I get the random comment about my makeup recommendations being safe for normal and clear skin types.  A good number of you out there, I’ve observed, prefer more coverage.  So, for today’s budget  summer makeup look I am sporting more coverage and a heavier less dewy finish, more than what I’d personally wear.  For those among you who like things more packed in and shine-free I give you this edit.



In the look I do not use the eyeliner but I’ve still added an eyeliner recommendation.  Read on for more on the look and product details.

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K-Palette’s NEW 1Day Tattoo Automatic Pencil Eyeliner

I actually don’t really get why I haven’t done proper individual reviews for K-palette items because I use them to every liquid pen’s death, both for eyes and brows.  It just occurred to me that I’ve repeatedly thrown the 1Day Tattoo brow and liquid  eyeliners into a handful of favorites and what’s-in-my-travel-bag posts but there hasn’t been a day when I’ve given them the individual spotlight…I was too busy well…using them LOL.  Well, today is still not the day (even though I’ve been sent the new formula) only because a K-Palette newborn is still grabbing my attention.  Say hello to the 1Day Tattoo Automatic Pencil Eyeliners, now available for Php795 at Beauty Bar!  Hats off to you guys these nibs say.  I got so excited when these arrived that I opened them and swatched them immediately the evening I got them, but I did shoot the stuff for this post just this morning.

Camera 360

Camera 360

What’s lovely about these pencils are 1 they are automatic so no sharpening required, and the small nibs ensure no matter how far down you go you can always still draw nearly sharp flicks, 2 They go on smoothly dark, not drag-gy like some cheaper longwearing eyeliners, and 3 They set waterproof but give you a window of about 15 seconds to smudge them if you like before they set!  They’re also way more easy to smudge in the first few seconds than the standard gel pencil liners most of which give yucky blend quality, not these, though.

Camera 360


What I like about working with supreme makeup pencil products like these is they’re more forgiving for the less skilled lining hand, maybe for some of you who hate working with liquid liner.    This makes it especially easy when doing seemingly impossible flicks on hooded eyes like mine.  Read more for extra photos, details, and the professional video tutorial I referred to online in order to achieve this feline cat look.… To full post & COMMENTS...

Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation SPF 30 – My New Fave High-End Liquid Foundation

It’s actually strange that I’m posting this review first because this is part of a batch of sponsored items that arrived for me from StrawberryNET.  Normally I’d present the group arrival first before individually reviewing the items, but this foundation was just so beautiful in finish and so perfect for me I just had to put it up to show you already.  StrawberryNET contacted me then sent me on a sponsored $50.00 “shopping spree” on their site (I took forever in choosing) as part and parcel of a thank you for featuring them in the past and also requested continued support in blogging bout them once I received the items I chose, more on that when I blog bout the group.  This Shiseido Sun Protection foundation is my most prized “purchase” from the loot that StrawberryNET paid for.


ON THE BOX: “Resists perspiration, water, and oil to maintain a soft matte look on skin, even during outdoor activities.  Glides on smoothly and evenly; feels non-sticky and feather-light.” I’m telling you now, that sweet stuff written on the box turned out to be true, for me at least.

Thin, runny bases with excellent medium to full coverage are a booming revolution in the makeup world.  You can politely ask this one to stand beside the likes of Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua and Estee Lauder’s New Invisible Fluid foundation (which Lisa Eldridge demonstrated in this video), those foundations both come in shaker bottles as well with proper nozzles instead of pumps for the runny formula.   It’s practically flawless and to my delight, and with a little help from viewing another blog Delicate Hummingbird  the foundation shade I chose online SP40 matched me perfectly (author has the same skin color as I do but sadly has stopped blogging as of Jan, dunno why *depressed*) normally with MAC I’m an NC30-35.  Read more for the full post to see photos of me wearing this lovely foundation.… To full post & COMMENTS...