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MAC Riri Hearts “Heaux” Lipstick | A Redder Berry w/ Retro Matte Staying Power

Say hello to my second MAC lipstick purchase ever in my entire lifetime, yes, I currently only own two, the other is a Pro Longwear shade which I’ll review if I get it back from my friend (Hello, Krista).  Two others I have owned in the past were gifts, a Viva Glam from my godmother and “Amorous” an earthy berry  hand-me-down from mom.  It doesn’t matter that cranberry and ox-blood shades come off as stereotypical during the ‘Ber months…, no matter how stereotypical dark lipstick may be towards the end of the year women will still get those Tom Ford “Black Orchid” inspired shades.  This is nowhere as dark as “Black Orchid” but it swims in the same hue pool.  Megablogger Christine of Temptalia.com gave this one an A-, she likes that though like any other matte lipstick it can tend to get patchy at the end of the day it’s still a creamier, silkier texture than the other permanent retro mattes in MAC’s lippie dynasty.

Camera 360

Now, I didn’t look up the meaning of “Heaux” before I bought it, I naively thought it meant Hue (since it’s from a summer collection) and when I looked up the meaning now (just now, give me a gold medal), I cringed.  Lord, protect me, it means a number of things like hex (ugh…in JESUS’ name!), or someone else online said “heaux” (prostitute) but I’m not entirely sure if that’s accurate, it probably is.  I didn’t stop to think that the name might mean anything remotely dark because MAC Riri Hearts is a limited edition SUMMER collection for crying out loud.  I’d rather think about the third less harmful translation of Heaux which is “of or pertaining to a number system having 16 as its base”.  There…whew, seriously not kidding, had I known most likely I may not have gotten it.  To those who are thinking I’m overreacting, I’m not, things like that really matter to me.  I just really went for it after seeing via instagram what a lovely crimson berry it is.




I purchased this lipstick from the Instagram seller @maquillajeonlinestore for Php1100 (free shipping).  It would have arrived within a day or two if it weren’t for the Maring Monsoon, it got to me within about 5 days and that’s forgivable.  The lipstick looks a little more vampy when the sky is overcast or beneath white light.  During warm daylight it wears a bit more crimson, but you’ll notice when you apply the first layer that it has a strong magenta undertone, a plummy cranberry sort of fusion but I like that it still contains a lot of red so you can still consider it a rouge.  The texture is a true retro matte.  Matte lipsticks in humid countries can also tend to sometimes ball up in bits around the lip or get a bit more patchy.  Compared to Ruby Woo this one does it less, full wear after one meal shows little damage, just remember not to rub your napkin across your mouth and blot over the lips instead, then touch up a bit direct from the bullet.  Primary application of matte lipsticks is best with a lip brush, laying down an even stain first before adding the thicker 2nd layer to complete opaqueness.  Then seal the deal by a good strong blot with tissue.  Watch how Lisa Eldridge does a proper matte lip with MAC Ruby Woo here.

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M & Co. Long Lasting Matte Lipsticks | Plus My Perfect Coral Lipstick

Ola!  Here I am, about to feature the best drugstore priced lipsticks I’ve encountered in a department store.  After my recent frustration with Maybelline’s “Bold Matte” lipstick range I concluded only for awhile that Wet & Wild Megalast matte lipsticks were the only available products worthy enough to be called top drugstore matte lipsticks locally…but their lipstick tubes suck and I have cleaned up a mess of lipstick in my pouch as a result.  Apart from the cheap packaging, the Wet & Wild ones are pretty good or maybe even perhaps the Jordana matte range.  However, Jordana is inconsistently available in local “Dollar Stores” and if you think about it those are both US brands.  Today I’ve got some lovely Filipino lipsticks to rave about.  M & Co., a direct selling Filipino fashion brand endorsed by the lovely Mikee Cojuangco, have been around for a long time supplying clothes and apparel.  Their cosmetic range has been around for a year or two but it seems like it’s only been a few weeks or months since they suddenly were made available in department stores.


All 3 lipsticks you see here are M & Co. matte lipsticks.  The two colors behind (“Scarlet” and “Blazing Coral”) which cost Php170 are from the cheaper range and the Php200 gold one in front is the nude shade “Biscuit” from the Eur Color Collection.  The M & Co. Eur collection is a mixed more luxe-ly packaged collection of frosted, matte, and satin shades with smaller, elegant lipstick bullets.

I never saw this range in public retail before so bite me if they’ve been there awhile.   These look glossy on the outside only when they’re brand new but upon use they lose that outer sheen and they’re matte lipsticks through and through.  Along with this range I also discovered my absolutely PERFECT spot on coral lipstick, Blazing Coral.




Before I mention any of the others I have to begin with this particular matte shade from the cheaper range, which even topped my ecstatic encounter with the also lovely Maybelline 14-hr shade, Stay With Me Coral, (a cooler hued coral).  M & Co.’s Blazing Coral is the perfect could-have-been bright warm coral that’s been subdued just enough but not too much (so it isn’t Grandma) and as a result it still makes a pretty bold statement on my lips without waxing garish against my MAC NC30 skin.  It’s kind of like an ever so slightly pinked up version of the repeatedly sold out lipstick Clinique Runway Coral (which is more orange but has a similar coral tone).  This shade in my opinion could look good on skins as deep as NC40, but it would probably behave like a medium coral nude against tanner skin.  Click read more to see more photos of the other shades and see my kiss test after blotting to check just how matte these can really get.… Read the rest

Maybelline Color Sensational Lasting Lipcolor | Improved Pops of Pigment

Now in the past, to be honest, I was never completely smitten with the Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks. The color selection then was somewhat blah because none of the shades I encountered ever seemed to suit my oriental undertone. The shades would look great obviously on someone paler or Caucasian in ethnicity and I didn’t care to buy darker shades just to find something that would suit. It’s nice to know that the Color Sensational lipstick range is at least randomizing the reds up a bit and that Maybelline locally are bringing in a couple more vibrant colors. I was sent these shades to try. The swatches are pretty gorgeous. If you’re having trouble distinguishing between the reds, here’s a primer: Are You Red-dy is the softer, slightly milkier red, Very Cherry is like a non-matte, less cool dupe of MAC Ruby Woo, and the deepest red of all is Red Revival, a good drugstore dupe for MAC Russian Red, a warm earthy rouge.

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360

You’ll have to excuse me but the lighting of the shots with the lipstick applied wasn’t very good today…there were passing clouds and the dilemma of shifting sunlight. I balanced the hue out as best I could so that colors appear in their truest form.


I was more impressed with the payoff of the reds than the lighter shades, it’s a nice creamy texture and the pigment is more opaque than the previous formula of Color Sensational as I remember it. I’m not fully convinced though on the improved longevity end…I felt grease. I just wish these shades looked as good on my lips as they do on my arm. It’s a bit too high shine for my personal taste mainly because my lips are massive. I feel this will only last 3-4 hours on me and once I eat it might be a goner. Lipliner is absolutely necessary. I used Nichido lipliners before applying the red shades. Blotting will add staying power.


The problem of transfer wouldn’t be the case if you used this in an air-conditioned environment or a country with a drier climate. It probably stays on better in less humid places like the U.S. or Europe. I prefer a tad more drag where my lips are concerned and less shine. This I think would be really pretty on girls with more petite lips and would certainly bring out that lovely pout. Color Sensational lipsticks are available for Php399 from PCX, Watsons, and leading department stores that carry Maybelline Products nationwide.… Read the rest

Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick, PK303 Pink Mesa

There’s a tidal wave of automatic lipstick crayons surging through the beauty blogosphere at the moment, all but one are spin-offs (come on, we know that).  I’d like to own a nice sturdy, fat lipstick crayon someday just to see…but, sometimes still…well, I don’t know.  To me there’s something still immensely chic, iconic, and quite grown-up (never old) about classic, creamy lipstick in a bullet and I can’t seem to get enough nude mauve shades on board.



“Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick, created by Dick Page for Shiseido, fuses powerful skincare with cutting-edge color technologies to create the ultimate lipstick. You will fall in love with the clear, true color and rich, full-looking finish that make these luscious shades unique.  Driven by the advanced technology of Dual Optimizing Powder, Ultra-Fine Satin Smooth Pearl, and Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE, each radiant shade gives lips lustrous, all-day moisture and a protective veil that actually improves texture.”


Think of a beige that’s been spiked with a rose undertone and that’s what you have with PK303 or Pink Mesa, which costs between Php1100-1250 locally (I’ll clear up pricing with them).  Shiseido’s Perfect Rouge lipstick in PK303 or Pink Mesa is an absolutely wearable nude mauve.  It might not be the most exciting color ever, but it’s elegant and no one will ever debate with me to question how wearable it is, because it is super wearable.  It’s a keeper and a Shiseido lipstick case as sleek as this just amps up any evening bag or purse on you.   I’m guessing Perfect Rouge is kind of like the Shiseido counterpart to the Dior Addict lipstick range.  The lipstick, even with a moist feel, doesn’t migrate outside the lip edge too easily.  It won’t make a mess  if you eat or drink, but you will need to top up afterwards.  You get rich, medium to full intensity pigment in a classic, creamy, moist texture which softly highlights the lips without glossing them over.  I’m guessing that in Western countries, where the climate is loads less humid or quite dry, you’d probably get exquisite adherence and more longevity out of this without losing softness.


I chose this after the Shiseido Workshop I did (which I will blog about soon).  This shade PK303 I think would suit skin shades from a MAC NC30 down to an medium NC40 at most.  Just a note, in real life this shade is just slightly warmer.  I think my screen is playing tricks with me, the lipstick looks a bit cooler here (not by much) but my skintone is correct.  I brightened the scene because it was kind of dark at home earlier.  I spread my L’Oreal Magic Lucent foundation across my lips before lipstick application to counteract the strong deep color of my natural lips (which often interferes with paler lipstick shades) and doing that helped the lipstick shade take more of the limelight.  I used the lipstick straight from the bullet, no lipliner.  Shiseido Perfect Rouge in PK303 Pink Mesa is marked online as a NEW shade.  Check out your local Shiseido Counter or boutique if you’d like to try it on.

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BH Cosmetics 32-Color Lip Palette | Affordable Shades With Ease 48% OFF!

I’ve been out almost a week coz of so many rush pre-Holy week events that mattered more. I’ve been putting off trying this palette because to be honest I judged it harshly. I needed to use this because it makes doing lips so much easier on set at shoots. I was afraid at first that this BH Cosmetics 32-Color Lip palette might be another one of those “Made You Know Where” palettes with lots of sheer colors that dont really deliver. Boy was I wrong.




The ingredients won’t shine in the “no nasties” department but nevertheless it’s a good workhorse palette for shoots and quick pictorials. I was afraid that these would be like the NYX round lipsticks which completely suck in humid climates, lots of greasy pigment that moves around everywhere but NO… these aren’t like that at all.


Let me guess…NOW I have your undivided attention. Aren’t those swatches impressive? My favorite shade in the 2nd to the last shot is the beige-y gold rightmost column in the center which I used on a TVC talent last week and reminds me of a Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited lipstick I used to own. They’re high street/drugstore lipstick comparable in texture and this selection comes with a mix of amplified solid semi-mattes, pigmented lustres, and some gold duochromes. Mucho Gracias to Mega Tita Sharon Cuneta-Pangilinan for surprising me with this lovely lip palette. :) The Pixiwoo sisters featured the 120-color eyeshadow palette about 2 years ago. I believe a strong competitor of BH Cosmetics would be Coastal Scents in the U.S., not certain if their lip palettes are just as pigmented. Free Shipping in the U.S. and they ship abroad for a minimum rate of $12.95 but you beauty bugs can also try Ebay or Hong Kong. I’ll try and do a separate post and see if I have time to shoot myself wearing a lot of the shades you see here. Guess what! This particular palette is on sale now via BH Cosmetics online discounted 48% so it only costs $10.00 at the moment excluding international shipping!… Read the rest

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