Short and Sweet – Two Tots on a Train

I pulled out one of the photo files I took when I was in Singapore last year, almost forgetting I wanted to share it with you guys, well, almost.  I spotted a delightful pair of tiny tots on board the train, I think I was bound for Orchard from Pasir Ris at the time.  Their mothers were bonding heavily and they, well at least one of the two, wanted to as well.  You’ll notice the girl on the right obviously has an epic tale on the table or something to say in the works and the other just gazes on wide-eyed.  At one point the one on the right more dominantly reached over, but the other was not as willing to get too much into it, got shy and backed away.

I’m like the girl on the right who was pretty loud, if I meet you and begin reciting my life’s details as I would Psalm 119 it’s hard to get me to stop, I’m not rude, just in your face sooner than later, but things weren’t always like this.  When I was the same age as these girls, I was quiet more often and got “invisibly” bullied a bit in school and at home (not by my folks, troubled nannies) and even had to overcome an eating disorder after being force fed and poked with a fork in the mouth.  One time when I was about 3 that made me vomit and my nanny would feed me back my own vomit in anger and tears would stream down my face with all the food stuffed in my mouth.  Our loving cook, who is still with us today did not like seeing me tortured during mealtimes this way and reported it to mom who just happened to be working at the time.  My cousin’s nanny who loved me like her own also reported the abuse to my godmother, mom’s sister.  It often took me 2 hrs to eat until I was about 7 years old and I was too kind and forgiving too tell on them people tell me now.  I remember what my grandmother, Dad’s mom who lived with us, was saying over and over to me while I was crying when they evicted the last nanny (who was also abusive but close to me) “All you should think about sweetheart is it should be just you, your mommy, and your daddy now, nobody else na”.  I learned to eat properly, speak up a bit more, and talk back to tyrants in highschool and college and from the time I was 10 my parents made sure I didn’t have a nanny anymore and it was such a huge load off my chest.  I’m glad I was able to take this photo discreetly with my Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.  In spite of it bringing back some heavy memories this was just too sweet not to capture, besides most of my life at this age was quite wonderful as well and not completely like a telenovela.

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