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P&G Thank You Mom FB Promo – A Tribute For Mom Might Send You to the London Olympics

It’s actually funny because it was mom who emailed me the details about this campaign.  Say a few loving thank you words to your mom via this promo and get a chance to win a trip to the London Olympics this year!  I saw the global TVC but I hadn’t heard about the P&G London Olympic promo till she did.  Basically all you have to do is go to    and allow the app to get your FB info then give a short message to your mom (up to 200 characters) and upload a photo or video.  Once you do, it will look like this.

I can’t find the exact page right now with the terms and conditions but I remember correctly while reading through it it said that of course it is encouraged that you already have a “Shengen” Visa in the event of winning this London Olympic promo, but if you don’t P&G grants that they will try their best (but don’t promise in case there are difficulties or delays) to acquire one for you in the event that you win and don’t have one.

Later on your entry will join the many entries that scroll on the Thank You Mom PH App page like so.

I think it’s a wonderful gesture to get all this love and gratitude on one page for all the moms who’ve been such bastions of love, strength, and hope in our lives.  Even just the fact that you were brought into this world or raised up by them is something to warmly and generously thank your mother for.  Go to this link to get started If you haven’t watched the P&G Thank You Mom spot watch this video.

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Rediscovering Revlon ColorStay Foundation – Beautiful Low SPF Dupe for Shiseido SunPro Foundation

This product surprised me because I changed the way I applied it on myself (the shade in this first photo, “Buff”, isn’t my shade, it’s the extra fairer color I bought).  I’ve had a bottle of this lovely shimmer-free, demi-matte Revlon ColorStay foundation for a long time already in my Pro kit.  I had Sand Beige (my shade) standing as the fairest shade in my stash before and have used it for a print ad and wedding already and on both occasions got asked by clients what foundation I was using.  I am absolutely LIKING THIS A LOT right now, I keep touching my face.  It’s a long-wearing, touchable, foundation with the same demi-matte finish as my favorite Shiseido Sun Protection Foundation.  Its consistency is also similar to L’oreal True Match Foundation but without the luminous particles.

Left: Old Bottle Right: New Bottle


Yesterday I picked up two bottles since I saw they’d “renewed” the formula to 24-hr longevity, impressive but remains to be seen, and I needed a fairer shade like “Buff” in my kit.  The only major letdown locally with this range is the feeble number of shades, I think there are 6 and they’re all from medium (my shade) to fair skin shades only, plus only 2 or 3 out of those 6 are yellow toned, the rest are beige or pinkish, I’m sure the complete range abroad has way more shades.  I purchased Buff (an oriental appropriate alabaster shade) and Sand Beige (a yellow medium-fair shade) in the new formula.  I raved a whole lot just awhile back about my carry on Shiseido Sun Protection Foundation which is PERFECT for summer because of its high SPF30 mark it looks wonderful for photos with no flash and just short of satisfactory for evening shots with flash.  By the way, on the Revlon ColorStay Foundation, Pro Makeup Artist, Pixiwoo sister Nicola, declared this as her favorite non-dewy, long-wearing drugstore foundation and so did Nikkie of nikkietutorials on YouTube.  Read more to get the full post with the application.

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Begin Body Beauty with Jillian Michaels’ 30-Day Shred Series – The Sensitive Subject of Starting Sexy

Getting started is always I believe nearly half the battle in trying to set a good habit in place.  Physical fitness is the subject I’ve been most avoiding on the blog simply because I could never get started properly and be a sweating good example to you all.  I’m a bit tight financially at the moment so a paid workout program in a swanky all setup gym is just not yet in the budget range.   There was a time when I was more mobile physically, especially when I went on Living Asia Channel tours throughout the country as a writer, you can see how confident I was once upon a time in this photo taken by a fellow writer four years ago when I used to jump and flip all over the place especially at the beach.  Hello, thunder thighs.  I know for a fact that no matter how much I workout my thighs will always have some level of heft, I’m special that way.

If I could afford it, I’d go and do Barre (check out Rockwell and inside the Spa at BGC Fort) which is a stretching combination of ballet and pilates.  Pole dancing looked physically promising and it actually excited me (the actual workout) but honestly speaking straight from the heart my moral compass will never point me in that direction because of what the workout implicates too openly (no offense meant to those who pole dance, I’m a Christian, it’s really what I stand for personally).  Well, I’ve found a home video workout that isn’t new, it’s from 2008, but it works great for me and my mother so far and we happen to be a pair of NEARLY the worst couch potatoes around.  Now, we’re mashed couch potatoes.

HOW I FEEL 5 DAYS INTO IT: What I can say is the first two days made my body hurt but the tormenting strenuous parts of the routine were quite bearable.  I just finished the 5th day today early this morning and my muscles no longer hurt and my unused joints (shoulders/hips/knees) have ceased with the infrequent “snapping”, “cracking”, or “popping” sounds they were making before due to proper stretching and rotation, I’m quite excited to head towards the finish line of Level 1 and want to push myself further.

If she looks very familiar that’s because Jillian Michaels is THE original Biggest Loser coach for the acclaimed reality show.  My ultimate goal for myself was not to lose weight, in fact I believe “30 DAY SHRED” is actually a hardsell title for what is actually an awesome combo cardio-strength workout that’s been reduced to a window of a 20-minute everyday session at a new difficulty level every 10 days.  This is how simple it is and I love that you don’t need  A TON OF PROPS to get rolling with this workout.  All you need are a pair of light dumbells 1-3 lbs (mine are 3 pounds each) a workout mat, thick rug, or any mat you’re comfy lying down on, and 20 minutes  a day for 30 days STRAIGHT.  A laptop would be handy to play the workout DVD anywhere in the house where you feel comfortable to workout.  Anyone can make 20 minutes for a bit of exercise, you don’t find it, you make it.  The workout is simple, it consists of 3 videos of 3 intensity levels.  You do the first video workout for 10 days, on the eleventh day you begin the Level 2 video, and on the 21st day you begin the Level 3 video.  It’s that simple, then I believe you can continue with the Level 3 video as a regular workout routine once you complete the cycle.    For your benefit, I discovered the Level 1 Video was made available on YouTube, I don’t know how much longer it will be on there so best to check this out now while you’re interested, watch this, give it a go and show yourself how easy this 30-Day Shred workout really is…at the start.

Warning, you will sweat a lot and then be surprised at how quick it is, the only catch is you have to do it everyday, it is a 20-minute commitment ANYBODY can make.  Mom is on her fourth day of the Level 1 workout now, and I’m on my fifth, she joined me on the 2nd day.  I sourced the two other videos  but am truly planning to buy this DVD online and it’s available here from Amazon if you’d like to try another of Jillian’s 3-2-1 level method workouts you can try the more advanced and recent Ripped in 30 DVD , you can ask HouseofFlair to order it for you from the U.S. !… To full post & COMMENTS...


MAKE UP FOR EVER Rouge Artist Intense and Natural Lipsticks – The Blogger Bash and Review

I’ve reviewed this lipstick range before, but the Make Up For Ever PH team invited me to check out the new family members of the Rouge Artist lipstick clan, the Rouge Artist Natural range.  Er…it’s kinda “palpak” (or fail) in a sense because…I didn’t come away from the event with one of the Rouge Artist Naturals because I swapped my peachy Rouge Artist Natural from my press kit (I really didn’t prefer the shade) with another blogger who had a Rouge Artist Intense lipstick.  Before I continue the tale,  here are a few photos from the event.

My friend happened to have a plum purple Rouge Artist Intense lipstick (opaque pigment), which was still quite lovely, but not a Rouge Artist Natural (I liked the color so much I didn’t care), so how can I show you guys the new Natural finish? LOL!  Anyway, the gist there was I swapped because we were not allowed to choose our shade and I absolutely didn’t prefer the shade I got in my kit (due to limited stock on some colors I guess).  We discussed the varying finishes as part of the Rouge Artist range and tested out some colors on models who were present.

 For your information, Rouge Artist Naturals are the MUFE  lipsticks with the high-shine sheer finish of a glorified Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter, perfect for midsummer days and nights.  MUFE Rouge Artist Natural lipsticks are everything I hoped the Revlon Lip Butters would be, but you’ll have to be patient before I can purchase one of the RA Naturals to show off.  Anyway onto the new Rouge Artist Intense lipsticks I have. Read more for the full post.

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What’s In It? – MY Full Personal Makeup Kit!

This is a bit anti-climactic dontcha’ think?  It ought to have been one of my first posts perhaps, but then again…over time I’ve collected some really interesting makeup items that work since I’m a makeup professional (folio here) and part-time beauty blogger.  A few of my blogger friends can’t seem to keep their hands off my stash when I’m around for an event and of course it evolves frequently.  Here, however, is my current collection.  There’s one item I took out coz I don’t really use it.  I’ll make a quick mention later.

I use one of Muji’s clear “kikay” kits.  A lot of you must be going “Dapat ba Muji…e ang dami dami diyan na mura” oh yes I’ve had lots of those cheaper versions, the ones with zippers that tear straight off the opening after a few uses and burst or crack open at the seams and creases.  Even some from beabi didn’t work well for me.

“No more” I said, a few months back, I got this medium size, fat clear case from Muji for about Php400 that embraces all without bursting prematurely and is stitched all around with fabric.  So, here are the contents.

Generally from top to bottom, CONTENTS (Reviewed items in bold, complimentary with *) FACE: 1. Shiseido Sun Protection Foundation*, 2. Benefit Hello Flawless OxyWow Foundation*, 3. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural MED, 4. Ellana Perfect Blend Powder foundation Hazelnut Latte, 5. The BALM’S Bahama Mama bronzer/contour compact, 6. UD Primer Potion, 7. The BALM’s Time Balm for Spots, 8. MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC35, 9. Nichido Mineral Concealing Pencil, 10. ECOtools Retractable Travel Face Brush, (whats missing here for blush is my Tarte Amazonian Clay one “Dollface”*, it’s in the pocket of another bag, but it should’ve been here) LIPS: 11. Colour Collection Eye Lip and Cheek tint*, 12. The Body Shop Born Lippy Strawberry balm, 13. ZEN Organics Strawberry Lip Butter, 14. Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, 14. Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream Stick*, 15. NARS Pure Matte lipstick in “Bangkok”, 16. MUFE Rouge Artist Intense lipstick Mat5, 17. MUFE Rouge Artist Intense lipstick #17 (lol, pun unintended)*, 18. Revlon Lip Butter in “Sugar Plum”, 19. Jordana Matte Lipstick in “Taupe”, EYES: 20. Majolica Majorca Lash King Mascara, 21. Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Mascara*, 22. Maybelline Hypercurl Volum Express Mascara, 23. Color Collection Triple Effect Mascara*, 24. Anastasia LASH GENIUS Waterproofing formula, 25. MAC automatic brow pencil in Brunette, 26. MUFE Aqua Eyes Liquid Liner, 27. K-Palette 1-Day Tatto Liquid Pen liner, 28. Stila Smudgestick in “Damsel”, 29. MUFE Aqua Eyes waterproof eye pencil, black, 30. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler


I’m pretty surprise at how many of these items I’ve already reviewed and that the kit contains exactly 30 items.  Of course as a follow up to this a few posts ahead I will narrow down the kit to my TOP 10 essentials.  The item I removed was the flesh colored Stila Eye pencil in topaz…it was too melty for our country, too soft.   Am more excited because I have a lot of catching up to do, I have lots of goodies to review for you guys in the next few days, sorry I’ve been busy.  I’ll make it up to you.  Stay tuned for the MAKE UP FOR EVER Rouge Artist launch and review of the lipsticks I came away with from that event :)To full post & COMMENTS...


The Winner of my Real Techniques Travel Essentials Giveaway is…

…hang on to your butts, clutch your pigtails, close your eyes…at the same time… *drumroll.  The winner of a new set of Real Techniques brushes plus a Php500 voucher from House of Flair is…

Congratulations to ELINOR SEMIRA aka @mhoie1325 on Twitter!  Please DM me at @blessmybag or email me your shipping details to probinsiyana(at)gmail(dot)com and I shall forward it to Suyen of House of Flair, she will be sending out your Real Techniques brushes as promptly as possible.

Thank you everyone for joining this lovely giveaway and showing support for the House of Flair venture which is such a lovely business.  I’m so happy a pre-ordering service like them exists. I feel less detached from everything available in the U.S. now.  Of course when one giveaway ends, another begins on this blog so keep your eyes peeled for the next one, ladies!  Oh and if you haven’t followed @houseofflair on Twitter, even if you didn’t make it to this giveaway please do and spread the love :).… To full post & COMMENTS...

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BLOG SALE: Pretty Payless Taupe Quinn Boots by Fioni – Size 6, 60% OFF!

Here’s a quick one before the regular run of posts.  I bought these lovely boots at Payless a few days ago for 60% off at Php1176 and they fit PERFECTLY on that day and to think I’d been walking around the mall the whole day before fitting them.  My feet are unpredictable though, two days after I bought them my feet  expanded to a size 7 (geez and I’m not even pregnant) and these size 6 boots no longer fit me and they are non-exchangeable since they were a sale item.  The finish is faux suede I believe and shine free which lessens any “costume-y” cowgirl side effects most girls fear they might get when wearing boots like these.  They’re a loose leg fit and the sole has medium arch and ankle support.  I like them, I’m thrilled with my size sevens, but now I have two pairs of boots.


To make a long story short I bought the size 7 boots in the same style and am now selling these size 6 boots for Php1180 (para la nang barya original price was Php2950) to anyone interested to cut my losses.  I’ve only worn them 3x, once when I fit them at Payless shoe store and twice when I got home to check if they really fit.  Any of you ladies interested?  Sale offer within Metro Manila only.  Payment possible via Paypal, bank deposit, or cash upon meetups within Makati or Alabang accepted, for Metro Manila delivery buyer pays minimum of Php60-70 shipping fee.  Tweet me a DM at @blessmybag or email me at probinsiyana(at)gmail(dot)com.  First come first serve.… To full post & COMMENTS...


Help: Clear Skin Milk Protein Supplement Powder (NEW 1x Day formulation) – Fight Breakouts from the Inside Out

It’s not everyday that I get a foreign brand knocking on my inbox door and am happy to present a product today unlike any other I’ve heard of.  The first and only time I heard about this product was on LondonMakeupGirl’s lovely blog and she’s one of the UK’s higher end beauty bloggers (was trying hard not to covet that she was invited to the Tom Ford beauty launch).  I present an innovative skincare alternative to you who are miserable from trialling all sorts of anti-acne topical products and remedies that never seem to do anything except sit on top of the skin or agitate the conditionThis is help: clear skin by Works With Water Nutraceuticals UK.  

help: clear skin is a 100% natural skin supplement that promises to reduce blemishes from the inside out in as little as six weeks.  Packed with praventin – derived from milk protein and scientifically supported to achieve a clearer complexion – the other natural ingredients include aloe vera to help heal, smooth and nourish the skin, and oligofructose, a soluble fibre to aid digestion and help eliminate toxin.  Praventin is a natural ingredient derived from milk, rich in Lactoferrin, which has been proven to reduce acne by boosting the body’s natural defences. It limits the growth of acne bacteria, reduces the appearance of blemishes and speeds up the skin’s innate healing process, leaving your complexion looking clearer and more radiant.”


Q: “What is the difference between help: clear skin and help: clear skin for men?”

A: “There is absolutely no difference between CS and CS for Men. The key ingredients in the blend formulation work on male and female skin in exactly the same way. We brought out CS for Men in response to requests for less ‘pink and girlie’ packaging.”

I was very excited that Works With Water UK said they would like to send me some boxes of their help: clear skin soluble nutraceutical fiber which when mixed with water or soft food (like yoghurt, soup, or cereal) is supposed to “help clear skin” of blemishes and acne from the inside out after daily ingestion for a minimum of 4-6 weeks.  Of course my willing guinea pig for this product trial is to be none other than my dear, only teenage brother.  Read more to get the full post with more of my thoughts on this.

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