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This Happy Hiatus | My Big Three Ohhh!!

The silence around here is deafening isn’t it? Blame it on Europe. I’ll promise you loads of yummy posts in the next few days (not to mention truckloads of pictures) but right now I’m in the UK somewhere in Wales with the Valencianos, my cousins, and it’s my birthday πŸ™‚ I am now thirty, people here could hardly believe it, and our Swiss host in Zurich said it was impossible…but here I am.


I get quite shy when people pull for me or go out of their way to make things happen for me. It’s always so much easier to say “I’m okay, you don’t have to…” but I’m realizing now that it’s sometimes even better to just say “Thank you…I’m so glad you did…” from the bottom of my heart. I feel very spoiled for my age in fact and I think I have God to “blame” for all this.



My lovely beauty inspired Marks & Spencer birthday card given by the Vees…

There are many things I can’t explain, like why I look so young, or know too little, why too many wonderful people love me or why I haven’t reached certain places…but then I hear a still small voice begin to say “You are here and you are Mine because I love you.” and all doubt walks out the back door. My life is awesome thanks to Him and I only hope I can find lots of ways to spread the love. Thank you all for being there for me…what a truly remarkable life this has been so far. We head out to London tomorrow and I can’t wait to be up and about.… To full post & COMMENTS...


Behind the Scenes Video, Paolo V’s Surprise 28th – Advanced Happy Bday my BFF Cousin! :)

When I was much, much younger I was still an only child and I often got lonely, but then again, later on, not all the time really.Β  A year and a half into my life God blessed me with a cousin named Paolo Valenciano who’s now engaged to be married next February! <3.

The other night, under his fiancee Sam’s command, we usual suspects banded together to surprise him three days before his actual birthday because he’s set to leave for a show in Singapore.Β  I just finished editing a behind the scenes video of what took place that night.Β  You might see some familiar or medyo sikat faces…what I observed after making the video was how laid back and relaxed everyone was.Β  That’s the Paolo vibe taking over, really, because needless to say my cousin is just one really cool dude who is loved by so many.Β  God bless you, Pao, we labshu, enjoy your BIG day tomorrow!Β  Everyone, enjoy this video and celebrate again with us πŸ™‚

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Post Birthday Post 2012

I wrote this on my Facebook wall 2 minutes after my birthday yesterday was over: “With every single thing I think I’m not God sees a thread worth weaving into my life tapestry. Today was one of the simplest yet most meaningful birthdays ever. It’s funny how when you age more in a certain way you expect less. I didn’t expect to feel the way I did today…I felt way younger than I actually am today and I haven’t felt the youth in my spirit hop and skip in a really long time. I’m glad it did today. Thank you, Lord.”

I’m 29 but a lot of people I meet still think I’m in college or a fresh graduate or on odd occasions my 15 year old brother’s date lol!Β  “What’s the secret?” lots of them ask, and all I can answer is a mix of cosmic genes does help but ultimately I truly believe that a commitment to Spiritual purity I made when I was in high school that I’ve fought, nearly broken, but fought to stick by has made an enormous difference.Β  Purity in Spirit manifests itself in the physical realm and I’m nowhere perfect (take for example my constant failure to begin a fitness regimen) but Jesus helps me everyday with any weakness I might have and I’ll get stronger if I choose to.Β  I do fight for purity in a lifestyle that everyone sees.Β  I’ve offended people, I’ve been honest, I’ve made people uncomfortable without meaning to do so (I’ve said this before lol sirang plaka) and it’s been hard especially in the past two years.Β  What I fight against is the belief that a balance of good and bad is what keeps you happy and gives you excitement and an enjoyable life.Β  For me the best example is this, when you double dip chips into dip…nothing happens immediately to the dipping sauce but it begins to fester from the bacteria of saliva, no matter how little may have contaminated it once its been put away right “No Double Dipping”.Β  It’s God in all this who makes where I am and who I strive to be a reality.Β  Spiritual Purity is one of the best anti-aging secrets I believe in and only Jesus makes it possible.Β  Thank you, Lord, for saving me not once, but everyday that I live.Β  My 29th year is going to be a blast and the best is yet to come.… To full post & COMMENTS...

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