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Blog Breakaway – “Lunes” Ancient Poetry by Yours Truly

I surprised myself.  I rediscovered my personal online blogger journal, which of course I won’t be reviving or sharing the link of here.  I hadn’t realized I’d written so much between 2004 and 2007, the years when I first worked in post production and lived in a dinky apartment adjacent to the hum and buzz further in from the Makati B-side area.

How my dog, Jack,  feels about Mondays, or days that end in Y.

Back then when I used to write a lot more about more meaningful things (LOL) I even did some poetry to put my mind at ease.  Here’s one to reassure you that Monday does come to an end.  Haha.


kapag sumilip ang liwanag
sa pagtulog na ni buwan
ako’y pakipot pang dumilat
bespren ko pa si unan

kamot kamot sa mata
konting hikab pang bitin
yoko pang malaman
kung wala na’ng bawat bituin

pag abot sa telepono
may konti pang dasal
na sana maaga aking bangon
kalayo pa ng almusal

ngunit sa sigaw na ng mga bata
na patakbo takbo doon
alam kong gising na ang linggo
Inaantay na ako ni sabon

Natapos din ang signal #2
sa loob ng banyong kyut
wag limutin ang mga kalat
dapat sa basura syut na syut

sa isang kwarto sa ciudad
na sa totoo’y napakaliit
ang simula ng bawat araw
nitong babaeng makulit

parang simple lang ang buhay
pero minsan sobrang hindi
alam naman natin kung bakit
lagi sa trabahong nagmamadali

kaya eto nalang ako bigla
nakaupo at napapaisip
marami palang masasabi
tungkol sa “kondo” kong masikip

Dating dati ang huling pagtula
mukhang naubusan na ng Ingles
Sa pagsusulat wala akong sawa
patapos na rin ang aking Lunes

SaladBox Philippines Launches Tonight! – Boxes of Beauty Knock on Your Door

Hey, Ladies I’ve got some exciting news for you.  SaladBox  subscription boxes have arrived in the Philippines!  If you’re interested in trying various lifestyle and beauty brands without leaving home here’s how!  You all know how many of us LOVE having travel-size bits of beauty on hand?  Well in this case there are chances where you may even get the full size depending on what is handpicked for you :) When you click on any image below it will take you to the newly launched Saladbox Website!   The site will fully unveil ALL ITS PAGES at 8pm tonight, right now the site is up but the links on the site are not yet fully active except for BOX and HOW IT WORKS.  Check back on their site at 8pm for the grand revelation of international beauty brands included!  Here’s more information on what SaladBox is about and some details on subscribing.

Googled image…


“For PhP500.00 per month, a subscriber will receive a box filled with four or more beauty and lifestyle product samples. The SaladBox team greatly values the money their subscribers spend so these products will have a value of more than PhP700.00. SaladBox is currently in partnership with a lot of beauty and lifestyle brands, both local and international, up-and-coming and timeless classics.

And since subscriptions come in first-come, first-served basis, SaladBox will start accepting reservations for subscription slots starting September 8, 2012, 8:00PM Manila Time. They will send you a link to their subscription application form once it’s your turn to subscribe.”

Subscription beauty sample boxes have been big hit in the U.S., Europe, and even Singapore.  You subscribe monthly, fill up a subscription profile and Saladbox will handpick 4 or more products to put in your box and send to you.  What’s even more exciting is accumulating SaladLeaves which are like vouchers you can use to purchase the full sizes of products that satisfy you from the online shop!  So be on the alert for later tonight, I personally am sooo excited to see what’s on the site’s BRANDS page.  You can follow SaladBox for now via  Twitter (, Facebook (, and Pinterest (


NOTD Max Factor Glossfinity in 025 Desert Sand

I attended Max Factor’s relaunch of their nail polish range and was blessed with a free mani-pedi service @ Beauty & Butter, Megamall, where it was held. I chose to test the longevity of the Max Factor Glossfinity formula which claims to retain the newly applied “gloss” effect for up to 7 days.


I chose the no-brainer medium warm nude shade 025 Desert Sand which is a head on match for a medium fair girl like me.  This shade is great for brides or girls who prefer to keep it clean. I’m still missing my milky bit of Funny Bunny though (last NOTD). The reason why I chose a simple shade to test is I really wanted to be able to observe the longevity of the gloss and with a more neutral shade it’s easier to stay eagle-eyed. NOTE: I forgot to tell the B&B lady not to apply Glossfinity top coat on Desert Sand.

I’ll do another review with no top coat using 140 Cobalt blue which was given to me as a press sample. I was also given 26 Cappuccino from the Mini Nails range which looks like a milky mushroom taupe with a hint of lavender. Glossfinity polishes retail for Php245 each and the Max Effect Mini Nail polishes retail for Php175 at leading department stores that carry Max Factor nationwide. There’s an ongoing promo for the Glossfinity range, get 2 for only Php450 for the whole month of September or at least while stocks last.

Trippin’ on My Refillable Travalo – Bring Along Fragrance Without Bulk

What is a Travalo?   Quite a few people have asked me that when I bring it up.  I assumed a lot of people already knew what it was but apparently not everyone does.  It’s a travel atomizer for perfume or liquids you can spray.

It’s a little vial encased in an atomizer for bringing travel portions of perfume, but what makes this popular abroad (mom tried to buy from on-board duty free but these were sold out) is how dead EASY it is to get perfume into it…no pouring, no fiddling with funnels.  As long as your perfume comes with a standard spray dispenser cap, as almost all of them do, this will certainly work.  Just watch…er, I mean look.

1.  Remove the spray nozzle cap to reveal the pump nozzle.

2.  Locate the fragrance entrance (LOL) right on the bottom of the Travalo.

3.  Marry the Travalo with the nozzle and hold your perfume bottle with your other hand (to keep it stable) and pump vertically making sure the nozzle straw enters the Travalo as you pump.  You will see the perfume level rise in the view slot as you pump.  Fill it but not completely, leave a bit of air space so you can spray without difficulty.

See how wonderfully easy that is?  Replace the nozzle cap, removing it does not destroy it so you can still prettily store your fragrance at home in its own bottle and just remove the nozzle cap again when you refill the Travalo.  I think I scored the 4ml one, there’s one size bigger I believe and it comes in other colors like metallic silver, sandy gold, red, black, and a blue I think?  I got mine for about $14 SGD, thats about Php450 from Watsons in Singapore but FOR YOU GALS/GUYS I found a local supplier.  I met her at a bazaar in Ortigas 2 months ago and she was selling Travalo items at her booth there :)  Go to or contact the lovely Nikki Tamula at or at her mobile # 09177162805.

L’oreal Pureology Hair Care in HYDRATE – Vegan soothing Shampoo & Conditioner

I’ve used up what L’oreal gave me to pamper my hair last June as of a week ago.  Straightaway, even when I had just received the email regarding L’oreal Pureology Hair Care I was absolutely certain  that I was being given the chance to review a high quality product specially formulated for color treated hair.  My former salon boss and the woman who cuts mom’s hair, Tinette Puyat, was using the HYDRATE Pureology variant the last time I spent time with her.  I chose to only write about this once I’d fully consumed the hair care pair (carebear) so that I’d have a complete stream of insight on the product.

L’oreal Pureology HYDRATE
“Help dry, colour-treated hair retain its fresh-from-the-salon vibrancy with ZeroSulfate® shampoos containing the exclusive AntiFadeComplex®.  Our 100% vegan, ultra hydrating formulas offer extraordinary colour protection and superior hydration.”

Key Ingredients

  • Advanced Hydrating Micro-Emulsion Technology
  • Multi-Weight Proteins of Soy, Oat and Wheat
  • Conditioning Plant Extracts of Jojoba, Green Tea and Sage

First off, let’s flip back a few chapters earlier.  This was my hair before I cut it and before I began fully using the L’oreal Pureology Hair Care system.  I was very happy with my hair’s color, beautiful natural beach wave  texture, shine, and length but the problem was lots of people didn’t know I was battling progressive hairfall ever since I resigned from a 6.5 year toxic career with lots of OT.  All the hair you see in this photo in front looks thick doesn’t it?  But the catch there is that’s ALL there is…there are no more hair sections behind my head other than these two split sections along my shoulders which proved that I’d probably already lost 1/3 of my healthy hair population prior to chronic hairfall.  I switched shampoos and even began trying out Pureology the minute I got it, but shampoos weren’t the problem, I needed to do something more physical to give my hair a chance to repopulate and my scalp a long-needed break…so as many of you know, I went for the cut, and I have not looked back until today.

This is what it looks like when the cut has grown out a bit, then just last week in the next photo you see what it’s like when it was newly cut or when I’ve had my maintenance cut.  Since this second photo I’ve had my roots recolored and an ash intensifier was added to fight off red tones in the reflection.

Even though I have looked back, there are no regrets because in the end, hair will grow back when I need it to and it will be thickly there and as glorious as ever.  On the subject of the maintenance of hair color I’ll admit I had no idea this was going to happen, that I’d totally get into coloring my hair, but I’m glad my hair grows slow so I only recolor every 3 to 4 months.  With the use of hair color comes different hair care and that’s where Pureology first stepped in.

I like that it’s a highly botanical vegan line and the product itself, particularly the conditioner was very soothing on my scalp.  This isn’t going to be a flowery hair post with long technical terms I’m just basically going to reflect quickly in this paragraph that this shampoo and conditioner made my hair feel like it wasn’t colored.  The sections were soft and healthy and full of shine.  The only thing I’m not 100% sure about is how well it restrains color from fading.  I wasn’t too much of a nut in observing, but my hair faded to a light orangey color AS EXPECTED with any hair color treatment after a span of about 3 months I’d say.  The color fade became significantly noticeable only in the last month.  What I super like about the conditioner though is that you work it into your scalp and through the strands with your fingers.  Then leave it while you soap or scrub yourself and it begins cooling the scalp after 2 minutes, when it gets really super cool, that’s when I begin rinsing.  The smell is somewhat herbal but very soothing and spa-like, it was like an aromatherapy session every time I cleansed my hair with this system.  I’ve recolored my hair once again and have now begun testing a different color retaining shampoo brand fro the very start so we shall see maybe I can do a comparison o the subject of color retention.  The L’oreal Pureology hair care range is available at Tinette & Co. Salon in Fort and in leading salons that carry L’oreal products locally.  I’ll add pricing later I’m currently on my way to the doctor :).

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