Beauty Bar Sale – Palladio Couture Herbal Eyeshadow Trio “Classic”

It’s pretty cool because I didn’t notice that these Palladio Couture Eyeshadow Trios were “herbal” and vitamin enriched  until I gave the product a look over before writing this.  Palladio is an American drugstore brand that is comparable to NYX, although NYX have really been stepping up in terms of quality lately.  Palladio is an herbal brand of cosmetics that offers a healthier and gentler alternative for staying pretty at an affordable price.

I was in Beauty Bar just a week ago and these happened to be on sale.  The packaging reminds me of the NYX Eye trios as well, but I love that this has a mirror.  It really ticks me off if and when pressed powder cosmetics in a compact or palette don’t come with a miror .  I tested them inside the store and these Palladio Couture palettes were such good value at Php175.00 (original price Php325.00) that I got the exact same one for mom, too.


If I’m not mistaken the Beauty Bar sale is either still ongoing or almost finished.  Continue reading to see swatches and a  quick, simple, subtle defined eye.… To full post & COMMENTS...

UK & Russia’s Rouge Bunny Rouge, sublimely natural – Acapella Collection Fall 2011 Behind the Scenes

When I think of “sublimely natural” only two luxe and relatively hard to acquire cosmetic brands come up in my head, Australia’s Becca, or the UK’s Russian borne brand Rouge Bunny Rouge.  It’s videos like the ones I post at the end of all this that make my jaw drop and wail “I wanna be part of that!!!” or “I wish I was in within reach of this brand”.  When I mean within reach I mean financially, Becca is available at Adora Greenbelt 5 and the only products I own from them are the ones that Becca representatives gifted me with at a workshop.  It didn’t make enough sense for me to ever drop nearly Php2000 just for a Becca lipgloss.  Now, freebies I’d gladly receive, thank you very much.  I first heard of Rouge Bunny Rouge from my friend Charlotte of Lipglossiping who was chosen by Zuneta Beauty in the UK to review a couple of Rouge Bunny Rouge products, look at how gorgeous their products look on her, and that rich chocolatey eyeshadow is so so pretty on Charlotte.  These photos are hers, they’re from Charlotte’s Guest post at Zuneta last year and I take no credit, I just wanted to share them with you as a teaser before the video.


RBR Bejewelled Skylark Eyeshadow

“Easily the most imaginative, inspirational and addictive brand we’ve come across! The formulas are out of this world and we can’t get enough of the enchanting product descriptions. Be warned, once you fall down the rabbit hole and try this brand there is no going back….” – ZUNETA BEAUTY

The formulas of Rouge Bunny Rouge are tested and developed at the best laboratories between Japan and the UK and the brand was first conceived and birthed in Russia in 2006 before partnering with the UK to bring this line of superb quality makeup to Europe.  These are the products Charlotte was wearing  “Bejewelled Skylark Eyeshadow” and the lipstick in “The Plot Thickens.  I’m linking directly to her photo source from her Zuneta post so I’m not “lifting” anything that isn’t mine.  If you click on any of these photos it will take you to her original post at Zuneta.

RBR product Bejewelled Skylark

RBR The Plot Thickens Lipstick

So pretty!  Clappety Clap.  Now can you please, as in please…watch this video?  I enjoyed it so much.


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Make Up For Ever SALE at – You have 6 days left!


Just when you thought this brand  Make Up For Ever would never see the light of an actual sale…here it finally is!  The twist is it’s different because it’s via, a locally available coupon sale site with promos and deals that include travel packages and wellness and beauty steals.  Wait don’t be sad, it’s EASY and is similar to Hautelook in the States.  Signup is free and the site is so simple to understand.  They specialize in weekly flash sales.  The Make Up For Ever sale is up for 6 more days and they show how many days are left.   What’s special about this sale is theyr also selling the local MUFE Pro and Bridal makeup classes at half-price…did you blink? For you aspiring makeup girls, this sale is for you.


1. Sign up for free then choose what to buy from an ongoing sale and add it to your cart.

2.  Choose to pay with Paypal, Credit Card or Bank deposit. 

3.  You’ll receive a payment confirmation in your email. Then go back to your Deal Grocer account dashboard and the coupon should be available to download for printing.  Then use that to claim your purchase before the deadline date given. It should look like this 2nd photo. Excuse the cheezy photo edit stickers, that’s for security.


I bought the MUFE Mist Fix spray for my pro kit which normally costs Php1400 and I got it for Php800+.  I didn’t want to publish this without availing of it first haha. Head over to and sign up if you’re interested :)To full post & COMMENTS...

Small Enough

At this time in my life, as you’ve noticed lots of songs in addition to prayer help me deal with what I’m going through.  Nicole Nordeman’s song “Small Enough” has been with me such a long time and never fails to pull me out of dark sad places in my heart.  I hope it helps some of you who are going through the same thing, as some of you have told me.  It shares how God, as big as He is, makes Himself small enough for each of us, if He has to be.


Nicole Nordeman

Oh, Great God, be small enough to hear me now.
There were times when I was crying from the dark of Daniel’s den;
And I have asked you once or twice if You would part the sea again.
But tonight I do not need a fiery pillar in the sky.
Just want to know you’re gonna hold me if I start to cry.
Oh great God, be small enough to hear me now.

Oh great God, be close enough to feel You now.
(Oh great God be close to me – (Fernando Ortega)
There have been moments when I could not face Goliath on my own.
And how could I forget we’ve march around our share of Jerichos.
But I will not be setting out a fleece for You tonight.
Just want to know that everything will be alright.
Oh, great God, be close enough to feel You now.

All praise and all the honor be;
To the God of ancient mysteries.
Whose every sign and wonder turn the pages of our history.
But tonight my heart is heavy,
And I cannot keep from whispering this prayer.
Are You there?

And I know You could leave writing on the wall that’s just for me.
Or send wisdom while I’m sleeping, like in Solomon’s sweet dreams.
But I don’t need the strength of Samson or a chariot in the end…
Just Want to know that You still know how many hairs are on my head.
(Are you small enough?) (Fernando Ortega)
Oh, great God, be small enough to hear me now.

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Style Snippet: Emma Watson, always lovely whether romantic or edgy

Harry Potter reaches its last film volume and Emma Watson is now free to do as she pleases with her career.  My style muse never fails to impress or overdo it.  She gets it right.  She also possesses a face that doesn’t seem to age as quickly as others would expect.


“Now that it’s over, Watson is reveling in the freedom to make changes—starting with a radical haircut that left her nervously fingering the feathery ends of the new pixie style that was inspired by such icons as Mia Farrow, Edie Sedgwick, Jean Seberg, and Audrey Hepburn.” – Emma Watson Interview – Emma Watson Quotes – Marie Claire

If there’s anyone I keep my eyes on when it comes to “well-balanced” event-appropriate style it’s Emma who over the years, she says, has played her own personality on-screen in the character of Hermione.  Although I’ve included several photos of her impeccably dressed one recent look in particular is what pulled me in, her exquisite black gold makeup for a New York Premiere of the second and final installment of  Harry Potter’s last film.  While her dress for this one wasn’t one of my favorites, her dark sultry makeup paired with her Bottega Venetta dress absolutely rocked the red carpet.


It was a graphic black look with gold pigment in the inner corners and accent gold flakes on the outer corners of her eyelids.  On other occasions, her beautifully shaped face is also blessed enough to be able to sport a pixie hairdo, one thing I’d never be able to carry well coz of my voluptuous face.  I love how her skin and lips are made up but kept natural and you can still see her freckles.  It’s lovely that she still has childlike spunk and enthusiasm even though she’s already a lady.

She got gold flecks on her eyelids?  Alrighty then…well I got gold flecks on my cake at Shangri-La…what say you?


My goodness, sooo pretty, but among her premiere dresses it was not this recent one that caught my eye.  Continue reading to see which dress it was…… To full post & COMMENTS...

A Tale of Two Concealers – Part 1 Cake Concealer, MAC Studio Finish

I’ll try my best.  This post is my first attempt at a pick-me-up.  Eyes are puffy, dark circles are worse than they’ve ever been, so I figure now’s the time to do it.  Don’t ask me why they are, let’s just take a few steps to look and feel better given the circumstances.  It’s actually quite hard to write but a lot of titas and moms have asked me in the past about this so I owe it to them coz I’ve never done it.  I think I might show more than tell (but if writing proves therapeutic you can flush my disclaimer later on).  I’ve decided to begin a two part review series on two forms of concealer, cake and liquid.  “Concealer is the secret of the universe…” says Bobbi Brown, and I agree with her, but sorry, Bobbi, the cake product in this post is by MAC.


 I own two pots of the Pixiwoo sisters’ pride and joy MAC Studio Finish cake concealer in the shades NC30 (left) and NC35.  One pot of studio finish concealer costs Php1000, you get 7 grams of product in the pot, but a little goes a long way.  I’ll explain why I own two shades in a minute.  As you can see below I nicked NC30 by accident with my fingernail yesterday because these pots are sometimes a bit of a pain to snap open.

The product looks darker in the pot than when applied on the face (plus I’m against the light in this shot) and sometimes the surface of the cake tends to oxidize on top making it appear darker than the unused product underneath.  MAC’s color system is different from others as Sam Chapman of Pixiwoo YouTube explained before.  Shades referred to as warm are the shades with pink and red tones in them which are the NW’s and the shades referred to as cool are the shades with undertones that range from Yellow towards blue or the NC’s.  I’m a very yellow medium toned Asian girl so naturally the NC shades suit me.  Continue reading to see swatches and both these concealers at work on my weary eyes.  I’ll also mention why I have two.… To full post & COMMENTS...


Those who don’t know Julianne immediately think “Liwanag” is a song of lovesick desperation…it is, but not for a person.  Liwanag is a Tagalog song of surrender to the Lord in a time of hopelessness.  “Liwanag” means “light” or sometimes when the word is used differently it can mean “clear” or “understood”.  This is one of Julianne’s few official music videos and the song pierces my heart in a painful yet good way…Tagalog lyrics are right below and I’ll put an English translation after.


“Liwanag” by Julianne Tarroja

Liwanag ng bagong umaga
Walang pagasang dala dala
Ni anino man o kahit ano
Hanap-hanap koy mukha Mo

Kahit sulyap lang
O paramdam
Sana ako ay pagbigyan
Alam ko’y Ikay nandayan
Naghihintay nakaabang


Di bale nalang
Kung hindi lang din Ikaw
Ang gigising sa umaga
Di bale nalang
Kung hindi lang boses Mo
Aking pakikinggan

Bawat buntong hininga
Bawat luha sa mga mata
Dinig Mo lahat ng sinasabi sa Iyo
Hawak ko lang pangako Mo

Na ni minsan hindi iniiwan
Lumayo lang aking tingin
Di ko kailangang maunawaan
Alam ko ito’y lilipas din




Di bale….
Di bale nalang

ROUGH ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Light of a new morning without any hope brought by anyone or anything, I seek Your face.  I wish You’d give me just a glimpse or even proof, I hope You consider my request.  I know You’re there waiting, just standing by.  CHORUS: I’d rather it not be if it won’t be You who makes the sun rise, I’d rather it not be if it isn’t only Your voice that I will listen to.  VERSE: Every sigh I make, each and every tear, You hear everything said to You, I’ll just hold on to Your promise that never ever did You leave me, It’s just that I looked away, I needn’t understand it all because I know these things will pass. CHORUS… To full post & COMMENTS...

In Better Hands by Julianne

One of the Philippines’ best acoustic performers, Julianne Tarroja, is someone I really admire.  Her songs of honest faith have been helping me cope with my storm and the way she sings with her whole heart and moves all the muscles in her hands just really holds you still in the moment.  The video may not impress, but her music in it, her personality, joy, and encouraging spirit have helped me make it through another night.  Julianne’s song Better Hands grabs me at the heart.  Lyrics are posted below the video.



BETTER HANDS by Julianne Tarroja


We’ve been going down this road for some time

And I don’t know where this is going

Even though I’ve been watching all the signs

I don’t know where this is leading


Wondering why it’s been taking so long

And I’ve been feeling kind of low

But You tell me that I need to hold on

To Your promise, that You’re in control



We are in better Hands

Than our own

Than our own

We don’t need to see

Before we

Before we believe


I look outside the window anticipating

the coming of a new day

You said it’s coming

I know it’s on its way


 Wondering what is in store for the both of us

And if it’s what we’re hoping for

Then You remind me that I don’t have to be afraid

That You’ll never let me down because you’re in control




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