Maui Island Secret Browning Oil – Will Knock Your Socks Off

Sooooo…yeah, another tanning oil for you, but please know that when I feature something somewhat redundant it just means I was blown away.  Some guests who were common friends arrived at the resort I’m currently at and one of them, a lovely lady named Sunday, planted herself by me on shore as I was tanning.  She had an arsenal of tanning oils at her disposal and she ever so randomly planted  herself beside me (also probly’ coz my mother headlined my tanning quest) offered one of them and said if I recall correctly (don’t match me per word) “Have you tried this one?  Ito daw talaga ang the best.  It’s made in  Hawaii…someone told me that Rissa Mananquil, you know her?…also uses it.”  Indeed, leave it to the Hawaiians, people of perfect tans, to bring forth some of the best tanning oils in the world…and I’m not just talking about Hawaiian Tropics.  Meet the so-they-say revered original Maui Island Secret Browning Oil, word has somewhat gotten around for awhile, and it’s finally gotten to me.


Key Ingredients: Kukui Nut Oil, Passion Flower Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Aloe, Maui Coffee Extract, Green Tea Extract, Vitamins A, C, and E.

“Our Browning Formula promotes the fastest, darkest natural sun tan while hydrating your skin and infusing it with nourishing oils and vitamins. We recommend that you have a base tan before using this as it contains no SPF. Combine with SPF for extra sun-sensitive areas where needed.”

Before I talk about this Maui wowie, need to get this other thought out of the way, first.  As you regular readers know I’ve been testing out another previous tanning oil I posted and honestly, I actually wasn’t disappointed with the the initial results considering that Ritual’s Real Tan Browning Oil is 100% organic.  As expected the results were NOT as instantaneous as more chemically charged, mass-produced oils like Hawaiian Tropics (sorry I haven’t posted a picture of myself, I will soon) since Real Tan by Ritual has an extremely short ingredients list. Read more to know why I now prefer this over the previous tanning oil I first blogged about.

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