo, Tito Gary’s eldest son, Tita Donna and Tito Anthony are behind us.


22 “For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ all shall be made alive.”

 1 Corinthians 15:22 New King James Version (NKJV)


We still made use of the eggs as part of the fun but we always had the Word and the Gospel preached or shared among us first by either my dad, Tito Gary, or one of the other uncles.  The root word Easter ironically is not of Christian origin even, Easter comes from the name of Eostre “This mythical figure is said to have been the goddess of the sunrise and the spring. She is the Teutonic goddess of the dawn. The direction of the sunrise, East, is named for her. In Norse mythology, the name is spelled Eostare. Another considered the Norse/Saxon goddess of spring is Ostara. Eastre is believed to be an ancient word for spring.” Of course although it may be someone else’s form of tradition I don’t fully believe in the root of Easter because of that mythical figure.  I’d rather believe in Resurrection Sunday which holds true power for me because of God’s changing, saving grace in my life.  I found a video unlike most “Easter” videos.  It contains some clips from the Nativity then mostly the Passion, not the violent parts, but the parts with Mary and Jesus in it, which I love.  The song being sung is Perfect Love by Darlene Zschech of Hillsong, it’s inspired to be Mary’s loving, motherly song about her Son’s beauty and sacrifice.  I pray God blesses and touches you personally tomorrow, Happy Resurrection Sunday!  Here is the video that nearly moved me to tears even without much of the violence.

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Summerization – Stuff I’ve been using almost everyday now

The heat is on!  I’ve been wanting to do this post for a few days now, but the lazy summer mood got to me.  One or two of these items are new but I’ve been using them practically everyday since I got it, and two of the items are almost empty.

From left (reviewed items in bold): 1. Shikai Natural Color Care Shampoo, 2. Maybelline VolumExpress HyperCurl Waterproof Mascara, 3. The Body Shop Banana Conditioner, 4. BeFine Gentle Cleanser, 5. Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation, 6. Bioderma Sensibio H2O, 7.  Nivea Smoothy Cream calming moisturizer, 8. Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream, 9. MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural baked/pressed powder in shade MEDIUM. (dapat ginawa ko nang 10 para nicer, pero these were the only ones that were top of mind at the moment)

1. Shikai Natural Color Care Shampoo – I picked this up at S&R, I forget now whether it was Fort or Alabang, but both outlets should have it.  It’s about Php500 and I like that it’s a natural lathering, UV shielding color care formula with a light scent and with an ingredients list that isn’t as long as your leg.  I’ll review it soon.  They also have a normal variant for untreated hair.

2. Maybelline VolumExpress HyperCurl Waterproof Mascara – I’ve reviewed this na in the past and I’m liking it even more now. It’s a great ALL-AROUND mascara that holds curl, isn’t too gloopy, doesn’t clump and gives just the right of volume without smudging.

3. The Body Shop Banana Conditioner   –  I LOVE THIS.  Basically, this is how good it is, it’s got that yummy tropical scent, if you like bananas and a bit of coconut, I don’t think there’s coconut but something in it smells similar.  It’s made my color-treated hair feel like untreated healthy hair.  So far I don’t get the “frizzy” dryness that usually accompanies colored hair and I’ve got bounce and shine.  Bananas in Pajamas, gotta give it to ’em.  I use this every other day when shampooing.  I don’t shampoo everyday to let my hair and scalp be themselves for a bit, chemical-free at least for a day in between and also to avoid unnecessary hair-fall.  I’m also not a sweaty person so that’s not disgusting for me to have a non-shampoo day.  They’re on sale 50% off until April 26.

4. BeFine Gentle Cleanser – I had to switch over my facial cleanser months ago because my face was suddenly mildly rejecting the Clean & Clear foaming glycerin facial wash I’ve loved for years.  I think it just needed a break from unnatural chemicals.  So I picked up this BeFine Gentle Cleanser from Beauty Bar, which isn’t cheap at Php900 for 100ml but it lasted me a LONG time (2-3months) because of its economical pump.  It’s a paraben free, cruelty free cleanser made of mint, oats, rice and sugar.   It took some getting used to because of the minty scent on the face when lathering up, a bit like the scent of a good minty toothpaste, but there’s no annoying menthol cooling feel, don’t worry.  My skin feels light,  refreshed and ready for a little moisturizer and I don’t get the annoying itch after.

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The Romance in RUBEDO – A Blushing New Metal Created by Tiffany’s

I’ve never talked about jewelry that isn’t costume jewelry, we’re talking bout real bedazzlers this time.  RUBEDO is a lovely new metal created in time for Tiffany & Co.’s 175th Anniversary celebration.  Its pure, pinkish hue mimicks that of the currently trendy rose gold.  As of late you’ll find rose gold accents popping up almost everywhere (though I personally think it doesn’t suit EVERY skintone like they say), from the oversized ladies watches to the Elizabeth Arden Aurora collection, but there’s something inherently cleaner about RUBEDO, something more attractive than the idea of rose gold.

If you’re on the market for something new RUBEDO is very feminine and has just stepped into the limelight.  I noticed there are 2 rings I believe in the collection (before the earrings above) and to me one wide one is pretty but horribly huge and looks like a corset or girdle for my finger and the other collection ring is far too branded right the way along the band for me to be fond of.  I’m intent on rectifying that at the very least in theory.  From the internet I took a photo of 1 engagement ring and digitally made it over visually changing the band to RUBEDO, one Tiffany Style 6-claw ring.

Some of you who are more comfortable with whatever is traditional would probably prefer the usual, safe platinum or silver bands, but to me after doing this photo makeover makes me feel like I’d just brought a  ring from Pleasantville back into my world of color, and I like it very much.  The idea of a rosy, blushing engagement ring would suit the mood upon “receiving” it I think *blush.  I’ve not got MARRIAGE constantly on my mind 24/7, please don’t be mistaken in thinking that, I just couldn’t shake the thought of a lovely, simple Rubedo ring with a name inside and nothing is quite as sophisticated as an engagement ring.  It’s a pretty thought that I just wanted to see manifested in an image at least (I’m so glad I’m digitally keen).  For sure my husband-to-be wouldn’t want Rubedo wedding rings (neither would I) butI thought it would be so nice to have “my” rosy Rubedo engagement ring sitting atop a platinum/silver wedding ring, the contrast in color would remind me of the heat of the moment “when I was asked”.… To full post & COMMENTS...

Laura Mercier Portfolio Collection – Just Launched last March 2012

I’ve only confirmed from another source online, Atelier Beauty blog which is Singaporean, that this lovely Laura Mercier limited edition Portfolio collection arrived on their counters last March 2012, I haven’t yet confirmed whether this collection will wash up on Philippine shores or is already available locally.  Info posted is referenced from Atelier Beauty’s FB page.

Laura Mercier Custom Artist Portfolio for Home & Away

– Designed with a rigid outer shell case wrapped in metallic, pewter snakeskin material
– Includes four multi-size mesh cosmetic bags, easily removable with built in magnets
– Features a unique pocketed brush page
– Two refillable 6 and 3-well Custom Compacts that hold your favorite eye, cheek and lip godets


 Wayne Goss demonstrates what the Laura Mercier portfolio case looks like in this video.

Limited Edition collection set to hit counters this March.

Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour
A micro-fine, innovative pressed powder that delivers natural colour and unprecedented wear with extreme comfort.

Available in five NEW, permanent shades:  Heather Pink, Peach Whisper, Soft Iris,  Honey Mocha,  Sweet Mandarin

Laura Mercier Sheer Crème Colour *limited edition*
A crème face colour that provides a soft veil of colour for a “bonne mine” (healthy glow) effect.

Available in three shades: Pearl Glow Veil, Pink Cheek Veil,  Bronze Veil

Laura Mercier Lip Glaze *limited edition*
A lip gloss that provides sheer colour and shine to lips.

Available in three shades:  Soft Pink, Plum, Lotus Bloom

Laura Mercier Eye Colour *limited edition*

Available in three shades:  Merlot Sateen,  Golden Crème Luster,  Seashell Pink Sateen

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MAC and Bobbi Brown – Duty Free Delights from Bangkok

Mom just got back from Phuket and Bangkok.  I didn’t want to send a list over there with her even though she told me to give her one because it was a business trip and she hardly had any time, but last minute yesterday she texted that she’d be at the Duty Free (tax free shopping) area and she asked me what I wanted.  I told her to choose from my pre-selection of 2 MAC brow pencils and a Studio Fix powder, a full coverage powder foundation.  She got both in Bangkok, ‘coz in Duty Free Phuket there wasn’t a MAC store in sight, and she threw in a pair of the highly acclaimed long-wear gel eyeliners of Bobbi Brown as a surprise bonus from in-flight Duty Shopping on board Thai Airways.

CLOCKWISE: MAC Studio Fix Powder NC30 – Price in Bangkok: THB 1190.00, Php 1666.00, US$38 (Orig cost in the U.S. $27),

MAC automatic Brow Pencils “Lingering”, “Brunette”  – Price for each Bangkok: THB 595.00, Php835, US$20 (Orig cost in the U.S. $15)

Bobbi Brown Long -wear Gel Eyeliner DUO SET “Black Ink” and “Sepia Ink” – Price on board Thai Airways : US$47 (Orig individual cost in the U.S. $22 each pot)

That Bobbi Brown bonus was exactly what I wanted to have and I didn’t even tell her that I secretly wanted that.  The truth is I’VE NEVER OWNED ANYTHING BY BOBBI BROWN COSMETICS IN MY ENTIRE LIFE because the price always put me off and I could never part with that much money (by myself)  for just one or two items.  Moms are cool like that and duty free is the best way to go for luxe cosmetics.  She probably remembered that I complimented a friend’s wife at a reception who claimed she was wearing Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner.  I’m super excited to review these items for you.  Happy Holy Thursday!… To full post & COMMENTS...

Urban Decay Body Jewelry down $25-$4, Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette ETC

From the start, when these first Body Jewelry Tattoos by Urban Decay came out in the beauty news I thought they were ridiculously priced, pegged at an absolutely ridiculous amount for whatever feeble amount of tattoos you got.  They came out shortly after the Chanel ones did.  At the time if I’m not mistaken they were about $29.00.  It’s nice to finally see the price of these drop to something more sensible (for temp tattoos) even just for a short while.

I’d certainly get these for $4.00 after it dropping from the $25 mark.  If  you’re interested I suggest now is the time to contact houseofflair.multiply.com and ask for some Pre-ordering help.  Hehehe.  The XL sized Eden Primer potion (a matte skin shade) is also marked down at 50% off from $24, so it’s now $12, and that XL size contains 60% more product than the original size.  Oh, and of course it’s impossible that you haven’t heard about Urban Decay’s latest foolproof bait for all us beauty fish in the sea, the reformulated, relaunched Urban Decay single eyeshadows hand-in-hand with the Build Your Own custom palette.  I personally like Jen’s simple little video demonstration and swatching of her own Build Your Own palette which was given to her since she was one of the bloggers at the launch.  The smoother now longer-lasting single eyeshadows come in cases with a little skylight window so you can see the shades instantly, BUT WAIT…THERE’S MORE.  They pop out of their little houses like so…

This tiny tin I think will far outdo the NAKED craze in different ways, especially for makeup professionals like myself, and what if, just what if, they come out with an 8 or 12-pan size palette…omg.  I personally thing an 8 or 9-pan one would have been more tempting, but still this has me all over it already.  The custom palette comes with a brush and a default eyeshadow “Walk of Shame” which is conveniently a flesh toned matte if I’m not mistaken, just to get you started on the popping out and in, quite clever.  Practice makes perfect, practice makes you want to buy more eyeshadows to pop in…hehehe.  For a limited time only the Urban Decay Build Your Own starter palette is priced at $18, the price of each newly reformulated single eyeshadow which are also 18 bucks a pop.

I included a video of the featured Build Your Own Launch below, and while you’re at it join me in wondering why they didn’t call it something like the Urban Decay DIY palette instead, I love the idea but Build Your Own gets lazy.  At the TOP SECRET launch, the Urban Decay team invited 4 YouTube Bloggers, whose names I’ve linked to their individual Urban Decay video features, Leesha (xsparkage), Kandee (kandeejohnson), Jen (frmheadtotoe), Christine (temptalia), and 1 online Beauty Editor, Megan McIntyre of Refinery29.comto test, feel, and think about the newly reformulated eyeshadows and create their own individual custom palettes.  I personally thought that was quite brilliant, except for one thing, they didn’t invite me, tsk, LOL!

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