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Grace Coddington’s Cats for Balenciaga – At 70 Her Cats Are Out ON the Bag!

I don’t furiously search for the latest it bags, and I have never STARED until NOW.  I have never dreamed of a luxury bag campaign that is so, so, so…me.  AMAZING GRACE.

Model Karen Elson epitomizes Vogue’s Finest Creative Director, Grace Coddington in an older editorial shoot. Chucks…check!

This is such a SUPER DUPER sweet concept.  I absolutely like it!  Kudos squared and Happy Birthday to Vogue’s finest creative director, Grace Coddington (it’s not her birthday today, in fact it was last April pa… so I missed it, yea whatevs. LOL)  who certainly celebrated her 70th birthday with a BANG er BAG.… To full post & COMMENTS...

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Make-Up Not War

Here’s a little bit of art inspiration.  So, yes, make-up can be drawn.  Fantabulous.

If I’m not mistaken they might both be by an artist who put her work up on (see bottom of 2nd photo).  Have a lovely day! :)To full post & COMMENTS...


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