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My Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette – Fresh from the U.S. of A!

Oooooooh, I’ve gots me own! *Rubs palms together* This Urban Decay Naked 2 palette is probably the most reviewed eyeshadow palette in the last 6 months, thought there was not as much of a frenzy bout this as its predecessor, the original Naked palette.  So what, it’s high time I got to say something ’bout it, it’s my first Urban Decay palette, haha!  Naked and Naked 2 palettes both come with 12 lovely shades of eyeshadow.


Shades and Finish L-R: Foxy (Matte), Half Baked (Shimmer), Booty Call (Satin), Chopper (Shimmer + Sparkle), Tease (Matte), Snakebite (Shimmer), Suspect (Shimmer), Pistol (Shimmer), Verve (Shimmer), YDK (Shimmer), Busted (Shimmer), Blackout (Matte)

The palette itself comes inlaid in cardboard with a minty Urban Decay Lip Junkie gloss in the shade “Naked”. This wasn’t exactly a birthday present but then in the end it was really funny because it kinda became one.  Another aunt gave me Php1500.00 birthday money, then the aunt that got me this said she’ll only charge me something the equivalent of US$40 for this (about Php1600), so I slid the Php1500 I was given by the first aunt over to that aunt “There, paid”, she laughed and said “Okay, the money just went around”.  And then my grandmother arrived and gave me Php1000 birthday money, we laughed again.  So technically I only gave up Php500.00 for this Naked 2 palette, lots of indie makeup stockists bring this in, like House of Flair, but locally this would fetch about Php3200.00 (around $70).  In the States, its original $50 price tag converts to Php2200.  Read more to get the full post with close-ups and hand swatches.

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Post Birthday Post 2012

I wrote this on my Facebook wall 2 minutes after my birthday yesterday was over: “With every single thing I think I’m not God sees a thread worth weaving into my life tapestry. Today was one of the simplest yet most meaningful birthdays ever. It’s funny how when you age more in a certain way you expect less. I didn’t expect to feel the way I did today…I felt way younger than I actually am today and I haven’t felt the youth in my spirit hop and skip in a really long time. I’m glad it did today. Thank you, Lord.”

I’m 29 but a lot of people I meet still think I’m in college or a fresh graduate or on odd occasions my 15 year old brother’s date lol!  “What’s the secret?” lots of them ask, and all I can answer is a mix of cosmic genes does help but ultimately I truly believe that a commitment to Spiritual purity I made when I was in high school that I’ve fought, nearly broken, but fought to stick by has made an enormous difference.  Purity in Spirit manifests itself in the physical realm and I’m nowhere perfect (take for example my constant failure to begin a fitness regimen) but Jesus helps me everyday with any weakness I might have and I’ll get stronger if I choose to.  I do fight for purity in a lifestyle that everyone sees.  I’ve offended people, I’ve been honest, I’ve made people uncomfortable without meaning to do so (I’ve said this before lol sirang plaka) and it’s been hard especially in the past two years.  What I fight against is the belief that a balance of good and bad is what keeps you happy and gives you excitement and an enjoyable life.  For me the best example is this, when you double dip chips into dip…nothing happens immediately to the dipping sauce but it begins to fester from the bacteria of saliva, no matter how little may have contaminated it once its been put away right “No Double Dipping”.  It’s God in all this who makes where I am and who I strive to be a reality.  Spiritual Purity is one of the best anti-aging secrets I believe in and only Jesus makes it possible.  Thank you, Lord, for saving me not once, but everyday that I live.  My 29th year is going to be a blast and the best is yet to come.… To full post & COMMENTS...

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Small Summerization – A Travel Friendly Trio

I quickly told Dad not to throw the cocktail “umbrellettes” we scored from some fruit shakes, because I had to show you guys this little lot I love with a bit of summer flair.

Clockwise: 1.) Evian Natural Mineral Water “Brumisateur” Facial Spray 50 ml FROM PCX Php189.00, 2.) Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick SPF 15 US$17  FROM StrawberryNET  3.) Clean & Clear Oil Control Film pink blot sheets, Grapefruit Scented Php100+ FROM PCX

Two days ago that day was recorded as the hottest day of the year for the Philippines.  Truth be told I’ve only used 2 of the 3 items here so far because I just recently bought the blot sheets and have been simply sniffing the box every time I have it because of the lovely citrus grapefruit scent, these also come in a blue unscented version.  The most used item in this lot so far is the Elizabeth Arden Lip Protectant Stick.  I like it so much because for me it’s the balm ABOVE ALL NON-ORGANIC BALMS if I were to categorize it correctly.  It’s a luxurious product that really soothes the lips and since it’s in stick form it’s a less messy way to apply Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour cream on your lips without it oozing everywhere.

This travel-friendly size of Evian spray is quite nostalgic.  I remember when the bottle used to be different and my grandmother and aunts had big ones on their dressing tables.  I’d crumple up my little face in anticipation of a refreshing spritz from one of these.  For lots of people it’s a bit of a novelty and a “waste” because it isn’t a refillable bottle and the idea of spraying high end mineral water on one’s face doesn’t cut it I guess.  For me though this feels really SOOTHING, there’s something about the spritzer and the mineral water cooling the surface of my face, it’s a really relaxing, calming feeling especially since the heat has been so unbearable.  I think the bigger size of this spray is a bit of an overkill though which is why I opted for this travel-friendly 50ml bottle.  For best results stick one in the fridge for a few hours to get the most out of the cool part.  I was actually supposed to throw in once again my current favorite Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation in the group shot for this one but it was already part of my large Summerization feature and that was the 2nd time I talked about it already.   What are your travel size favorites now this summer?  Do you have any in particular?… To full post & COMMENTS...

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For All Moms: The Best Job in the World is the Hardest One – P&G 2012 London Olympics TVC

Mother’s Day for many countries is about a month away on May 13 with the exception of the U.K. which celebrated Mother’s Day way earlier in March.  London happens to be the upcoming site for the 2012 Olympic Games and as of yesterday there were a 100 days left before the commencement of the games on July 27, 2012.

“The Best Job in the World is the Hardest One” – P&G 2012 London Olympics TVC

Agency:Wieden + Kennedy Portland, Client: P&G/Olympics, Director: Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Production Company: Anonymous Content, Creative Director: Danielle Flagg, Creative Director: Karl Lieberman, Copywriter: Kevin Jones, Art Director: Ollie Watson  BREAK DATE: April 17, 2012

You can prepare to surprise, touch, or move your own mother as early as now.  Watch P&G’s 2012 London Olympics TVC spot below.

The reason why I’m announcing Mother’s Day this early is because on top of viewing this moving TV Commercial by P&G London which was released the other day, celebrating the Moms behind the Olympics I want everyone to take the time to thank and love our Moms this coming Mother’s Day. I can relate because my brother’s an athlete and he aspires to play football internationally one day, he’s been playing football since he was 4 years old and non-stop since he was 9, he’ll be 16 this year.

He now plays for the Kaya Elite, the youth club of Kaya FC in the UFL League which includes players like Aly Borromeo, Nate Burkey, Anton Del Rosario, Jason Sabio, Lexton Moy and more…

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Milk Tee – ReWearing the White shirt, BenchBody Men’s White Roundneck

I’ve been on the hunt for awhile for a white shirt that wouldn’t make me look like a kid.  I’m way over the baby tees that would fit me super exactly that had baby sleeves as well because those make me look like I’m 12 and enhance my bottom heavy build.  I’ve been wanting a more modern fit that’s more relaxed with a higher collar cut and balances out my shape.  This is exactly what I wanted.  It’s by BenchBody and it’s the men’s fit Round Neck shirt in size Small. Gotta go, got this for Php330.00.  Thanks mom for the photo!

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Live Tattoo TVC 30s Campaign – Latest aired makeup job

The 30s TVC is finally on the air, 2.5 days, 6 hours of sleep, around 15-20 support talents.  I understand that in the post production process lots of the faces I made up didn’t make it into the frame, except for one stretch in particular Ellore’s clip, but I’m cool with that.  That’s all across the board and it’s part of my job.  The set was AWESOME!  What a feat and of course dense little me tried to warn Syke, visual FX shoot supervisor “You guys are going to be cleaning up a lot of cables…” when it happened to deliberately be a SteamPunky theme with golden wiring to embellish the set”DUH”, knock-knock Julia lol.  In digital post production, which was what I used to do, you learn to accept the final outcome of the work as approved by the brand and in the end it is being part of an excellent whole that matters to me.  The Live Tattoo 30s TVC is embedded at the bottom.  The lead talents for the TVC made up by Jigs Mayuga are Saab Magalona, Coach Rio, and Danica Magpantay.

This is Ellore, am glad they got her for a close-up even just for a moment.  I’m sure she didn’t expect it.  We became good friends on set as we talked into the wee hours of the morning with Syke.I did blur her eyebags a bit in this shot for this still…it wasn’t as bad because it was already edited but to do the photo justice I’m just disclosing that I did.  All these support talents had barely a few hours worth of sleep for 2 days, but sometimes that’s just how we roll, folks.


I’m just extremely proud to say I worked on this fabulous commercial with the team that did it.  A big shout out of thanks to the Harrison Communications team: Pau Pamatmat, Grace Consolacion, Paolo Fabregas, and Mark Pahati, Provill Productions, Eddie Mar Cabiltes my hairstylist, Mara Reyes our wardrobe stylist, AssistDirek ManMan, Direk Adrian Calumpang, the Tattoo clients, Underground Logic digital post production for the edit and effects, and in particular Syke Dolero, my former officemate from UGL who kept me in high spirits at the crack of dawn.… To full post & COMMENTS...


Extra Rice – Creamy Rice Cleansers by Face Shop and Clean & Clear

I know, I know you’re all like “But you said…”  yes, yes I did say I wasn’t supposed to purchase a new facial cleanser since I still had a Kiehl’s mousse action Acai Damage-Reducing cleanser on hand.  I really wasn’t supposed to but I ended up buying two, (bad Julia) but really also to prove a point because one (Clean & Clear) was to replace the Kiehl’s cleanser which I found out I DIDN’T LIKE (get to that in a sec) and the second (Face Shop) was a purchase out of curiosity in all things Korean, to check if it worked better than the first replacement.  It also turned out this Clean&Clear variant is very good especially for oily skin or if you’ve worn heavy makeup and want it absolutely all off.  The Face Shop one is great for normal to combo dry skin.  Oh and that one…I didn’t get at a Face Shop boutique, I found a semi “secret” Korean cosmetic shopping area somewhere in Makati where everything costs less because they’re brought here by a Korean who really goes back home.

From left: The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam Php150.00 50ml tube, Clean & Clear Deep Action Purifying Cleanser (w/Rice Extract) Php135.00 for 100g tube

If you read my “Summerization” post, my expensive BeFine Facial Cleanser from Beauty Bar also had rice and I’m into the whole Asian feel that comes with using skincare with the benefits of the said staple grain.  I only had to get that expensive one because I had to make sure my face recovered because it was rejecting my former facial cleanser that time.  Because Filipinos love rice so much it fit for me.  I didn’t favor the Kiehl’s Acai Damage Reducing cleanser (not in photo) and I really used it about 6 times to try and persuade myself to like it but it doesn’t feel like it cleanses my skin deep enough considering that there are days when I wear makeup plus I’m not fond of the scent.  It felt weak as a cleanser.  It’s okay naman, kind of like Rosemary, just not my type for the face so I gave it to Mom who likes herb scented light facial washes and she likes Kiehl’s as well.  I think in general I don’t like facial cleansers that come with that foaming pump that gives you a light mousse that disappears into a whisper when you rub it between your fingers.  I like that mousse pump action only for liquid hand soaps, Dial has a good set of moussing hand soaps from S&R.  I like my facial cleansers to be slightly denser, creamier, and have unmistakeable emulsifying, foaming action.  Read more to get the full post and my comparison between these two facial cleansers.

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The Return of RENEGADE FOLK – My Fave Indie Shoe Brand is BACK!

OMIGAWRSH…I spotted their video announcement on YouTube and got super excited.  I only ever got to buy 1 pair of Renegade Folk shoes and they happen to be my most favorite heels.  Back then they were available at bazaars and they had a Multiply Store online which is no longer active but they’ve got a brand spanking NEW Website here!  I’ve used my own pair so often ever since I got them.  These are photos from my Samsung Galaxy S Android phone, I use the FREE app Camera 360 when taking mobile photos.

They’re not cheap but they’re not insanely expensive either considering how great their styles and shapes are.  I think I scored this pair at a bazaar for about Php1800 or Php2000 2.5 years ago but they’ve lasted me so well and still look really great considering I’ve worn them to so many places.  I discovered the brand at their Rockwell bazaar kiosk, bought those shoes and loved them then Renegade Folk disappeared for what looked like was forever, but now they’re back!!!  Like them on Facebook, check their website, and watch their YouTube announcement in this video.

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