TOPSHOP potted Eyeshadow Mousse – Dress Up those eyes :)

I was quite delighted to discover the TOPSHOP Cosmetic Range at their outlet in ION Orchard which was launched I believe, mid last year?  They seem to have followed up the initial launch of products with a few new items in the collection.  I was aware the range existed but didn’t count on it to arrive on Philippine shores, last I checked it wasn’t available here, I’m not sure if that’s changed…feel free to correct me.  Sadly, a lot of the time, we don’t always get the best selection of brand collections, but Singapore as a first world country almost always does.  I picked up these two eyeshadow mousses (mice :))  in Glint and Tundra.  Agh, blast!!!  The pot has a dot!  I didn’t give these bebehs a good wipe over before shooting.


I nearly typed these in as “Cream eyeshadow” but Topshop’s cream eyeshadow comes in tiny tubes not in these pots.  Click on “Continue Reading” to see more photos and swatches :).… Read the rest

MEGA Magazine’s 10 Most Beautiful, the Launch

Before I begin the parade of features on my goodies from Singapore I really must share about this first, because it’s absolutely way overdue, in my opinion, since last May I attended the MEGA Celebration of their 10 most beautiful women for 2011 at Opus Restaurant and lounge, Resort World, Pasay City.  My first small dose of red carpet treatment, have no idea why my face looks squashed in this photo though, haha :).  Outfit: My tiny Louis Vuitton monogram purse (my one and only major designer bag which was a Lola gift), purple dress by Topshop (worn backwards on purpose), navy button-up cardigan by Mango (my first and only Mango purchase, yes believe it!), Shoes- Renegade Folk pumps (excessively used but they still bring my game on), Costume Jewelry green “seaweed” earrings (unseen) by Butch Carungay of Avatar accessories.

Follow the red carpet into Opus lounge…


I walked in and after a few minutes of feeling adequately dressed but very small and somewhat out of place (I’d never gone out clubbing on a regular basis when I was younger), thankfully a familiar face showed up, my friend and bridal makeup artist Kim Rodriguez of The Beauty Addict blog.

The unexpected surprise was when a TV5 crew suddenly asked to interview each of us about what gadgets and kikay items we had in our bags :).  They also requested to video a full shot of my outfit.

According to Kim I was a bit too animated while talking, well what’s new, here I am holding up my trusty S90 which never ceases to get the “Your camera’s nice, what’s your camera?” remark when people spy the pictures in the LCD, even if it is a 2 year old model.  That bright light behind the video guy didn’t help either…I detest being on video camera, my face isn’t relaxed enough.  The event was the launch for the May issue of MEGA which features all ten ladies, and it’s June already, Juliaaahhh, tsk tsk tsk…lagging behind much?  Even though it’s mid-june I’m sure some magazine stands or stalls still sell lots of back issues.  I got my May issue free in a MEGA gift bag along with heaps of Olay skincare goodies, that I chose to share instead with loved ones at home.

The MEGA May issue with pretty Kim Chiu on the cover is a real good one which is jam packed with product features for beauty enthusiasts like us, a photo spread of Kim Chiu shot by Mark Nicdao (who else?!!), and of course the feature on their ten most beautiful women.


I enjoyed the event even though I hardly knew anybody in there, minus several famous personalities.  It was an honor to have been invited by a magazine as prestigious locally as MEGA.  Find out who those ten gorgeous ladies are and find yourself a copy of the May issue by MEGA :).… Read the rest

The Great Singapore Sale – My Little Lot of Loot

My trip to Singapore was a blast, it was the first international trip where I happened to be very aware of myself, my cash, and my surroundings next to my Germany trip after college.  I feel like such a late bloomer in comparison to most of my friends who’ve been filling up their passports with stamps almost every year.  I’m feeling time catch up with me because most probably in a couple of years, needless to say, I’ll be thirty and from then on only God knows how many more trips I’ll have around this planet.  I’m hopeful that there’ll be even more international adventures after what has been an relatively tame first trimester of my life.  So, spilt milk sentiments aside (looks out at a grey sky, shakes head) here are the grand acquisitions from the Great Singapore Sale which, by the way, has kicked off in full frenzy if you’re planning a trip there.


1.) Chanel Soleil de Tan Bronzing Base – Takashimaya Beauty hall at Ngee Ann City  2.) MAC Eyeshadows “Club” and “Brule” – Sephora at ION Orchard  3.) Urban Decay Primer Potion – Sephora at ION Orchard 4.) Make Up For Ever HD Foundation #125 – MUFE Academy at One Raffles Place, 4th floor   5.) L’oreal Youth Code Rejuvenating Eye Cream – Cold Storage Grocery at Sengkang  6.) Fasio Hyperstay Mascara in Brown – Guardian Pharmacy at Clifford’s Shopping center in Raffles area  7.) MAC Studio Finish concealer NC30 – Changi Airport Duty Free before boarding  8.) Harujuku Lovers “G of the Sea” Eau de Toilette by Gwen Stefani – Singapore Airlines On Board Shopping 9.) Marc Jacobs Daisy Solid Perfume Pendant – Singapore Airlines on board shopping. 10.) Marc Jacobs Daisy “Eau So Fresh” Eau de Toilette 4ml bottle – Bugis Market   11.) Top Shop Nailcolors – ION Orchard 12.) Top Shop Cream Eyeshadows – ION Orchard 13.) Konad Nail Art Stamping starter kit – KONAD store at Far East Plaza mall.

I’ve separated this group of cosmetic goodies  from my mandatory MUFE Make-Up Course kit products which I shall include with my next blog post about my make-up classes.  Of course I shall be featuring these individually throughout this week as time allows. Spot anything you like? :)  The full list of products is beneath the photo and corresponds with the numbers and as a bonus I included the location of where I got them in Singapore.… Read the rest

“Touchdown!” Says the Manila Girl, back from SG

I just wanted to take a moment to say “Hi!” to all of you and say that I’m back.  I wanted to blog at least twice before I left but my makeup classes in Singapore just got more tiring as the week-long course came to an end.  My first week was with my family and my second week was all about make-up :).

I was taking public transportation home everyday in my last week, which was very easy but tiring, after classes end at 6pm all the way to Punggol (last stop on the Northeastern MRT line, plus a bus to get home) from the Marina Bay area and it didn’t help that you’re not allowed to eat or drink at all on any form of public transportation so I was nearly dehydrated and exhausted more than half the time.  Water or candy is also discouraged, I’m not kidding, a friend saw a person be asked to get down from the train who happened to be a diabetic in need of candy.  At the station last week, my friend swiped my half drunk buko juice cup from my hand and stuffed it quickly into her bag “Are you kidding, give me that, this isn’t allowed, you want to be fined?  My friend got fined $500.” Singapore, I had a great time and your spotless city amazes me, the rules are working yes, but I think in some areas it would help to lighten up in one form or another, there must be a way people can drink freely.  I have TONS of stuff to write about because Singapore during sale season is a fashion and beauty blogger’s dream product hub encompassing western and asian cosmetic goodies.  However, right now, I’m just really quite tired and happy to be home.  I’ll have to catch my breath for now. :)Read the rest

Inspiration – Singaporean Make-Up Artist Kenneth Soh…based in UK

My first day of my make-up course here in Singapore begins in a few hours.  I just randomly clicked on a make-up artist’s blog site and he SO HAPPENED, as in, so happened to be a Singaporean.  How creepily timely can that get?  I checked Kenneth Soh’s About page and clicked through his folio and saw this.  Just look.

Sigh…Beautiful…and so the fun begins…… Read the rest

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