My Take on Tangerine Tango, Colors of the Year Etc. – Sketch Not Mine

I do make it my business to know what the Pantone color of the year is, I would be unwise if I didn’t, but I personally find it too contrived to go out and find pieces in the declared color just so I get to wear what a certain authority says is the color to wear.  I take every trend with a grain of salt and only jump at it if it really draws me in at that moment, if it’s absolutely my type, and if it really flatters me.  If it doesn’t, it doesn’t, even though Pantone says so and I don’t know if it’s self-righteousness or just plain apathy, I don’t mean to but I cringe inwardly if someone were to blurt out to me that something is good because it’s the color of the year with a kind of like “I know so, did you…” vibe.  Which is why I don’t think I can be a proper fashion blogger, I’m a bit of a trend snob and if ever I personally forecast what I think will be looking good in the months to come, I’d rather not share with the world what I think, when it comes to clothes.  I do know I wear my clothes well and have even gotten compliments on occasion.  I’m an art snob when it comes to people telling me what color to wear, but I won’t ever snub someone’s professional opinion, I am flattered to say that celebrity stylist Michael Salientes really loved what I was wearing the last time I saw him, it included my Stella McCartney for Adidas shrug/baby cardigan.  In that sense I bask in the joy of style from time to time and I do appreciate quite a bit of beautiful apparel but I don’t care enough about the whole universe of fashion.  I have a closet that I only like to fill with a certain amount, I probably go shopping for clothes 4-5x in a year now, and in my book if the average single clothing piece lasts 3-4 years if you use it often that’s still A LOT of clothes shopping in my book.  FYI, I didn’t draw this, I found this on this blog

I like how sketches like these though tend to rock my boat and make me think more fondly of the possibilities with Tangerine Tango, Pantone’s declared color for 2012.  Don’t worry, I don’t stare at people wearing tangerine tango and inwardly point “HAHA Color of the year ha…”,  I note it but don’t MIND it, it’s a lovely color, just don’t rub it in my face that Pantone said so and we can be friends.  I’d rather stare at this pretty sketch I found on a random blog because anyway red orange is rubbish on me (except as a nail color) and I don’t have jet black or blonde hair to suit it.… To full post & COMMENTS...

Exert More Girl Power – A’postrophe Tweezers and Nail Clippers Php59-75 Only

I’d never walked into A’postrophe before, that store on the 3rd level of Glorietta 4, until two days ago when I met up with Kira of and Alex of Reluctant Stylista.  It’s not a new store, it’s been around for about a little over two years I estimate.  It’s a wonderland of knick-knacks and artsy-fartsy items that are not “corny” and neither are they the usual useless types of trinkets and/or “abubot”.  Essentially, it strikes me as a far more interesting gift shop than Tickles.  I saw these lovely ladies standing side by side in one row and thought they were too cute not to pick up, uh…I didn’t mean that the way it sounded, pun super not intended.  They come with many different stylish ladies, probably bout 4 or more for each tool, which I think are possibly mass mechanically “airbrushed” onto an enameled base over the steel and there are also nail files in the lot but I chose not to get one since my nail file at home works perfectly fine still.  These remind me of items by the European brand Pylones which I first saw years ago when I worked part time as a cashier in my Tita’s former Home Accessories shop in Hamburg, Germany.

There’s nothing like sparking the mediocre tasks you do with some charm and cuteness.  Clip your nails and tweeze your brows using these and psychologically ignite some girl power in you.  I thought that these lovely lady nail clippers and tweezers were an absolute “SDeal” at Php75 and Php59 and guess what, I already know what you’re thinking, that they probably don’t tweeze and cut well at all.  You know what…that’s where you’re wrong, both are heavy in make and tightly assembled and the ones I got function fabulously.  Read more to see the full post with my thoughts on these cutesy patootsies.… To full post & COMMENTS...

(CLOSED) WIN a Neutrogena BBCream Today! – Week3 FineFairness Pop Guess Giveaway

One day late, wah, sorry, sorry.  Had a TVC shoot yesterday.  Here’s my 3rd Neutrogena Pop Guess Giveaway for you!  Simply look at the photo and tell me which side I’m wearing Neutrogena BB Cream on :).  Note: Giveaway open only to residents of Metro Manila.


Tell me according to the LEFT or RIGHT indicators on the photo which side I’m wearing Neutrogena BB Cream on by leaving a comment below this post saying “LEFT” or “RIGHT”.  Please make sure you identify yourself with an email address when entering your answer in a comment.  I will choose two winners at random after 11pm tonight  from the batch of correct answers.


  • Entry open to Metro Manila residents only.
  • Two winners will be picked randomly from correct answers
  • and Neutrogena are the sole promoters of this competition
  • Competition closes tonight at 23:00/11pm
  • Winner will be notified within the week before the next Pop Guess giveaway
  • Prizes are to be claimed from the Neutrogena Headquarters, location will be disclosed to the winners.
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Ash Wednesday – A Year’s Wait in Regrowth

Last Wednesday I finally went for the recommendation of my cousin’s girlfriend and dyed my hair dark ash blonde, which is a cooler brown with a lesser  tendency to go brassy or orange, there still is a bit of warmth because of my natural hair but I’m glad my hair is no longer reddish brown.


People kept asking me since about August last year why I wasn’t recoloring my hair promptly, which I had first colored in April.  The regrowth at the roots had begun to show, although subtle coz my natural hair is super dark brown it was obvious coz I had golden highlights. This was my hair BEFORE I ever had it colored.


Ay, sorry…sumobra yung drag ko sa BEFORE timeline LOL. Well, the answer to why I delayed recoloring is I was still suffering from drastic hairfall, an overspill reaction after resigning from my hectic job last, last year. I had it before I colored it and it still wouldnt let up. After using a revitalizing serum for bout a month which has lessened my hairfall (yes, review soon) I started saving photos of Asian girls with ash blonde hair to show the hairstylist what I wanted to achieve.

Right now I’m also deciding whether I should return in a week to add tonal highlights (not streaks…or strips). I found this lovely random photo of an Asian girl who had lighter ash blonde tones added to her dark ash blonde hair.

Uber lovely however, I dont think I’ll ever go this light with my highlights, coz my skin is not as fair. What do you think, should I go for tonal highlights or leave it as is? By the way, sorry I can’t disclose who did my hair, it was a friend’s tip and she made me promise not to announce it to everyone since his talent was her “find” hehe, all I’ll say is the stylist is new, young, and very good at what he does and it isn’t a super high end salon. I’m a promise keeper so this is all I can share, I’m very happy with the results.… To full post & COMMENTS...

Bless My Gag – Meet the Cloudmeister

Putting up photos of my cat, Cloud, always seems to put people in a good mood.  I have a new one today.  A few weeks back she was chewing on my hand.  I thought I’d get creative with it.

If you want to see Cloud in action, here’s a short video of her.  If you film her for too long she gets prickly, as most celebrities tend to when running from the paparazzi.

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The WINNERS of My Neutrogena Week2 Pop Guess Giveaway are…

All of you got it correct this time, GASP.  The correct answer to the question which side I was wearing BB Cream on in this giveaway was:


I wish I could make you all win but sorry, I still had to pick out two (2) random winners from all the correct answers.  So without further adieu congratulations to:

1. Nicayh

2. Mel

CONGRATULATIONS!  Please be sure to email or message me right away and I’ll give you instructions on how to claim your prizes :) Everyone keep your eyes peeled and keep reading for more delightful beauty features and fun-filled giveaways to brighten your day.  Love you!

TERMS AND CONDITIONS of the Giveaway were:

  • Entry open to Metro Manila residents only.
  • Two winners will be picked randomly from correct answers
  • and Neutrogena are the sole promoters of this giveaway
  • Competition closes tonight at 23:00/11pm
  • Winner will be notified within the week before the next Pop Guess giveaway
  • Prizes are for claiming from the Neutrogena Headquarters, location will be disclosed to the winners.
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That Watsons Pure Beauty Treatment Hair Conditioner – The Acclaimed Shiseido Tsubaki Dupe Returns

Apparently, I missed out on the hype 8 months prior.  This was a Metro-wide phenomenon as far as I know.  Several beauty bloggers went a bit crazy over the discovery, after the Watson’s Beauty Lab event last year, that this Php199.00 Watsons Pure Beauty Treatment Conditioner was a great  department store dupe for Shiseido’s Tsubaki Damage Care Conditioner, I’m presuming they meant that one based on research.  Then to the dismay of the Conditioner’s hugely excited fanbase due to the spread of the hype the Pure Beauty hair care range sold out and it disappeared from shelves completely for several months.  Watsons did not replenish its stock of the line, until suddenly 3 days ago, my friend Kira of made a discovery at Mall of Asia, Pure Beauty Hair Care had silently returned.  She was so happy she bought 3 bottles on the spot (ooh, a happy camper!), and ahem, a day later I did, too.  I got one bottle for mom and two for me :).

The funny story behind Kira’s announcement is when we were together with other bloggers at an event a few days ago they all began talking about the awesome Conditioner that was. The conditioner is known for containing Camellia Seed Oil from Japan.  However, to make it clear the conditioner is NOT from Watsons Japan, it is made in Korea.

MY EXPERIENCE WITH IT:  The Pure Beauty Treatment conditioner is great also because although it isn’t an organic product it is Paraben-Free and SLS free (although the Pure Beauty shampoo in the silver bottle does contain SLS).  This is a white, smooth fluffy cream, which is your typical conditioner texture, and it smooths over the hair really quickly.  It’s got quite a silky kind of slip as you work it through your strands, if you call that “working” at all.  It’s not quite as hydrating and curl defining as the Davines Love Smoothing Conditioner which is still at the top of my Conditioner list (although I can’t purchase), but this Pure Beauty one definitely gives your hair that silky smooth shine and some definition.  The smell is a powdery, warm, slightly musky type.  I actually prefer brighter fresher scents when it comes to bath and body but I still consider it a pleasant scent.  It doesn’t give tons lot of volume and bounce but it doesn’t make my hair limp at all.  Overall I think this would be an EXCELLENT shampoo for girls with straight hair and wavy hair, for girls with extremely curly hair you may want to use a more hydrating shampoo before using this.

It was a consensus of yearning and in my case a protest of the hype that I missed out on.  I kept repeating myself “Isn’t there any chance they’ll bring it back?” and Kira shrugged her shoulders but said “Sana, I really wish they would.  When you go to Singapore, Julia, kukulitin kita, baka you can get for me…”.  Happy for my blogger friends and for myself that our conversation about it was heard out in the universe  and we were blessed as a result with the return of this well-loved product.  Who says God doesn’t listen in on girl talk? :)  I told Kira “Hey, maybe we should gather again and start talking about phased out products,” LOL.


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The WINNER of my 1st Nationwide Giveaway is…

Hold it, I’m here to announce the winner for the Nationwide Twitter Giveaway! Stating the obvious, I just need this image in for a proper thumbnail and shout out…

…and the Nationwide Twitter giveaway winner is…

Meggide de Ocampo aka @eiigem3

Congratulations!  Please email me your shipping info ASAP at, I’ll be tweeting you as well.  To all those who joined, I’ll still be having lots of giveaways coming up soon, keep reading and thanks for joining!

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