OPI Tickle My France-y Nail Polish – My Perfect Neutral Pink

It took awhile to spot this nail shade at the salon while I was choosing in Tinette & Co., BGC Fort.  I’m glad my eagle eyes didn’t fail me this time.

OPI Tickle My France-y is the most subtle neutral beige pink that isn’t too dismissive aka overly translucent.  I like wearing it with 2 light coats which allows a bit of my nail tip to fade in at the bottom almost like an implied french tip, with wear and tear over a few days the tip becomes more obvious…becoming better instead of worse to look at.


This has been on my nails for about 3 days.  It’s also equally pretty with just one coat, being comparable with Essie Ballet Slippers in tone…but obviously a bit darker.  It’s a good work shade, putting pretty on the nails with a bit of polish always helps take the day up several notches.  I’m not sure if this shade is available locally but there are so many OPI stockists on Facebook and Multiply, or you can hop over to the salon I went to and make an appointment!  Tinette & Co. is along Rizal Drive at Forbeswood Heights Bldg., G/F next to the mini stop.  You can call or text to make an appointment at +639178385561.  I recommend Myrna, Marlyn, or Levi for manicures.  The AGATHA ring you see here is my fixed reminder of Mac, a West Highland terrier who belongs to friends of mine based in Singapore.

It’s a perfect resemblance isn’t it?  The ring couldn’t have been more spot on since the white West Highland terrier is the emblem of the brand.  Mom got me the ring several months back at the Agatha Greenbelt branch 60% off so it was about Php2800 or something.

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White But Not Quite – NOTD OPI Funny Bunny

The other day I had my first manicure after a 5 month nail  sabbatical.  I spotted a shade by OPI sweetly named Funny Bunny which is barely grey and nearly white.  It went on sheer on the first coat.  I had to apply a subtle, soft camera filter because the sun was very harsh where I was sitting.  This is OPI’s version of what Essie boasts of in their shade, Marshmallow.  It’s practically the same.  Funny Bunny is absolutely gorj dontcha think?

 I’m wearing three coats and it still isn’t fully opaque…that’s what I extremely like about OPI Funny Bunny.  It’s a more mod step away from your usual beige nudes and bridal sheers.  It actually feels more like a cataract for the nails *round of applause* way to go, Julia, a very appealing description.  A more pleasant comparison may be with those milky white marbles we used to play with or maybe dipping one’s finger in a glass of skim milk.… To full post & COMMENTS...