Work Wambles and Delayed Posts

Hi, as some of you may have read on Twitter, I was swamped with a 2-turned-3 day shoot beginning Wednesday which was a wonderfully  HUGE project (I went home for 6 hours to change on the 2nd day before going back in the afternoon) and the Monday before that I also had a TVC shoot with a different director that ended at 1am.  No TVC details for both because of confidentiality, both projects were fun but I was really happy to be very busy on the big project as well.  On set I worked as an MUA on the same project team as Jigs Mayuga except he worked on the lead talents and I worked with my partner hairstylist, Eddie Mar Cabiltes on the staggering number of support talents (staggering for two stylists).  Wardrobe stylists who worked with us were Mara Reyes and Jenni Epperson.  For two and a half days I had about 6 hours worth of sleep and only God knows how many hours standing up for makeovers and retouches.  At one point but only for a moment, because there were so many support talents I felt like doing this to them instead…

Of course there were “side effects” to being busy.  I’m sure Neutrogena readers are particularly peeved that I haven’t posted my final pledge post for the BB cream challenge and those who joined the Summer Retweet Giveaway are just antsy to know who won.  I will, believe me, I will post all these I just need a moment to breathe, Dears.  After the last day of the shoot yesterday, don’t say “Yuck”, after having eaten a big late lunch at 3pm WITHOUT CHANGING CLOTHES OR REMOVING MY EYELINER I crashed on my bed at 4pm and woke up TODAY at 630am still in my jeans…that’s like 14.5 hours of sleep and that’s how tired I was.  It happens.  In spite of all the whimsical shoot chaos I had sooooo much fun.  You’ll have to forgive me though I was too focused on my work to take behind the scenes photos for that one big project.  I’ll ask other people to supply me with some photos once the commercial airs.… To full post & COMMENTS...

Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara – A Drugstore Volumizing Mascara that Delivers

There are HUNDREDS of mascara products that unabashedly promise to add volume to lackluster lashes, but I think only a good minority out of all of them actually do so without compromising curl hold or being smudge-proof.  Sans the bulky wand, I think Max Factor False Lash Effect is an ideal BIG lash mascara for medium to large eyes, but small oriental eyes can skip it.  It also comes in a non-waterproof formula which has 3 colors.  I have mine in Black, thanks to the Max Factor team for sending this over!

False Lash Effect Mascara is available in 3 shades: Black, Black Brown and Deep Blue, False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara is available in 2 shades: Black and Black Brown

Doesn’t it remind you of something called Cover Girl Lash Blast Waterproof mascara?  I know, right, you’re not seeing double.  They’re sister companies so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the exact same formula, except Cover Girl’s mascara in the orange tube is marketed for Americans and Max Factor False Lash Effect is marketed for Europeans.  This is pro MUA Lisa Eldridge’s staple mascara for simple volume and longevity.  Read more for the full post.… To full post & COMMENTS...

Giveaway! Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation – ‘Til April 1, Three Shades for Three Lovely Ladies!

Last month I wrote to Benefit Cosmetics Philippines asking if I could host a Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation Mini Sample giveaway on my blog before the official product release next week, but I wanted it to specifically be a giveaway with 3 different shades (light, medium, deep) to suit 3 beautifully unique BeneBabes!  A few weeks later Benefit replied and said they’d send these samples over straightaway, and after a few days they did!  Check the shades I’ve featured here and read the mechanics at the bottom to join and get a chance to win a sample of Benefit’s newest silky soft foundation in a closely appropriate shade.  I really wish with all my heart I could giveaway full size bottles, but this is the best I could do for you guys for now, hope they still bring out smiles :).  By the way seeing that there is only one Benefit boutique in the Philippines at the moment, and that’s in Greenbelt 5, I’ve decided to make this first 3-shade giveaway open only to residents of Metro Manila, for now.

PRIZES FROM LEFT: Champagne, Honey, and Hazelnut.

I took the liberty of swatching a teeny-tiny drop of each on my arm to aid you in choosing the right shade in order to join.  Champagne I’d say is the deepest of the “Light” group and has a yellow undertone, Honey is the lightest of the “Medium” group and is actually link a pinker, darker version of Champagne, and Hazelnut is 1 up from the deepest shade among all 9 shades. Here are the mechanics:


1. LIKE this post  (use the Facebook like button above this post)

2. LIKE Benefit Cosmetic Philippines’ Facebook page here.

3. LEAVE A COMMENT below this post stating which shade you’d like to win “CHAMPAGNE”, “HONEY”, or “HAZELNUT”.  I’ll be checking the likes and picking 3 winners from the 3 batches of answers.


  • Entry open to Metro Manila residents only.
  • 3 winners will be picked randomly from CHAMPAGNE, HONEY, and HAZELNUT comments.
  • and Benefit Cosmetics Philippines are the sole promoters of this competition
  • Competition closes on April 1, 2012 at 11pm
  • Winner will be notified within 2 days from closing
  • Prizes will be shipped to the winners by
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My Perfect Warm Pink Blush – Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hr Blush “Dollface”

First of all, I’d like to thank Suyen of House of Flair, the online Multiply pre-ordering store for co-sponsoring (item discount) this post.  It’s thanks to her that I now own one of Tarte’s Amazonian Clay blushes, an award-winning blush range which I kind of picked up a yearning for recently.  These Tarte blushes took the U.S. by storm last year and created nearly as big a buying frenzy as the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters did.




INGREDIENTS: Talc, zinc stearate, tricaprylin, polyethylene, caprylic/capric triglyceride, beeswax, PEG-150 distearate, lanolin, laureth-4, tocopherol, polysorbate 20, tetrasodium EDTA, potassium sorbate, chlorphenesin, ascorbyl palmitate, tin oxide, kaolin, mica, carmine. May contain: Iron oxides, titanium dioxide, ultramarines, manganese violet, bismuth oxychloride, red 6 and red 7 lake, red 27 lake, yellow 5 lake, yellow 6 lake, blue 1 lake.

“These solar-baked blushes are infused with Amazonian Clay…these nutrient rich and skin-nourishing Amazonian clay blushes restore harmony for a flawless finish that lasts all day.”


The most popular shade for medium to fair skin ladies like myself is currently “Exposed” but Suyen didn’t have that on hand so I chose this soft warm baby pink, “Dollface” instead.  That little hole you see at the back of the compact near the top is an ingenious mini feature through which you can poke a toothpick, pin, paperclip or whichever to instantly depot your blush if you want to. “Dollface” is a shade I can kind of compare to Rock & Republic’s phased out Contrived Pressed Blush in “Spank” which I gifted to someone 2 years ago.  I’m not into this blush for the 12-hour claim but more for the beautiful soft matte shades with minimal fallout upon application.  Read more to get the full post.… To full post & COMMENTS...

10 Things You Might Not Know about Julia (Me) – Just to Change it Up

A parade of reviews is a fun feat but can get tiring for a blogger and it’s great to have an ice breaker once in awhile.  I do have a product review today but first I’d like my readers to know a little more about me because I do think I am a little strange but by grace still wonderful in God’s eyes.  Hehe, here are a few things about me that might surprise you.

IN U.P. College of Fine Arts Student #99-06031 (in white) beside me Mark Nicdao, I see Abby Frias, Aileen Lanuza, Genesis Buensuceso, Jake Salvador, Anna “Maki” Maquiling,  Film Prof. Cesar Hernando and others…

1.  I was named after my paternal grandmother, Julieta, and the movie, “Julia” starring Vanessa Redgrave and Jane Fonda.  It’s noble but depressing, don’t watch it.

2.  I live in Calamba, Laguna, but work mainly in Metro Manila since I’m a freelancer, my shoot schedule is irregular.  If I have no shoot, I stay home mostly to save money, cuddle my pets, read, and blog.

3. I’m a U.P. Fine Arts graduate, and in spite of being busy with extra-curricular work after class as a University council member I graduated with Cum Laude Honors.  I’m proud of my alma mater and I’m proud to say I did well, that’s for you, Lolo. I also digitally painted for awhile in Photoshop when a friend who is now in ILM/Lucasfilms SG taught me.  When I was bored at work before I did it a lot, it’s just that I stopped when I got too busy. (drawn with Wacom and Photoshop)

4. I once spent a lot of time with University activists after class.  I hesitate to say that I became one, because I wasn’t as fully committed, but I did stand in heavy rain in a shirt, shorts and pair of slippers right in front of the U.S. Embassy police who had shields and sticks, when I say right in front I mean the shield was right in my face.  If I believe in something, I’m not afraid…but ok yea, I was a bit nervous.  I then ran to a nearby restaurant with a friend, we removed our clothes and used their hand dryer to get them dry.

5. I’m Kapampangan at heart and I’ll eat almost anything, as long as it isn’t alive, thanks to Lolo who stuck all sorts of things into my mouth as the eldest apo.  Guys that I’ve dated in the past love this about me, they bring me almost anywhere and I’ll eat as much as them no matter what it is (but I’m slower than them), especially foods lots of people tend to stay away from.  Burger pickles, ampalaya, isaw, kimchi, snails, liver, chicken hearts, chicken butts, chicken feet, durian, kamias, papaitan, frogs legs, camaro (inadobong locusts/crickets), tripe, ox brain, goat head soup, steamed vegetables, tomato juice, vegetable juice (V8) you name it I’m game to eat and I lack poise at the table.  I also like normal food in addition to all that and I’m not picky with any form of International cuisine.

6.  I love animals but I’m not a vegetarian.  I think cows are cute but I still like steak and leather bags.

7.  I have a brother who will one day become a Philippine football Azkal and later on play for a FIFA recognized club.  He’s currently in the Kaya Elite training pool, a junior reserve of the UFL league in which Aly Borromeo plays.  Aly Borromeo was my elementary classmate.

8. I’m still healing from the breakup of a passionate, previous relationship that lasted almost 3 years…we’re civil,but I believe I’m better and am slowly moving on.

9. Lots of people in my lifetime, ever since grade school, have tried pushing my buttons because I have the face of someone young with no fight in them, but I’m a fighter, if they push my buttons, I’ll be dedma the first time, if they do it again I’ll sprain the fingers they pushed them with.  If I get backstabbed, which has happened, I won’t backstab for revenge that’s cheap, it’s either I’ll shut up or I’ll find them personally and confront them civilly, open-mindedly, and unarmed.  I’m also a good “prosecutor” and I’ve written some really good formal complaint/grievance letters for friends who’ve asked me to.  Once upon a time in 3rd Grade a group of boys chased me all over the school grounds making fun of me because i was in a dress.  They wouldn’t stop.  I picked up a rock, one of them said “Throw it, go ahead and throw it!” and the other boys said the same and I did, it hit him on the cheekbone, he cried, it may sound like justice was served but NO, I wasn’t proud that I did that, I was shocked.  Got sent to the principal’s office but I was excused when the real story surfaced.  That was the only fight I ever had in school that was addressed by the principal.  Mom got angry and said I should have been punished not excused because I did not control my temper.

10. I’m a born-again Christian and my belief is to live Christ’s example more than preach it, but of course out of the mouth flows that which is in the heart so I shouldn’t just do, I should also obviously share and not be quiet.  I’ve made lots of people uncomfortable in the past, not on purpose, by just being myself, but it’s cool because I have peace.… To full post & COMMENTS...

Bdellium Tools – Antibacterial & Affordable Pro Makeup Brushes from California

I wrote this draft in January and forgot about it, so now I am finishing it because I started thinking about these brushes again. I’ve invested a lot of money to uproot myself from one career to another.  When I chose to do professional makeup after 7 years of digital post production for TVCs one thing that frustrated me every time I would do research was the cost of good, professional makeup brushes.  If you’ve been inside a M.A.C. store you know what I mean.   I’ve worked with Suesh brushes as well (which I recommend for beginner artists) and Sigma brushes also do the job nicely but quite a number of Sigma’s brushes tend to SHED like pets after a several uses (actually even some MAC brushes do, too).  Becca brushes are exquisite as well, but cost a fortune.  As an artist I’m particular about how a brush APPEARS to me, I’m not drawn toward the likes of pink, aqua, or purple when it comes to makeup brush colors simply because they don’t look professional to me.  Online, I’ve just come across a lesser known brand, Bdellium Tools, from California.  I couldn’t believe it, on my brush checklist this brand ticked every box, affordability, appearance, and evident professional quality, but their range of tools also have a brilliant bonus, some of their brushes are even antibacterial.  They remind me of how professional the Make Up For Ever brushes also look.


In Photo Clockwise:

1.Pencil Shaped Blending Applying Eye Antibacterial Makeup Brush #780 US $9.91

2. Finishing and Blending Face Antibacterial Makeup Brush #955 US $14.31

3. Precision Kabuki Airbrushed Effect Antibacterial Brush #957 US $16.51

Read more to get to the full post and see the other brush series’ that are part of the Bdellium Tools range.… To full post & COMMENTS...

The Body Shop’s on a Summer Sale! – Half-Price Off Their World-Famous Banana Conditioner and More

I plunged into The Body Shop at Shangri-La Plaza Mall last night before the Nuffnang Hunger Games premiere (more on that in a bit haha) realizing that I hadn’t bought anything for myself from The Body Shop in years…yes, years.  The last thing I bought from them for myself was a pot of Strawberry Born Lippy balm  bout 3 years ago, which I lost for awhile and found again with just a few more uses left at the bottom of the pot and because I sealed it tightly it didn’t go bad at all.  They’ve got an ongoing sale till the end of March with some items marked down up to 50% off, like their world-famous Banana Conditioner (now with Community Trade Banana Puree), the all-time Body Shop bestseller which I happen to have never tried…till now.  This Banana Conditioner is talked about wherever there is a Body Shop boutique and that’s in hundreds of stores globally, they sell like hotcakes.  It regularly retails for about nearly Php600 but is now is marked down to under Php300.00 for 250ml of product until the end of March.

So how good is the Banana Conditioner?  I was concerned I wouldn’t find as good a replacement for my lovely Davines Love Conditioner which is now completely gone (because it’s “wunnerful” but too expensive), now I have.  It’s moisturizing but not heavy on the hair, I think that’s what makes it a winner, it imparts very believable (non-siliconey) softness and shine, the smoothness doesn’t feel synthetic.  The texture of the product isn’t as thick as the Davines Love Conditioner but it isn’t too runny either.

I grew up with The Body Shop brand, one of my first ever teen makeup items was their blood red, liquid lip and cheek tints (I went through 2 or 3 tubes), that was the only makeup item I was freely allowed to wear well into college then I graduated to mascara.  Mom didn’t want me concerning myself with regular makeup other than lip balm/tints until my last year in high school or even heels till my junior and senior years.  I could play with my makeup gifts (I had lots of Clinique and Estee Lauder samples)  on our makeup holidays but otherwise she had a quick eye and kept my face in check so I was never unnecessarily overdone, one or two times I was asked to wash some off and reset if I primped myself too much.  She never wanted me to look older than how old I really was.  I guess it paid off, because she’s not checking anymore and I still look young, hahaha!  I appreciated that maternal consciousness though, even my friend Charlotte of Lipglossiping, one of UK’s top bloggers says she tells her daughter Leila that mommy’s makeup helps in becoming more colorful, not in becoming more beautiful, and she refers to her makeup with Leila as “mommy’s colors”.


INGREDIENTS: Water, Banana Fruit (Community Trade Banana Puree), Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetrimonium Chloride, Phenoxyethanol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Lecithin, Propylene Glycol, Panthenol, Fragrance, Benzyl Alcohol, Sodium Hydroxide, Ascorbic Acid, Yellow 5, Yellow 6

I’ve used the Banana Conditioner today and I truly believe I’ve found my Davines substitute in this Banana Conditioner and I think I ought to get another 2 bottles for myself before the March sale ends because gee, it’s been around forever why’d I only try it now?!  I was hoping the Watson’s Pure Beauty Treatment Conditioner would be my substitute for the Davines, it was very good but it fell short for me in the more natural type of softness and volume boost departments.  The summery, tropical smell of bananas tipped with vanilla (that’s what it smells like) is very, very, very yummy but not heady or intoxicating. It might make someone want to kiss your head and sniff in the process.  I also got myself a Chocomania set (new arrival) and Strawberry Body Butter at the sale.  If you’ve been thinking of paying any Body Shop boutique a visit, the best time actually would be now.  They are also currently qualifying people for reward card memberships with a minimum purchase amount, I made sure I got mine.

♥ Earn rewards on your purchases – ♥ 5 points for every Php100 spent  ♥ Bonus rewards of at least Php120.00 voucher for every Php2700 spent.

♥ Divine Discounts – exclusive to members

♥ Invitations to member-only events

♥ Be the first to know about the latest news and product launches

♥ A special birthday treat – one time 20% discount on regular priced products during your birthday month

If you spend a minimum of Php1,500.00 at the sale you qualify for a Body Shop members’ rewards card.  What’s pretty cool is aside from the other privileges you also get a one-time 20% discount during your birthday month.  My birthday is forthcoming next month, yey!  As for my Banana Conditioner…I need to stock up for now.

 … To full post & COMMENTS...

On Set with Xian Lim and Lala Flores – Watch my 2nd TVC airing, Globe SuperFB10

This was technically my first shoot which aired several days after my second shoot (Smart).  I had a bit of a laugh with myself coz of the thought that my first two jobs were suffice it to say almost rival ads.  I was on set as the makeup artist for the two female support talents, but the makeup you see on them a few photos below was disapproved and pared down to a natural school girl look which I never got to shoot at the end.  It was here at this shoot that I got to work on the same project team as celebrity makeup artist Lala Flores and meet the dashing shriek magnet, Xian Lim for the first time in person.

I spy a damp beauty blender and MAC Studio Fix powder in Lala’s hands for Xian’s touch ups :) Lala’s always so upbeat, she has you at “Hellooohhh” :)

Xian was a nice and good-humored talent to work with, in between takes he’d begin small conversations with us and crack jokes.  I kind of got a bit embarrassed coz he caught me nodding down when I was tired hahaha!

I wouldn’t have been able to do this shoot without my trusty freelance hairstylist for the day, Eddie Mar Cabiltes (who I’ve been booked with a lot lately).  He’s worked on TVCs, print ads, and magazine editorials for almost 4 years now, was a part of MEGA Fashion Crew, and he also has a hair blog at where he posts the MANY MANY projects he’s been part of.

Here are the support talents I made up, Krisha and Tasha (L-R) but honestly they’re not quite done yet here, I managed to squeeze in a moment to take their photo, but this makeup look was disapproved and changed to a more minimal look.  The clients had us make them less preppy and more believably schoolgirl fresh.  Watch the really QUICK, as in really quick, actual TVC of the Globe SuperFB10 promo below.  I’ve just recently finished another upcoming telecom ad and have two more shoots booked for next week.  God’s been really good to me.  I’m so happy about where I am right now.  I’d like to thank Provill productions, Cata, Abel, Franny, and Direk Adrian Calumpang for believing in me and giving me a chance to step up in my makeup career.  This is only the beginning of one of the best chapters of my life.

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