Bench Rock and Rule Matte Sculpting Wax – Smooth, Shuffle, and hold Hair without Shine

Hi, everyone, I’m back from Singapore!  Sorry for the silent last few days…it was a bit hectic.  I was always coming home quite late ’cause of the last few meals abroad with friends and gleaning for small deals along the finishing line of the Great Singapore Sale.  To celebrate my return, let’s do it with a post on something local and super affordable (because Singapore is anything but).  I used this Bench sculpting wax so often while I was away 10 days that I actually think I’m almost half way through it, and I just bought this pot before the trip.

Notice the package label isn’t your typical, clear sticker, it’s printed onto the white cap segment (diff material from the blue plastic) excellently. I appreciate little things like that.

I counted the number of times I’d ask Chok for help because I was looking for it (because I’d sometimes misplace it while dressing up, which is the case when traveling) and that proves that I really meant to use it and didn’t want to leave Chok’s Tampines pad without putting some on.  However, this photo wasn’t taken at Chok’s place, it was taken at the condo unit of our first host for the first two days in Harbourfront (notice how we went cross-country, LOL).  Read more to see how I look with my hair semi-tamed by this super effective hair product.

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