Before & After Trial, Conclusive Post – Help:Clear Skin (Anti-Zit Soluble Protein) by Works With Water UK

Okay, it’s taken me a LOOOOOOONG while to get this up and although my excuses are valid I’d still like to apologize.  Four months ago I placed my teenage brother on a Help: Clear Skin 1-Month trial, which is a soluble fiber product by Works With Water UK containing lactoferrin, a milk protein that inhibits the population growth of zit-causing bacteria.

For more information, pricing, and initial details on the product please refer to my introductory Help: Clear Skin blog post here.

The Help: Clear Skin trial consisted of a daily dosage for one month, ergo 4 boxes of it (press sample).  My “before” photo of my brother wasn’t too clear because I was too near and wasn’t using my HD mobile phone cam.  It also wasn’t one of his worse zit days (believe me, I’ve seen worse with more enlarged cystic ones).  To be discreet for my brother I’ve saved his before and after photos for after the excerpt jump.  Please click on Read More to see the results.

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