So, while lazing about in bed in my apartment this morning and after a couple minutes of chatting, a Viber note dropped in from the land of the rising sun…with this photo of Dad pointing to the Hakuhodo makeup brush boutique sign of either their flagship store in maybe Minami Aoyama, Tokyo or Ginza, still need to confirm which one.  These photos are care of Mom, an excellent editor in her own right.  I asked for one wide shot of the shop, but of course, she took like 7 or 8 photos all around the store, salesladies included.

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What I know of the particular branch of Hakuhod0 in Minami Aoyama is that it hosts the widest selection of the highly acclaimed premium artisan brush range.  I’m pretty sure they went to that branch because this photo by Mom looks almost exactly like the Minami Aoyama photo on their webpage. Read on.

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My Lil’ Black Book of Beauty Online | MUAs & Beauty Vloggers Abroad Pt.1

You have no idea how much labor went into this whale of a post but I’m excited.  Just now (editing this statement in hours later) I’ve decided to break it into 2 parts…this is the entire tube club, people with channels/videos you can watch.  I’m separating the blogs that are famous for being reading blogs and whose authors don’t have super active YouTube channels.  This has taken forever and become too long because first I thought both the video channels and reading blogs I follow would fit well into one post.  Then I became a bit too obsessive about what to say, which pictures to use, and what links to recommend, etc.  I cared about the content so much that after gathering most of what I needed I now have a proper migraine that will certainly postpone my inclusion of some of the photo sources.  In the absence of a proper blogroll on the site (I know how many millenia have passed not to mention the end of the world) this post is way overdue.  As you’ll notice none of the familiar faces below are Filipino…for this edition.  I’m saving another separate post for local bloggers.  In no way does this mean I’m discriminating in my selection of beauty sources, it’s just the honest truth, that I discovered most of these foreign individuals first before realizing there were famous Filipina beauty bloggers thriving since 2005.  Before knowing the beauty “blogosphere” ever existed I lived in a vacuum of seemingly endless deadlines due to my former job.  One day, I clicked and began watching Michelle Phan and the Pixiwoo sisters then something broke free inside of me…I suddenly knew what it was that I really wanted to do.


Once upon 3 years ago I began following most of these wonderful people.  They’re a hearty mix of both self-taught vloggers, beauty editors, plus seasoned makeup professionals and I learned more about beauty than I could ever hope to know from the comfort of my own bedroom…or whatever was my bedroom at the time.  Eventually, I resigned from post production having started my blog for a year and I began my second career as a freelance makeup artist.  Today I will, in concise detail as a beauty blogger and makeup artist, share these wonderful individuals with you since I keep tabs of each of them online and wholeheartedly tell you I why I follow them.  A couple of these people are slightly recent discoveries I’ve made and I’m excited to see what everyone will bring to the scene for this year!  You’ll have to forgive me, I should have finished this before the work week began while all of you still had time to read while vegging out.  Anyway, read more to get to who they are, their channels/URLs etc, proper descriptions, and larger photos.

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