Lovely Lashes Giveaway, Until Sept.30 – Maybelline Full N’ Soft Mascara & Face Shop Lash Curler

It’s time to get with it :)!  Nationwide Giveaway, time, gals!  Sorry this took awhile, I wouldn’t sit still and put my head together for it, but it’s here now!  Giveaway mechanics at the bottom!

THE PRIZES (new and boxed)

 Maybelline Full N’ Soft Mascara (FROM U.S.) – a lovely waterproof, defining mascara that I have reviewed here.

The Face Shop Luxury Lash Curler – a lash curler that doesn’t pinch me and has two spare replacement silicon pads which I also reviewed here.


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The Face Shop Luxury Lash Curler – Less Hype, More Ease

After the recent Face Shop event I attended, I’ve become an instant lash curling convert.  Something felt more ergonomic about these lash curlers the minute I tried a tester one over at one of the makeup counters, though the tester one wasn’t in a gold finish it had the same make.

For me personally this felt even better than the iconic Shu Uemura one I own and is therefore also better for me than the Fanny Serrano one which is like the Shu Uemura one’s twin.  I like that it looks like the Shu Uemura limited edition one that was gold plated if I’m not mistaken especially since this Face Shop lash curler cost only Php205, they also carry an even more affordable one, the non-luxury one that isn’t in a gold finish and comes with rubber spares instead of extra soft spare silicon pads but they still both have the same curler body at Php105.  Read more to get the full review.… To full post & COMMENTS...