The Return of RENEGADE FOLK – My Fave Indie Shoe Brand is BACK!

OMIGAWRSH…I spotted their video announcement on YouTube and got super excited.  I only ever got to buy 1 pair of Renegade Folk shoes and they happen to be my most favorite heels.  Back then they were available at bazaars and they had a Multiply Store online which is no longer active but they’ve got a brand spanking NEW Website here!  I’ve used my own pair so often ever since I got them.  These are photos from my Samsung Galaxy S Android phone, I use the FREE app Camera 360 when taking mobile photos.

They’re not cheap but they’re not insanely expensive either considering how great their styles and shapes are.  I think I scored this pair at a bazaar for about Php1800 or Php2000 2.5 years ago but they’ve lasted me so well and still look really great considering I’ve worn them to so many places.  I discovered the brand at their Rockwell bazaar kiosk, bought those shoes and loved them then Renegade Folk disappeared for what looked like was forever, but now they’re back!!!  Like them on Facebook, check their website, and watch their YouTube announcement in this video.

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Globe GoPlay Prepaid feat. Sarah G., Gerald, Vice Ganda – Just Aired, Another TVC Makeup job

Meet Rain, one of the support dancers I made up for another TVC shoot that just aired, Globe Prepaid GoPlay.  I had lots of laughs with her and since I had hardly any time to take any other photos here’s one of her.  She’s an awesome dancer…and I mean like a super-skilled awesome dancer, and I think her half hot pink hairdo rocks.  The makeup challenge in this shoot is that everywhere they danced it was screaming hot and I mean HOT.

The 3 lead celebrities in the TVC were Sarah G, Gerald, and Vice Ganda! It was a non-stop dance fest, imagine take after take for lots of the dancers including some members of the Philippine All Stars dance crew, that means A LOT OF SWEAT, I had to enlist my hairstylist EddieMar Cabiltesto help me out in keeping them fresh.  By the way, a lot of the time the makeup for support talents isn’t noticeable on camera, but there’ll be lots of behind the scenes videos coming up very soon where you’ll get to see more of the dance crew Rain auditioned to be a part of for this Globe TVC directed by Adrian Calumpang.  Included in the dance crew as well is utterly ripped Ryan Janus Thomas from PBB Unlimited (a taekwando and dance expert) who you can see in this off-beat BTS video by my shoot supervising friend, Syke, it’s hilarious.  This is an unlisted video, so it can’t be searched on YouTube, you can only view it where I make it available, like here.

Pardon the sound we were just using a tablet to take the video, but the joke in it was I retouched the girls lying down and Syke (cameraman and my former officemate at UGL)  said I was being all “Kevyn Aucoin” like.  Little Lynn one of the dancers said it was like doing funeral makeup and I said in that case it was a group casket, they cracked up.  Here’s a photo of the one who was taking the video, Syke, he’s the funny guy on the right next to one of Provill’s exec producers, Franny.

Later, later on Rain happily says “Of corpse not!!” over and over to various comments by Syke LOL.  As a team all of us worked for 2.5 days and came up with this 30 second ad, there are still some more TVC campaign installments coming up soon and watch out for more upcoming behind the scenes handheld by Direk Adrian Calumpang mismo.

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Thought Bubbles: The Neutrogena BB-Cream Challenge Part 1 (Not the pledge post yet)


This has taken forever to put up because I was looking for proper before and after photos, I wanted to choose from among my usual photos for the blog so the photos didn’t feel so set up for the challenge.  So I chose a before photo from one of my other posts before I was issued the Neutrogena BB-Cream Challenge and I chose an after photo from one of my recent mascara posts. So yes I’m sorry I do happen to be wearing mascara in the after photo, but with the exception of that I have a clear face.  I took so long in trying to make out and remember if I put loose powder during my review on the mascara (after photo) because if that were the case I shouldn’t have used that photo but since I can see one minor blemish near my lip I don’t actually think so, I do believe that’s a base free face.  This isn’t the complete pledge post yet.  The only minor post process I did to both was COLOR MATCH and balance the levels (because the photos were taken on two different days) so the photos were comparable in lighting.  No blurring or softening filter was ever applied to either of these photos.



Though the differences are extremely subtle I think I’ve observed a distinguishable more even tone in my skin in the after photo.  The blemish came about because I picked at (yes, don’t) a whitehead near my lip that was quite itchy and bothersome.  I do find my skin to be not dramatically fairer, but agreeably, slightly fairer coz truthfullyI don’t expect myself to lighten up any more by much.  The honesty about my Neutrogena BB Cream use is I used it faithfully everyday only for about 3-4 weeks when stepping out of the house (during the weekly giveaways obviously) then as work came about I rotated it among products in my personal kit.  I still had it handy though.  Then I started using it again for about 2-3 days between the 5th and 6th week.  My final thoughts on the product alone is I love the oil-free light consistency and the beauty in the skin comes forth a few hours after applying it once it has blended with your natural facial oils, it gives a rosy white fairness, not an anemic sort of fairness, at least once the product has mildly set in and oxidized a little bit.  Truth be told the single shade itself still leaves me wanting a multiple shade range to come out.  I think the shade itself is a half-step too fair for me and it’s a bit of a stretch to say that it’ll suit all skin shades deeper than mine.  I love the scent but I find it too strong and would prefer that it were fragrance free.  I love the fact that this has no “shimmer” particles whatsoever and I also like the size of the bottle that’s quite handy to bring along.  Over all I like Neutrogena BB Cream very much but tend to only put it on when I’m going for a look that suits angel-fair skin.  Stay tuned for my style pledge post in which I’ll do the “model” thang for you sorry lot, makeup free! LOL… To full post & COMMENTS...

The Winners of my Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Giveaway

Hope you had a wonderful Holy Week whether at home, abroad, or at the beach!  The blessed three who each won a sample of Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation are…

1. CHAMPAGNE – Lee Garcia  2. HONEY – Karen Ramos  3. HAZELNUT – Luey

Congratulations ladies, you each won a boxed, mini pump bottle sample of Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation in your chosen shade as indicated in this giveaway post.  I shall contact you also individually by email for your shipping details.  If you’ve just read this post you may also email the details directly to me at probinsiyana(at)gmail(dot)com


  • Open to Metro Manila residents only.
  • 3 winners will be picked randomly from CHAMPAGNE, HONEY, and HAZELNUT comments.
  • and Benefit Cosmetics Philippines are the sole promoters of this competition
  • Giveaway closed on April 1, 2012 at 11pm
  • Winner will be notified within 2 days from closing (SORRY LATE…AGAIN)
  • Prizes will be shipped to the winners by me.
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“Easter” isn’t about the Eggs – Some fond memories and my thoughts on it

I’ve not begun typing in order to condemn the use of rabbits, eggs, ducklings, or chicks this Easter Sunday.  In my book they’re acceptable for fun as long as they defer and not overtake the true celebration of Easter rather than become a distraction, besides, I love chicks, I had a yellow chick named Jack once.  I have a fond memory of Resurrection Sunday in my mind right now.  There was a time when I was about 4 or 5 years old and we spent Holy Week with my mother’s clan at a relative’s beach resthouse in Tali Beach, Batangas.  At the crack of dawn on Easter morning I woke up alone on my mattress after a few days already at the beach to the sound of either my mom or aunt’s voice wide awake outside shouting “Hallelujah, Jesus is Alive!!” even before the rooster crowed I believe.  That erased what would’ve been the common urge in mind to greet people “Happy Easter”.  We also had a Grand Easter egg hunt that day made of beautifully painted real chicken eggs done by a lot of us, no plastic eggs and they were hidden in hard to find places around the beach house.  We used white crayons on the eggs first to make our designs or patterns, then when the eggs were dipped in dye the patterns in crayon would resist the dye and you had a subtractive design. Here’s a photo of one similar summer but I think this wasn’t the same trip that formed the memory, this was around 1 or 2 years later but also in Tali, in another friend’s house.  Uh, that’s me on the left edge of the photo and beside me is my first (as in first) cousin Paolo, Tito Gary’s eldest son, Tita Donna and Tito Anthony are behind us.


22 “For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ all shall be made alive.”

 1 Corinthians 15:22 New King James Version (NKJV)


We still made use of the eggs as part of the fun but we always had the Word and the Gospel preached or shared among us first by either my dad, Tito Gary, or one of the other uncles.  The root word Easter ironically is not of Christian origin even, Easter comes from the name of Eostre “This mythical figure is said to have been the goddess of the sunrise and the spring. She is the Teutonic goddess of the dawn. The direction of the sunrise, East, is named for her. In Norse mythology, the name is spelled Eostare. Another considered the Norse/Saxon goddess of spring is Ostara. Eastre is believed to be an ancient word for spring.” Of course although it may be someone else’s form of tradition I don’t fully believe in the root of Easter because of that mythical figure.  I’d rather believe in Resurrection Sunday which holds true power for me because of God’s changing, saving grace in my life.  I found a video unlike most “Easter” videos.  It contains some clips from the Nativity then mostly the Passion, not the violent parts, but the parts with Mary and Jesus in it, which I love.  The song being sung is Perfect Love by Darlene Zschech of Hillsong, it’s inspired to be Mary’s loving, motherly song about her Son’s beauty and sacrifice.  I pray God blesses and touches you personally tomorrow, Happy Resurrection Sunday!  Here is the video that nearly moved me to tears even without much of the violence.

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Summerization – Stuff I’ve been using almost everyday now

The heat is on!  I’ve been wanting to do this post for a few days now, but the lazy summer mood got to me.  One or two of these items are new but I’ve been using them practically everyday since I got it, and two of the items are almost empty.

From left (reviewed items in bold): 1. Shikai Natural Color Care Shampoo, 2. Maybelline VolumExpress HyperCurl Waterproof Mascara, 3. The Body Shop Banana Conditioner, 4. BeFine Gentle Cleanser, 5. Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation, 6. Bioderma Sensibio H2O, 7.  Nivea Smoothy Cream calming moisturizer, 8. Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream, 9. MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural baked/pressed powder in shade MEDIUM. (dapat ginawa ko nang 10 para nicer, pero these were the only ones that were top of mind at the moment)

1. Shikai Natural Color Care Shampoo – I picked this up at S&R, I forget now whether it was Fort or Alabang, but both outlets should have it.  It’s about Php500 and I like that it’s a natural lathering, UV shielding color care formula with a light scent and with an ingredients list that isn’t as long as your leg.  I’ll review it soon.  They also have a normal variant for untreated hair.

2. Maybelline VolumExpress HyperCurl Waterproof Mascara – I’ve reviewed this na in the past and I’m liking it even more now. It’s a great ALL-AROUND mascara that holds curl, isn’t too gloopy, doesn’t clump and gives just the right of volume without smudging.

3. The Body Shop Banana Conditioner   –  I LOVE THIS.  Basically, this is how good it is, it’s got that yummy tropical scent, if you like bananas and a bit of coconut, I don’t think there’s coconut but something in it smells similar.  It’s made my color-treated hair feel like untreated healthy hair.  So far I don’t get the “frizzy” dryness that usually accompanies colored hair and I’ve got bounce and shine.  Bananas in Pajamas, gotta give it to ’em.  I use this every other day when shampooing.  I don’t shampoo everyday to let my hair and scalp be themselves for a bit, chemical-free at least for a day in between and also to avoid unnecessary hair-fall.  I’m also not a sweaty person so that’s not disgusting for me to have a non-shampoo day.  They’re on sale 50% off until April 26.

4. BeFine Gentle Cleanser – I had to switch over my facial cleanser months ago because my face was suddenly mildly rejecting the Clean & Clear foaming glycerin facial wash I’ve loved for years.  I think it just needed a break from unnatural chemicals.  So I picked up this BeFine Gentle Cleanser from Beauty Bar, which isn’t cheap at Php900 for 100ml but it lasted me a LONG time (2-3months) because of its economical pump.  It’s a paraben free, cruelty free cleanser made of mint, oats, rice and sugar.   It took some getting used to because of the minty scent on the face when lathering up, a bit like the scent of a good minty toothpaste, but there’s no annoying menthol cooling feel, don’t worry.  My skin feels light,  refreshed and ready for a little moisturizer and I don’t get the annoying itch after.

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