Kai Beauty-M Japanese Brow Razors – Like Samurai brow blades, professionally sharp

There was one last semi worn-out box of these Kai Beauty-M brow razors sitting in Japan Home Center, Market Market.  I had little interest at first until I pulled one out and realized they were concealed weapons, with plastic blade sheaths.  Crazy SHARP.  Holy, hair-splitting brow blades, Batman!  Plus who wouldn’t be happy that there were 5 pcs. for Php99.00 in one box?  These blades are so sharp you can easily shave/carve your name out on the back of a grizzly bear while it’s asleep and it wouldn’t feel a thing.  I personally like how sharp this tool is, I can craft a brow shape quicker and more precisely as a result.

I’ve got some of the lighter, plastic Watsons ones lying around somewhere in my room, they’re like Php85 for 3 pcs in a pack,  but in my experience with those it takes several heavier-handed scrapes to clear out brow hair for a proper arch.  When it comes to my brows and the brows of models I do makeup for I really haven’t got all day.  I prefer to shave rather than pluck or wax my brows because my brow hairs are fine and not that long but they scatter beneath my arch.  I try to avoid any strain and pulling on the skin around my eyes.

When using this blade it’s best to disinfect the blade first with cotton and alcohol and prep the brow area with alcohol as well.  Scrape in small, measured strokes, and stare straight into the mirror, don’t look up when using this,  never do one long stroke.  The sharpness of the blade might cause some skin soreness or redness after shaving so apply a light moisturizing cream or aloe after shaving to soothe the area.  Do not use this tool on someone else unless a professional has personally shown you the proper method.    Definitely sheath the blade always after and KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN.  There’s also a Php66 peso box of these Kai ones at Japan Home Center but the ones inside that one don’t come with plastic sheaths for proper storage  (blade guards).  If you want to keep these blades rust-free long enough and avoid it cutting yourself  and other items stored with it better to get the sheathed ones in a box for Php99.  My makeup artist friend, Sari Campos, has a similar metal scraper (complete with the flower) in a blue shade by Pure Beauty, but she said she only bought a single one.  She thinks I may have gotten more value for money with 5 in a box.

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