Hurraw! Earl Grey Tea Lip Balm | A Major Fave, Simple, Vegan & Cold Pressed

By far this has to be the best non-minty, handy lip balm I’ve ever EVER tried, as in…it’s uniquely yum and fragrant plus unlike petrolatum balms this is  actually good stuff for lips in a small, no fuss tube.  It delivers in a way that causes you to second glance it.  After putting it on I’ll bet you’ll be like “Wow, where’ve you been half my life?”.  Thanks to Rebecca and the team over at Cutieverse for bringing in the Hurraw lip balm range from the U.S. which is full of thoughtful flavors, currently not in retail but soon to be made available at Aura Athletica and Beyond Yoga branches.  On their website these retail for under $4.00 (Php170 approx.) I’m hoping the price hike isn’t too big once these pop out in local retail because my golly I’ll be repurchasing this if I can for a couple of years I already foretell.  Check out the U.S. HURRAW site showing the lots lovely flavors available here!



We all have to accept the fact that petrolatum lip balms only temporarily smooth and do not help or relieve dry chapped lips.  Like Caroline Hirons said, with petrolatum (Vaseline for example) lip balms you  keep repeatedly doing it over and over over the lips for anything to stay unchapped.  Makeup artists use Vaseline as a “lip lubricant” it’s a temporary fix for shooting purposes but it doesn’t really do anything for your lips.  This one does, and I super duper like it.


“Love tea? We do!
We added the soothing, distinctive and uplifting scent of cold pressed oil from Italian Bergamot oranges
to make our earl grey Balm heavenly. Quickly becoming a favorite amongst Hurrawers!
With green tea, chai spice, and earl grey to choose between you’ll be ‘loving tea’ all day long.


Sweet Almond Oil, Candelilla Wax, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Coco Seed Butter, Castor Seed Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, Bergamot Peel Oil, and Vitamin E  (premium organic, vegan, and raw ingredients). “Organic / Cold Pressed/ Wildcrafted”

This topped my favorite V&M Lip Balm a mint flavor which contained emu oil, that was lovely and chilling on the lips but I kept thinking about the emus and that one easily melted and made a mess.  Hurraw lip balms have a similar “instant comfort” effect after gliding smoothly over the lips, being super comforting and actually naturally nourishing and sinking into the skin surface with natural oils without the minty sensation (although Hurraw does have a Mint variant locally blogged by Kira of I almost requested for a handful of the fruity flavors (which I’m sure rock as well) but THIS…this Earl Grey Tea lip balm flavor infused with other teas and Italian Bergamot orange…OH MYGAWRSH…


What the Hurraw Staff Have to Say:

“Super smooth, not draggy, not sticky, not sweet, not too glossy, not too smelly, never grainy, long lasting;
plus, it had to hold up to being in a back jeans pocket all day without melting! It took us several obsessed years to formulate Hurraw! Balm and put it through all the rigors.
We love it, use it, and hope you do too. 

We individually pour each tube of Hurraw! Balm in our own facility.
The quality and integrity of our product is a top priority and we feel Hurraw! is the finest all natural, vegan, raw balm available…
a great product to be used by everyone regardless of lifestyle or eating habits.

By the way I shot this little lip balm at tea time in the 530pm afternoon sun just for a personal touch.  Corny much?  Just high-five me for the effort, lol.  If you’ve got an online store and would like to help spread Hurraw love locally and sell or purchase these please do and contact Rebecca Pilapil via this email: and check out the site.  These are seriously sooo good.

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Huile & Baumes Alpine SOS Balm | A Brangelina Fave @ Taste Central

When I heard that something arrived at my mother’s office for me from the Taste Central PH team (who are retail partners with Deal Grocer) I immediately assumed they’d sent me some curated grocery brands, or food in other words.  I actually even wondered if my Cookie Butter post had anything to do with it since I linked to them.  I was wrong about what they sent me and my next assumption was right…that the word TASTE in Taste Central is not limited to food but is also meant to include things of “good taste” or quality.  Like this little jar of awesome for face and body.  This is the best  thing around I’ve tried since that cult Liz Arden 8-hour Cream but guess what, this is 100% natural, Made in France, and 65% of the ingredients are sourced from organic farms.



“This skin repair balm, a mainstay in the bags of Hollywood moms like Angelina Jolie! Formulated in the French Alps by Huiles & Baumes, this multi-tasking Alpine SOS Balm treats burns, insect bites, dry skin and acne with high concentrations of active skin renewal ingredients like Arnica, Helichrysum, and Ravintsara”

The Huile & Baumes SOS Balm works much like well-loved Lanolips (which by the way is also being offered by Taste Central)  but in a more solid, less greasy balm form in a pot which kind of reminded me of a more mild and way more well processed VICKS VapORub without the intensity.  It’s smells a bit of lemon and camphor but in a good way.  This stuff…this balm, I’m telling you…even if it has oil in the base, just gently sinks and melts into the skin leaving no grease at all after a few minutes, I don’t know how it does that, it feels like an oil-free moisturizer once it’s sunk in.  You can use it ANYWHERE on your face and body…it’s probably even great for kids when it comes to sunburn relief and insect bites.


KEY INGREDIENTS: Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Argan Seed Oil, Sunflower Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Camphor, Arnica, Peppermint, Sandalwood, Lemon

No words can properly describe how skin drinks this up when you put it on, it absorbs within about a minute or two (in my case).  I’ve used it on dry patches on my face, as a lip balm (kind of like Nuxe’s Reve de Miel I’m suspecting) or even for those dry painful cuticles around your nails.   It actually repaired a red, irritated area around my lip line that had some spots (a reaction from various lipsticks and lipliners used together) which weren’t completely going away even with a  cream prescribed to me by my dermatologist.  The prescribed cream lessened the appearance but the spots were still there, this SOS Balm however…I’m not sure how, finished the job for me.  The irritation above my lip is practically gone and that took what, applying it twice a day for 2 days.  I love having this but I only REALLY, REALLY WISHED this was available in a smaller, mini pot, it’s a little bit heavy on the handbag, but worth bringing along AT ALL TIMES.  If you use this on certain areas of your face the night before I’m sure you’ll wake up to supple skin like I did.  You can probably even use it on ACNE as long as you’re not allergic to any of the key ingredients mentioned.  Find the Huile & Baumes SOS Balm on sale here for Php1640.00 via, become a member using your existing Facebook or Deal Grocer account, and follow @TasteCentralPH on Twitter and via their Facebook page.To full post & COMMENTS...

Venus & Mars Smooch Lip Detox Lip Butter Balm – Simple but Soothing

Nothing too fancy here by Venus & Mars Naturals, just smooth, nourishing, lip-loving  ingredients and a pop of peppermint to cool those lips and keep them happy.  What you’ve got is minimal hype but maximum lip comfort from a local product!  It actually gives my lips that Liz Arden 8hr cream effect but it feels like my lips can breathe more.  I’m kind of late on the Venus & Mars bandwagon but I’m glad I got on.  I’m telling you, if you’re into minty balms it beats ChapStick with a TKO.  As soon as you slide it on you’re like “Wow…”

INGREDIENTS: Emu Oil, Avocado Butter, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Castor Oil, Jojoba Wax, Peppermint Essential Oils, Beeswax, Vitamin E, and Titanium Dioxide (sorry bout the grainy photo, phone pic)

I know right, it looks plain but it’s a rich formulation and like almost every great oil we know that’s usually in great lip stuff is in it.  However for you vegans out there you may be a little iffy considering this contains Emu Oil and right now from what I’ve researched there’s no guarantee that this is cruelty-free but they do certify the quality of the processed Emu Oil with the AEA Seal meaning its high-grade quality is approved and affiliated with the America Emu Association.  I do personally wish that it was cruelty-free, it would’ve been a plus but I am relieved that it’s not petroleum-based.  I like avocado butter and almost any skincare product with avocado rates high in my book.  That cool blast of peppermint over the lip surface just adds to the whole happy lip experience.  I’m not going to begin to excessively sing praises about this lip balm but applying it did get my undivided attention after my first impression of it.  It’s a very comforting product to put on and I find myself reapplying it more often than I thought I would.  This costs Php205 pesos and you can inquire about it here at their Multiply site or on Venus & Mars’ Facebook page.

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Amazed by Aesop – High-End Botanical Australian skincare, kinda’ like Jurlique…

The brand I’m discussing today visually kind of matches the weather we’re having (cool and grey) and its products remind me of one brand that disappeared from retail.  It was sad  that a high-performance botanical brand like Jurlique, for example, had to leave the local market.  I believe in the gentle power of botanical ingredients and back then Jurlique was one of the few skincare brands that didn’t break me out.  The Benefit boutique in Greenbelt 5 now stands in its stead.  I do understand when people would rather not pay more than Php1000 or even Php500 for a simple tube of facial scrub unless you’ve got temperamental facial terrain on you.  The accumulative cost upon daily use is staggering when you commit to a high end cosmetic product.  Every now and then however, there are brands that make you think twice in spite of their hefty price tag and which upon first use ultimately become tattooed on your mind.  One of these brands for me is yet another luxury botanical brand called Aesop, which I first encountered in Takashimaya Mall along Orchard Road, Singapore with my friend Noelle.

Say “Aaaahhhh…”

The way Aesop as a brand is visually conceptualized blew me away.  Think of a minimalist, no-nonsense, classy and modern apothecary sort, and I think this neutral  design scheme also widens their appeal.  Both men and women are visually invited to partake of world-class skincare.  The brand does a lot of formulations with parsley, rosehip, pomegranate, and rosemary, just to name a few of a whole slew of botanicals they include.  I half expected a bloke in a white lab coat to come out with a mortar and pestle and prescription pad.  Certain products almost looked medicinal in their bottles…nothing too pink, dainty or flowery on any side of the Aesop “lab” (just the way mom would like it, actually).  I nearly walked out only with sample sachets from the salesperson in hand due to the staggering prices (think SGD$40-55 for medium bottles of good facial stuff).  I then noticed the Rosehip Seed Lip Cream which was tiny enough (the size of a Terramycin Triple antibiotic tube)  to feel barely affordable for me at SGD$21 (Php700).  Upon sampling, this turned out to be fan-bloody-tastic even with the tiniest amount.  This was recommended via Twitter when I asked my friend, Charlotte.

Key Ingredients

  • Rosa Canina Fruit Oil– An excellent source of Oleic, Linoleic and Linolenic acids. Renowned for its skin regenerative properties.
  • Tocopherol– The active constituent is Vitamin E, which primarily acts as an anti-oxidant.
  • Cananga Odorata (Ylang Ylang) Flower Oil– Complete steam-distilled essential oil, hydrates and balances skin.

The cream is an off-white yellowish type and it very QUICKLY absorbs into the lips colorless.  It provides hydration WITHOUT shine and is not at all oily or greasy.  It has the same hydrating effectiveness as Elizabeth Arden 8-hour Cream but leaves the opposite finish, non-glossy, matte hydration.  Some of you would prefer that texture beneath your favorite lipstick.  It’s also suitable as a moisturizer around the mouth not just on the lips.  I tried it on my mother because I had left my moisturizer in another bag.  There is somewhat of an herbal scent and the herbal taste can be a bit distracting at first but it shouldn’t make you gag, at least I don’t think so, and it goes away very quickly once the cream disappears into your lips.  Read more to get the full post and a few more opinions on some Aesop samples I tried.

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The Body Shop marks down my Wonder Years item, their Lip & Cheek Stain

I think I went through 3 or 4 tubes of these between high-school and college, they were the one thing besides Clinique Almost Lipstick that Mom allowed me to wear.  Heads up!  These Body Shop babies are a local favorite and have high-dived into the SALE pool from Php795-Php395!

Back then it was like having a vial of blood rouge on hand and you knew the color would match any skintone light or dark and make you look naturally flushed.  On the lips using the magic wand you could be Snow White versus the Queen for a day (movie plug) with a defiant red tinged pout, plus, if on the surface things are getting a bit dry and chapped before Happily Ever After…

…you may just want to whack some Strawberry Born Lippy on, they’re on sale at the moment at Php195 but they may only have the old designed ones on sale, same pot different label design from this updated one above (from the regular price of Php250).  I’m not 100% sure if it’s an ALL BRANCHES thing with the Born Lippy promo, but for sure at The Body Shop Glorietta 3 the mark down is definitely on your Donkey Kong.  I have a more in-depth Body Shop event post coming up so keep hovering and read!!  For more information check out and Like The Body Shop Philippines FB Page.

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What’s In It? – MY Full Personal Makeup Kit!

This is a bit anti-climactic dontcha’ think?  It ought to have been one of my first posts perhaps, but then again…over time I’ve collected some really interesting makeup items that work since I’m a makeup professional (folio here) and part-time beauty blogger.  A few of my blogger friends can’t seem to keep their hands off my stash when I’m around for an event and of course it evolves frequently.  Here, however, is my current collection.  There’s one item I took out coz I don’t really use it.  I’ll make a quick mention later.

I use one of Muji’s clear “kikay” kits.  A lot of you must be going “Dapat ba Muji…e ang dami dami diyan na mura” oh yes I’ve had lots of those cheaper versions, the ones with zippers that tear straight off the opening after a few uses and burst or crack open at the seams and creases.  Even some from beabi didn’t work well for me.

“No more” I said, a few months back, I got this medium size, fat clear case from Muji for about Php400 that embraces all without bursting prematurely and is stitched all around with fabric.  So, here are the contents.

Generally from top to bottom, CONTENTS (Reviewed items in bold, complimentary with *) FACE: 1. Shiseido Sun Protection Foundation*, 2. Benefit Hello Flawless OxyWow Foundation*, 3. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural MED, 4. Ellana Perfect Blend Powder foundation Hazelnut Latte, 5. The BALM’S Bahama Mama bronzer/contour compact, 6. UD Primer Potion, 7. The BALM’s Time Balm for Spots, 8. MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC35, 9. Nichido Mineral Concealing Pencil, 10. ECOtools Retractable Travel Face Brush, (whats missing here for blush is my Tarte Amazonian Clay one “Dollface”*, it’s in the pocket of another bag, but it should’ve been here) LIPS: 11. Colour Collection Eye Lip and Cheek tint*, 12. The Body Shop Born Lippy Strawberry balm, 13. ZEN Organics Strawberry Lip Butter, 14. Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, 14. Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream Stick*, 15. NARS Pure Matte lipstick in “Bangkok”, 16. MUFE Rouge Artist Intense lipstick Mat5, 17. MUFE Rouge Artist Intense lipstick #17 (lol, pun unintended)*, 18. Revlon Lip Butter in “Sugar Plum”, 19. Jordana Matte Lipstick in “Taupe”, EYES: 20. Majolica Majorca Lash King Mascara, 21. Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Mascara*, 22. Maybelline Hypercurl Volum Express Mascara, 23. Color Collection Triple Effect Mascara*, 24. Anastasia LASH GENIUS Waterproofing formula, 25. MAC automatic brow pencil in Brunette, 26. MUFE Aqua Eyes Liquid Liner, 27. K-Palette 1-Day Tatto Liquid Pen liner, 28. Stila Smudgestick in “Damsel”, 29. MUFE Aqua Eyes waterproof eye pencil, black, 30. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler


I’m pretty surprise at how many of these items I’ve already reviewed and that the kit contains exactly 30 items.  Of course as a follow up to this a few posts ahead I will narrow down the kit to my TOP 10 essentials.  The item I removed was the flesh colored Stila Eye pencil in topaz…it was too melty for our country, too soft.   Am more excited because I have a lot of catching up to do, I have lots of goodies to review for you guys in the next few days, sorry I’ve been busy.  I’ll make it up to you.  Stay tuned for the MAKE UP FOR EVER Rouge Artist launch and review of the lipsticks I came away with from that event 🙂… To full post & COMMENTS...