How I Store My Beauty Blog Stash (Not My Dressing Table)

Sometimes, it can be a bit overwhelming (but more exciting) as time passes and products for review slowly start piling up.  Because I don’t have a big room I need to have a system.  This is a simple storage method for the blog that works for me, but please note this is separate from my own personal dressing table and also from the amount of products I have in my professional makeup cruise ship kit.  I practically never lose anything that has been sent to me for a review with this storage method.  Products are not tucked away in drawers so I don’t forget about them, because for me “out of sight…out of mind” and beauty products expire if you know what I mean.  I took the liberty late last year of purchasing around 8 or 10 of these deep storage baskets with handles from Japan Home Center’s 88/99 Peso Store…”arte” bonus, you can pull the baskets out without ruining your newly painted nails.


The 88/99 peso baskets come in varied widths but look similar enough so they look good together and do the job perfectly.  As you can see they’re not unsightly to look at firing-squad style, these don’t make your shelf look like a stockroom and don’t make it look overtly fixed/organized like a Pleasantville shop display window either.  Have patience with the weird in me, I don’t want to pretentiously put these products on display at home like they’re in a boutique, because they’re not…I don’t have time, they’re mine, they’re here at home, and home is chill…right?  The most important basket sits patiently on the far right, containing the most current, yet-to-be reviewed stock on hand.   Sprawled on top you have random things that wont fit for whatever reason but just need to be there, too. (Obsessive Compulsive readers claw at the screen…o…easy lang, your nails, hala!).  At the bottom in the 2 baskets (which are not full) are odd old things that I need to shop from my stash again one day.  This is what the whole bookshelf and consequently the room (the brighter side) looks like.

For what it’s worth, the location is heavily guarded by 9 lives.  She’s ever ready.

By the way that top of a mango tree you see outside my window is the tree my brother planted in the garden when he was about 9 years old.  He’s 16 now and look at how that tree has grown (I’m on the 2nd floor)!  I’d like to end this post with something more personal.  The most immediate way in which I keep my stash trimmed down to a manageable amount is with repeat generosity.  When brands are generous I do my part in reviewing but also share the extra products with friends and family, and I love when I’m able to do it.  What I’m blessed with often contains too much for just one person to enjoy.  It ends up becoming direct marketing in its most genuine form but more importantly it makes the people I know unexpectedly happy.



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