OOYD – Outfit Of YesterDay, Because I Can, & Someone’s HBD

Today only has yesterday in it because I’ve got no time for a very good reason.  First, here is my Outfit Of YesterDay.

Necklace: M|phosis, Earrings: MBMJ, Top: Cotton On, horse print, Feather Belt: CPS/Chaps, Pants: H&M Super Low Skinny, Snakeprint wash detail, Heels: Renegade Folk

In all honesty i was in Payless flats throughout the day and I slapped on heels for the purpose of Instagramming.  Here is my valid reason for today’s hasty, albeit thrown together post.


It’s my mom’s birthday! Happy Birthday to my human earth shuttle (how I got here), my teacher, friend, sister, my confidant, my confident (LOL), my blog proofreader, typo sniper, meal maker and Spiritual model. 


I know I’m driving you nuts, (and will soon literally “drive you” nuts) but don’t worry I’ll be sikat soon.  I’m working on it, love you, Mom ♥ Look! Malapit na me mag 1000 followered. Typos just for yours, Happy Birthed Day!

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