My Current Haircare Crew | Argan Haircare By Delon & Finesse Clean+Simple

So I’ve run out of whatever haircare I’ve mentioned in the past and have moved on to new stuff, and they’re all locally available and all under Php200 each.    What you’re looking at is not Moroccan Oil haircare.  To END the confusion Moroccan Oil (brand name) is the top selling A-list brand of Argan oil infused beauty products.  This Argan oil infused hair pair is by Delon, a cruelty-free Canadian brand manufactured in Canada.  You can’t go wrong with something manufactured in Canada, that was the birthplace of MAC Cosmetics and you know how high 1st world Canadian standards are.  I know the amber + aquamarine colorway of these ring a bell, yes they contain Argan oil but not by Moroccan Oil.  This rich duo of bargain haircare  impressed me for the price at S&R Pricemart grocery.  The scent of these products is great for upcoming summertime as well, it’s a bright and fresh but not annoyingly zesty Mandarin orange sort of scent with a bit of honey…I think, that’s what comes to mind, anyway.  I can’t confirm if the notes are true orange notes, but they’re certainly citrus.


Key Ingredients: SHAMPOO – Argan Oil & Shea Butter, CONDITIONER – Argan Oil & Jojoba Extract


“Salon quality intensive hair treatment for extreme conditioning requirements.  Our extra rich formula is enriched with argan oil (Argania Spinosa), which comes from the argan tree found in Morocco.  The oil derived from the nut of this tree is extremely nutritious and ideal for strengthening and enhancing dry hair.”

Both the shampoo and conditioner cost  Php129.00 each for a full 354ml each and I like that the bottle is clear enough so you can see how full it is…or eventually how much is left.  I actually think these are sale prices  because off Amazon these By Delon products cost $8 USD each which is about Php320.00, so just be aware of the full price.  The shampoo foams up nicely but not OVERLY so so you know that it’s a milder brand with less chemicals.  I checked and there are no parabens either.  The WINNER for me however is the conditioner, when you apply it you can absolutely feel that it’s a rich, nourishing conditioner that contains natural oil because of the more organic slip when you massage your hair through with fingers.  My pixie hair, short as it is, displays the effects of the conditioner which are added shine and softly hydrated locks.  If you view the ingredients list the Delon conditioner contains more Argan oil (Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil) than the shampoo because Argan oil comes in 4th on the list (which means the conditioner contains a very good amount) while in the shampoo it is 9th on the list.  What’s great for the price as well is  indicated by the “from opening” symbol (beside the bunny) which indicates “36M” meaning it will be good for 36 months or 3 years from opening (and to think it’s paraben-free).  For those with color treated hair, unfortunately the shampoo isn’t SLS free.  I’m using it because I’m quite due for color retouch in a week anyway.  This next shampoo which I use to cleanse is also from the grocery (Makati Supermart Alabang) and this is what I use if I’m maintaining color (when newly retouched) giving my hair and scalp a mild reset.


“Non-irritating, free of allergens, dyes, sulfates, dermatologist tested.”

I was so glad to find this Php188.00 SLS-free shampoo by Finesse at a regular grocery (Makati Supermart), you can also try Rustan’s Fresh or Landmark which may carry this.  The Clean + Simple Hypoallergenic range also has a conditioner, I have it also but it’s not something to rave about, unlike this shampoo.  It’s lightly scented.  It smells clean, like super duper clean (with signature Finesse notes) and just refreshes hair that’s been weighed down by lots of product or other haircare items. so about once a week I use this to give my hair a reset.  I find the Neutrogena cleansing shampoo that everyone knows about quite expensive even though I like it (its great especially if you have a bad case of pool hair) and I just ran out of my color-preserving sulfate-free shampoos which were sent to me in the past by both Pureology and Kerastase.  While I loved those premium quality SLS free shampoos they’re sadly too steep in price and I don’t want to spend BIG money on SLS free shampoos to preserve color when I have pixie hair this short.  It’s just not cost efficient.  This does the job of cleansing and at the same time it’s safe for color treated hair.  So that’s my haircare crew at the moment.  I’ve stepped away from pampering hair masques and expensive OTT treatments just because I haven’t got a whole lot of hair yet.  These do the job for now.

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L’oreal Pureology Hair Care in HYDRATE – Vegan soothing Shampoo & Conditioner

I’ve used up what L’oreal gave me to pamper my hair last June as of a week ago.  Straightaway, even when I had just received the email regarding L’oreal Pureology Hair Care I was absolutely certain  that I was being given the chance to review a high quality product specially formulated for color treated hair.  My former salon boss and the woman who cuts mom’s hair, Tinette Puyat, was using the HYDRATE Pureology variant the last time I spent time with her.  I chose to only write about this once I’d fully consumed the hair care pair (carebear) so that I’d have a complete stream of insight on the product.

L’oreal Pureology HYDRATE
“Help dry, colour-treated hair retain its fresh-from-the-salon vibrancy with ZeroSulfate® shampoos containing the exclusive AntiFadeComplex®.  Our 100% vegan, ultra hydrating formulas offer extraordinary colour protection and superior hydration.”

Key Ingredients

  • Advanced Hydrating Micro-Emulsion Technology
  • Multi-Weight Proteins of Soy, Oat and Wheat
  • Conditioning Plant Extracts of Jojoba, Green Tea and Sage

First off, let’s flip back a few chapters earlier.  This was my hair before I cut it and before I began fully using the L’oreal Pureology Hair Care system.  I was very happy with my hair’s color, beautiful natural beach wave  texture, shine, and length but the problem was lots of people didn’t know I was battling progressive hairfall ever since I resigned from a 6.5 year toxic career with lots of OT.  All the hair you see in this photo in front looks thick doesn’t it?  But the catch there is that’s ALL there is…there are no more hair sections behind my head other than these two split sections along my shoulders which proved that I’d probably already lost 1/3 of my healthy hair population prior to chronic hairfall.  I switched shampoos and even began trying out Pureology the minute I got it, but shampoos weren’t the problem, I needed to do something more physical to give my hair a chance to repopulate and my scalp a long-needed break…so as many of you know, I went for the cut, and I have not looked back until today.

This is what it looks like when the cut has grown out a bit, then just last week in the next photo you see what it’s like when it was newly cut or when I’ve had my maintenance cut.  Since this second photo I’ve had my roots recolored and an ash intensifier was added to fight off red tones in the reflection.

Even though I have looked back, there are no regrets because in the end, hair will grow back when I need it to and it will be thickly there and as glorious as ever.  On the subject of the maintenance of hair color I’ll admit I had no idea this was going to happen, that I’d totally get into coloring my hair, but I’m glad my hair grows slow so I only recolor every 3 to 4 months.  With the use of hair color comes different hair care and that’s where Pureology first stepped in.

I like that it’s a highly botanical vegan line and the product itself, particularly the conditioner was very soothing on my scalp.  This isn’t going to be a flowery hair post with long technical terms I’m just basically going to reflect quickly in this paragraph that this shampoo and conditioner made my hair feel like it wasn’t colored.  The sections were soft and healthy and full of shine.  The only thing I’m not 100% sure about is how well it restrains color from fading.  I wasn’t too much of a nut in observing, but my hair faded to a light orangey color AS EXPECTED with any hair color treatment after a span of about 3 months I’d say.  The color fade became significantly noticeable only in the last month.  What I super like about the conditioner though is that you work it into your scalp and through the strands with your fingers.  Then leave it while you soap or scrub yourself and it begins cooling the scalp after 2 minutes, when it gets really super cool, that’s when I begin rinsing.  The smell is somewhat herbal but very soothing and spa-like, it was like an aromatherapy session every time I cleansed my hair with this system.  I’ve recolored my hair once again and have now begun testing a different color retaining shampoo brand fro the very start so we shall see maybe I can do a comparison o the subject of color retention.  The L’oreal Pureology hair care range is available at Tinette & Co. Salon in Fort and in leading salons that carry L’oreal products locally.  I’ll add pricing later I’m currently on my way to the doctor :).

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